Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Stars align

The  NY Times interviewed several of the big screen stars who are taking the Broadway stage this season and getting their take on their new roles.  The interview include Bradley Cooper, Glen Close, Patricia Clarkson, Jake's first "crush" Martha Plimpton, Alessandro Nivalo, and Jake's sister Maggie.

“It’s less about string theory than about love,” said Gyllenhaal of his role as a beekeeper who falls for a physicist in “Constellations,” the new play by the British playwright Nick Payne. The 33-year-old actor has performed on smaller New York stages, but this is his Broadway debut. “If you know anything about love or have experienced it in any way, you might know more about string theory than you think you do.”

Not only are Jake and Maggie on Broadway at the same time, they are also being nominated at the same time for their work. Jake for Nightcrawler and Maggie for An Honorable Woman.  Congratulations to both brother and sister on their Screen Actors Guild nominations. 


prairiegirl said...

"Anonymous Great Performances said...
I second that SK. Congrats to Jake, he earned it.

Still confused how some here are upset about the nomination and continue to criticize him about it and for everything he does. Blah blah blah."

If you're so familiar enough to the blog that you can speak to Special as "SK", why don't you put a name on your criticism instead of hiding behind a made up name?

My money is on the reason being you're the "visitor" who wouldn't be able to resist this opportunity to pose as a "friendly". You're the troll next door and no one's going to convince me otherwise.

Just like you can suck face, some of us have every right to believe and say what we do.

You know very well where we stand and why.

prairiegirl said...

uh...was that frank enough to the one hiding behind the shrubbery? My comment was aimed at only this person in particular and no one else.


I'm watching White Christmas on AMC again. I just now am getting this entire movie. I love it. I love Bing Crosby. Wasn't his voice one of the most wonderful you've heard? And I love the friendship of him and Danny Kaye's character.

201 said...

You're the troll next door and no one's going to convince me otherwise.

There must have been a kernal of truth in that comment that Special agreed with since she let said comment stand. IJS

Film Critic said...

"he should be rewarded for that great performance."

Great? Really? I guess the standard for greatest has really diminished over the years.

Basically, what I see with Jake's nomination is what I've seen before with other award driven actors. Get enough studio and insider backing and you can be nominated for flipping flapjacks.

Jake loss a bunch of weight. So what? He played an amoral creeper. So what? His character films a mass murder at a luxurious home a la Sharon Tate. Oh, we are to think. How edgy and brave Jake is being. Here let me show you something even more gruesome just to convince you again. Then I'll promote the film so that you think Lou Bloom is like you and me. Just someone trying to make a success of himself in a rough economy.

If I have to hear one more quote from this guy referring to what an innovator and high achiever Lou Bloom is, I'm going to vomit. Lou is just like you and me, don't you know? Struggling with a miserable economy. What is going on hear is pretty darn clear to me. Jake was punished for trying to come out in 2005. He had to pay his dues and was banished from most awards. Now that he has properly shown the powers that be that he can behave and be a good little boy, he suddenly is back in mainstream Hollywood's good graces. That's why the system is suddenly recognizing him for this unremarkable film.

Methodical Muser said...

Ouch! I haven't seen the film nor do I intend to, but from what I've seen on twitter it appears that Jake's character is one dimensional in nature. He starts out as a creep and gets creepier throughout the film. I don't consider that kind of performance relatable or transformative. I agree Jake obviously has the backing of some big time players. I'm sure Austin hooking up with "The Poopster" helped his chances as well.

In fact, Austin should share in this accolade given the sacrifices he made to hang out with a childish, mediocre television actress and her tea party lovin' curly-headed pooch.

Florida Tom said...

I would love to see how Jake would thank any of his family members if he won a major award. Would he thanks his niece and nephew :-)