Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Almost off the list

Jake's End of Watch co-star was not too happy with Jakey last year.

"I know! I was so pissed at Jake, let me tell you, I texted him and said, 'You’re abandoning me, and I’m never going to forgive you!' "

And what pissed her off?  Jake dropping out of "Into the Woods."

Jake had signed on to share prince duties with Chris Pine. Jake supposed was to be Rapunzel’s suitor while Pine pines Cinderella.  It was a musical and more importantly Sondheim, a favorite of Jake's, so him pulling out of the Rob Marshall big screen adaptation was a bit of a shocker.  You can see why she felt abandoned.

And, after awhile, Anna finally cooled her temper. She said, "And then I saw the trailer to Nightcrawler and texted him again and said, 'Wow, you inspire me every day.' ”

The jury's still out if Jake really pulled out of "Into the Woods" to do Nightcrawler, or if there was some other reason, but at least he's back on the good list with Anne.


prairiegirl said...

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Off for an overnighter to the W Town as is evidenced by ol' Jimmy, my favorite egg. We got to dine at Jimmy's Egg last time we were in Wichita and I didn't even get to gloat about it on here! lol. Anyway, hope everyone has a great holiday weekend with lots of relaxation and don't work too hard. I'm just going to enjoy being with my family and trying to get my job out of my head and off my shoulders and everywhere else for a couple of days. Not having a good time there, folks.

prairiegirl said...

And I'm sorry, but that "p'd off" story was an eye roller that came out of nowhere off of the pr production line belt.
I'll tell you who Anna K reminds me exactly of. She and Chlo are two peas in a pod, in more ways than one. Now knowing how Jake likes his female screen love interests, and I'm not talking about blond here, I have to side-eye every single female co-lead he has had in the past and every one he takes from now on.
Anna Kendrick is as crude and rough around the edges as Chlo. I think there's an obvious reason for these choices. I'm just sayin'.

Destiny said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I'm still sorry Jake didn't do Into The Woods, whatever the reason was for dropping out of the project. Nightcrawler seems like something that could have waited for him, if that's the real reason.

Harry and Louis supporter said...

I thought you guys might be interested since it doesn't seem like Jake and Austin are coming out anytime soon. What's exciting about all this is that the media is now following up on the love story that's been going on now for the last 4 years. There has been lots of positive articles after Harry recently said that it doesn't matter to him what gender a partner is.

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Yahoo UK

Another couples’ tattoo for Harry and Louis

They won't be silenced said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that this must be like the eighth matching/couple's tattoos Louis and Harry have had in just two years.

the real m said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Quiet day for us. Hope everyone has a super day. I watched Jake on Letterman last night. Cute, but he did not seem very relaxed. Always on guard, that one. And we know why.

Methodical Muser said...

I agree, m. Jake didn't look at ease and he really tensed up when Letterman subtly challenged the entire premise of Nightcrawler with that comment about Unions. Jake was actually tongue-tied and I think a little miffed.

And for that commenter up there, I definitely share your enthusiasm for what's been going on right now when it comes to Harry and Louis. It's fun to watch these two guys apply their intelligence and ingenuity as they challenge the corporate closet. Especially, Harry who seems to have more contractual freedom than Louis does.

This last set of tattoos has really blindsided the disbelievers and the trolls. It's fascinating and instructive to watch two celebrities go against the official narrative with the kind of audacity and strategic planning that has been happening throughout November. It's also eyebrow raising to watch rationalization at work. Someone today, for instance, actually asserted that Louis probably got a dagger tattoo because it symbolized how much he wanted to stab Larry believers. If this doesn't tell you that trolls will continue to troll no matter how absurd their arguments have become, nothing will. Sort of reminds me of the hired hands who monitor OMG day and night, frantically trying to get the message out there that Austin is a predatory Twitter-based pedophile who can't get enough of nubile young girls and crass, immature actresses, with mediocre television shows.

#Desperate&Delusional #PRTinhatters

Seaweed said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all my great friends south of the border... it's a great holiday to celebrate with family and close friends.

We've had ours up here much earlier and are starting to get in the swing of preparations for Christmas.

Hope you enjoy your weekend in a less than commercial fashion with lots of down time to relax.