Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Man, Hamm and Gotham

Jake attended the 24th Annual Gotham Independent Film Awards in NYC,  which are one of two major awards ceremonies dedicated to independent film, the other being the Independent Spirit Awards (which are annually held the day prior to the Oscars).

His Constellation co-star Ruth Wilson popped in a couple of pictures with Jake on the red carpet.

While Nightcrawler was nominated for several awards, it was shut out in the East, Jake did get his hands on one when he presented Julianne Moore with the award for ‘Best Actress’.

While Jake loves awards,  it seems like there is something even better he likes from his reaction.

 You think he wanted to ask John who's hammer is better?  His (Hamm's) or Thor's?


Florida Tom said...

Wow Jake is everywhere. He for sure is gonna get some more nominations for Nightcrawler but the one he wants desperately is that Oscar nomination. He is sitting around 6 or 7 only 5 get in. A second Oscar nom would be huge for him. Normally when you get nominated enough eventually voters will think you have earned your chance to win.

Just Passing By said...

Yeah Jake and his team are seriously hungry for that Oscar nomination. I just hope it doesn't backfire. Being seen as being too eager could be a turn off for some voters. I mean he's EVERYWHERE! I've even become convince that photo from Southpaw was leaked out in order to be use as proof to Jake's versatility and range as an actor. I mean that film won't be release for another 12 months and yet this single photo is published at this moment, at this time when Jake is campaigning for award season. Coincidence? Could be - I don't think so.

To Just Passing By said...


And, don't other stars "Team" do this also? Huh??.
Just asking.
I seem to remember the whole Focus Feature Team amping up the Oscar noms for Brokeback Mountain. No problem with that huh?
Christian, Bradley, Jennifer and Amy's team did it for "American Hustle". The Studio and Daniel Day Lewis team did it for Lincoln.
The producers of the film play a hand in this strategy also.

"They ALL DO IT" Is the point!
What's so freakin strange about Jake's "Team" and the Studio doing the same? Oh, one for you, the studio that put out Nightcrawler is releasing it again. I think this weekend.
How about that. lol

And 1 more thing said...

And what about Bradley Cooper's team. Yeah, there going for it baby!

Just Passing By said...

Sorry to disappoint you 2:29/And 1 more thing...but I never said other stars doesn't do it. Of course they do it. It's done all the time in Hollywood. But seeing how this is a blog discussing Jake Gyllenhaal I only focus my thoughts to him. Now if you would have taken the time to have read some of my other comments you would have known I have no issue with Jake and team campaigning for awards. He gave an excellent performance in Nightcrawler and of course he should be "selling" his product with the hopes of an Oscar nomination. Which is something everyone does during award season. In other words Jake like the rest of them is going to be doing plenty of ass kissing. Now if you don't like that I really don't give a fuck.

Florida Tom said...

My comments about Jake going all out to receive an Oscar nomination are due to how visible he has been recently. I get my info and see the pics here on OMG. I do not follow what the other actors are doing. I would think they are doing the same thing. I do not see anything wrong with it.

What was a disgrace what was done to make sure BBM did not win Best Picture. That was a disgrace and HW forever should be ashamed.

Florida Tom said...

Yesterday a Federal Court ruled that the state of Florida's ban on same sex marriage was unconstitutional. Same sex will soon be the law in Florida:)))))

Special K said...

There is nothing wrong with Jake wanting an actor. All actors wanted to be recognized for their craft.

But I don't think he's in the hunt for this year but actually next year. Nightcrawler will do well in the Independent Awards. And his look was dramatic but Harvey is no dummy he knew he could plant the seed by showing the dramatic changes from Nightcrawler to Southpaw.

Harvey will start the campaign now and use Nightcrawler to get the nominations and recognition for Southpaw. It's February of 2016 that you will be hearing about Jake and the Oscar nomination.

Florida Tom said...

I am not ready to rule out this year yet SK. Jake seems to be well liked and is in contention for that 5th spot.

prairiegirl said...

There's nothing wrong with wanting an award or recognition. Some people don't need it, but I don't hardly know anyone who would shrug off a tip of the hat. I'm not begrudging anyone from liking a little acknowledgement.

But the way Jake and his people have gone about wrecking all of his past work and trying to act like his career started with Source Code and thereby erasing everything that came before that, is ridiculous.

And the crap and garbage that has come from the mouth of Antoine Fuqua, the biggest tool yet who has directed Jake, has already shown me the kind of person Fuqua is.

I’m so pumped, man,” Fuqua said. “Jake is going to change how people see him. I had him training twice a day in the boxing ring, he did two-a-days seven days a week. I pretty much had him with me and my trainer every day. I took him to almost every fight. I had him train at Floyd Mayweather’s gym in Vegas and we watched Floyd’s fights, and the Manny Pacquiao fight. He trained in New York at Church Gym with real fighters. We literally turned him into a beast… Jake, my god, he’s a very electric, powerful fighter in this movie, and a guy who fights for his daughter. I’m confident that this will change how people see Jake, as a leading man.

“He sure has grown up. I love this guy. I met Jake years ago before he did End of Watch, and I saw something in him. I told him he needed to do more masculine films because I could see he had this power in him, and good size, and great expressive eyes. When I met him I said, ‘You’ve got to start doing that.’ And I watched him start. Working with him was a great experience because he’s so committed and gives his heart. You’re going to see in this movie, how far he has come. I asked this guy from day one, ‘I need you in the gym every day. I need you to train every day.’ And I said, ‘The word is sacrifice.’

“Literally. I think he broke up with his girlfriend because he was just in the gym every day,” Fuqua said. “He was training like a fighter. I had him sparring, really getting hit. I put him in situations where I wanted to see what he was made of. No one but fighters understand the sacrifice it takes to be a fighter.”

according to Deadline, Jake has turned himself into a jacked, ripped beast, gaining 15 pounds of pure muscle

Fuqua lied and he's a homophobic tool, playing the Hollywood closet game.

That is my issue.

Jake has become the Billy "White Shoes" Johnson of the acting industry. He could be the Marcus Allen, scoring his touchdowns and handing the ball over to the referee after scoring and then accepting congrats from his colleagues.

Instead, Jake is dancing down the sideline and performing the worm and the moonwalk, dragging his toes against the astro turf as he gliiiides towards the end zone.

I'm sorry, but that lie that Fuqua gave about Alyssa Miller just did it for me. I don't admire that tactic to sell a movie or an actor.

Why do you have to lie? What is so hard about possessing integrity and honesty? That's the most admirable way to sell yourself in my book.

prairiegirl said...

I’m confident that this will change how people see Jake

^^^ What in the hell is that supposed to mean? What was wrong with Jake before?

This is part of the entire problem of why Jake is likely so messed up and has become so homophobic acting himself. He surrounds himself with people who act like he's not good enough.

I don't even think I want to hear what Fuqua was trying to say. Whatever it was, it wasn't good. No wonder Jake has so much self-hatred going on.

You do not surround yourself with "friends" who tell you something as terrible as this.


prairiegirl said...

I guess I have an idea what Fuqua was talking about. If he told Jake that he needed to take more "masculine" roles, then I can imagine what he meant by how he perceived the public saw Jake.

How does Fuqua even know how I saw Jake? He doesn't have a stinkin' clue - he knows squat.

Here's part of the sad aspect of this whole thing.

Jake is not making the choice to mature as a man in his own way, in his own time. He's not out in the open with his family and his partner, enabling him to be honest about why he makes some of the decisions that he does. Instead, he is being "transformed" into a beast of a man overnight and his maturity is being scripted and channeled the way Hollywood wants it to be portrayed.

Really rather sad to watch, but I'm sure an Oscar statuette will take care of any regrets or hesitant thoughts. Will make it all worth it, right?

Methodical Muser said...

Sort of the Deion Sanders of the acting world. Going deep is not about antics, hyperbole and razzle dazzle. It's about working hard. Letting your performance be the center point of the accolades tossed your way. How many times have I heard about the physical transformations of Jake? Really much too many to count.

I've got a suggestion. How about selling what sets Jake apart. How about when talking about the sheer size of a Jake Gyllenhaal role we are actually talking about the depth and breadth of the performance. Not the size of his biceps. Or, how many ice cubes with kale he sucked on to become a hungry coyote.

How about actually doing real research for six months instead of getting your PR team to add months onto your cop car rides. All to make it seem like you're actually working when you’re not. Or, having everyone lie about when you actually start shooting a film, or who is going to be in the film with you. All done to create the impression that you are in demand, when you really are not. No one says this career shift isn't Jake's choice. The shallowness and uber heterosexual content of the PR push is all about Jake's insecurities and desire to be accepted. Some of the biggest homophobes are, in fact, gay. Welcome to Hollywood.

Methodical Muser said...

Btw: Jake is going to be on LIVE! with Kelly and Michael tomorrow morning(Friday).