Friday, February 3, 2012

Getting Carded

In an interview with Everything Austin, a couple of years ago the tall Texan talked about his favorite cities."And finally, what’s your favourite city in the world?"

"I have many favorite cities. Austin, New Orleans, London, Berlin, New York, Rome, Barcelona, San Francisco and Wilmington."

An where's been Jake seen recently?

New YorkSan FranciscoLondon
and where's Jake headed to next week?

Great way to get those postcards....and maybe not even spring for postage. ; )

When you've got the outfit....

Happy Austin Friday!

Today is National Wear Red Day to raise awareness about Heart Disease in women. Heart disease is #1 killer of women. Learn how you can improve your heart health at:


twitter said...

alexkramer alex kramer
I just stood next to jake gyllenhaal! In leylands in dalston of all places! Apparently filming a music vid for the shoes. #goodcelebspot!
18 minutes ago

prairiegirl said...

OwlGirl said...

PG, that's kinda sick. Aren't you supposed to pay gift tax on that free stuff? I wonder how many of them actually pay the required taxes...

I would definitely think so; just not sure of the dollar amount. At work, my company has gotten very strict about accepting gifts from trucking carriers, etc., has to do with business ethics and all of that stuff.

The article made me wonder if this is how some celebrities get into financial trouble with their taxes? Seems like you will hear every once in awhile about some celebrity owing a lot of back taxes, which I can never figure out how that can happen.

Jason said...

Yummy. You've used my Avatar in support of Wear Red Day. Unfortunately, Jake looks so sexy there, I doubt that many women could withstand the overstimulation. I barely can.

Sad Sack, Jake! LOL! Yep, that's what the guy looks like doesn't he? Wonder what he's up to with all that, "Oh, poor me," routine in London? I agree Prairie Girl, Jake's being a little bit too melodramatic in those pics. Yeah, its hard to be a multimillionaire, who gets to fly all over the world, eat and drink at the best restaurants, drive expensive, luxury cars and get two round-trip tickets to Fiji, as well as accommodations at a five-star resort for saying a few lines at the Golden Globes. Smile Jake. You are behaving like a pampered spoiled ass. Or is this some kind of plan? Who knows with that guy.

Special K said...

Could the case of the mopes that Jake's got all over London is that he's tired of having to go out by himself and just wants to go out and be seen with Austin.

I can imagine it's hard going back to going out and getting photographed by himself after he and Austin were seen out together just a couple weeks before.

destiny said...

Wow, I thought they'd cut down on the freebies like that. Would love to go to Fiji.

prairiegirl said...

Or is he just "acting", Special?

Like Jason says, is it some kind of plan?

Who knows at this point but the pictures from London so far are a bit ridiculous.

It's just so hard being Jake.

prairiegirl said...

Pssst! Jason, please call me PG! Much shorter to type.

Ted said...

Ted Casablanca Caught! Jake Gyllenhaal Gets Lunchtime Cozy with Mystery Chick!
6 minutes ago

Special K said...

I'm not saying that Austin isn't with him, and his upping his mopes to throw people off the trail. But it might be even harder if he is there, and for now being seen on a trip away together would be too much too soon in their plan.

Ted said...

Caught! Jake Gyllenhaal Gets Lunchtime Cozy with Mystery Chick!

And we were just saying that Jake Gyllenhaal's love life seemed rather...unfulfilled lately!

That is, until we heard word from a trusty NYC source who filled us in on the latest deets of Jakey-poo's secret lunch date. Apparently Jake—who infamously dated the likes of Reese Witherspoon and Taylor Swift—seems to have snagged a mystery gal outside the limelight:

READ: Where Does Dreamy Jake Gyllenhaal Go When He's Not Working?

And apparently she's friggin' stunning. Our New York diner scored a table near J.G. and his lady friend at ABC Kitchen, the Jean Georges eatery at the ABC Carpet & Home store, earlier this week.

"I immediately saw this gorgeous girl because I get girl crushes easily but didn't think anything of it," our babe gushes about Jake's date (whom we're told is an Alessandra Ambrosio look-alike). "She had a fur coat on, a Balenciaga bag and a high pony. Then we sit down and order and my mother notices Jake G. seated with the babe girl."

Well, that's nice and all but we wanna hear how hottie Jake looked! Which our source was happy to do, saying he appeared rather scruffy with a "fuzzy beard sitch" and was dressed in dark, inconspicuous clothes.

But apparently not inconspicuous enough, as Jake was approached by a few fans with whom he happily took pictures. And—get ready to awww with us—he apparently went up and talked to another family's kid.

Too friggin' cute!

"They were leaning close like they were dating," our source gossips to us about the lunchtime couple, who sipped coffee and picked at a piece of cake before getting their shoppin' on.

The twosome spent some time meandering through the home goods section of ABC Carpet & Home before checking out the upstairs levels with bed and bath products:

"They were touchy before they got into the elevator," our vigilant spy spills. "They looked happy."

How très domestic, eh? We are just dying to find out who this new mystery chick is! Care to share, Mr. Gyllenhaal?

twitter said...

LaurenceConnor1 Laurence Connor
Wow, what a week! Fantastic rehearsals in the room. Drinks with Jake Gyllenhaal last night and Sam barks gets Eponine! You gotta love it!
15 minutes ago

Laurence Connor @LaurenceConnor1 London
Theatre Director. Phantom, Albert hall. Les Mis 25th Anniversary production and O2 concert. Miss Saigon...

What a coward said...

So Jake waits until he's out of the country for a PR driven story like this to hit. He blows town and then this "exclusive" hits. Disgusting. Live your life Jake. You will be forty before you know it. Actually, this whole closeted thing has already aged you ten years.

prairiegirl said...
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Same old, same old said...

"earlier this week, and "he appeared rather scruffy with a "fuzzy beard sitch".

I thought that Jake was clean shaven? Of course now that he appears out of nowhere in England with his beard intact, the story hits that Jake was at ABC kitchen in the middle of the day (earlier in the week) with no tweets placing him there. Yeah, babblers have been running around Twitterdom for months trying to put Jake together with that Victoria Secret model. Wouldn't be surprised if one of them wrote to Ted once he was nowhere near NY. Don't know about you, but I don't have romantic dates out in the middle of a crowded, popular eatery.

Poor guy said...

^Especially, when your new personna is, Jake Gyllenhaal: Leave Me Alone. In fact, that's exactly how he is being "sold" in England. Mr. Lonely Boy who has no one in his life.

london tb said...

I think he's just cold, honestly he might be used to our normal temperate winter and be a bit shocked at the temperatures we have at the moment. (Today was sunny at least). And what a guy, fitting in Moro, the Connaught, the Wolseley, the Ivy etc etc in such a small amount of time!

Cameron Diaz has been photographed in the papers looking for flats in Belsize Park, but haven't seen any pics of Jake in the papers yet.

Seems like a normal stop-off en route to Berlin for a traveller like Jake.

prairiegirl said...

I think Ted's been totally had.

Hey Ted, I have some land to sell you.

prairiegirl said...

Hey London!! Thank you for the hands-on report. It's great to have a contact over there.

Methodical Muser said...

And what a guy, fitting in Moro, the Connaught, the Wolseley, the Ivy etc etc in such a small amount of time!

LOL! Jake's acting like a tourist who only has 48 hours to eat his way through London. Lonely Jake is going to become Chubby Jake soon.

I agree. All the hot spots and of course Jake's hitting every one of them. Must of been in his tour package.

Mr. Lonely said...

Lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely,
I have nobody for my own.
I'm so lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely,
wish I had someone to call on the phone.

I'm a soldier, a lonely soldier,
Away from home through no wish of my own.
That's why I'm lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely,
I wish that I could go back home.

Letters, never a letter,
I get no letters in the mail.
I've been forgotten, yeah, forgotten,
Oh how I wonder how is it I failed.

I'm a soldier, a lonely soldier,
Away from home through no wish of my own.
That's why I'm lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely,
I wish that I could go back home

prairiegirl said...

^^ lol. I can hear that song in my head.

He's not lonely, though. I believe he's got his kind of company with him in secret.

But we get Mr. Lonely!! lol

Methodical Muser said...

Oh, Ted. A treasure trove of recent JiS canon put together to form one exclusive "story" line.

Methodical Muser said...

^Or a medley of moldy oldies. LOL!

prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
AUS10 said...

I just want to thank everybody for all the nice things you said about my performance in the last two episodes. You guys inspire me everyday!
1 hour ago

Methodical Muser said...

You're welcome, Austin. ;-)

prairiegirl said...

Why do I say 'hey' so much? I dunno but it's kind of irritating even me. LOLLLL!!

Say there!! Say, guess what?

#Justtryingitout. Testing 1,2,3

I Spy/Posted on WFT2 said...

Earlier in the week there was discussion next door about a Jake sighting at ABC.

!? said...

the story hits that Jake was at ABC kitchen in the middle of the day (earlier in the week) with no tweets placing him there. Yeah, babblers have been running around Twitterdom for months trying to put Jake together with that Victoria Secret model. Wouldn't be surprised if one of them wrote to Ted once he was nowhere near NY. Don't know about you, but I don't have romantic dates out in the middle of a crowded, popular eatery.
Oh and...
...I saw Jake Gyllenhaal yesterday at ABC Home downtown. He was as sexy as you would think. In fact, with that beard, he was even sexier.

January 31, 2012 12:58 AM

source GB

Party time said...

Carlos José Fábregas Just partying with jake gyllenhaal in my front room ;) so so so amazing

» CarlosJFabregas Carlos José Fábregas

Special K said...

Jake looks good in that pic. Nice leather jacket. And maybe got a trim for the video?

Twitter convo said...

Nautical_Nancy Hannah S
Just said hi to Jake gyllenhaal omj****
1 hour ago

BenJammin_GLP Benjamin T Shepherd
@Nautical_Nancy really?? If I was homo he would be mine. #brokebackmountain #nohomo
1 hour ago

Nautical_Nancy Hannah S
@BenJammin_GLP YES they were filming a music vid for the doors, and I was stood next to him and said hi! Proper starstruck BABE!
56 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply

Time to dance said...

THE SHOES Time to dance video shooting - who is he?

prairiegirl said...

Twitter convo said:

Nautical_Nancy Hannah S
Just said hi to Jake gyllenhaal omj****
1 hour ago

Disclaimer: I just wanted to point out that I posted this tweet conversation. The omj**** <---- was my editing job because the original tweeter used Christ's name and I didn't want to type it that way.

This is not the original text of the tweet. If you want to see the original tweet, click on this:

Original Tweet

New York said...

new york

jocelyn @Melissa_Chonka ah! that's even more awesome. one of my male coworkers sat across from jake gyllenhaal (sp?) on the subway last week.
14 minutes ago

Special K said...

Thanks Time to Dance for the posting The Shoes twitter tease with Jake on the video shoot.

sass said...

Love this post. Jake received $15,000 to do the Golden Globe presentation and him looking like he's rather be anyplace but!::)
Go away Jake have fun make love and chill.!

Adele is great tonight...she's live on The Artists Den NOW..which is why I am still trying to post my thanks for the swag post. I saved the book for later maybe...when my adult onset ADD self gets my poison after further testing...TY docs...damned chemo.

wzup with TED...threatened by the Mafia...6+ years ago he couldn't stop yakking about Jake the bearded one and now that no one really gives a s*it...never did...he goes daffy...Jake is here in my city and is hanging all over a beautiful woman and NO ONE tweets it...he's not be bothered here ever but what TED?
I usually take everything with a HUGE grain of salt...grandma's do that...but here, in my city, Jake with a woman...someone has to have a posted direct tweet.
Ted's starting to resemble Willard "Mitt" Romney!

Gyllenbubble said...

sass have you perhaps mistaken blog?

prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Teds sources said...

6 hours ago near New York, NY ·

6 hours ago

6 hours ago

6 hours ago

Omg you're so lucky!!
6 hours ago

Victoria Stern; He was was with a really pretty brunette
6 hours ago

January 29, 2012 12:20 AM
@imhotshyt I'm already therr!!! Oh and btw I saw Jake gyllenhall today in the train station today =0)
2 hours ago via Twitter for iPad

imhotshyt imhotshyt
@Jygga718 What the fucking fuck?!
2 hours ago
in reply to ↑

@imhotshyt lol he was standing RIGHT next to me!!!

imhotshyt imhotshyt
@Jygga718 Oh my fucking God! I would've raped the shit out of him
2 hours ago
in reply to ↑

@imhotshyt lol He was with his girl shopping. I would've went up to him and greeted him but didn't want to cause a scene for him

prairiegirl said...

I think I understand now. Sass, you are talking about what Ted wrote about, aren't you?

I getcha now, I think.

I am an Adele fan, too. I bet she sweeps at the Grammys.

prairiegirl said...

22:45, Sass is very welcome here.

the real m said...

Sorry, can't take any allegations of Jake with a woman seriously. And one site that also had it was ripping him to shreds for being gay. Fooling no one. I guess his new pr has to run it up the flagpole to see how it flies. Rule #1. People in love look happy, not morose.

Special K said...

Sass you are always welcome here.

Jersey Tom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jersey Tom said...

Starbucks ROCKS.

Everyone should buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks this weekend.

Gay marriage has jumped the first hurdle in the state of Washington. It could be signed into law by the Guv by this time next week.

twitter said...

Jess Runciman
Went out last night, see what Wayward is saying, then Jake Gyllenhaal turns up. Hackney has become such a weird place.
4 hours ago via Echofon

Jersey Tom said...

Hate to be a sour puss but could we cut back on the tweets that have absolutely no value. These things are ridiculous. What value do they have.

Love Washington State said...

Amazon is joining other Pacific Northwest companies, including Microsoft, Starbucks and Nike, in support of Washington state's marriage equality bills,” Amazon said in a statement. “The spirit of these bills is consistent with our longstanding employment practices.”

Amazon's support arrived just hours before the Washington Senate approved the bill by a wider margin than expected.

You don't have to ask me twice, Tom.

Cheers! *raises coffee cup*

hackney again said...

LaurynMonahan Lauryn Monahan
So we're at this random party in Hackney and who walks in... Jake Gyllenhall ..obviously.
1 hour ago

Nike said...

dankskatemag Dank magazine
Jake Gyllenhaal attended the Grey/Nike SB launch in London yesterday. He was really psyched.
34 minutes ago

prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
prairiegirl said...

Tom, you're being a sourpuss. lol

These things are used more than you know. They can be used to disprove lies. Lies put out by whomever has intentions of deceit.

And speaking from personal experience, to have them "archived" on OMG is totally, totally invaluable.

If we don't like what we see, we just have to scroll over. I know I don't necessarily read everything that goes up, and no one reads everything I put up. Don't expect them to - I put up a lot of chatter.

But this blog has become an archive when it comes to both Austin & Jake.

All people have to do is converse/talk more and maybe there wouldn't be so many tweets, who knows? The blog Comment thread is like a buffet cafeteria and we are ALL the cooks. So we can't blame anyone but ourselves for the content of the "spread".

Get what I mean?

prairiegirl said...

Starbucks ROCKS.

I agree - no one quite rocks the human system like a full-fledged caffeine-saturated Starbucks beverage. It seems to me like they revolutionized the re-introduction of coffee drinking in this country and their concept of the soothing, quiet, dimly-lit surroundings to tempt patrons into lingering & relaxing while drinking and/or visiting.

I hate bearding said...

About Ted’s latest, he included many Toothy references in his post (beard, family, kid, domesticated). I hate the idea of Jake bearding again, so I hope this is just a random girl and not a new beard.

There were other recent sightings that also mentioned a girl that fits Ted’s description.

The guy who writes the ‘my new plaid pants’ blog who adores Jake and Austin (proof here and here and all the other Jake and Austin posts he has), posted this on twitter when he saw Jake in NYC this past weekend:
@JAMNPP Jason Adams
Paparazzo Fail - I saw Jake Gyllenhaal today and all I got a pic of is the distant ponytail of the girl he was with 28 Jan via web

There were also these other two sightings:

From Twitter:
@eye4style Dina Fierro
Um, yeah, that's Jake Gyllenhaal leaving brunch at The Fat Radish, with someone who clearly resembles a model.
29 Jan via Echofon

From FB:
A series of unfortunate fucked up train lines led me to getting on the train with Jake Gyllenhall ...I'll take it.
6 hours ago near New York, NY •
Victoria Stern He was was with a really pretty brunette
6 hours ago
(posted here January 29, 2012 6:43 AM)

prairiegirl said...

Very nice compilation of FB/Tweet information, I Hate Bearding. A lot of work in assembling that.

No doubt that you have hit on the beginnings of something here more than you realize.

Jersey Tom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jersey Tom said...

I guess I will have to start ignoring them PG. The one at 11:15pm sounds like some teenage girl who needs some ritalin. Waste of time paying any attention to. I actually don't even take the ones placing J and A together either seriously either. Tweets are worthless. It is all about pics for me.

PR? said...

In The Awful Truth post, there are comments saying the girl with Jake was model Izabel Goulart. Remember this NY Post PR plant at the Victoria Secret show posted Nov 11 2011:

...Also sizing up the models was Jake Gyllenhaal, dressed down and almost incognito in a wool hat and sweat shirt, who “chatted up [Brazilian model] Izabel Goulart for 30 minutes,” the spy said.

“Security wouldn’t let anyone take pictures of them together. He had his hand on the small of her back and she leaned into his ear to talk.”


Jake fired his manager Evelyn and left CAA for WME, but he is still with the same PR (I/D PR? Carrie?). It could be their doing.

Methodical Muser said...

Great information about possible PR manipulation regarding these sudden pairings of Jake with a tall, brunette, model, often exotic (i.e. from Brazil or Argentina or Sweden). And it's not just Izabel Goulart either. Whether it's at a 5 Star Restaurant or a hipster Bowling Alley, Jake has been associated with models since early last year. The key is that they must be brunette, tall and breathing (LOL).

Here's a brief list of who has been linked to Jake in the blogs, twitter and the rags since last year alone:

Sophie Buhai (Fashion Industry)
Izabel Goulart
Swedish model Mini Anden,
Salina Rose
Augustina Ibañez
Minka Kelly (who started out as a model and still does photoshoots)
Around April 2011 Modeklinea
@Modelineafab started posting pics of Jake with Taylor Swift and Reese Witherspoon and indicated that this was evidence that Jake was dating models

Frankly, I think it's a combination of PR, the JiS fandom who have been very nervous since Tay was kicked to the curb, and other trolls trying to stir stuff up between various blogs.

prairiegirl said...

Lookit all those models. LOLLLLL!! Is this why Jake's physique has gotten so thin because he's been having 24/7 vigorous sex with all these models? LOL. The guy is just worn out and Austin is gettin' nothin.

JK. LOL. That is just so, so funny. So ridiculous when you itemize all the names like that. It's like an evening's ball dance card.

5'9" and Brunette said...

Wow! I thought there were alot of different names floating about so I lost count. What about that @BJPsez who runs all over the Internet asking if Jake's with a tall brunette model? There's a bunch of people desperate to place Jake with a woman. Since he's in NY alot more, models are the go to option.

prairiegirl said...

PR? Thanks for sharing your research and contributions.

This is all just part of a big painted picture that I don't think everyone realizes yet is being put on.

I'm just flabbergasted at something I have seen this morning. You guys will not believe this but will share it later today.

Everyone stay tuned because there is some real enlightenment to come.

Methodical Muser said...

Is this why Jake's physique has gotten so thin

Maybe that's why Jake is eating all that kale and had those 4 bottles of juice?! I just don't know how Jake does it? What a man! So many women, so little time. Like you said yesterday PG, it's so hard to be Jake right now.

Methodical Muser said...

Ted has explained before that his number one job is to write gossip and therefore when he puts something out there that obviously contradicts his BV posts, the audience needs to take it with a grain of salt. It's all part of the biz and if you read what Ted wrote yesterday it's littered with snark.

Fri., Dec. 10, 2010

Dear Ted:
You mentioned that Toothy's sexual preference is very well-known in the business and that he is also very well-known for having famous beards. If the mags and gossip columns (including yours) know these facts, why do they continue to print stories about his current and/or past romances knowing that they are totally fake? Do you and others get paid to publish these or is it a way of keeping his legal team off your back while you continue to out him albeit through his B.V.?
—Totally in to TT, Gay or Straight

Dear Too Technical:
Because, speaking for Team Truth, we love T2 so much we're willing to throw him a bone or two when it comes to whichever gal is by his side that week. It's goss, after all, and that's what the Awful Truth is. We've got no plans to out the dude. That's his own biz.

destiny said...

Yep, Jake still has the same publicist. Sounds like maybe they're trying a more low-key style of bearding, but bearding is what it is all right.

PG, is that Ralphie in your avatar???

prairiegirl said...

Thanks for reminding me about Ted. That's the part that drives me nuts. I like to be able to read something and take it point blank for what it is but you can't with him. At all.

prairiegirl said...

PG, is that Ralphie in your avatar???

LOLLLL!! Yeah, that's Ralphie from Christmas Story.

That's who Jake reminds me of as he walks the streets of London with only a ship porthole to see out of.

Jersey Tom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jersey Tom said...

Definitely everything Ted put in his post was based on a few tweets and a picture of the back of a girl with a ponytail. I think he is just mocking the whole thing. He knows that everyone has figured out who Toothy is a long time ago.

Hopefully you are correct Destiny and this is just a PR ploy at bearding without actually having to do it. When I see Jake holding hands with this supermodel then I will accept that nothing has changed.

prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
in the meantime in London said...

" @mindandlanguage Zoe Gilbert
I hear Twitter's the place for celebrity gossip so here's my penny's worth: Jake Gyllenhal is at the Alibi in Dalston right this minute."

" @Kieranho Kieran K L Ho
@TuXiuBang Hey do you wanna go meet Jake Gyllenhal? He's at a friend's party tonight in Bethnal Green and I don't wanna go alone!"

Alibi said...

Marek Steven @MarekSteven
Jake Gyllenhaal just came to The Alibi... tis the place to be! Dazed and Confused on Monday... some special news re: Film Club soon too!

20:44 - 4 Feb 12 via web

Ally Joannides @aaaaaally

Jake gyllenhaal at the alibi #proud

20:48 - 4 Feb 12 via Twitter for BlackBerry® ·

Trying too hard said...

I hear Twitter's the place for celebrity gossip so here's my penny's worth

Oh, come on. England is not in the middle of nowhere. I'm sure the British have heard about twitter and breaking news. New script writers, please.

filming video continues said...

Somesuchandco Somesuch & Co (production company)
Shooting a video for the Shoes for the next 3 days...
3 Feb

Fouadgaber Fouad Gaber (producer)
Out in Dalston with Daniel Wolfe & jake gyllenhaal Killing Hipsters!!!! Agghhhh yeahhh
37 minutes ago

theshoesmusic THE SHOES (band)
Bon bah le tournage continue sous la neige.
31 minutes ago
(good shooting continues under the snow.)