Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Bling it Big Guy

Prezzies Part Deux

It could be all about the bass, when you talk about Austin but for Christmas Jake get the boy the bling (and accessories he loves)

For the peanut trapped in the shell.   How about a nut case?

Or a little Hot Chocolate?

And while cooling down with a beer,  how about beer mustache markers to keep who's is whose.  (We know Austin is going for the pink  to match that Derby hat)

Speaking of drinking - Austin can learn to make his own

and drink his socks off.

Including some sassy chevrons

And a pair of killer whales that will have Oceana buzzing

You can't forget Austin is a water baby through and through so it's

Sounds like a matra he could get behind.  Or is that more you style G-man

For the director a few new tools

The Olloclip with 4 lenses for his Iphone

And the Smartphone Projector to screen his shorts to his friends

About that bling - Jake you could go for a watch again - it's always welcome

Or perhaps this Mansai tribal bracelet
 But this could really be it - It's a big ass ring (the kind that Austin loves!) and it alerts you of emails, tweets, texts.

 Big, Flashy, Superhero like,  better than just some Marvel pretend thing.

And if he wants to get a little more than just one blue nail to bling out - go for the whole elf.    Elf Nails Polish

Just one more thing, we know you've always wanted to make his dreams come true just like he made yours.  So here is the pop-up play ice cream truck where he can play with his own Twist.


prairiegirl said...

Love the socks, those are awesome. I also like the big ass ring, lol. And the ice cream truck!! I think Jake needs to get Austin one of those and they can rock that tent until it collapses. LOL! After the kids are long in bed, of course.

Off to run to the other post! I'm running amuck!

Methodical Muser said...

I think Jake needs to give all those gifts to Austin. Each one is perfect for the tall Texan.

Seaweed said...

In the end, I'd have to go for the Ice-cream Truck Tent. And yet I do like those socks.... decisions, decisions. Good luck Jake!

Special K said...

Merry Christmas!

It's hard to pick a favorite of these, but the ring and the ice cream truck are neck and neck in the lead.