Saturday, November 15, 2014

Big Catch (up)

"Has my constant use of the same color and wearing the same outfitfinally confuse OMG on what day it is?"

Nope, no worries Jake we know what day it is, and even where Austin is.. just a little catch up and then come all the details. 

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the real m said...

I just watched the Key and Peele clip. Hilarious. I love that show. Such talented actors.

One more thought for yesterday. I still marvel that the trolls have no explanation for a handsome, 32 year old like Jake not having a real girlfriend for what, the last 10 years. Not since he met that handsome young man during casting for The Day After. Oh yes, a few beards have come and gone in a flash for both of them. But its Jake and his mom or sister in the forefront and Jake and Austin in the background for all of these years.