Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Garden to Grow

Sometimes it seems like it's all about food for Jake. Shopping, eating, cooking, talking , and growing it.He also knows that food can make impact on the lives of kids, and not just eating good healthy food, but the social and educational benefits of growing and preparing food and he's helping spread that message.

That's why he and chef Alice Waters were recognized as Tastemakers in this month's Bon Appetit.

Jake's "involvement stems from his belief that we all need to overhaul our thinking about food, our health, and the environment in a way that appeals to children. 'When kids get their hands dirty in the garden or experiment in the kitchen, they have fun," he says, "but more important, they learn about how to care for themselves and each other. Those are lessons that no state is testing for, but it's one of the best investments in the future of our country that we can make.' "

And it's not all talk. Alice commented, "he has put his hands in the ground and worked in a garden. His family always gathered around the dinner table and had real food. He benefited from that and tries to live his life like that now."
But the question is who is he gathering around the table to live like that now?

And don't think you can Two Wheel and Garden at the same time?

Think again.


Ny? said...

Tiffany Willson ‏ @tiffwillson
Casual spinning class w jake gylenhall @KaelenNYC
35m ago, New York

prairiegirl said...

Nope, I'm not convinced. I need a picture of Jake in NYC, either from a pap or a time/date stamp from someone's phone before I believe he's there, sorry.

Not pics but. said...

Jessica Stoller
‏ @SliponStyle New York
A double @soul-cycle with Jake Gyllenhaal #obsessed
28 minutes ago

prairiegirl said...

Awful, terrible day at work!! Come back to comrades down & out for the count with stomach flu plus their kids and I don't know what not. About out of stuff, rush rush. Good grief.

What a crazy morning. My poor big buddy out with stomach flu. Every time one of his kids gets sick, the whole family shares it, lol. It never fails. See, Jake & Austin, this is what you have to look forward to.

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

Hey, great group for DWTS!!! Martina Navritilova! I'm so excited. Gladys Knight. Steve Urkel. Half Pint (too bad she's not still married to Bruce Boxleitner otherwise he'd be in the audience). And some hot looking fellow who looks alot like Enrique Iglesias.

And that Gavin DeGraw, who I believe sang on the crazy Tree. If he's anywhere near a decent dancer, he might be able to advance far if those OTH fans all call in for him, who knows.

Looking forward to DWTS this time around.

Cloud 9 said...

Great post - I missed Jake at the Oscars this year too. The pretiest Two-Wheel Tuesday Bikes ever today. :)

sass said...

Beautiful post!

Jersey Tom said...

Those bikes are cool.

Can't believe those spinning tweets. Jake is probably getting paid for the endorsement. Notice how he is tweeted spinning and in the next tweet they mention the name of the place.

Not sure where Jake and Austin are but I am betting they are together.

twitter said...

Flavia ‏

“@tiffyjen: Just ran into Jake Gyllenhaal >__< #soho” Um, WHAT?!
5:53 PM - 28 Feb 12 via Twitter for iPhone · Details

how things work said...

Jake is probably getting paid for the endorsement. Notice how he is tweeted spinning and in the next tweet they mention the name of the place.

Yeah it doesn't work like that Tommy. The tweeter reaps the benefits, not the celeb they're tweeting about. Though personally I don't think SoulCycle needs the publicity at all; they have a thriving business.

destiny said...

Love those bikes, especially the last one.

Soul Cycle is trendy right now, and they've been opening new locations around the city. They may not exactly need the publicity, but I'm sure they don't mind people knowing that they have celebs taking classes there.

prairiegirl said...

This person is unbelievable. Today, the account tweets this:

J Gyllenhaal FanSite ‏ @Jake_Gyllenhaal

Have thought of just one person all day. Will God forgive me for not saving my friend in his hour of need. I just didnt know.
3:17 PM - 28 Feb 12 via Twitter for iPhone

So of course everyone thinks he is talking about Heath and offering him all kinds of sympathy and spiritual advice.

Just absolutely unbelievable.

Of the 172 accounts he/she is following, one of the last accounts they have started following is the one and only Aus10Nichols. Out of 172 followings, Austin's is one of the last ones. To make it look authentic, the account follows Busy Phillips, ManMadeMoon (Duncan Jones), E!News, Bear Gryllis and a Maggie Gyllenhaal account that most likely is fake as well.

What a scam job this person is pulling.

prairiegirl said...

I'm wondering if this isn't a young girl doing the tweets. The reason I say this is that this account follows: Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas, Raven Simone, Teen Vogue, David Archuleta, Just Jared Jr, Zach Efron, Ashley Tisdale, and Patrick Shriver. Oh, and (LOL) Taylor Swift.

I mean, Patrick Shriver? Really? Patrick Shriver is 17 or 18 yrs old.

AUS10 said...

Garret Dillahunt ‏ @GarretDillahunt

Are we about to work together again @AUS10NICHOLS ?


@GarretDillahunt I sure hope so, my friend. I am always excited to work with you.
Hide conversation
10:55 PM - 28 Feb 12 via Echofon · Details

Jersey Tom said...

Is that time the Actual time Austin tweeted. Because if it is really 10:59PM where he is then he is in NYC with Jake.

prairiegirl said...

Well, we know Austin was in L.A. yesterday but it could be he's back in NYC by now. Either way, the guys will re-hook back up if they haven't already.

Saying a prayer for Austy and hoping he has a chance to shine soon. Keeping the faith!

Twitter time said...

Is that time the Actual time Austin tweeted.

I believe it is the local time of the person who copy/pasted the tweet.

no specific date said...

“Well, we know Austin was in L.A.”

The tweet of Austin visiting that office has no specific time. Read it again. The tweeter said she wishes she said hi while he was at the office. It’s in the past tense and she doesn’t say “today” or “this week”. It can be anytime, even last year. It doesn’t mean he was there the day that she tweeted it. Twitter can be misleading.

the real m said...

Hmm. Blind on ent lawyers site. "This famous brother does not get along with his famous brother in law. He recently keyed his car after a family party because the two had been playing a ping-pong game that got out of hand." Most are guessing Jake and Peter. I'm not speculating if its true or not but we do know Peter plays ping pong avidly. I just cant see Jake doing something like that.

prairiegirl said...

Huh. Whoa. Well things are weird on the G front as far as I'm concerned anyway. For all this time Jake allegedly spends in NYC, including since he arrived back from the Berlin trip, there are never any pictures OR sightings of Jake with his family members. Why is that?

Jake is never tweeted with Peter anywhere. Is Peter even back in NYC? Once in awhile you'll get a tweet of Peter on a train. If Maggie is due soon, you'd think he would be back at her side. And where is Grandma G? Most people tend to believe Jake is in NYC so much because "his family is there!" but if that's the case, why have we rarely had any tweets of him with any of them, except for his mom. We've had a twit pic of him and his mom, the infamous snoozefest pic. We now know why there were no tweets of the Yom Kippur outing because that never took place and was a photoshopped outing.

We have no twit pics yet of Jake in NYC yet. I'm not saying I don't believe he's not there but it's kind of odd. I bet Jake prefers NYC because of the brood. No bothersome paps whereas I think the LA paps hunt him out hoping for a pocket money making shot.

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

A ping pong game gone wrong. LOL. Dang.

I don't know why that lady would have tweeted a year late about Austin being at the office. Austin could have flown in and flown out for a quick trip to the WB offices. We all know these two guys don't think anything of jumping on a plane at the drop of a hat.

Not a big deal in the whole realm of things, really. A trip to LA, I mean, not the flying at a drop of a hat.

Ny said...

So tonight, not only did my stepfather get to enjoy a nice meal at Joe's Shanghai, but he got to enjoy it with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Like, they actually held a conversation? That's pretty sweet; Jake Gyllenhaal's a cool dude

Stranger Danger! (+ Jake Gyllenhaal. 4real tho.) (@ Joe's Shanghai http://4sq.com/ybb2yR

prairiegirl said...

Can't text or phone today at work, people!! I forgot my cell.