Saturday, December 6, 2014

Source Recoded

Source Code The Sequel is now in the works. In an exclusive scoop,  Variety reported that the 2011 science fiction film is now being planned.

But there will be some changes it will no longer have Duncan Jones as its director.

""Source Code 2″ is ramping up development, with Anna Foerster signed on to direct the follow-up to the science fiction thriller, sources confirm.

The Mark Gordon Company and Vendome Pictures are returning to produce, with Vendome again financing the project. "Source Code" screenwriter Ben Ripley is back to write the script for the new installment."

It is very doubtful that Jake will reprise his role.

So who to cast.

Now who's available,  has worked with Mark Gordon before, seemingly can bend time and space with his twitter (or is that hide and seek)  and has the unique experience of being close to the action of the first Source Code?


Special K said...

Actually I did a whole post of Austin being in Atlanta and floated the idea out there that he could be filming something for Walking Dead.

You might want to go back and read some posts before you come on and make such sweeping statements.

yuck!!! said...
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Special K said...

Here let me help you since you can't discern truth from lies.

A to Z

This is the post about Austin and a potential zombie project.

prairiegirl said...

lol, you're tickling me, Special.

Sounds like the troll is a bit unhappy.