Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pre, Prepped and Partied

This is what you think of when you think the Oscars.
But before that there has to be this:

Wait which way do we go?

I'm such a Loser!
It's ok. Just follow the breadcrumb trail out to the mike.

Ok so there will be a interpretive dance troupe accompanying you.

Bruce Villanch I will not
fall under your spell.

Damn it I did!
Is this the love child of Jake and Bruce Villanch?

Another thing before the Oscars, Oscar parties.

Does anyone remember there was only one picture of Jake at Oscar time in 2008. Taken at the Annual Night Before Party.

Known as “THE” party of the season, it benefits the Motion Picture and Television Fund Foundation ( one thing it does is takes care of their own, providing housing for older retired working actors who never made the big star money)

Why only one pic at "the" party of the awards season?

Because he was Zombie Jake? Or a pooped Papa?

(And something to note, Jake made only two official public appearances in 2008. This Oscar party, and the LA Conservation awards)


twitter said...

Naomi Geller @naomikara

just ran into jake gyllenhaal outside of paragon sports near union square. #yummm
2:33 PM - 25 Feb 12

destiny said...

I really like this cover of I'm Only Sleeping.

I think it's very strange that Jake isn't out in LA attending any of the big parties, especially the big party for his new agency. I don't think it has anything to do with kids, otherwise Jake wouldn't have made that jaunt to Paris.

prairiegirl said...

Oh heavens. I have been knocked dead.

Zac Efron at the Spirit Awards in his suit on the purple carpet. Holy cow. If there is one other celeb who can come close to really zinging me, it is Zac. Wow.

He looks impeccable at those awards. His eyes are incredible and he can pull off a suit as well. I was telling someone yesterday that Zac as his Troy character in High School Musical was my idea of an ideal H.S. boyfriend. Just the ultimate. Now he's all grown up and he just keeps getting better looking every day. His body is incredible. I hope he doesn't tarnish himself with all kinds of tattoos and I hope he can stay clean in HW.

**sigh**. Those JJ pictures just did me in. I think he's just beautiful.

prairiegirl said...

Maybe Maggie is due any time, Dest. Could that be it?

prairiegirl said...

Well, my nephew chose "big, fluffy" pancakes for his birthday meal made by his dad so that's what we're having for dinner tonight. Mmmm, I haven't had pancakes for quite awhile. My nephew is watching the KU game, my niece has been working on Legos all day, my sister & Mom are off to Saturday night church and Reeses keeps going up to everybody wanting to be fed but not til 6 o'clock. lol
So I'm stealing some internet time right now.

Whatever is going on with Atticus? Has Jake just left him behind in L.A. Did he give Atticus to somebody else? He may as well. I feel so sorry for that dog. I know Jake has his family now but wow, it really seems as if Atticus has just been dumped off or abandoned to someone else. I bet he misses Jake. No dog should see its owner only ever 30 days or so. You really ought to just give your dog to another family and stop stringing him/her along.

How can Jake just leave his dog for such huge stretches like this? I have no idea, none at all. Surely he's not kenneled. I don't care how luxurious the kennel is, that wouldn't be any substitute for the owner's love & attention. If he's at home, who watches him? Or does he get taken to a good friend's? I hope he's with a good friend. It's impossible to know but it just kind of bugs me.

Methodical Muser said...

and stop stringing him [Atticus] along.

So Jake is a dog tease, now. LOL!

closet said...

Zac Efron is gay and beards.

just saying said...

Zac Efron actually has been seen with his boyfriend in many venues lately too.

prairiegirl said...

Oh, I know he's gay. And I love the rumors of his boyfriend, I think it's awesome. Just saying, do you know who the rumored bf is supposed to be? I'd love to see the guy.

I think it sounds really romantic - sounds like Zac is pretty gone on the guy.

But it doesn't stop me from liking and eyeballing the guy. He has been looking so incredible lately.

prairiegirl said...

I think Zac is pretty convincing on screen with the ladies. He can handle it pretty well. I want to see him with Michelle Pfeiffer in I think it's New Year's Eve. I'm sure it's not that great of a movie but I want to see those two together and see if they were able to pull it off at all. She's pretty much older than him although she's aging wonderfully.

LOL at M&M. Stringing him along. Probably not the best choice of words, I guess. lol

prairiegirl said...

We went to the Nifty Nut House today. That place is a blast. Every kind of nut and candy you can imagine. And it's such a busy place. People in there buying all kinds of nuts and seeds, gummies, chocolates, dried fruits, cooking chocolates, sugar free candies, you name it, they have it. And they have retro candies in their new addition. Some stuff you haven't seen forever. If you're ever in Wichita KS, check out the Nifty Nut House. You cannot walk out of there without something.

queerty said...

Zac Efron & Bubba Lewis

Really? Bubba? said...

I haven't heard any rumors of those two before. To tell you the truth I haven't heard of Zac being spotted recently at different venues.

Special K said...

I don't know if Bubba is still with Zac, but they had been together for a while.

Dest, I love this version of I'm Only Sleeping.It's from a collection called Women in Blue, on BlueNote.

just saying said...

To tell you the truth I haven't heard of Zac being spotted recently at different venues.

He has. Including gay venues, love.

Speaking of Zac, I just read through the last thread about condom-gate. Just thought you might want to consider this as one of the possible explanations for those teens public "prophylactic" sighting of Jake at the Duane Reade Pharmacy. Besides the fact, Jake was spotted there first thing that morning (so they knew he was known to got there), it's been all over the Internet the past several days, about Zac's "mishap" at the premiere of The Lorax. You know, Zac dropping what appeared to be a condom from his pocket for all to see. Most think it was just a publicity stunt to help sell him as a stud. But, I can see these "ladies" might think it would be great fun to sell the same message about Jake. Condom=A real manly man.

Why people don't think gay men use condoms is beyond me. But, many fangirls giggled and thought it really proved what a ladies man old Zacky was. Just a thought.

OwlGirl said...

Just Saying - I am totally convinced that the condom tweets were fabricated, along with other "Gyllenhal" tweets that were just weird from the past few days. I'll call it fashionstudent-gate!

OMG. I just, just FINALLY found and watched the video of Ava touching the nanny in Paris. Totally, totally indisputable.

Here is the pic of the baby

And here is a pic of Ramona at 9 months also in a Bjorn - same size as BT was in the previous photo

I also (I know 2 years late) saw the stroller in the trunk pic for the first time. I had that exact same stroller - UPPA baby Glite. Mine was in blue. It's expensive for an umbrella stroller, like $130. Funny to think we had extra cash then - I would never spend that now! Anyway, we started using that umbrella stroller when my kid was 8 months old, and quit using it when he was 2.5 (he got too big, started hating strollers).

I also found the ultrasound photo, and totally concur - it's the exact size of the photo they give you from the ultrasound, and it looks stiff, like photo paper.

I have not found the footprint photo yet. Any ideas where to look?

PS I am going to sign in for this one but not going to post as OwlGirl anymore if I can't sign in because it seems like when I do, the OwlGirl imposter strikes!

OwlGirl said...

Also, (don't laugh! I'm so behind!) this pic of Jake in 2005 shows him wearing a band on his pinky that is clearly too big for his pinky. It's a ring finger ring. #Austin

Special K said...

Owl Girl

Thanks for giving us a heads up about when you will sign in as Owl Girl

Here is the drooly shoulder pic
June 14, 2008

and here's the footprint pic

Sept 2 2009

Now I have to go look at that ring pic.

Special K said...

Great find Owl Girl. Yeah that girls looks like it too big for his finger (Austin's) and that he has it on with his black diamond "I'm engaged with myself" ring.

video tweets said...

THE SHOES ‏ @theshoesmusic

@Groomers30 Just finish the musical Edit. That' s HUGE. THANKS YOU SO MUCH!
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6:41 PM - 25 Feb 12 via web · Details

Lee Groombridge ‏ @Groomers30

@theshoesmusic can't wait for the world to see it! Thank you!

Leanne Flinn ‏ @LeanneFlinn

Haven't seen any of the edit so I'm soooo excited for daniel wolfes @theshoesmusic video for time to dance! @Somesuchandco @Groomers30 xxx
Retweeted by THE SHOES
7:08 PM - 25 Feb 12 via Twitter for iPhone · Details

Sasha @Sasha4Jake

Seeing what kind of pictures @theshoesmusic post on their tumbler makes me very nervous for their Jake Gyllenhaal video. #merongelesongles

Marzena @mermon7

@Sasha4Jake @theshoesmusic Some of them R really weird. I bet Jake Gyllenhaal will shine in a vid. Can't wait hoping 4 a lot of his presence
Hide conversation
4:44 PM - 25 Feb 12 via web

Sasha @Sasha4Jake

@mermon7 And we know that Jake is so sexy as the weirdo too, right? I just want to see him, no matter how strange it is.

THE SHOES ‏ @theshoesmusic

@mermon7 @Sasha4Jake Maybe you're right to be nervous. :)
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5:36 PM - 25 Feb 12 via web · Details

the real m said...

Re Jake sitting out the awards shows this year. It would have been nice to see him there, but family comes first these days.

Re Atticus, I cant tell you how many couples I've seen who were devoted to their pets before children came along. And then the pet becomes just a pet. The children are number 1 priority so I dont find it surprising. In fact it's just one more clue of the many noted here that Jake's family is his priority now.

Andrea said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
prairiegirl said...

Suggesting that Austin & Jake have a secret relationship and secret CHILD?

No, you misunderstood! It's CHILDREN! not child.

destiny said...

I missed the red carpet, watched the awards show though. Happy to see Margin Call pick up a couple of awards. And enjoyed seeing some shots of Zachary Quinto sitting with Jonathan Groff, I guess they really are back together.

destiny said...

Wouldnt't think Jake would stay home just because Maggie is due any minute.

I don't think Jake likes attending industry events, but seems like it would help his career if he did it on occasion.

Seaweed said...

Oh... Dear, misguided Andrea, or whoever you are...

If you just stumbled across OMG then you would have needed to spend a bit more than casual time to come up with your observations.

Suffice it to say that most of the denizens here at OMG have been at this observational game for more than just a few years, so your quick rebuke of our long-held study of these two guys is dwarfed in comparison.

We'd invite you to take a long hard look at the aresenal of information gathered over the past three or more years in the archives, and then either join the conversation, or if you're not prepared to ask or discuss then please just STFU. Why don't YOU "take this energy and time and focus it toward making a real POSITIVE difference in the world," somewhere else... "how bout it??"

Sorry, it's late for me and I'm just a bit cranky tonight, but I'm sure my sentiments might be shared by a number of the rest of the mis-guided rabble here. *(Tongue firmly planted in sarcastic cheek)*

Have a nice life ! Bye now.

Methodical Muser said...

From one of the mis-guided rabble, I couldn't have said it better, Seaweed. You can be cranky anytime. It becomes you. :-)

humm said...

With @FactorTheory at Locande Verde. Jake Gylenhall sitting right next to us with an interesting looking date

No change said...
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Seaweed said...

Thanks M&M!

You know it just makes my blood boil sometimes, that we get assailed by various anon's with quick name choices who spout the same shite day after day.

If you want to join the conversation then just do it, take the time to learn a bit, ask questions, make a personal statement and give the people here a chance to see where you're coming from. You'll quickly become included in the debate or fracas and we'll get to know your postition. You'll become a known voice.

But if you're only here to beat up on people, haul out the dumb stick and wail away at everyone here who's put time and energy into their own beliefs; fluid or fixed, then kindly just take a short cut to some place else. Your name calling, insults, and horse shite are just that.

We'll not be deterred, we have our own questions and doubts from time to time, and we'll argue amongst ourselves too. But at the end of each blog post or the beginning of the next we still have something to consider and thankfully still have much to discover and discuss.

NOW I'm all calmed down and ready to hit the hay.

Good night.

innocent watcher said...
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Seaweed said...

Oh, and Andrea, stop talking to yourself!

Nitey, night!

Special K said...

Here's a a little info about Locanda Verde

Locanda Verde is a casual, energetic, affordable neighborhood Italian taverna in TriBeCa serving celebrated chef Andrew Carmellini’s soul-satisfying riffs on Italian cooking. It's airy, bustling, and easy-going: a comfortable, light-flooded place open from dawn to late night; the food and service are as casual, as easygoing and as well-conceived as the space.

Locanda Verde

@Aus10Nichols said...

Check these guys out. They're gonna rule the world. Onward, Soldiers. --->

2:39 AM - 26 Feb 12 via web · Details

prairiegirl said...

Good morning. Seaweed, you cracked me up.

It would be in Miss Andrea's best interests to stick to her OTH community for further venting than to return to OMG again. Wonderful thing about Twitter - it can be used as a wonderful educational tool.

Austin is totally oblivious to what he has created. This is so ironic that his OTH fan base comes here to OMG trolling and then brags about it on Twitter as if they are defending his "honor".

**shakes head**

The irony of it all.

destiny said...

Special, do you like the other cuts on that blues record? If so, maybe I'll get it, I could use some new music.

Special K said...

Yeah there are some good of old and new female blues and jazz artists. It is an older compilation of Blue Note.

Here's the track list for Vol 5

Women in Blue Vol V