Monday, December 29, 2014

Lost in Twit-lation

People tweeted out a picture of Jake with this tweet:

 People magazine (@peoplemag)
12/29/14, 05:30

Hello Jake Gyllenhaal and Jake Gyllenhaal's facial hair

Then mysteriously the caption was this when you went to the People site:


Away from the Broadway stage, Jake Gyllenhaal keeps close to Constellations costar Ruth Wilson on a Saturday walk through N.Y.C.

So did the tweeter from People get a whisker too close to the truth in it's awkwardness?


prairiegirl said...

You know when Jake's people use, they're really wanting it out there for public consumption.

So that is funny, Special, like you said how People's twitter account got all kinds of awkward and why would they point out "facial hair"? LOL!


Btw, Ruthie Wilson is a desperate, fame-begging pretty-much low life for sinking to this level when she knows darn well that Jake is married and has little children. I have no respect for her and I wouldn't pay one cent for that play of theirs.

Can you say "Doesn't give a damn?" She's the lowest for doing this.

As if Jake hadn't sunk low enough already, but this Ruthie just catapulted herself right up there with the biggest self-server of all, Reese Witherspoon.

Destiny said...

That is so funny re People. I'm surprised they'd do that, they're usually so PR-driven.