Tuesday, February 7, 2012

No Challenge too Big

Last week Austin gave a performance that could remind some of his performances from JFC, subtle but not quiet, in it he conveyed more than he ever has before on OTH.
With a sparse dialog, it was all Austin to show the fear, guilt, shame, anguish and anger that Julian felt after forgetting Davis in the car.
His silent moments and few chosen word spoke louder than any writer could create and Julian was not a caricature of a boyfriend/husband but a real man faced with a life of actions and their consequences.
His actions at the garage with repaired window was one of the most realistic reactions on OTH.He tapped into the real raw emotion of the what if from his own life.
You can see why Austin pushed for the chance for such an acting challenge this last season.Kudos Mr. Nichols. Keep going for those roles and moments.

And what better way to celebrate California Proposition 8 being struck down as unconstitutional than with a very special Two Wheel Tuesday.
Check out more about this paper artistry on Esty.


baby on board said...

Congratulations to RDJ and wife Susan on the birth of their son Exton Elias this morning.

Special K said...

Great day to the courts recognizing the rights of ALL in California.

Congratulations to all those who have worked so hard to bring equality for all Californians.

People.com said...

Exton and Indio? My dogs have better names than that.

- Betsy on February 7th, 2012

Berlinale said...

Festival director Dieter Kosslick welcomes Jake Gyllenhaal at Tegel Airport for the 62nd annual Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale). Berlin, Germany - 07.02.2012


Special K said...

Thank Berlinale for the pic link over at WENN.

Is he pushing his own luggage cart out of customs in that one pic?

Special K said...

Does anyone see or not see anything else in the new pictures of Jake?

prairiegirl said...
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he shaved said...

Jake in Berlin on Just Jared

Ted said...

Dear Ted:
You've stated Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles from Supernatural, Ed Westwick and Chace Crawford from Gossip Girls and Rachel Bilson from Hart of Dixie all have a Vice. Do Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols from One Tree Hill or Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley from The Vampire Diaries or anyone from 90210? In other words, are there any CWers that don't have a Vice?

Dear Rousing the Roster:
That's a god question, doll. ‘Cause you're forgetting some other famous Vicers like Blake Lively and Sarah Michelle Gellar (who's got Ringer on the CW now). As for your suspects: Sophia is a no, Austin is a yes, yes to the Vampire boys and yes, yes, yes to 90210. Now that's drama we'd tune in for.

prairiegirl said...

Thanks to Berlinale for that quick link to the pictures.

Oh Sasssssssss....!!!!

destiny said...

No beard but the same old green pants.

Methodical Muser said...

I see now that Austin has moved on from his supporting role as Soapy's ever devoted "boyfriend", Ted is reconfirming what he has asserted in the past. Almost like a BV refresher coarse for newbies. Soapy has no BV, yet somehow Austin does. And, by the way, Austin not only has a Blind Vice, but Ted indicates it's a tasty one. Let's me honest, Jake may not be plump, but he sure is mouth-watering.

Wed., Nov. 25, 2009

Dear Ted:
Is Whore-Hey Hoeman, Anderson Cooper? Are Judas Jack-Off and Dashed Dingle-Dream, Jake Gyllenhaal and Austin Nichols? Thanks, and I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Dear Guessing Game:
Wrong guesses, babe! But all of them have obviously been Vicers, you've just got the wrong pairings. Happy T-Day to you, too!

Mon., May 17, 2010

Dear Ted:
Has Sophia Bush ever been the subject of Blind Vice? I'm pretty sure her boyfriend has.
Dear On-Target:
No, she hasn't, and yes, you are correct.

Tue., May. 18, 2010

Dear Ted:
Love that Austin Nichols has been the subject of a Blind Vice! I've liked him since The Day After Tomorrow, but I don't know much about him. Can you give us a hint about his B.V.?
—B. Davis

Dear Not Over the Hill:
It's a juicy one!

prairiegirl said...

No beard but the same old green pants.

LOLLLL!!! I wasn't going to say anything, Dest. But you took care of it.

I think I'm becoming actually NUMB to the army pants. They've almost become like wallpaper, part of his epidermis, if you will.

No longer rousing any kind of reaction from me any longer, the army pants have become attached to him...like hair...his entire lower body turned into a blank canvas by my mind in some twisted, convoluted self-defense mechanism.

And in my head, I hear..."Those green army GI Jake pants? They can no longer hurt me. No. They cannot. I am free, free, free!!! Free from the torment of those pants!!! And yes. I have peace once again.

Methodical Muser said...

In the summer, Mr. Incognito Man wears his combat shorts then during the rest of the season dons those boot camp multi-pocketed cargo pants. Perhaps he favors the camo look in the hopes that no one will see him. LOL!

One of my favorite tweets in NY last year was the one wear the fellow male shopper couldn't believe he saw Jake trying to buy the same kind of pants:

@rcast1986Randall Castillo (10:30 p.m. Saturday)
Stop by this little shop to look for a jacket. Only one other customer. It's JAKE GYLENHAAL. AGAIN. Wtf. SAME PANTS.


Methodical Muser said...


"was the one where, the fellow male shopper..."

sass said...

Forgive the below post, but as I was
Checking all Jake sites, which I do when I can, I'm shocked and saddened to find that someone sent TED C a post using my user name sass. It's too bad that happened because I don't ask gossip columnist's or tweeters for information about anything or anyone.
I reply to posts or retweet human rights, gay rights, politics, medical/nursing news and Jake information, but not much else.

I am not happy because I would never ever do that. It's disgusting that this happened to me and I am not sure why it happened but it's wrong.

I am a BC survivor and I have every intention of staying that way if I can...this type of stress is not the way for me to survive...arrr

This above entry is a copy of a post but I am too tired to post an original...I do hope I haven't really pissed off someone for real posting here since I am posting more as I feel better n better...that makes me more than angry.
time out for sass,

Special K said...

Sass so sorry to hear that someone used your name in a letter to Ted. And you're right there is no need for this kind of stress. Taking care of you and you health is the most important thing.

This is another example of signing up for a blogger id for other people who post on OMG, like Sass and so many others do here.

Sass, I hope you will continue to stop by OMG when you feel you are able.

Jersey Tom said...

Great day in California.

Thats sucks Sass. I'd be mad too.

Looking at the pics of Austin today and all I could think was God I would love to taste them lips :-)

prairiegirl said...

That stinks, Sass. Glad that you spoke up about it, though. Now we know that it wasn't you.

Obviously it was most likely someone who 1) once again craved attention or 2) wanted to contribute to their own misguided theory that OMGers have nothing better to do than register and comment on an OTH site and JJ and send constant letters to Ted.

prairiegirl said...

Take it easy, Sass, we care about you and want you to feel welcome and that you can trust us.

Jason said...

Looking at the pics of Austin today and all I could think was God I would love to taste them lips :-)

I have to agree, Tom. Unfortunately, it looks like we would have to fight Jake for "viewing" rights.

Thanks for posting those BV posts from Ted. I looked up "juicy" and guess what I found? One of the synonyms for the term is "toothsome." Ha! Ted's a clever guy.

the real m said...

Very happy about the verdict in CA, although I doubt that will be the end of it. More legal challenges likely to follow. Still, its one more victory towards the final victory.

Nice of the Berlin group to give Jake such a nice welcome. Very classy of them. And he shaved so maybe some smart attire will appear for the next few days.

Was OTH tonight? For some reason I thought it was Wednesday, I need to set it up to record automatically as I missed it once again.

Special K said...

No M, you didn't miss OTH. It is on Wednesdays,I just wanted to talk about Austin's performance on Two Wheel Tuesday.