Saturday, February 18, 2012

Bearing it one last time

Today was Jake's last day of official duty of the Berlinale. After days of watching films, conferring with his fellow jurists and deciding the winning actor, actress, director and film of the festival. Tonight in Berlin he presented the Silver Bear to one of the winners he helped pick with jury. He presented Best Actress award to Rebelle's Rachel Mwanza.

But before tonight's event, Jake popped into a salon and got papped much to his dislike.Jake head out one last time in another custom made Salvatore Ferragamo three-piece suit. He has been in Ferragamo for all of his official duties this year. Esquire commented that "He looks like a man, resurrected from the Donnie Darko days, now with new hair that could give Josh Brolin some competition in that department."
Nice to see him back to his dapper ways, but you wonder if if being in Berlin made him want to be a little bit Dieter (er).

Jake was a hit in Berlin. He is currently in the lead in a poll for coolest star at Berlinale.

OMG thinks the cool part of the Berlinale was this:


prairiegirl said...

Yes, I have two children. If you have enough money and connections anything can be hidden from the public. Of course his mother, sister and brother-in-law on in are in on this. Just like Reese and Taylor Swift. They all help Jake. Now, with the new baby on the way with Maggie, you know Jake's going to use that birth as cover too.

Thank you, That's My Mama.

Yes, Maggie's new baby will provide a perfect excuse for Jake to be seen/caught with a stroller, baby toys, etc.

This is why I think we'll see Jake return & hang out in NYC.

Jersey Tom said...

I agree with you on that one SK. He is a little too irritated. Plus hello does he look like he got a haircut to anybody else or is it just me.

comment on Just Jared said...

#6 Now that Austin Nichols is available again maybe they will finally get back together, what a hot couple they make.

prairiegirl said...

Okay, I'm looking at two of these pictures, #6 and 7 in particular and I do ask why isn't Jake in the chair already? And what is Jake looking at in the mirror picture?

Heck, maybe he did have one of the kids. And although I would question why he would risk taking one of his kids out like that as well as in the presence of Berlinale personnel, I do question why if Jake is the one getting the haircut, why are there so many pictures of Jake not even in the chair?

You know, sometimes kids get into mischief and "accidents" happen to kids' hair. Something gets spilled into it or Big Brother or Sis try to give a sibling a haircut like they've seen done on TV and before you know it, you have a disastrous haircut on your hands and well, an emergency Band-Aid needs to be applied to salvage the bad cut.

Just thinking aloud.

Methodical Muser said...

I will agree, Special. The main oddity I see is why is Jake still standing and glaring at the paps, when it looks like the hairdresser is already going to be attending to someone's service needs? And, what is so intrusive about paps taking pics of Jake getting a haircut anyway? Why would he be so irritated over that? In fact, these photos are far worse than him just letting the photographers click away. He's drawing more attention to himself with this kind of childish behavior.

But, I still don't get why he just didn't call them up to his hotel room and avoid all this drama. We know Jake has staged manipulated photo ops before, including the US Weekly "Jake and Taylor in Love" crap.

LOL! Yes, Tom. On top of all of this, it doesn't look like Jake got a haircut

Jersey Tom said...

Centered said...
Tom, with all due respect, you should not put so much of your personal happiness, mental state, and overall emotional well-being into what Jake and Austin does with (Their) Life.
Whatever it is.

They are human with their own emotions, fears, and faults just as everyone else.

Happiness has to be found within ones self, not what the actions of others are. In that case, if J/A fail to do what you wish them to do, then it's a "oh well" moment and no big deal to you.

Emotionally I am not as invested as I used to be. Reeke changed that. But I am still addicted. OCD I guess. Plus it is fun. I am really curious to what the truth is. I relly think Jake is Gay and I think J and A are adoreable together. Not sure about the BTs yet and it really doesnt matter that much to me. I do think it was a really bad decision if these two created 5 or 6 kids and were not ready to live a normal open life. I lean to maybe there being 1 or 2 but not sure. Again i havent been as invested as I used to be so who knows. I am tuned in though :-)

Methodical Muser said...

I want to add that Jake does look spooked in these pics like he did during the Yogurt incident in September 2009. The ones where Reese showed up with her kids and Jake was caught carrying 4 yogurts. It was obvious she arrived separately and he was not alone, because of the number of yogurts he had. Sort of like those 4 juice bottles he was toting back in January. Deacon, Ava and Reese all were seen carrying their own treat.

My pov said...

Jake wore a hat on his head when he left because he didn't get his haircut. I'm thinking like you M and M. He probably had someone in there with him. Was the salon closed just for him? And, why would he care about getting seen having his hair clipped. He probably has his daughter with him.

Jersey Tom said...

Well it looks like he left by himself so if he laft a kid in there then the kid left with someone else. Maybe Austin or a nanny. Austin tweets have made it seem like he went back to LA ahead of Jake. Weird that neither came or will be leaving together. Or so it seems.

Special K said...

There is German post that say that Jake arrived by chauffeur to the Jana salon and driven right to the front door. The post says the salon appeared opened just for him. And they mentioned as well he cover his head with his hat just after supposedly getting a haircut.

Jake Gyllenhaal:Ganz Kameraschue beim Friseur!

My pov said...

Well there you go. That's how celebrities keep their private lives private. He would have no reason to go there and request such preferential treatment, if it were just for him.

Jersey Tom said...

He didnt get a haircut.

Jersey Tom said...

They opened the salon just for him.

Jersey Tom said...

Maybe he got a shampoo and a wax.

Jersey Tom said...

If jake is that upset with a pap just taking a pic of him as he runs from the salon to the car he needs to get out of showbiz.

Methodical Muser said...

Even in SF and NY when Jake went to get a shave or haircut, he never had the places closed. In fact, he even took a picture at that Frank's ChopShop. I've completely changed my mind. I think one of his kids was in there with him.

Jersey Tom said...

I dont think Jake is that spoiled to be having a hizzy fit or making a scene with the staff if he is in there just worried about himself.

Special K said...

Jake was staying at the Ritz Carlton Berlin for the Berlinale and how far is the Ritz from the Jana Salon?

It's literally around the corner. It's a two minute walk at most! Why drive a car there?

We all know Jake's a walker, he's walked all over NY, why would he be driven over and deposited right at the front door? He would just walk.

Google Map- Ritz Carlton to Jana Salon

Methodical Muser said...

Oh my gosh. Yep, that's the smoking gun. Excellent!

Jersey Tom said...

He is not looking in the mirror in that pic. He is looking into a room where there is someone he is waiting for.

Jersey Tom said...

He probably met someone associated with the salon and he was invited to bring a quest over.

Methodical Muser said...

And, those three men surrounding Jake look like bodyguards because one has a Berlinale scarf and they are all in blue suits and the same gold ties. It looks like they were called over to block the photographer from taking a picture of whoever is still in the salon. We know they were not called to block Jake from the camera. We see him clearly in every shot. They seem to be there to escort Jake away and get the photographer to follow.

Does anyone see anything else in that photo?

Jake in Jana Salon

destiny said...

I find it impossible to believe that Jake would take a kid out to a salon like that. Why would you wait until Berlin to give a kid a haircut like that, it's not like a star where you want to look just right. And if he really has a kid with him in Berlin--something I'm also skeptical of--if you're just going to the salon for yourself, why not leave the kid with a nanny?

As far as going there by car, maybe it's a madhouse outside the hotel, probably lots of people form the festival staying there with fans trying to get a glimpse of the stars.

Jake is never happy to see the paps unless it's an arranged photo opp.

destiny said...

Agree M&M with the things you said in the other thread about Jake living in a kind of bubble, and how he is living is not right for children. Ted can say he's a good father all he wants, it doesn't make it true.

Methodical Muser said...

Just Jared and the Gossip Girls are discussing this series photos so that tells me for sure that Jake's people are trying to get out in front of the story, by telling people what they need to think happened instead of wondering about or speculating what actually did happen. It's not all the time in politics and most certainly when it comes to celebrities. It's called spin.

Jersey Tom said...

If Jake hates the paps that much he needs to get another job.

berlitz said...

Translation of the German link Special posted.

Most stars call a hairdresser to their rooms or just travel with their personal stylist for special ocassions.
The actor and jury member of the Berlinale Jake Gyllenhaal (31) appearantly preferred to trust one Berlin salon today.

This noon the 31 year-old went to the centre of the capitol to pretty himself up for the last great evening of the Berlinale. Almost unrecognized, he was driven straight to the front door by his driver and entered the salon that seems to have been closed down for him. One photographer however managed to take a few pictures, something that Jake obviously didn't like. When he noticed the paparazzi, he hid behind a wall and just peeked around it every now and then.

He also didn't want to show of his new haircut yet and so he left the salon in the area Bezirk Mitte all bundled up in a hat and a green parka. We're interested to see how top-styled he will show up at the awards show in a few hours.

destiny said...

I don't see anything in photo no. 10, but in no. 9, there's someone wearing a plaid shirt and jeans, reminds me a bit of how Austin dresses, and right body type--but impossible to know if it is him.

the real m said...

Something is definitely off about the haircut pictures. Hes too upset over something so insignificant like a haircut. He been photgraphed or seen before getting a shave without such an extreme reaction. He looks unhappy in the final pictures. The smiles do not seem genuine. Did they really think Jake would not get seen with Austin in Berlin? They may be getting cold feet again.

Jersey Tom said...

I dont see that in pic no.9 Destiny.

Methodical Muser said...

I'm sure Jake and Austin are good and loving fathers, however, they seem to have some difficulty understanding the difference between being protective and being paranoid. Jake has created his own alternative reality that appears normal to him and no doubt to his children because they still are young enough not to know any better. Hopefully, Jake and Austin will realize soon that part of being a parent requires honesty and the courage to make mistakes. That's what Austin's character is learning on OTH this year. Surely, with the support system these two have in place, the leap into a more open life may be scary, but they'll have plenty a people to help them find a comfortable balance between concealment/separateness and those understandable desires for privacy we all feel. Learning to be engaged with the outside world beyond the limiting circle of family and friends is essential to a healthy psychosocial development. All the love in the world cannot be substituted for that simple truth.

Methodical Muser said...

I agree about the plaid shirt, Destiny in Pic 9. Good eye. Austin does wear shirts like that, but if you look way over to the right of Pic# 10 there is a woman looking through the window like she's monitoring what's happening. Maybe a nanny?

destiny said...

I didn't mean to imply you thought he wasn't a good father M and M, that was strictly my opinion.

TOm, I'm looking at the far left of the photo, through the glass and to the left of the metal door or window frame.

destiny said...

Wasn't sure if that was a real person or a poster inside the store. Plus there's no way of know if someone like that works for the salon or not.

Methodical Muser said...

...there's no way of know if someone like that works for the salon or not.

That's certainly true, but if Jake asked the shop to be opened just for him, I don't see the need for so many "bodies" to be there. There's the African-American hairdresser, the brunette and now what looks like maybe a red head or strawberry blond over in the right hand corner. She also seems unusually focused on what's going on outside.

Just Passing By said...

As hard as it was for him - and I do sympathize with him - Jake did the one thing that no celebrity should ever do in front of the paparazzi. He showed his annoyance. That's like hanging raw, bloody meat in front of a pack of blood-thirty vicious wolves. They love that shit. They want to irritate the stars mainly because they know they can get the most reaction from them and Jake fell right into their trap.

My problem with Jake is that as annoying as it was to be surprise by their present, I think he took it over the top with his reaction. From the photos he's giving off the impression as if he's hiding something when supposedly all that he was doing was getting his hair done.

Clearly he wanted some privacy, and he's certainly within his rights to have it, but peeking out the door like a frightened deep caught in the headlights, complaining apparently to those inside as if they could do something about it, and then finally leaving nearly covered head to toe as if trying to leave in disguise. I mean, you know, come on. So you got caught. It's annoying yes but it's not that big of an issue. I mean he's been a celebrity for a long time. He knows how the game is played.

I always got the belief that Jake was made of thick skin and for his profession he certainly needs it. But lately I can't help but wonder if that skin is turning transparent as the years go by. On one hand it's understandable but on the other hand he needs to get over it. As long as he's a celebrity the paparazzi is going to be there taking his photos.

I agree with prairiegirl. I think the moment Jake gets back from Berlin he's going to go back to into his disheveled look and back into hiding.

Jersey Tom said...

He also needs to see his therapist passing by.

prairiegirl said...

Special pointing out the close proximity of the salon to his hotel is screaming out to me.

Jake didn't have any problem being photo'd walking the streets of London and Berlin when he arrived. But now all of a sudden, he does?

Special kept insisting the possibility of a small one being with him and the more I read everybody's contributions to the discussion, I lean more that way. I still can't believe he would take his child out, I don't know about that part.

But M&M also pointing out how the stories are emphasizing how "ticked off" and "annoyed" Jake is, the more that angle isn't working for me anymore. You just don't get that annoyed over a simple haircut. And plus, Jake's spending more time guarding the door, waving his arms around and peeking out windows rather than simply getting the haircut and getting that done, it only draws more attention.

And if he didn't really get a haircut, that could explain why he has the hood on as if it's just Arctic freezing and no one else is wearing similar attire.

Jersey Tom said...

Maybe its the supermodel born in Las Vegas that writes in broken English.

Special K said...

I think you made a good point PG, about gum and hair. Or even Gummi Bears.

I can see a hair emergency happening with one of their kids and Jake needing a pro to fix it.

Methodical Muser said...

I thought it was odd that Jake wouldn't just call someone to his room in the beginning too, but now that I know how close that salon is to the Ritz, I have adjusted my point of view. Kids like to go out so maybe the nanny and/or Austin (Mr. Plaid Shirt) took the child over first because you can access the place almost directly from the side of the coffee shop adjacent to the Ritz. Then because Jake is more recognizable he had a Limousine drop him off in the front then leave, hoping he could quickly arrive undetected. It appears that a photographer either was tipped off from someone inside or was just hanging out because of all the celebrities attending the Festival. Jake, of course, then panicked, almost like he felt trapped inside with no fallback plan.

Austin may have tweeted yesterday to make it seem like he was back in Los Angeles, but that radio station, KCRW, is an Internet radio station, which means it can be accessed anywhere, like maybe even in Berlin.

close shave said...

The pictures don't make much sense if you're going to go with Jake just getting a haircut.

There are all the things you guys pointed out, like his paranoia, the beanie on (supposedly) freshly styled hair, the haircut that looks remarkably like the old one...

But I noticed a few other weird things. For one, the award ceremony started at 7 pm, so he probably had to be there a little earlier. This means that just a few hours before the show, he suddenly decided that he desperately needed a haircut. Possible, but still kinda strange.

One thing I completely don't get though is that he supposedly cares so much about getting his hair done, but still shows up with the 3-day shadow on his face. Generally, if he wants to get "dressy" - which I would file a last minute hair cut under - he also gets a close shave. He did the same just a good 2 weeks ago for the opening of the Berlinale.

prairiegirl said...

Two more very good points, Close Shave. Why would you go at the last minute to get your hair cut?

Not only that, but Jake had just done that video in London. His hair was perfectly, wonderfully coiffed. I kind of find it hard to believe it would have grown so much in a matter of one-two weeks.

And it is kind of unusual that all of a sudden, Austin tweets today. Not just once, but twice. And not about something that he is presently doing, but about two subjects that can be commented upon from anywhere. You don't have to have your feet on U.S. soil to tweet about the polar bears.

Special K said...

That plaid and those long arms - great eyes Destiny!

Jersey Tom said...

I wish i could see it. I have looked all over that pic;-(

Special K said...

It's this picture Tom

Jake and the guy in the plaid shirt

Look to the far left Tom.

grateful said...

Why would Jake be upset if Austin is in the salon with him? They've been sighted, photographed, vidded there already. Oh the child angle. Okay.

Meg said...

Haven't posted here for an age but something about the Berlin trip has stirred my interest again.

Having just read through some of the previous posts here my scenario on haircutgate.

1. Austin in hotel room with child.
2. Child has serious hair disaster.
3. Austin phones Jake (who's rehearsing for the closing ceremony).
4. Festival organiser person arranges hair appointmnet.
5. Austin takes child (on foot) to salon.
6. Jake arrives at salon in official car with festival people.
7. Jake is freaked out by both the hair disaster (it must be pretty bad) coupled with the presence of the paps.
8. Resultant hissy fit and departure.
9. Austin apologises to the hairdressers, tips generously and returns to the hotel with child shaking his head at the 'flaky' jake.

Here's hoping for more Jake and Austin pics in the coming months, they really do make a very sweet couple.

Meg said...

Another comment....

Anyone else feeling a touch of schadenfreude around the poor reviews and slightly lack lustre start for Reese's new film.

The curse of Reeke lives on!!!

Let's hope Jake can break his side of said curse by NOT bearding up when his next film is due to come out.

Special K said...

Hey Meg good to see you!

I had to laugh at your hairgate scenario at how much I could see that being pretty damn close to the real story. (Especially #7, #8 and #9) :D

Hadn't followed much about This Means War, but think Jake broke his side of it with Source Code. (no beard needed for that be a very solidly successful hit) I don't think people really bought the Reese - sex kitten with guys fighting over her thing.

And yeah, here's hoping for more pictures of the guys together, I agree with you they really make a sweet couple.

prairiegirl said...

Oh my goodness!! MEG!!!!!! Meg, it is so awesome to see you!!

Giving you a big virtual hug, Meg. It seems so long. I hope you have been well? It's so wonderful to see you! A real treat to wake up to.

I didn't realize This Means War had a rough start. Breaks my heart. ;-)

prairiegirl said...

Haircut gate. LOL. That was pretty good. Always loved the way your mind works, Meg. Hey who knows? I believe something happened, too much "drama" from Jake for there not to be.

I'm so worried about my car. I'm leaking anti freeze and just trying to hang on til Tuesday to get the car looked at. My friend said last night hopefully it's just a hose and not my radiator. What?! My poor little car.

It was fun to watch The Bodyguard last night. Kevin Costner was a real dreamboat in that movie and I loved him and Whitney together. **sigh**

Jersey Tom said...

Oh ok thanks SK. I didnt even see that pic in the ones I was looking at. Now sure how far Jake is away from that guy but Jake seems taller than him. He does dress like Autin and that definitely looks just like Austins ear:-)

Height said...

Yes that guy in the plaid shirt is shorter or same height as Jake (looks shorter to me), especially seeing how taller Austin is than Jake, in the embassy video.

plaid shirt said...

The little we see of the guy at the hair salon with Jake definitely looks like Austin. Same type of arms, same type of ass in loose jeans, same body size, same type of plaid shirts he wears and the same way he rolls up the sleeves in shirts.

Comparison side by side: pics 1 and pics 2

Height said...

Thanks plaid shirt, the similarities are convincing

plaid shirt said...

You can see the plaid shirt guy is taller than Jake if you compare the lower part of his body with Jake’s. His waist and ass is higher, matching exactly the difference of height between Jake and Austin.

Special K said...

Here are the videos of the the award ceremony at Berlinale last night.

Berlinale Awards

There is both video from the Red Carpet and the Gala (Awards).

Check it out around 22:54 the hostess of the gala goes and talks to the international jury. And you can see her kidding with Jake at 26:00.

Jake also presents the Silver Bear for Best Actress starting around the 50:44 mark.

Special K said...

And thanks Plaid shirt! Great job with the photo comparisons.

Yes it really looks like Austin.

Jersey Tom said...

prairiegirl said...
Haircut gate. LOL. That was pretty good. Always loved the way your mind works, Meg. Hey who knows? I believe something happened, too much "drama" from Jake for there not to be.


Jersey Tom said...

Great job with the comparisons. Sure is Austins dressing style and the arm is a perfect match. I am still working on the height thing.

Jersey Tom said...

Pitchers and catchers today. God I need to get the taste of that 1 to 0 loss out of my mind. That stung. Plus I am glad that Puljos and Fielder are now in the American league giving the Yanks and those Soxs fits instead of the Phils.

Jersey Tom said...

I actually think that is the same shirt that Austin is wearing in the middle pic of the comparisions.

Special K said...

Adding something else to the comparisons from Plaid Shirt, look at the elbow, and the length and shape of his lower arm.

Jersey Tom said...

Yeah old Papelbon will be out there throwing in a Phillies uniform today:-)

Jersey Tom said...

Definitely same arm shape SK.

Just Jared said...

Jake Gyllenhaal attends the closing ceremony during day ten of the 62nd Berlin International Film Festival held at the Berlinale Palast on Saturday (February 18) in Berlin, Germany.


Methodical Muser said...

One more thing hit me last night. The implausability of a high end Salon opening up just for Jake in the middle of a Saturday afteroon. Here's why:

1) We are informed this event took place at 12:00 noon. The Jana Eichler Friseure hair salon, however, opens at 10:00 a.m. on Saturdays. If all Jake was doing was getting a haircut, but still wanted privacy, he would have made arrangements before the Salon opened to the general public.
2) If it was a last minute whim, it's also hard to believe that Jake would call the salon and ask them to usher everyone out in addition to canceling afternoon appointments. Talk about drawing attention to oneself.
3) This is a high-end salon, and it was the closing day for Berlinale ceremonies. I'm sure Jana was double booked for the special occasion. No way would the Salon alienate clients by closing up shop in the middle of the day. They would have recommended coming over to Jake's hotel room instead.
4) Looking at our anxious "customer" in those pics, I see bed head Jake. Which then tells me it's early in the morning. If that's the case, this scenario might even lend more support for the argument that something happened in the hotel room calling for an emergency opening of the salon before it's establish hours of operation.
5) If the event actually took place early in the morning this set of circumstances might have then contributed to Jake being less risk adverse and thinking he would be able to avoid the paps.

Hairdcutgate Revisted

VIP Treatment said...

That's a great point too. I had not thought of the midday, Saturday afternoon angle and the fact it was the day of the Closing Ceremony for the Berlinale. You're right. That would be the busiest time of day just in general, compounded with the extra business of a high profile special event. The Jana Salon is located in a high traffic area too. Near the subway and tram station. Love Jake, but he doesn't merit that kind of VIP treatment. No way would Jana close their salon for hours, to give Jake exlusive access just for a damn haircut.

The Beisheim Center's attractive location is a draw for numerous guests and visitors. Its exclusive shops offer a wide range of products for a discerning clientele. Located in immediate proximity to the Sony Center, the Reichstag and the Brandenburg Gate means a lively environment is guaranteed. The Potsdamer Platz subway and tram station is just a step away.

Special K said...

Reading over the description of the salon, you will see they have a VIP booth. Which looking at the pictures seems to be where Jake could be looking into. Because if he was actually in the VIP section you wouldn't have seen him.

And the way he is pacing there was no way he was popping up in the middle of a cut either. Someone else was in the private VIP section while Jake was pacing and watching the paps.

With the person who looks like Austin talking to Jake in that one picture, it appears that Austin was in the VIP section with whoever had the hair emergency. Because you do not see the Plaid shirt anywhere else in the salon in the rest of the pictures.

ignorant male said...

What's a "hair emergency"?

Jason said...

I've read through all the wonderful posts these last few days. Incredible analysis and fun reading. I do feel somewhat sorry for Jake. He seems clearly distressed, or is it that he's behaving like a mama bear protecting her young? That looks like Austin in that one picture. The glass reflection is distorting the person's height, as does the play of light and the angle in which that photograph is taken. The arm length is the same. As is the attire. Classic Austin.

OT: Sophia breaking up with Austin was a real shocker, don't you think? I hope our tall Texas hunk of man is coping okay? Being that Sophia said they were together for six years, it must be hard for both of them to walk away from such an enduring....? Okay, I have to stop there. I have never seen such a pack of lies in my life.

hair entanglement said...

To ignorant male: Look at 5:59 and 9:13 comments and I'll add another one. What might be called hair entanglements from toys with movable parts. My daughter had one of those mishaps. She was three. There was much crying, screaming, and general overall chaos. Had to take her to the emergency room to dislodge the offending attacker.

prairiegirl said...

Hey Jason!, we missed you in real time during hairgate, buddy!

I know I called him a paranoid fool at first which was my first impression. But after everybody's contributions and restudying everything again, like M&M, I too have totally changed my mind.

I feel bad for Jake being upset like that but it doesn't have to be that way all the time for him.

OTOH, what's a hair emergency? When you yourself or your kid does something crazy with the hair.

There's an episode of Leave It To Beaver where Wally decides to give the Beav a haircut. And before you know it, Beaver has these huge bald patches all over his head. June about has a cow while Ward tries to calm her down.

I can't remember what they do to fix the situation but it's a very typical thing that can happen.

prairiegirl said...

And one of my all-time favorites - Anne of Green Gables - where Anne desires all the time to be anything but a redhead. So she buys some hair dye from a peddler on the road and Marilla comes upstairs later in the day to find Anne with green hair. Anne is totally distraught and what happens? Marilla has to cut off most of her very long hair in order to get most of that green out.

That was just one of my most favorite scenes in that series. I can still see Matthew kneeling beside Anne, comforting her as her hair falls to the floor.

destiny said...

Great work Plaid Shirt! Between the body, posture and the fact that we have a picture of Austin in the exact same shirt, I am convinced that is Austin.

Regarding the height issue Tom, two things. One, Austin looks like he is leaning over. Two, I think there is some distortion going on, Austin looks smaller in general in comparison to Jake, and I think he is actually further away from the camera than Jake.

destiny said...

Meg! So good to see you.

Despite my initial disbelief, I am really beginning to wonder if there wasn't a kid there. I'd also been wondering about the salon being closed, so interesting theory about it being early in the morning. I thought maybe the place was just closed on Saturdays.

Traffic Cop said...

You can tell we're on the right track because someone is having a meltdown next door.

;) said...

ITA. Some fool ranting about "taking WFT2 back"!

the real m said...

Congrats to whoever found those side by side Austin plaid shirt pictures. That is so Austin in the salon. They would not have closed the place for him. He could have accompanied jake and jake did not want them seen together there. Pretty hard to come up with an explanation for that whether it was Jake or Austin getting the haircut. We have not seen a more recent photo of Austin since Friday but his hair was a bit long and could have used a trim.

Methodical Muser said...

After all of the lies about Sophia and Austin "dating" for six years, I thought I would post this stroll down memory lane. Nothing like facts getting in the way of PR manipulation:

April 16, 2005 Chad Michael Murray married Sophia Bush after dating for 2 years.

September 26, 2005 CMM and SB separate.

January 25, 2006 Photos appear of Jake at a Malibu dog park with Atticus and Boo. Sophia Bush is having a casual conversation with him as Jake leans against his vehicle. Austin is with Jake, although he is not included in any of the photos released from that day.

February 12, 2006 Right after those adorable photos circulate across the Internet of the Jake & Austin Saturday night date (2/11) at the Laker’s game (over Valentines’s Day weekend), poorly photo-shopped “recreations” of the Malibu dog park encounter between Jake and SB suddenly reappear. Seventeen days already have elapsed, but this time the set of pics have Jake cut out of them, trying to show Austin with SB as if they were on a date.

February 17, 2006 SB denies dating Jake Gyllenhaal or Austin Nichols.

February 24, 2006 SB petitions for an annulment of her marriage and cites fraud.

August 19, 2006 Sophia Bush is promoted as dating Jon Foster (her costar from Stay Alive – they met, on set, in 2005). Several photos appear of them together going on a “romantic” date to Camarillo per a Just Jared.

December 29, 2006 SB and CMM divorce finalized.

February 7, 2007 Story runs that Sophia Bush and Jon Foster are still very much a couple and they are seen in Los Angeles together.

August 26, 2007 Sophia Bush and Actor-Boyfriend Jon Foster “are still going strong” seen in Beverly Hills.

October-November 2007 Rumors circulate that SB is now dating and getting “serious” with Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys. Both are seen out together on several occasions.

December, 2007 SB rumored to have started dating James Lafferty. Rumors last through most of 2008 as they are seen together in many venues. Dating finally confirmed on October 28, 2008 by, ironically, Chad Michael Murray who states in an interview that SB “has James now” and photos of Bush and Lafferty together, at an airport, appear.

Methodical Muser said...

April 25, 2008 Page Six reports that SB was seen cozying/cuddling up with James Lafferty at NYC's Meatpacking hotspot 1Oak

May, 26 2008 SB and James Lafferty fly into LA together. Several photos are taken.

June 18, 2008 Story runs that Sophia Bush now admits to breaking up with Jon Foster. Bush says it was over like “like a year ago,” even though stories and photos from the previous year indicate that they were still “dating” through the end of August, 2007. She states that she is single and has only two men that she has time for these days: Barack Obama and her personal trainer.

October 28, 2008 Sophia Bush is confirmed to be dating James Lafferty in an interview that takes place with her ex-husband, Chad Michael Murray. October 2008 After disappearing for practically the entire first half of 2008 (two exceptions being photos of him filming Prayers for Bobby in MI on June 17 and 18th and then his appearance at the Espy Awards on July 15, 2008), Austin resurfaces and begins filming One Tree Hill as a recurring character on the series. He is initially contracted for 10 episodes. An interview, with Austin, from October 24 indicates that he doesn’t really know the cast of One Tree Hill and that he felt like an outsider:

This is Don from BuddyTV and today I'm talking to Austin Nichols, who plays Julian on One Tree Hill. I was wondering if you could talk about how the role on One Tree Hill came about?

Yeah, I don't know. I mean, Mark Schwahn kind of called and said they were interested, but they didn't know if I would be interested. I went in and had the meeting with him and I fell in love with the guy, the guy is really, really smart and he's a great writer. We started talking about this guy named Julian Baker, who is a movie producer and comes to town to buy Lucas' book and make it into a movie. Anyway, I really liked the way he described the character. He's kind of like Jack Nicholson, he's this funny, snarky kind of guy you love to hate. So I said heck yeah man, that sounds fun.
What was it like going on set? The people on that show have been together for six seasons. Was that weird, or was it pretty natural?

I've never been in this situation before and it is a little weird. Like you said, they've been here six years, they're in the sixth season. Everybody is very close, they know each other very well, They've been through a lot. Yeah, it is weird, you kind of feel like an outsider. But everybody has been really nice and I've become friends with everybody. They made it pretty easy on me.

Methodical Muser said...

February 2009 SB states in an interview that she is single and is looking for Mr. Right, and discusses what she would consider to be her “dream man”. "I'm looking for a driven, motivated and smart guy.”

November 2008-June 2009 SB continues to be seen solo at countless high profile events, or with other female friends (e.g. Fashion and Awards shows, Launch parties, various social causes and charities, etc.)

April 14, 2009 Austin signs for Season 7 as a cast regular. The announcement indicates that this contract has the potential to be extended another year, if OTH is renewed, making it a two year deal/commitment. June 1, 2009 SB and Jon Foster seen out together again for lunch in Los Feliz, CA

June 4, 2009 SB is seen with her personal trainer with courtside seats at a Lakers Playoff game. June 18, 2009 Cast members gather in Wilmington, NC for Season 7. It is the first season for Austin as a regular cast member on OTH. July 26, 2009 Austin and Sophia suddenly seen at an airport together. Both make sure fans take photos of them.

August 3 2009 It appears that beard auditions between Robert Buckley and Austin Nichols are taking place. Just Jared writes that “At the after-party, the 27-year-old actress cozied up to her new One Tree Hill costar Robert Buckley who will play sports agent, Clay.” Austin is not in attendance. August 21, 2009 SB and Austin photographed together in SoHo.

September 1, 2009 SB and Austin show up for dinner at paparazzi infested Madeo restaurant. Just Jared writes: Sophia, 27, and Austin, 29, seem to have rekindled their romance after dating for awhile in 2006 October 2009 SB and Lafferty’s relationship reported to have ended.

Methodical Muser said...

October 12, 2009 SB walks the red carpet alone but attends Hollywood Style Awards in Los Angeles with Austin Nichols. Austin refuses to address dating rumors and instead indicates, "I'm not going to say anything except that... I'm here to drink. "We were talking before, we have a bunch of friends together, we work together." The article inserts the following lie: “The pair, who split earlier this year after a two-year relationship, were recently reported to have rekindled their romance.”

November 7, 2009 X17 online posts a curious headline: “Sophia Bush And James Lafferty Get Breakfast In Brentwood.” When link is followed there’s a video of SB with Austin Nichols. Even though comments immediately identify the flagrant error, the headline is never changed.

November 15, 2009 SB and Austin at NY premiere of The Private Lives of Pippa Lee.

November 20-24, 2009 SB and Austin fly to Ramstein, Germany and to the Incirlik and Izmir Air Bases in Turkey along with many other celebrities including Milo Ventimiglia and Zachary Quinto. The headlines try to promote the idea that Austin and Sophia are together over the Thanksgiving holiday, but the tour ends before Thanksgiving and no pics of them together out on a date appear until January 2010.

November 30, 2009 People magazine announces that Jake and Reese W. have spent Thanksgiving apart and that they have broken up. It is announced that Reese W. told 30 guests celebrating the holidays over her home that she and Jake were over.

December 15, 2009 Gossip Cop confirms that the “break-up” of Reeke is real. Stating that “they are no longer together.” Jake is now left beardless.

January 2010 Sophin ramps up.

May 25, 2010 SB makes an announcement at the E! 20th Birthday Bash that she and Austin Nichols have had a “secret” romance for four years.

May 29, 2010 After not being seen together since a “Bicycle Buds” pic on April 13 in Santa Monica, Jake and Austin are suddenly papped at a gym in Los Angeles. The event looks highly staged as Jake is seen letting the paparazzi get their shots. The focus being Jake and Austin as SB is pushed into the background.

prairiegirl said...

I'm sitting here blown away. Of course, we all knew Sophin was fake.

But to see it all laid out in a timeline like this, it's indisputable.

One thing I notice is how Sophia never gives quotes or official announcements on the ending of her "relationships". She leaves it up to her fans to draw their own conclusions. How lazy is that.

Humongous kudos to M&M for all of her work. I bow down to you in homage. You're incredible.

You guys, this was a ton of work.

Jersey Tom said...

Was talking on the phone with PG and we were talking about the height differemce. I wonder if there is any chance that the area where Austin was is an area that was a step down or something. Kind of hard to tell. But that so much is screaming Austin. I do very much think it is the same shirt Austin is wearing in one of the comparsion pics. Same exact print but hard to tell on coloring.

Just another thing. Maybe Jake was mad because he felt they were set up. The salon could have closed for business even if it cost them some money. But having then called paps and having had proof that Jake was in the salon certainly would have created a ton of business later. Could Jake have fugured out he was set up?????

prairiegirl said...

Austin resurfaces and begins filming One Tree Hill as a recurring character on the series. He is initially contracted for 10 episodes. An interview, with Austin, from October 24 indicates that he doesn’t really know the cast of One Tree Hill and that he felt like an outsider

So where was Austin up to this point? He disappeared it looks like. Would this have been during the time that Reeke started? So that meant Austin didn't need to beard because Jake was.

Methodical Muser said...

Exactly, PG. Austin disappears because one of the reasons for Reeke was to stop the rumors that were building of Jake and Austin as a couple and them having a baby together. That story was all over the Internet in September 2007. Reeke was unveiled on October 23, 2007. So not only did these guys have a baby to take care of, but Austin needed to fade into the background, almost as if he never existed on planet earth.

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

This interview with BuddyTV is sure strange.

I've never been in this situation before and it is a little weird. Like you said, they've been here six years, they're in the sixth season. Everybody is very close, they know each other very well, They've been through a lot. Yeah, it is weird, you kind of feel like an outsider. But everybody has been really nice and I've become friends with everybody. They made it pretty easy on me.

If he already knew Sophia so well, particularly romantically, why wouldn't he have said he already knew Sophia and she helped welcome him into the mix?

Yeah, I don't know. I mean, Mark Schwahn kind of called and said they were interested, but they didn't know if I would be interested. I went in and had the meeting with him and I fell in love with the guy, the guy is really, really smart and he's a great writer.

I thought Austin came to OTH with his nose sniffing Sophia's scent and he was on a big foxhunt? I thought he came to be on the show all because of her? This interview from Austin's mouth sure doesn't make it sound that way at all. Austin says that Mark Schwann asked him to guest on the show.

Sorry, Sophia. This timeline shows what a total farce Sophin was.

There were no 6 years of a relationship. Not only that, but I really am beginning to wonder about Sophia herself and why her "relationships" are so unconvincing.

Jersey Tom said...

Sophia knew Jake and Austin. I think they were casual friends. Sophia may even have got Austin the interview. Romance though. No way.

prairiegirl said...

I mean, her relationships are so "vague" and secretive. And that whole marriage with CMM is strange. They dated for two years, got married but they separate after only 5 months. Why then wait so long to file for an annulment?

Why would CMM "cheat" so soon with Paris Hilton so soon after they got married? Did he have a prior history of cheating?

Now with Sophin over, I will find it real interesting to see how long she will milk the "heartbreak", using it to hang with all her girl buds, and when and with who the next relationship will be.

prairiegirl said...

Sophia may even have got Austin the interview.

But Tom, notice how Austin says he didn't know anybody. Again, I ask why wouldn't Austin have said "Well, I already knew Sophia; we are friends. She helped to introduce me around."

But he didn't. I find that very odd, frankly.

london tb said...

Austin has known Sophia since around 2003 I believe. They have also been photographed being cosy (Sophia on his lap at one of the NY fashion shows?) when not officially "dating". They are friends and she entered into the coupledom voluntarily to keep pressure off him, IMO. The timeline above makes a nonsense of the six-year relationship, for anyone who has been following as long as most of us have.

Fantastic work on the hair salon pics, everyone :) Initially I thought another person being present was impossible, but I also think that is Austin (whether he is accompanied by a hair emergency or not). One word of caution, what looks like serious emotion is often a split second in the world of photography. Jake looks quite cross in the early pics, but when he talking to plaid shirt guy his cheek indicates he is smiling; when he is leaving I think he is sharing a snide joke with the blond guy and the dark girl in the salon is smiling which indicates he has been pleasant. Presumably plaid shirt guy has left by another door. I don't think any Jake hair has been touched (in any case it looks perfect in the early pics).

PS hello Meg!!

destiny said...

Wow, what a lot of work M and M. Didn't know about Romo or that she'd actually been spotted out with Lafferty (though I knew they were dating).

I do think Sophia has been friends with Austin for a long time, and like Tom I think she probably helped him get the interview for OTH.

london tb said...

What am I saying PLAID I mean TARTAN :D :D

Jersey Tom said...

Becuase he didnt want to look pathetic in the interview and maybe asked Sophia to get him an job interview because he didnt have a job. He definitely knew her PG probably through Jake. Again no way was there a romance. Jake and Austin were a couple at the time we saw them on the beach.

london tb said...

He knew her in his own right, from about 2003. I read this somewhere ages ago. Agree with you Tom he definitely wouldn't say it in an interview, no reason whatsoever.

Methodical Muser said...

Oh, I'm not saying that Austin didn't know Sophia. Not at all. Remember they both attended USC too. Unfortunately, for Sophia however, Austin was "involved" with another bearding relationship back then (1997-2004), Claire Oswalt. If that had not been the official record, I'm sure Sophia would have indicated that she had been "secretly" dating Austin on/off since her college days.

This is a dating timeline, not a relationship one. As you can see there is no evidence, AT ALL, that these two ever dated. Knowing each other sure, that's why she became the next convenient/obvious beard for Austin in 2009.

Jersey Tom said...

It all about sex and romance in HW. These boys have gotten what they wanted out of their bearding gigs. Jake has gotten tremendously famous because of his. It takes two to tango.

Bye bye Reese

Bye bye Sophia.

Onward to more honest and happier times for J and A. Hopefully?

Sophin myth said...

Don't believe the timeline was meant to suggest that Austin didn't know Sophia Bush, just to illustrate that they never dated. It is interesting that Austin said Mark S. called him. I wouldn't be surprised if the guys were looking for a TV show for Austin because it's so much more reliable than trying to work in movies. You have an exact location where you are going to be for months at a time which brings stability. Austin needed that because Jake had to be the more flexible one in his career. Also, by that time I believe they did have 3 children because Ted's clues point to that inn the summer of 2008.

Because Reeke was still going strong there was no reason to pair Austin with anyone, but by the following year, I remember there were tons of cracks showing and Ted even said that Toothy was about to have a nervous breakdown.
I know Ted was exaggerating, but I bet that's why Austin was suddenly seen with Sophia at Madeo in September 2009. He knew he had to start taking some of the stress off of Jake.

Great timeline. It's obvious, the Sophin myth began to be promoted during the last quarter of 2009. Prior to that, it didn't exist at all. Sophia was lying. But, of course, the guys were in on the lie. I think that's why Jake wanted that photo op at the end of May. He was telling the world that he was still with Austin and Sophia's statement from earlier that week was pure fabrication.

Jersey Tom said...

Jake and Austin have told a lot of lies in their lives also. They see it as work and surviving in a tough business.

prairiegirl said...

Don't believe the timeline was meant to suggest that Austin didn't know Sophia Bush, just to illustrate that they never dated. It is interesting that Austin said Mark S. called him.

Thank you. I probably wasn't expressing myself well. I was not saying Austin didn't know her. But they certainly were not "seeing" each other.

And M&M is right. This timeline is not about proving Austin & Sophia didn't know each other. We all know they did. I remember those party pics as well.

2004 and Brokeback Mountain said...

I'm glad Claire Oswalt was brought up too because she was another obvious beard. Austin supposedly dated her from 1997-2004, and then there was some horrible breakup. That very year Kirsten broke up with Jake. I don't think it was a coincidence that Jake started preproduction of Brokeback Mountain that Spring and then was filming Brokeback Mountain that summer. 2004 was a big transitional year for the guys. Toothy Tile appears in March 2005 because I do think that Jake was honestly trying to come out with Austin by his side. I don't think that has ever changed between them.

prairiegirl said...

I don't think anyone is saying that neither Jake nor Austin have not lied. Of course they have.

This timeline is to prove what a farce Sophin was.

It's not a one-sided slant against just Sophia. I think the focus is getting railroaded off track just because of one misunderstanding in this huge timeline.

Jersey Tom said...

We all have to admit when one beards you live a lie. So telling little false hoods is no big deal in this game.

Jersey Tom said...

Sophin was definitely a farce.

Reeke was a farce.

The apple picking date was a really funny farce.

Yep even JG loves KK was a farce.

:-) :-)

Methodical Muser said...

Yes, Jake and Austin are certainly directly involved with all the lying. No doubt about it. Just wanted to underscore, given the breakup news and all the talk about Soapy and Austin being "together" for six years, how PR works and how there was no way this showmance started before August/September 2009. But, if you tell a lie, it keeps being circulated and embellished. I had to laugh when I read all the various version back then. At first, Just Jared (Soapy's bud) simply wrote that they had just rekindled their brief romance from 2006. Later on years were added, suggesting that they had broken up in early 2009 before getting back together again. Or, that they had been dating for two years. Never mind the most honest articles that simply said at the time, "Four years? Who knew?" LOL!

Methodical Muser said...

I don't think it was a coincidence that Jake started preproduction of Brokeback Mountain that Spring and then was filming Brokeback Mountain that summer. 2004 was a big transitional year for the guys. Toothy Tile appears in March 2005 because I do think that Jake was honestly trying to come out with Austin by his side. I don't think that has ever changed between them.

I agree completely.

destiny said...

Personally I don't think Claire was a beard. You don't have "bad" breakups with beards, generally. I don't think most middle-class kids going to a school like USC are going to beard. I think it is far more likely that Austin was confused or not comfortable with his sexuality and really was with Claire. For every gay kid comfortable with who he is and dating guys from the start, there's the one who doesn't come out even to himself until later in life--like NPH.

There would also be no reason for a little known actor like Austin to have a beard like that.

I also tend to think Jake did really have a relationship with Kiki, even if aspects of it were right out of the showmance handbook. I just see too much genuine emotions in their photos together, unlike Reese. I think Jake did see guys on the side, including Austin, and thought he could make it work both ways.

destiny said...

Interesting article on why Reese stays on the A-list despite her recent failures.

The bit that struck me in particular is that once you're on the A-list, people give you the benefit of the doubt when you fail, and that's one of the main advantages of being A-list.

I also thought there was zero mentions of Jake, as if she'd gone straight from divorce to Toth without a "relationship" in between.

MovieFone on Reese

Special K said...

Wow - I go to church and have a budget meeting and come home to all this great discussion.

Great work M&M on your time line. I know that plotting through all of this is time consuming but also a labor of love. Thanks again.

Special K said...

About Claire I know I have mentioned this before but it has been a long time.

Austin said they date since he was in 1997.

Well Claire did not go to McCallum HS like Austin did, he went to Austin HS.

She graduated in 1997 and headed to Boston College for 2 years. While Austin went to the opposite coast to USC starting in 1998.

Claire went to Madrid to study in 1999 transferring to USC in 1999 to complete her degree in 2001.

Austin graduate 2002.

Austin and Claire looked like they date for two years but weren't even in the same state or (briefly)the same country.

Chinny said...

Interesting article on why Reese stays on the A-list despite her recent failures.

This part was funny:

Finally, the fact that Witherspoon doesn't make as many movies as some of her peers has also dimmed her luster, as she's seldom out in public promoting herself.

They obviously have never surfed over to JustJared!

Bearding 101 said...

The Claire relationship was developed after the fact. Once Austin became involved in the acting profession. She was recruited as a beard/cover because he needed one. That whole bad breakup was invented by PR.

Austin confused about his sexuality? Never got that vibe from him. Ever.

Methodical Muser said...

One of the main reason's we know that the "break up" between Claire Oswalt and Austin was faked is because (according to the official record) the whole "ordeal" occurred in 2004. If that's the case then it had have taken place sometime after September because she showed up with Austin at the Wimbledon premiere on September 13. But, in February 2005 she is broadly smiling in that picture with Jake and Austin at the Vanity Fair party.

destiny said...

People don't have to go to the same high school to meet and date. People also do stay in relationships after they go off to different colleges. It's not easy, but it happens all the time. So for me those are not reasons to think it wasn't real. And if anything, for someone who is really gay, that makes the relationship all the easier.

The one thing that really keeps me from thinking of her as a beard is when she was interviewed about her art and talked about Austin for the local paper. It just doesn't strike me as something a beard at their level of bearding would do--lie to the hometown paper.

As for Austin as not coming off as someone who is not comfortable with himself, I"d say the same thing about NPH. Also, someone who is 100 percent comfortable with being gay and proud of who they are is not going to beard in the first place. Austin was an unknown back then, there were no rumors about him, there really was no reason for manufacturing a beard.