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Special K said...

Bringing this over on the new post:

Methodical Muser said...

Btw: Jake is going to be on LIVE! with Kelly and Michael tomorrow morning(Friday).

December 4, 2014 at 11:19 PM

for everyone here who think Jake wants desperately that Oscar nomination. said...

Gyllenhaal doesn’t appear to appeal to anything, really. He’s yet to accept a role that is a naked and shameless Oscar attempt (unless you count his Supporting nomination in Brokeback Mountain but I think we can all agree that Ang Lee’s film had ambitions that transcended even awards). He doesn’t seek to raise eyebrows or isolate himself in his own loud artistry by enrolling continually in the theater of the weird and eccentric the way Joaquin Phoenix sometimes tends to. And he doesn’t align himself exclusively with directors of legendary acclaim the way Leonardo DiCaprio has in recent times, a surefire way to ensure that one’s name is included every year in the conversations of acclaim and recognition.

Again, nothing against these comparative examples. I’m a fan of every single actor and actress offered in response to my initial inquiry. But the comparison of traceable ambitions certainly adds an element of intrigue to Gyllenhaal’s recent choices and effort.

Think about this: End of Watch was only David Ayer’s third feature length film and his first measurable hit. Source Code was Duncan Jones’ second full length film. Prisoners and Enemy are the first American features for director Denis Villenueve. Gyllenhaal is collaborating with fresh perspective, visionaries of extremely varied vision. This stirs an interesting perspective when paired with the actor’s unique approach. It would seem that Gyllenhaal’s ambition is to create something new, to adjust and redefine the science and art of acting, to use modern film in the purest way possible, mining sincerity and truth with himself as the tool.

Sometimes it’s a stock compliment, but it might not be as true with any other contemporary performer as it is here. Jake Gyllenhaal cares deeply about his craft. In fact, it seems his ambition exists in the vacuum of that craft. So far, he has been determined to measure, improve, and validate his effort only against itself. He role selection and performance display no concern toward his own position in awards races or critical acclaim, and yet he is at least the most interesting lead actor working right now. And he’s getting better.

We can all admit how exciting that is.

Jake desperately wants an Oscar said...

Oh, please. Jake wants to redefine acting completely? Truly that last post is some kind of joke because both the premise and the examples are truly laughable. The films Jake has been doing are not revolutionary or groundbreaking. Hardly original. In fact, most times his choices are rehashes of old themes (Prisoners) or bizarre self indulgences like Enemy. And, now they appear to be carefully crafted attempts to receive an Oscar nomination (i.e., Southpaw).

Dropping 15, 20, 25 or 30lbs (whatever the latest sensational story is) for Nightcrawler, when the role did not call for it was hardly original. But, it did garner Jake headlines that placed his name alongside recent Oscar winners who have been rewarded for such physical transformations - copy Dallas Buyers Club or The Fighter). In fact, Boxing films are known to be popular with Oscar voters, simply as a genre. Don't think for a moment that Jake is not aware of that. It's a fact. And, I suppose it was just a random occurrence of the universe that Jake made sure to associate himself with Harvey Weinstein when he made this boxing film. We know Weinstein is all about campaigning for Oscars. Art is neither his passion nor the way in which he measures success. He's all about acquiring nominations anyway that he can. Jake's association with him tells you that he is likewise obsessed with that end goal.

If I had to reduce Jake's redirecting career since he signed with WME, this is what the last few years have encompassed:

1) The elimination of the gay rumors by selecting masculine, action-oriented roles while continuing to make sure he has a fake girlfriend in the wings (even though you never see them together) for as long as possible

2) Revive what he perceived to be a failed career by reinventing himself as a macho, virile and, like A. Fuqua made sure to sell in that one interview, a "masculine" leading man. Conversely that means steering away from any role that would perceive Jake as sensitive, thoughtful, or quirky.

3) Be nominated and/or win an Oscar like his Brokeback contemporaries: Ang Lee; Heath Ledger; Michelle Williams; Anne Hathaway.

And, by the way, don't think for a moment that Jake is not immensely jealous of the success of those who shared the screen with him on Brokeback Mountain. He perceives that this was the film that derailed his career while it boosted everyone else's.

By the way, think for a moment why that was and it will tell you everything you need to know about the main reason for Jake's career starting to crash and burn in 2006. He has no one to blame, but himself.

Methodical Muser said...

Jake's so-called spontaneous "resurgence" has been so deliberately shaped, packaged and promoted by WME, it truly has reached the remarkable status. We see more stories and articles telling us what to think about Jake and his rise from the ashes career, than we do actual product from the performer (i.e., examples of this supposedly amazing actor who works only for the sake of his art). The fact that every movie Jake makes now we immediately see the publicity machine kick in to plant the seed of how extraordinary he is, the sacrifices he makes for his craft or how he needs to be nominated for x, y and z is very revealing. Now, that some people are catching on to the rinse repeat game plan, we are suddenly seeing pretentious statements of how Jake's ambition can be seen in a vacuum, separate to his career. I get it. Jake is the most interesting actor of our times. I really don't know why everyone else just doesn't pack up and exit stage right. I mean who can compete with such a phenomenon?

The truth is Jake is a competent, serviceable actor who has been known to rise to the occasion. He is a man obsessed with his career and his image, like many other contemporaries. His ambition does not reside on an island unrelated to fame or fortune. Any suggestion to the contrary only attempts to deify Jake by making it seem like he is not like other mundane and short-sighted colleagues. That's how you know that arguments portraying him in such an unworldly manner are not just suspect, but purposefully seeding a certain narrative that is designed to distract from the heavy handed publicity machine that is actually cranking away in the background day and night. Night and day.

prairiegirl said...

for everyone here who think Jake wants desperately that Oscar nomination.

First of all, stop lumping everyone here into one group. There are several of us here who yes, speak of Jake being desperate for an Oscar.

But not "everyone" here is of that thinking. You do not speak for everyone on OMG so stop trying to. I know who brought this over anyway, so you can go blow that made up name out the smokestack.

Management can't stand for even OMG to have some frank talk about their client during this Oscar campaign, smh.

prairiegirl said...

No doubt Jake is serious about his job. And no one promotes their movies harder than Jake. I do love that about him - he busts his butt to promote his movies.

Jake was born into his field. He was born into a show business family. Maggie acts. His parents are in the business. Even Maggie's husband acts. This is all Jake has known since he was small. Plus, unless he becomes the president of Apple or something like that, he's not going to make better money than by what he's doing now.

He and Austin are accustomed to their lifestyle. I would imagine it would be unthinkable for them to consider doing without the luxuries that they've become accustomed to. But they also have a large family to support now.

6 kids require a boatload of money to support in the manner that Jake and Austin want to bring them up in. Costs money for schooling, for clothing, food, insurance, etc. etc. Not to mention all the electronic gadgets these kids want for bdays and Christmas, lol.

It appears that Jake and Austin reached the joint decision that Jake would be the main breadwinner. That's why he's now getting alot of movies in.

But notice the troll doesn't ever bring up that period of time when Jake didn't work at all. Twitter and Tumblr and FB are all about this "resurgence" of Jake's. Like M&M said, it's like he's risen from the ashes of the dead.

Well - from where is he rising from? You know what he's rising from? That period when he wasn't working. Those years when he was wandering around NYC lulling to someone's voice on the phone on that park bench. Those years when he was following Mumford & Sons around (whatever happened to that close budship with Marcus, anyway?).

Those years when he wasn't working, why? Because the kids were all being born. That's why Jake wasn't working. Notice Mgmnt just kind of glosses over that period in Jake's life. Doesn't explain why Jake wasn't working.

If Jake was so about his craft, why wasn't he working then? Why wasn't he attending the Oscars and Golden Globes during those years?

prairiegirl said...

Hey, I have to share a piece of music with you guys. I forget how I stumbled on this but it is called Brokeback Mountain Suite and it's by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra.

A gorgeous 4 minutes, hauntingly gorgeous. They just have a different enough take on a few spots and the guitar is beautiful.

I highly recommend giving it a listen to. Just beautiful. I downloaded it from ITunes and have listened to it I don't know how many times so far.

The emotions and feelings this music continues to evoke is unbelievable

prairiegirl said...

Boy, if Austin was out doing something in his craft, Special would be able to do another post on him, lol.

It's the Sahara Desert for Austy, who made a social media splash with the beard over Thanksgiving.

And NOW? Where's Austin? Where's the beard within his proximity?

Nowhere to be seen, are they? Silent as outer space. As visible as oxygen. They've exited, stage left.

You're not giving Special much to work with, Austin. There I went and told that Mathilde chick about OMG and how it's a virtual archive of your professional life and now you're only giving her material around the holidays. ;-)

Atlanta said...

And NOW? Where's Austin?

Geez, your playing dumb is too stupid for words.

After spending Thanksgiving week in Austin, TX with Austin, Chloe is back in LA filming. She has a job, as you know.

Austin filmed The Walking Dead for a few weeks, maybe he's back to working, too.

watching said...

Real relationships, however, don't work that way. We still live our lives even though we work. Go out to eat. Walk the dog (I'm talking about you Jake). Grocery shop. Be seen in public with the "girlfriend". Yet, Austin somehow vanishes once the cover PR needs for high profile dates is no longer needed. And, I doubt very much that Austin was in Atlanta for a few weeks. The troll loves to pad the old timeline resume for these guys.

prairiegirl said...

After spending Thanksgiving week in Austin, TX with Austin

They were never in Austin together over Thanksgiving.

Knock it off and be serious. Who do you think you're talking to?

Funny stuff, the troll thinking we're going to buy that whole bunch of nonsense, like we're the New Bies On The Block

Methodical Muser said...

I agree, PG. This is a strikingly evocative and soaring version of the original masterpiece by Gustavo Santaolalla. As a sidenote, the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra is well known for both original and re-recordings of popular film scores and soundtracks. This selection certainly helps to show why that is.

Thanks for sharing

Methodical Muser said...

Walk the dog (I'm talking about you Jake).

LOL! That Leo must have an amazing bladder. He only needs to be walked once every six weeks. :-)

prairiegirl said...

I agree, PG. This is a strikingly evocative and soaring version of the original masterpiece by Gustavo Santaolalla.

Isn't it? It's so beautiful.

prairiegirl said...

lol. Boy, these are desperate times for TeamStraightAustin, aren't they?

Trying to sell ol' Chlo Bennett and Austin Nichols as anything close to a real couple. LOL!!!

Those two couldn't couple act their way out of a thrice used baggie.

You can take that act back to that fantasy world otherwise known as the blog formerly known as WaitingForToothy2 but now should read Waiting for OMG to Disappear.


Methodical Muser said...

Waiting for OMG to Disappear.

Ha! Ain't that the truth. Sorry PR. Ain't happening. This is too much fun.

Sigh said...

Nearly ten years later that particular piece of music still brings back the same feelings I experienced while watching Brokeback Mountain. Ang Lee showed his genius once again as a true artist, bringing Gustavo on board.

Jake has become a walking poster child for publicity stunts and the hard sell. The question is why did his career take such a dramatic shift. It’s fairly obvious he’s hiding something. And, I’m pretty sure it’s more than his marital status with Austin.

Methodical Muser said...

Just call us knowledgeable attention seekers. :-)