Saturday, December 13, 2014

Live with Magic and Dancing

In cased you missed it,  Jake was on Live with Kelly and Michael to talk about his new role on Broadway in Constellations, Thanksgiving, dancing, Nightcrawler,  Southpaw, and Magic Mike?

Constellations begins previews Tuesday, December 16th


Special K said...

Congratulations to Jake, Dan Gilroy and Nightcrawler on the 3 Critics' Choice Award nominations. Best Actor, Best Original Screenplay and Best Film

prairiegirl said...

Special, you changed posts so fast, I didn't move quickly enough to add my two cents on Austin's tweet which gave me a bit of a chuckle.

I had to be a bit tongue in cheek and proclaim that Grey Goose's little shoutout to his hubby for his Golden Globe nomination since the mammary gland in his picture was rather "globular" in shape. Goldenly globular. BWAH! lol. I couldn't resist.

Well, a fun day off has wound down and time to get serious and head back to the salt mines tomorrow. I should have accomplished more than I did today, but still got some Christmas treats made to take to work. I did make time to wreck some havoc on the Supernatural blog that I have participated in at times.

It was quite enlightening.