Monday, December 15, 2014

Curl up and Dye

Last week Jake was all button up walking around town

Then after leaving rehearsals eagle eyes noticed something a little different with his hair (after noticing that super warm  Irish wool sweater he was sporting)

But it was definitely obvious in these pictures from this week of Jake leaving after lunch at Bar Pitti.

Jake's not only sporting some darker locks but with a twist.  From the pictures it looks like Jake has bit of a body wave perm up top.

Wonder if he was inspired

Now they can share #curlyhairboyproblems

But don't let me him talk you into straightening it back at home.


AUS10 said...


prairiegirl said...

I have to say that I like the curly short layers.

What I find so hard to believe though, is that Jake does not put his Iphone in an Otter case or something. You know that he probably has the newest IPhone and those things are 6-800 bucks. And I toss my phone onto the car seat or it might fall from the bed or chair to the floor. That case protects the phone. I love my Otter case.

Plus the back of the phone is going to get all scratched up. I can't believe he wouldn't put his phone in a protective case. Very odd.