Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Bzzzzy for Christmas

Don't think OMG Santa has gone out the window.

Of course there will always be the fun gift list for both the boys. And in the spirit of overindulgence it will be three posts at once.  One for the tall Texas tweeter, one Jakey  and one fit for whole crew.

Up first:  The  lad who gets latkes and Christmas lattes.  -

Austin listen up here are some last minute things to grab and put on under the tree or next to the menorrah.

Here's some salt, some Himalayan salt. To cook on.  So Jake can talk about his study of salt from years ago and the background research he did Everest while he makes dinner.

Or he might want to have the whole Spice World with him.  (What Spice Girl wouldn't?)

People of the world
Spice up your life, aahh

Austin you've got no time.  Maybe Mario's got a couple copies of these lying around to personalize for the cookbook collector.

Farm to table,  right up Jake's alley.

And Jake can still have a garden in the city. With gardens in a jar.

And what's a garden without bees,  so for the newest  beekeeper on Broadway, beehives for juice 
and cookies

and of course honey

 Every kind of honey you need.  Including tea.

And with honey comes tea.....

And when does Jake say no to another tea set?
 Even silicone ones.

And to add to the growing collection from years of presents:

 And sometimes you need to go practical:

Like getting Jake a new pair of boots,  and maybe in a kicky color like inky blue this time.
A t-shirt that is something different than plain old grey.
Ok Kale yeah indeed.

And of course Jake needs a sweater, maybe something a little bit gramps, and Mr. Rogers thrown in.  Designer of course. Only the best for your Gooberballs.

You can't have Christmas without something from Texas. And here's something to keep that beard under control.  A  handmade in leather shave rollup from The Lone Star state.

 And of course an artisan My Little Pony.

 Happy Hanukkah!!


prairiegirl said...

Very nice gifts, Special! I love the My Little Ponys, lol.

I'm running amuck between the posts!! Watch me run helter skelter!!

What a day. I went non-stop since 8 thirty this morning in between making Santa stops at my doggie customers.

Finally sitting down and enjoying some holiday TV, Meet Me In St Louis, Peanuts Christmas and Rudolph will be next.

Seaweed said...

I'd vote for the Grandpa sweater... thanks for the regular lists of last minute gifts for the guys.

Hope everyone isn't too worn out from all the hectic preparations for the season.



Special K said...

Merry Christmas!

My favorites of this group. The Oh Kale Yeah! shirt and the zip up Grampy sweater.