Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Like a sister

Jake stopped by the Today show Tuesday morning to talk with Savannah Guthrie about Constellations and Nightcrawler along with his Golden Globe nomination.

Savannah had gone to see Constellations and was talking about the unconventional love story.

And so was Lainey in her column.

Who wondered if it was real dating or method dating.

Sounds like she got her answer:
Constellations began previews on December 16 and I heard from an acting student, “A”, who went to see the show twice before Christmas. Though they’re still working through some details in the direction and while at times it got kinda messy, I’m told the chemistry between Ruth and Jake is, indeed, special and Ruth’s performance, in particular, is extraordinary.

By the way, at the end of both shows, when the actors come out to applause, Jake apparently had his hand on the back of Ruth’s neck the entire time. 

For what it’s worth though, the acting student was able to meet both later on outside the theatre for photos and advice. Here’s how she describes the vibe between them:
“On stage, definite love. Off stage? They definitely throw off a sibling vibe.”
 Who da' thunk? ; )


Florida Tom said...

Happy New Year everyone. Saw Nightcrawler last night. Not a great movie but Jake was perfect for the character he played. I can see him getting an Oscar nom for the role. It was his movie and he owned it. He proved he could carry a movie in a lead role. Also saw The Imitation game which was excellent as was the actor Cumberbach. That is an Oscar worthy role.

the real m said...

Happy New Year to all. I think 2015 will be a good year for everyone, including Jake and Austin. Hope everyone is enjoying their day.

Destiny said...

Happy New Year everyone.

Same old story, another year said...

I saw NC back in early November and I wasn't impressed with the movie at all. It's highly sensational and really stretches believability. Jake's performance was alright, but hardly Oscar worthy. So much of Jake's choices these days seems like he's jumping on the bandwagon. Seeing what works and following the crowd.

It is surprising to me that he is getting the kind of buzz we are being sold that he's getting all of a sudden. The audience wasn't impressed with his performance either. It's an incredibly bloody and aggressively in your face kind of movie. For no other reason than I think to get attention. But, then again Jake plays the game so we all know that's part of the nomination process. Politics it's called.

Austin evidently supports what Jake is doing that's why he's faking the girlfriend around the holidays stuff. No one knows who the heck Austin Nichols is. And, there normally would be no reason to roll out his "straightness" unless it is somehow benefiting somebody else's career. Like his boyfriend, Jake Gyllenhaal. Who is an Oscar contender.

Methodical Muser said...

I don't think it's any great mystery that the Poopster arrived on the scene the day before Prisoners opened, back in September 2013. Then she magically reappears around holidays, Austin's birthday, significant anniversaries, and now New Year's, which is really the last coupley, showy opportunity to distance Austin from Jake.

While the Jakester does his own heterosexual playacting with his convenient co-star accomplice. More interesting timing, don't you think? There's even a faux Atticus along for the ride. Truly comical. All the signs are there that Jake is going to get his reward for cooperating with the powers that be. Not for his acting, but for his lack of a soul and some kind of inbred self hatred that he's never recovered from. Probably can thank Mommie Dearest for that one.

prairiegirl said...

I won't see NC. I don't have to - it's not my kind of movie and I've read enough of the spoilers on social media to know that it's meant to be shocking and sensational. This makes for the third movie in a row of Jake's that so many of the tweets/Tumblrs/FB's comment on the "shocking!WTF!" ending. No joke.

Now I know Bradley Cooper is in the closet as well and he's playing the game. I will say though, that I saw the trailer for his movie the other evening and what a tearjerker that one looks like. At least it looked like a movie of substance and very realistic.

I don't want to watch someone like Lou Bloom. There is enough slime like him in real life, why do I want to watch a film company glorify that kind of behavior? No thanks. I don't need to ingest that kind of poison into me.

prairiegirl said...

Austin is bearding for Jake, plain and simple.

He. Is. Not. Working. And he could get work if he wanted to - i.e. Ray Donovan. He doesn't want to - he's taking care of the kids while Jake works.

Those 2 guys made the decision that Jake was going to be the big breadwinner and that's why Jake is churning out film after film. Jake wanted to be around for all the births of their kids and since he loves babies so much, that is why he did not work while those kids were being born. That was his time to feather the nest while Austin worked on One Tree Hill.

And if anyone would pay attention to what WFT2 has become, you don't need any other Snap Out of It! than what's going on over on that Austin/Chlo blog.

It's not waiting for Toothy. It's barely even waiting for Jake! It's a Chlo/Austin is Straight blog.

And if the fact that WFT2 is still stuck on a post which focuses on Austin and some PR fictional contrived "girlfriend" from summertime rather than on Jake doesn't scream Management Taken Over, I don't know what more could knock you in the head.

At a time when Jake is "living his dream" with nominations up the ying yang, has had Nightcrawler released, is playing Broadway for the first time, that blog would rather focus on Austin and a civilian whom nobody knows from Adam? Look at the body of its threads - nothing but Austin and Chlo Bennett. Tweets by and about Bennett - like what in the hell?

Management, you have so screwed up big time. You're convincing no one, especially nobody here on OMG. In fact, you're only pointing a huge finger at yourself. But by all means, keep wasting that space for your own foolhardiness and ineptitude. Nothing tells me more that Jake and Austin are still together than that Hawaii nonsense and what you're doing on WFT2.

Thank you.

prairiegirl said...

Oh, but by all means, let me update this. The management paid administrator finally changed their post.

But is it about Jake? Let me save you from giving them a hit, but if you want to see it for yourself, go take a look.

It's about.........

Austin and his beard!!!! Look at that. 50 pictures and vids of Austin and the Poopmeister.

lol. There you go, Austin. Go have a look at your work, buddy. He should be so proud, huh? Not to mention how proud his kids would be if they could see all of that vaudeville act.

lol. They hurt no one but themselves. They convince no one but....I don't know who. Certainly not me.

Not to bring down the house, though. Look at my boys. Look at Jensen and Jared! This is from their New Year's holiday in Aspen CO. They're all cuddled up with a fan except the girls on Tumblr have cut her out. LOL!! Awwwww, they are so beeeeautiful.

Same old story, another year said...

I agree with prairiegirl. Don't bother seeing the film. It's very mediocre. The plot is really non existent. As I said above, I wasn't in the least impressed. Maybe actually repulsed and a little bit angry that I wasted my money and my time. That's why I would assume Jake is being rewarded with these nominations. You don't see actors involved in sub par movies like Nightcrawler nominated for prestigious awards like the SAG, without something else going on behind the scenes.

Methodical Muser said...

You don't see actors involved in sub par movies like Nightcrawler nominated for prestigious awards like the SAG, without something else going on behind the scenes.

Good point. The movie faded after only a few weeks in the theater then suddenly we hear about Jake being nominated for award after award. Let's just say if he were seen out to lunch with his good friend Austin right now, he would have no chance in hell being nominated for an Oscar. In fact, he's being told that he has to even fake date his co-star just to make sure he doesn't slip and do something too gay. One could argue that the tipsy photo ops with Ruthie Wilson are about selling tickets for the play, but Jake could care less about Constellations. Basically, that's just a 70 minute vehicle to help sell his permanent move to New York City. His choices right now are all about awards season. Sure he would like to sell tickets to his current performance, but the theater is not concerned about whether Jake Gyllenhaal is gay or not. It's Hollywood that is cracking the whip.

Florida Tom said...

I actually saw NC but did not pay to see it. I paid to see Imitation Game. I would not have paid to see NC because I no respect for Jake nor other closeted actors. I can understand why Jake is getting some nominations for Best Actor. The character was so creepy and Jake pulled that off. I am sorry but that voice of his is still effeminate. It will be interesting to see how he does in a part that calls for such masculinity in a role. We will find that out next year.

Florida Tom said...

Interesting to see that Jeremy Renner and his wife are splitting after ten months. Initially the reason was listing as recognizable conditions but the official filing is fraud ????? Where the hell is Ted and when does that keep mouth shut agreement expire :-)

Another review said...

I saw Jake in Nightcrawler and I guess I wasn't impressed because I felt like I was being manipulated by Jake's performance throughout the film.

He was doing every trick in the book to make me squirm and be repulsed, instead of letting me naturally reach those emotions through effective storytelling.

The whole point of the role was to shock, shock, shock. Maybe I'm just too old for this sh*t. But, the movie was really tiresome. Kind of a rinse and repeat acting job.

In a way, it reminded me of that music video he did several years back. Nuance must not be part of his repertoire. Which, for me, means he is a showy actor, but not a complex or memorable one. It's like he's offering the audience a caricature of what he perceives will weird people out. But, I get the sneaking suspicion he has no actual idea why Bloom is so creepy. Like he just wanted him to be that way to "impress," his peers and his audience with his ability to scream, exhibit bizarre mannerisms and talk like someone hyped up on speed.

Like others have suggested he continually seemed to be trying to draw attention to himself. Which, for me, is not acting. More like grandstanding.

london tb said...

I enjoyed NC and Jake's performance in it and wish him luck through the awards season.

Not sure entirely what J & A are up to but I doubt we'll see them together this side of any awards ceremonies. Their latest relationships don't convince. I read a Reese interview recently and she didn't mention Jake. She never mentions Jake - why would she? Yet that one seemed to go on for centuries with a slew of photographic "evidence", so really, meh :)

Happy new year to all!

Satire at its best said...

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal To Spend Six Months In Prison Voluntarily To Research For Role As Inmate
Posted on January 2, 2015 by Raoul Stockton in Entertainment

LOS ANGELES, California - Actor Jake Gyllenhaal To Spend Six Months In Prison Voluntarily To Research For Role As Inmate

Actor Jake Gyllenhaal, known for his extensive research when preparing to portray a character, is at it again. The 34-year-old actor, who rode with third shift LAPD street cops for six months to study for his role in the 2012 drama End of Watch, lost an almost dangerous amount of weight for his role as a frail journalist in the recent sleeper hit Nightcrawler.

Apparently Gyllenhaal has taken method acting to new heights once more, as he has packed on over fifty pounds of muscle for his role as a professional boxer in the movie Southpaw, and has been granted access by warden Connie Gipson to spend six months at the notoriously violent maximum-security California State Prison known as Corcoran for his role in another new film, The Crimson Shadow.
Gyllenhaal is often referred to as one the hardest working actors in Hollywood when it comes to preparing for a role, and according to several filmmakers, he’s extremely involved in becoming his character as much as possible.
“It was Jake’s idea to spend time on the inside as a real inmate. I told him he was crazy and that they would never allow it, nor would we want him to try something so absurd,” said Crimson director Martin Scorsese. “But he went to Corcoran warden Connie Gipson, and somehow convinced her to let him spend six months just as a real prisoner would – no special treatment or anything. That boy is something else.”
Corcoran prison is known for its violent history and for housing one of the most notorious inmates of all time, Charles Manson. According to Scorsese, Gyllenhaal has also been granted the opportunity to have several meetings with Manson.

“I’m serious, Jake is hardcore. He’s going to have meetings with Charles Manson so he can get inside the mind of a killer, a criminal,” said Southpaw director Antoine Fuqua. “He actually went out and filmed car crashes and robberies when he was preparing for his role in Nightcrawler. Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if he was having sex with cowboys when he was making Brokeback Mountain, because that’s how goddamn method that guy is.”

Southpaw is scheduled for release in late 2015. Scorsese says that The Crimson Shadow begins filming as soon as Gyllenhaal is ‘released’.

prairiegirl said...

“I’m serious, Jake is hardcore. He’s going to have meetings with Charles Manson so he can get inside the mind of a killer, a criminal,” said Southpaw director Antoine Fuqua.

LOL! I have to tell you guys, when I first read this, I was falling for it hook, line & sinker until it was pointed out to me that it was satire.

So then the next immediate thought to me was wow. If someone writes something like this in jest? Sounds to me like someone is poking fun.

And if I were Jake and his people? I would be wondering why someone wrote this and what exactly are they poking fun at? They better start thinking about their OTT ways because this is a winky wink slap.

And where do they place Jake? In a high-risk facility!! How winky wink can you get?

holy cow, this article was something else.

Methodical Muser said...

And notice how in the “newsflash” it is revealed that Jake insisted he be able to be granted this dangerous access. I mean the lengths that guy will go for his art truly knows no bounds. LOL!

Even Scorsese didn't think the authorities would let Jake do this, but Jake and his charm was somehow able to persuade the female warden (yeah, right), Connie Gipson to let him take the risk. "That boy is something else.” LOLLLLLLLLL! Jake is just amazing. Not only is this a dig at Jake's ridiculous method acting "stories" of uber self sacrifice preparation for his films, but of all the places someone with Jake's proclivities would want to be locked up in for six months, I doubt it would be a high security male prison. Someone is seeing right through Jake's BS.

prairiegirl said...

Looks like the spam blocker caught the troll's comment, so let's take a look at it again and then I'll follow it up with the real tweet.

ToothyTile&GGoose @GoosesTile · 7h 7 hours ago
RT @joyceswisher: Made eye contact/ bumped into Jake Gyllenhaal at restaurant tonight. I can die happy now

Girl is from TCU - Texas Christian University:

PG just couldn't resist retweeting this 100% fake sighting.

Let's just take a look at this tweet in further depth and contemplate the possibilities, shall we? ;-)

joyce mae ‏@joyceswisher

Made eye contact/ bumped into Jake Gyllenhaal at restaurant tonight. I can die happy now

Rolling Hills Estates, CA
11:50 PM - 2 Jan 2015

prairiegirl said...

OH, look at that. She had the location services flicked on and she wasn't in Texas. She was in Rolling Hills Estates, CA. And if you studied her tweets, you would find that she was in Cali because she was on winter break.

Now this isn't to hide the fact that there were a few tweets/Tumblr posts last night of people who were bragging they had Jake's signature on their playbills and there were photos Look at me! Look at me! claiming that they saw Constellations last night.

Here's one. She's got some pictures of Jake in her post which claims she saw the play last night.

This likely trip to LA took a bit of planning

Interestingly enough, this particular post came after the Rolling Hills estates tweet was published. I know this because I was on Tumblr all during this time and had checked Jake's search a couple of times while all this was going on so I saw it in real time. No way to prove that of course.

Not in New York said...

You're kidding. So there was sighting of Jake in Los Angeles last night? That's not good. I thought he was supposed to be on stage? Or did he have an understudy go on for him.

prairiegirl said...

Pretty convincing Tumblr post, right? She's got pictures and all, plus Jake's got on a different jacket that I know I've not seen before. Oh, how this guy uses his wardrobe to deceive us.

And then there's this. Look at this tweet which appeared yesterday.

Scott Feinberg @ScottFeinberg · 16h 16 hours ago

It's Jake time! (with @robmesser)
Nice strategic thumb placement, Scott!
7:01 PM - 2 Jan 2015

Now take a look at his picture and what do you observe about it?

Now here's the kicker on this guy. Check out his profile:

Scott FeinbergVerified account

@THR's awards analyst — aka full-time Oscars/Emmys/Tonys geek. @CriticsChoice voter. @BarackObama, @Yankees & @BrandeisU fan. RT≠endorsement.

Not in New York said...

Oh my gosh. He works for The Hollywood Reporter. So there was or wasn't a performance last night?

Tweets said...

There are multiple tweets confirming that Jake did a show last night in NYC

Methodical Muser said...

And, Rolling Hills Estates where Jake was seen in a restaurant last night, is a residential suburban area that has three distinct characteristics, which fits Jake and Austin's MO. First, the town is very small, a population of only 8200. Less likely to be recognized. Secondly, he was most likely eating at The original Red Onion because there are very few restaurants in the area that fit Jake's profile, but this one follows his dining habits perfectly. As well as a certain Tall Texan. That's right it’s a high end Mexican restaurant. Jake was seen dining at the Red O in Los Angeles back on June 25, 2010 so we already know he and Austin have a taste for this type of cuisine. Thirdly, the tweet went up right before 10:00 p.m. just when the restaurant closes on Friday night. Jake and Austin have been known to dine late in the evening.

Even more interesting is that this restaurant, although seemingly out of the way is only a 15 minute drive to LAX. A perfect hole in the wall eatery for Jake and Austin to enjoy a leisurely dinner before he flew out late at night (no doubt on a private jet) to return to NY after a week off in Los Angeles with his hubby and kids.

prairiegirl said...

instagram! said...

blah blah blah

Nope, that one is NOT going to cut it. Her account is Private and you need to be friended in order to comment or see her other posts?

There is nothing about this page that proves squat. I mean, look at that. It looks like a scrapbook page the way it's all perfectly laid out.

Nope. Actually, that just made it worse for me. Keep digging. You never should have used a "private" account.

Not in New York said...

That Feinberg guy doesn't even have a date. Isn't that weird. Wouldn't he have January 2, 2015 displayed, instead of just a generic Friday. Wow! Wow! Wow!

Methodical Muser said...

Bingo! You caught it. Congratulations. That's exactly right. If he wanted to really prove he was there, that Hollywood Reporter guy would have made sure to take a snapshot of the date. Busted!

Methodical Muser said...

What is even more disturbing is that Feinberg works supposedly for a credible publication and WME is using him to closet Jake. And, he is a Critic's Choice voter. Do we see a conflict of interest here?

Jake does lie said...

That tweet that placed Jake in California looks legit to me. Maybe the play could have been performed without him with an understudy or something. Anyway that's another possible explanation of why he was in California last night having dinner.

I do wonder why that guy for THR didn't include the date of the play. Only the day. That's peculiar for sure.

Methodical Muser said...

That tweet that placed Jake in California looks legit to me. Maybe the play could have been performed without him with an understudy or something.

Certainly possible. Jake's been in previews since December 16 so it makes sense that he would have taken time off this week around New Years. Before the play opens on Broadway.

Memory Lane said...

I'm not surprised that Jake was in California with Austin for New Year's. Their love goes back a long time:

August 14, 2006

Jake was at a Death Cab for Cutie concert with a guy on crutches.

-yep, we saw him there. he was like 3 rows behind us. in all black, hat, shirt, and jeans. with a guy in crutches. so hot, dancing up a storm. yummmm!.

-Saw him there backstage with his date, some guy in crutches.

-he was there. actually was dancing to the beat! he's quite good and much cuter in person. the guy on crunches was austin nichols... when the slow songs were playing, jake was holding up his blackberry for someone on the other line to hear...

- Saw Austin and Jake at the concert and they were mighty fine lookin. They were most certainly on a date and Jake was swaying to the music and kept looking at Austin. Wish I had had my camera becuz I wanted a photograph of the two hot men on a date.

prairiegirl said...

Awwwwwww. Jake and Austin on a date.

I'm getting misty!!!

Very cute. This looks like it might be from DataLounge? Or from the old WFT?

I am glad to remember a time when Jake and Austin were so much more out in the open. Hard to believe now, isn't it? Remembering those coffee photo ops of theirs, heck - even the bike riding outings. Almost kind of downright innocent-like when you compare those times to the jugular hardball being played now.

prairiegirl said...

Very, very saddened to hear on the death of Stuart Scott. I had no idea he was suffering from cancer as I really don't watch ESPN like I used to. I read this great story on him and this incredible quote which came from him at the ESPY Awards last year:

"When you die, it does not mean that you lose to cancer," Scott told the audience. "You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and in the manner in which you live."

^^^ That? There's no bigger bravery by anyone who stares their earthly mortality straight in the eye and realizes they may not make it.

That's courage. That's bravery. That's the kind of person I aspire to be

God bless him and may he rest in peace. I am sure he is receiving his reward now and he has reached loving arms of peace and rest.

Jetlag Jake said...

Interesting conversation about Jake flying to California and being seen late out at night in a Mexican restaurant on Friday, January 2. For me, it looks like the tweeter definitely knows who the actor is given what she posts, so it appears to be a positive sighting for sure.

Also, there are like 27 Retweets from many people going to TCU or people who seem to know Joyce Mae (the tweeter). This lends a ring of truth to her sighting too because these people probably know and trust her.

As a result, one thing I came across last night hit me when I saw it. At first glance it looks like your typical hetero Jake push, publicity for the play mash up. What a nice guy Jake is to stop for his fans. Basically, he and Ruth Wilson on being photographed signing autographs in New York outside the theater in the afternoon.

But, two things stuck out to me after having read about this California sighting. One is that Jake looks completely, utterly exhausted. I mean he looks bad. She doesn't. But, he does. The other is that the article mentions that this is a Sunday performance. Not a Saturday, but a Sunday.

Anyone familiar with NY theater knows that previews are a time when an actor might very well get some time off, particularly when the demands of a Broadway opening are looming. Which for Jake will be just around the corner on January 13. Add the push for award nominations and I can easily see him taking time off. How much time is hard to say. But, this photo from Sunday really hit me as supporting the idea that Jake had flown back to the West Coast for at least a few days. And, flew back. As you get older, those kinds of trips will wear on you. I'm thirty-two and I look like crap when I have to do three to four day trips like that.

Notice how exhausted Jake looks

Destiny said...

I would be really really surprised if Jake was in California. Actors do not regularly take off when a play is in rehearsal, it's very important to get the play worked out before it opens.

Plays also do really big business over the holiday weeks. This is also a very limited run show, I think it only has about 13 weeks.

I can see Jake getting off for award shows, he probably contracted for that. Award shows are always on Sunday nights, that means missing at most a Sunday matinee, as there are generally not shows on Sunday nights and Mondays. They may not even schedule a Sunday matinee for those dates.

One thing interesting I read recently in an interview is that the two actors are spending a lot of time together outside the play, like at dinner, etc., because they feel this play is so unusual that they need to rehearse together as much as possible, rather than on their own.

Destiny said...

I still haven't seen NC. I tried to get tickets for a screening at the Museum of Modern Art tonight at which Jake and the director are appearing, but it sold out to members of MOMA in 5 minutes, giving no one else a chance to snag tickets, and I'm not a member (I was going to go with Roma).

Some people who post here may not have liked it, but I wouldn't call a movie that has a 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 87% approval rating from viewers a sub par movie that doesn't deserve award attention.

I also double checked the Constellations website, the play is indeed dark for about 3 days around both the GGs and the Oscars, so that Jake can attend.

prairiegirl said...

I also double checked the Constellations website, the play is indeed dark for about 3 days around both the GGs and the Oscars, so that Jake can attend.

I don't think that's a surprise at all, though, because that's so that Jake can attend those awards. But what would be interesting would be to see if the calendar dates were established ahead of the award announcements.

mitzi said...

Why? What are you hoping to find?

Destiny said...

The days off he has for the Oscars are already set, so it is ahead of any announcements about nominees.

Destiny said...

Happy Birthday Tom, I hope you had a great day!

prairiegirl said...

Happy Birthday Tom!!!!!

♫♪Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday dear Tom.....
Happy Birthday to you♪♫

prairiegirl said...

Okay,this is going to take a few posts. Special, don't go changing the post on me!!!! lol ;D This is important.

Here's a bit of history which reminds me of a similar scenario which I had totally forgotten about. This will jar some memories and it's going to make the troll sweat a few bullets.

Let's go back to 2012 when Austin attended ACL Fest in Austin TX. And who was tweeted to be in attendance? (I'll not forget this - I remember being up very late that night and spotting this tweet. LOL!) This tweet placed Jake at Austin City Limits very late the night/early morning of Oct 14 2012. Now notice according to this tweet, Jake is being spotted at ACL when we knew that Jake had a performance in his off-Broadway play on that very same Sunday afternoon, October 14.

Houston we have a Touch Down said...
Aubry Midkiff ‏@aubrymidkiff

The lead singer of Tennis and I just agreed to exchange progeny. I gave Noam Pikelny a beer. Jake Gyllenhal &Ryan Gosling are here. #aclfest
10:39 PM - 14 Oct 12
October 15, 2012 at 1:17 AM

Along with that tweet came several other tweet sightings of Ryan Gosling at ACL Fest and also at a local Whole Foods.

prairiegirl said...

So once this was posted, here came a disputer telling us all that Jake was in NYC and was at the play.

He was there on Friday said...
From Friday, 10.12.12

rachel waters ‏@deerrachel
Apparently Jake Gyllenhaal is here. My plan is to steal him.
6:59 PM - 12 Oct 12

Reality said...
Jake was in NY friday:

Franchesca Ramsey ‏@chescaleigh

OMG I just saw Jake Gyllenhaal in the subway. I am fan-girling so hard right now. So embarrassing
he was getting off the E train in Alberto Chan ‏@albertochan
I think just saw Jake Gyllenhaal in soho. Hipsters looking....
9:42 NY

the west village.
I completely lost my cool. I don't even know what happened! lol
he was passing the train window and I literally screamed "g that's f-ing jake gylennhaal" and the entire car thought i was nuts

around 1:30 NY

Pili CastiƱeyras Pili CastiƱeyras ‏@Pilicasti

Aaaaaa no puedo creer q d pedo lo vi al potro d Jake Gyllenhaal si pasaba dos min antes llegaba para la foto #teamoo pic.twitter.com/v6coDsiU

Jennifer Witzel ‏@jennifer_witzel

Jake Gyllenhaal.... http://instagr.am/p/QtFOnCo8Sm/

Okay so there's all the tweets placing Jake in New York City, along with twitpics, right?

prairiegirl said...

And the disputer also reminded us of the Q & A's which took place after several Sunday performances, including this particular Sunday, October 14 2012.

Plus Yesterday Jake after the play had a A discussion with the actors
Tuesday–Saturday evenings at 7:30pm; Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday matinees at 2:00pm
Previews: August 24–September 19, 2012
Opening Night: Thursday, September 20, 2012
Monday, November 19, 2012 evening performance: 7:30pm
No Perfomances: Thanksgiving, Thursday, November 22, 2012; November 26–December 7, 2012

Complimentary Talkbacks: A discussion with the actors following the 2:00pm performance (subject to change without notice). Sunday, October 14, 2012; Saturday, October 20, 2012; Saturday, October 27, 2012; Sunday, November 4, 2012; Sunday, November 11, 2012


And we knew that Jake was indeed in his play because why? OMGers were there, that's why. But then what happened?

Jersey Tom said...
Jake didnt participate in the Q and A yesterday. I was there.
October 15, 2012 at 8:50 AM

destiny said...
It's true that Jake did not show up for the Artist talk after the play. I was really disappointed he didn't stick around because we picked this particular showing in hopes that he would participate. The actress playing the mother didn't come out either, and the explanation given was that this was the start of their weekend.

I have no idea if he didn't stick around because he had to catch a flight. The play is short, and sticking around for the talk would have only involved another 30-40 minutes.
October 15, 2012 at 9:54 AM

See all that?

This. Has. Happened. Before.

Same "show", same MO, just a different year.

prairiegirl said...

Notice in 2012 when that was? Very close to BT#1 birthday. Where did it take place? Texas. Whose child is BT#1? We believe BT1 is Austin's.

This time of January? It was around this time in 2009 that all of the Gyllenhaal's were gathering in LA and Ted posted about "the manger" and "babes". We believe there may have been twins born around this time in January.

Like the Grand Poobah Special K has told us time after time again - you have to go big to hide big.

These two incidents are soooo similar, it isn't funny, folks.

BTW, all of these comments are from the OMG post of Sunday, October 14 2012. All credit for remembering this goes to that steel trap mind of M & M. I'm telling you guys, you do NOT want to go up against that, lol.

When you see that the kids are the reason for this? That's when your gut tells you you're not seeing things. You're not imagining. Either you believe there are kids or you don't after seeing this kind of stuff. It's pretty simple as that.

When I see that we just had a BT birthday, this tells me this is why Jake was in LA this past weekend.

Methodical Muser said...

Let's summarize the similarities between the Austin City Limits sighting of Jake when he was supposed to be in NY in October, 2012 and the recent sighting of Jake in Rolling Hills Estates, California, January 2, 2014:

* Numerous tweets of Jake in NY

* Pictures of Jake in NY

* Troll posting the calendar of the Q&As for 2012 including that Sunday, October 14

* Troll ridiculing OMGers calling us conspiracy theorists and loons

But, the most important tie in of all is that the weekend Jake was spotted in Austin, TX was the same week Baby Tile 1 was born. And, the sighting of Jake in California on January 2, 2014 is the same week Baby Tile 2 was born.

And, this particular instance of hide and seek is only one among so many instances of Jake not being where he is officially supposed to be. "Persuasive" tweets spam twitter. Posted pics "irrefutably" place Jake in New York. Trolls appear out of nowhere insisting OMGers are wrong, wrong, wrong.

In reality, the technique is neither imaginative or clever. It's simply called providing cover. Some might even call it symptomatic of being in the closet. While others might call this pattern of behavior just plain lying. In truth, all three explanations would be correct.

Methodical Muser said...

#Same scenario for the same reason. That's all that needs to be said.

Methodical Muser said...

Happy Birthday, Tom. Hope you had a wonderful day with friends and your little baby.

Florida Tom said...

Thanks everyone. It was a good Birthday.

Special K said...

Oh my! My apologies Tom! My brain is still on vacation. Too long of a winter break for me.

Happy Birthday Tom! Wishing you a wonderful year ahead!

Special K said...

Tom, what a way to celebrate too. I just heard that Florida now has just joined the list of states with legalize same marriages at the stroke of midnight.

Congratulations Florida!

Clarity said...

Happy Belated Birthday Tom!

prairiegirl said...

Does anyone else find it the least bit odd that Bill Paxton is not being seen anywhere near Nightcrawler?

You can't find hardly any quotes, never saw Q & A appearances, no story of someone stopping a sex scene between he and Lou Bloom......

OH WAIT! That was Rene's husband who swung down the big hammer on such a sex scene, sorry. LOL!! **eye roll**

Bill Paxton is a very recognizable name - I remember him from Twister. But Nightcrawler? Bill Paxton has not been available anywhere around the movie. I find it increasingly interesting.

Destiny said...

It's not that unusual to have only the leads promote a movie, unless it's a big star who has a shot at an awards nomination for supporting actor. A lot of it is based on contractual obligations, and I think most movies are not going to tie a supporting actor to a promotional schedule, in part because they aren't paid the big bucks.

I remember a lot of discussion on blogs, etc. when Magic Mike came out about how unusual it was to have actors like Matt Bomer promoting the film when the amount of screen time they had was so small.

Jake's Old Boyfriend said...

Spark Guy ‏@SparkyATS

I'm so out of the loop that I didn't know Memphis has a top scorer (Austin Nichols) with the same name as Jake Gyllenhaal's old boyfriend

4:36 PM - 8 Jan 2015

there's something happening here said...

Did people hear about Russo's BAFTA nomination? I don't get it. Nightcrawler is being shoved down everyone's throat. It's an average, really mediocre film and Jake probably took the role so he could ham it up. Which he does throughout.

If ever there was an example of how mergers and acquisitions and the elimination of competition has impacted the entertainment industry this is it. The so-called buzz on Jake is a joke. But, some pretty big power brokers must be behind all this. I realize awards are always subjective, but this goes beyond a difference of opinion. I really feel like I'm living in an alternative universe.

This makes me think even more that Jake is being rewarded for his public removal of Austin from his life. For his pathetic bearding. Closeting his kids, maybe for a lifetime. He should be ashamed of himself. But, I know he won't be. He's too interested in the fame, the easy lifestyle and the money.

Kylie said...

I've always believed Jake and Austin were married, but given Jake's behavior lately and how Austin has be transformed from the gay boyfriend into Mr. Heterosexual All American male, I would not be surprised if one of them has a fake engagement soon. No wedding, but definitely something that looks permanent. I predict that will be the next move of one of these guys. You don't get the kind of award recognition that Jake's been given without "cooperating" in a bigger, original way. For me, that would be an engagement. If I had to guess, I would say Austin because he's not that famous and PR could get away with a soft roll out of the idea. Jake's a much bigger celebrity so I doubt they would go in that direction. Much too complicated and difficult to pull off.

No more proof needed said...

I can't believe people still doubt that Jake has his people posts "I'm in New York" tweets while he bustles off to California, Texas, Canada, wherever the heck he goes. I also think he could have had an understudy one night and no one would be the wiser. I can't believe this is even controversial. PR controls most celebrities twitter feed. Don't people know this yet?

Methodical Muser said...

^^ You're playing my song.

Regarding, fake engagements, anything is possible with these two. I wouldn't even put it past Jake actually. But, I see your point about Austin too. If PR went in that direction to provide more support for their fake heterosexuality, it would be easier to float Austin being engaged. Easier to scrub the internet of the lie, that is.

More of the same said...

Catching up to see what you guys think about all of Jake's PR stunts lately. I see most share my shaking of the head at Jake and Austin's "girlfriends," and the re-moving to New York stupidity. The new dog photo ops crack me up too.

Frankly, I doubt very much that Austin is even on his twitter much these days and so much of Jake is PR controlled and manufactured that it's not hard to figure out what's going on. I saw Nightcrawler last week. One word. Meh. Don't get why he's gettin' all this attention, unless, of course, it's like some have said already. Being rewarded for setting an example for the younger actors coming up in Hollywood. That's why Bradley Cooper had his day in the sun for a couple of years. Now, it's Jake's turn to be spotlighted.

36 States have legalized same-sex marriage and Hollywood is as primitive as ever. These actors are pampered pooches who refuse to take a stand. I'm not surprised about Jake however. He has always struck me as conformist of the highest order. He likes to think he's edgy, but he ain't. He's a follower. And, a suck up. Would probably do about anything to get the movie role he wants. Remember, what Ted said about Jerry B.

prairiegirl said...


Is there anyone or anything Jake won't use in his unquenched need for the statue?

I wonder how Jake is going to pay back Rihanna for that big favor she did by posing next to him at the fights last night? Better dig deep, Jake. LOL.

I'm trying to think what he can do to top this big tour he's on. M&M, you better watch out, he's liable to try and pose with OneD. Maybe crash one of their concerts and join them with his little trumpet.

You know, gather up that tween demographic.

Then he can go for the senior demo by escorting Betty White to dinner at a cafeteria, plenty of cameras all around. #BettyImages

Need I go on? I bet we can cover all the demographics because he surely is trying to hit on all of them.

If you've been a Jake fan since his early days, I don't know how you can understand or like what he did last night. That kind of pimping takes a real strong stomach.

ROMA said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Hoping to see Constellations with Destiny but we both hope to score 1/2 Tix for the performance as it is expensive, $140.00 per ticket for starters (and other tix are more than that price too). Here in NYC we have three outdoor 1/2 Tix booths, South Street Seaport, Times Square and Brooklyn. The weather has been bitterly cold though recently. We have a plan to see Nightcrawler fairly soon too. I want to see Jake's performance both in the film and on stage;I have heard and read interesting things re: both performances.

Florida Tom said...

Whatever Jake is doing it is working. It really looks like Jake is gonna get his Oscar nom. I would be shocked now if he didn't. One expert on Goldderby is now actually picking him to win. I think it is a three man race. With Jake sitting 4 or 5. The movie Nightcrawler is also gaining momentum to be nominated for Best Picture. I really do not think it is worthy of it. Def Renee Russo is not worthy of a nomination unless she is very well like in HW and they think it may be time to reward her for her career. Noms are out next week.

Florida Tom said...

Wow I am sorry but no play is worth 140 bucks. I do not blame you Roma for not paying that.

prairiegirl said...

JayZ you got cooties?

^^^ lol. Look at Jake in that picture. I don't think he wants his boyz touching JayZ's boyz

That's why Bradley Cooper had his day in the sun for a couple of years. Now, it's Jake's turn to be spotlighted.

I am seeing all the signs of this. It is ludicrous the steam his train has gathered just in the past 30 days or so and it's like a non-stop locomotive now. All of these awards at once?

I agree, Tom, he's going to get that Oscar nom. But I think it's because somebody is lobbying for him. There is big-time lobbying going on for him. That movie died at the box office. It died, it withered, it faded off after a week and a half.

And now all of a sudden, it's everywhere and the world's an oyster. Nuh uh, I am not buying it one cent.

And if you look at Twitter, there are these twitter accounts springing up with Jake's name and he's in the avatar. Accounts that I don't recognize, that have sprung up from beyond the grave.

I know crap when I see it on social media and his people are flooding the internet with fakeness; the stench can be smelled from all corners of the earth.

a little reminder said...

jkdeeing ‏@JoshKline98

Jake gyllenhaal from brokeback mountain attends Yelm highschool #gayguys


Destiny said...

I see no evidence that Jake is being rewarded for his behavior and not his performance in a so-called "mediocre" movie.

NC has made $32 million dollars. That is a pretty good performance for an indie movie that cost less than $10 million to make. Birdman, another leading Oscar contender for Michael Keaton, has made $26 million. Another best actor contender, Steve Carrell in Foxcatcher has made around $9 million. If box office is what matters, then among that group Jake is a leading contender.

Hollywood loves what it perceives to be a comeback performance, and that is what all three of the above contenders have in common, and personally I think that is one of the factors driving his possible nomination.

Disagree said...

Compared to Birdman, Selma, Memphis, Boyhood, or the The Theory of Everything, Nightcrawler is a third, maybe fourth rate contender. I'm sorry if that hurts Jake fans, but it's true. Comeback performance? From what? Having kids? He's had films released every year since his career started. There's been no comeback.

The only significant change I've seen in Jake's career over the last two years is serial bearding. Never being seen with Austin. And, now Austin being portrayed as heterosexual. In terms of his career he's obviously playing the game as he continues to take roles that are violent, "manly" and tough guy depictions. You know. Like a actor in the closet, trying to convince the powers that be that he can be "trusted".