Monday, November 17, 2014

P & Q's

As Austin checks to make sure the paps get this shot we are checking out Austin's cap.

perppap walk was October 21st in LA, but that's no LA team allegiance Austin's sporting.

Now why would Austin be wearing a Pittsburgh Pirates cap on a stroll in LA?

 He has said that he wants to be a pirate.  Maybe he got to be a Pirates fan this summer.

Now who had just wrapped after filming in Pittsburgh.

Oh that's right -  this guy. 

Wanna bet there were some summer 'Squatchi sightings.


prairiegirl said...

Another schtick prop dropped out the car window - the German Shepherd puppy.

Whatever happened to that puppy, Jake? I think he's run out of brick walls to pose in front of.

Wonder who took care of that puppy while he was in LA? No tweet sightings of the Gyllengaard. communal family walking the "puppy" either during his absence. Hmmmm.

Maybe the "puppy" is being raised on training pads and that's why he's disappeared. No outside air for Leo. That was the name, wasn't it? Leo?

It's embarrassing when you have to remind these guys of a forgotten prop.

Methodical Muser said...

I think the question is why would Jake in the middle of an incredibly busy schedule get a puppy at all after all these years? When he got Atti, he made sure the dog was over six months and then he took him up to Canada while he filmed Brokeback Mountatin. I agree the dog is a prop to make it seem like he's domiciled in New York now.

Tweets were set up first of people seeing Jake with "a puppy" then all of a sudden the grand entrance of a mini me German Shepard. Jake's been in NY since September 30th, when PR posted that photo. That is if Jake was in NY at all. Yet, not a dog walk in sight for over seven weeks. Looks like Jake can hide puppies as well as kids with no problem. ;-)

Methodical Muser said...

Great observation about the Pittsburgh cap, Special. And, Austin was wearing it while "strolling" down a sidewalk in LA in late fall? Baseball season is long over and the Pittsburgh Pirates were eliminated in one game on September 28. Not exactly something you would be wanting to be bragging about seven weeks later. Plus, you would think Austin would be a Los Angeles Dodgers fan. Looks like the big guy sneaked a little clue in to his pap walk of where he might have been this summer.

Florida Tom said...

Great pick up on the caps. Kinda sweet.

These kind of pap pics do not phase me at all. So obvious. Jake and Swifty :)))))))

Florida Tom said...

Austin is soooo yummy. Getting better with age. Wonder how he pays his bills. Isn't living in LA expensive. Sure glad Jake is over his homeless hobo look and nice to see him smiling..

Destiny said...

Yes, great catch on the cap, and I agree with everything Tom said.

My movie geek friends told me that Jake is amazing in Nightcrawler. So I don't think the Oscar push is the usual empty pr push. I haven't had a chance to see it yet because I haven't been able to coordinate on a time with Roma.

Lo said...

Jake is great in Nightcrawler, Destiny, he disappears into the role (as they say) and as ever his chemistry with an older woman co-star is strong.

I am also unfazed by the pics and expect more between now and March :)

london tb not lo said...

Should have been "london tb" :)

Florida Tom said...

No Destiny he def has a shot at a nomination.

prairiegirl said...

This is cool.

I never realized that Austin followed Jim Beaver on Twitter.

Jim Beaver was on..........



Now I just need Jim Beaver to introduce Austin to Jared or introduce Jared to Austin and set up a Meet and Greet so that the Gyllenichols can get acquainted with the Padaleckis and the Ackles', minus the beards.

Jensen has a little bitty girl and Jared has two little boys, perfect playmates for the Gyllenichols when the brood is in Austin TX. I think it sounds like a perfect fit.
This needs to happen.

Or does it. I dunno. Maybe I don't want Jake and Austin rubbing off on my boys. Could be a very bad influence.

On second thought......Jared & Jensen shouldn't go near the water.
Nope, forget it!

Seaweed said...

I just caught up to date with Sunday's OUT Spotlight and what a wonderfully productive life led by Allan Bérubé.

I'd like to learn more about his writings and hope to tap into more as time permits.

PG.... you kill me sometimes. LOL. If the two couples were to interact who's to say that they might have the best of influences on each other. Perhaps, because of the kids, in time they'd progress to being much more open and live in plain sight.

Ah well.


Florida Tom said...

That is not gonna happen Seaweed.. How would they ever explain what they have done. Jake would look like such a loser. Can't wait till the family members become teens. Try to shut them up.