Friday, February 10, 2012

Guten Tag Guy

I'm ready. Here I come. Got my beer. Got my hat. Got my lederhosen and I've been working on my German. Dachshund! Hamburger! Gummi bear! Heidi! Doppelganger! Frankfurter! Zeitgeist! Hansel! Pilsner! Ge..stalt Bauhaus! Heferweizen! Streusel! Pretzel! Knockwurst! Schadenfreude! Led Zepplin! Kindergarten! Wunderkind! Octobersfest! Volkswagon! Kraftworks! Addidas! Pumpernickel! Pump-er-nickel!

What do you mean I can't wear this?There's no sauerkraut in my lederhosen.
Do you mean that this is a traditional Bavarian folk outfit and Berlin is not in Bavaria and is actually modern industrialized city?And is it so cold this winter that I would freeze my schnitzel off?
How about wearing them around the house instead? Shirt and martinis optionalHappy Austin Friday.


prairiegirl said...

^at London airport heading to Berlin said...

^I think Austin was in London with Jake. Stayed in London for a few more days until the press and paps interest in Jake decreased a bit after the beginning of the festival and now he is at London Heathrow airport heading to Berlin.

February 10, 2012 12:30 PM

Makes sense to me.

Good for the guys.

prairiegirl said...

Bon voyage, fellas!!! Have a ton of fun!!

Jason said...

@DanaDelany Dana Delany
Hey! Landed at Heathrow & ran into @AUS10NICHOLS. #shipspassing
3 hours ago via Twitter for iPad

February 10, 2012 12:29 PM

Fun post, Special. I can just see all the trolls heads exploding and coming up with a thousand other reasons why Austin would be in London right now. Let's see what the top three might be:

1) Austin skipped out of his meeting with PM David Cameron so he could buy a Valentine's Day present for his "girlfriend."

2) Still one more role in that crowd scene for Les Misérables: The Movie.

3) Interviewed for a job at Barclays for Cycle Hire.

I'm sorry. I couldn't resist a bit of snark. Don't worry though the trolls will come up with some excuse, but forget that this is not an isolated instance of the guys being associated with one another. What will really be interesting is to see (now that the tweet is out there) if some kind of PR damage control will kick in. Maybe another tweet from Austin or one of his buds or "followers" perhaps? If there is no explanation of why Austin is in Europe right now, I'll view that as a positive sign.

Methodical Muser said...

Don't forget Wunderkinds, Kindergarten, and der Teddybär, Special. In fact, maybe that was part of Jake's fünf obsession. He wanted 5 of those cute little Berlinale brown bears to take home with him. Sorry, Austin. You'll just have to settle for Die Sprache der Liebe und die Kunst der Verführung. (i.e. The language of love and The art of seduction).

Valentine's Day is coming up, after all. ;-)

Methodical Muser said...

LOL! Jason.

It will be interesting if there is any kind of explanatory attempt to justify Austin being in London to provide him cover. Or, if PR will just let it be.

tweet said...

@AUS10NICHOLS Please tell me you're on your way to Berlin to see your buddy Jake and make my bromance loving heart very happy?
1 hour ago

Special K said...

I didn't forget Wunderkinds or Kindergarten, it's there in the post.

And Teddybear - well doesn't Austin have that when Jake doesn't shave?

Jason said...

I couldn't help myself M&M. Those gorgeous photos of Jake are driving me crazy. How could Austin ever resist that kind of temptation for very long?

Methodical Muser said...

I didn't forget Wunderkinds or Kindergarten, it's there in the post.

Oops! Scrolled down too fast! I guess it's not just the male population that gets a little swoony when Jake's involved. Such exquisite provocation is almost unendurable. Almost.

ships passing said...

That #shipspassing reference is interesting. Dana seems to be saying that she's arriving at Heathrow and Austin's leaving. Austin's rarely recognized, but this time a fellow celebrity ID him. How does she know Austin?

london tb said...

Interesting ;)

Special K said...




Meeting Christopher Lee

More pictures from opening night

More pictures from Jury Photocall

Special K said...

Hi London!

I first thought that she worked on FIVE with Austin, but I just remember how Dana knows Austin.

She was on the show Pasadena with him, back in 2001-2002. She's known Austin since he just started in Hollywood.

Methodical Muser said...

Dana also lives in Santa Monica where both guys hang out.

East side said...

Is Santa Monica code for Silver Lake?

Methodical Muser said...

Nope. Two different communites/cities. Jake and Austin have been known to hang out in both, however. Only about 15 miles apart.

Turning point said...

Jake sure looks beautiful in these photos and videos. Thanks so much for posting everything. I've only been coming here for about four months, but really enjoy the theories that you guys have put together. I always thought there was something off with Jake. In the back of my mind, I thought he was gay too just because of so many telltale signs. He just didn't seem like the type of person to be alone as much as he portrays himself as being. And, his love of children makes it odd that he has never settled down to have any.

After catching up on this blog, I must say, "Wow!". Think you people are on to something with Austin. I apologize for being late to the party, but maybe it's better that way because there seeems to be so many positive things going on right now. Cheers!

Turning point said...

Sorry. I meant -- "because there seems to be so many positive things going on right now. Cheers!"

prairiegirl said...

Welcome, Turning Point!! Great to see you.

Please feel free to share/drop in anytime. We're here 24/7 !!!!


destiny said...

Wow, and you're right Jason, can't wait to see how they try to explain this one away.

I know she was probably there for Chelsea Handler, but I think it's really funny that Sophia went solo to the premiere of Reese's new movie earlier this week.

Turning point said...

Thank you.

destiny said...

Let's see how Dana Delaney gets fingered as an OMG regular. LOLLLLLLLL!!!!

Jason said...

Hey, that's right. Too, too funny. Those other blogs can't use that excuse this time, can they, Destiny? Or, that it wasn't Austin at all. Just some other 6'4" great looking guy that Delany has worked with who resembles him. ***grin***

I have to say it one more time, Jake is absolutely beaming in those photos. What a stunning vision of humanity. This is the Jake that he's been hiding away from everyone. Welcome back, gorgeous!

destiny said...

It is great to see the old Jake beaming.

Last night finally caught up on OTH, nice to see Austin getting to really act for a change, he did a great job.

destiny said...

Another thing, people are always insisting that Austin would be recognized anywhere in the world he might go. Well it looks like the only one, so far, who has recognized him is someone who actually knows him.

good point said...

I agree. That's how Austin has been able to stay undetected for so many years. Makes me wonder about those couple of tweets that conveniently placed him at the Austin airport during the holidays. We've rarely if ever have seen anyone recognize Austin at the airport (except of course when he was with Sophia and then we even get photos). Which is something to ponder as well.

Jersey Tom said...

Now that was a tweet worth reading. I think Austin was in London with Jake and stayed behind. He is either headed to Berlin or back to LA. But sounds like he was in London with Jake.

It is a shame Sophia has been dateless:-)

I Spy/Posted on WFT2 said...

Here's a real beauty for you Jason and Destiny--someone is actually trying to argue that people don't fly in and out of the same place at the airport. WTF?

Special K said...

Hi Turning Point so glad that you have enjoyed you time her and thanks for posting. We love having new people join us.

Special K said...

There is no reason for Dana Delaney to make it up, she knows Austin and how could you forget that tall Texan and that grin.

And yes Jake is beaming. I think that might not be all about Berlinale but who is coming to Berlin.

And why wouldn't Austin want to go besides spending time with Jake in one of his favorite cities. And for someone who love movies as much as Austin I can see him soaking it up and going to everything and he and Jake comparing notes as much as Jake does with the other jurors.

What a find! said...

There hasn't been any sighting of Austin anywhere since the Sushi Bromance photos, right? This is so friggin' awesome. There he was in London yet nobody saw him. Not one single person. If it wasn't for the Delany tweet, Jake and Austin would have pulled it off again. This is a huge catch because it illustrates what a lot of you have been saying all along. That Austin can be with Jake and yet no one sees/recognizes him. There are lots of London OTH fans too. said...

A Valentine’s Day Love Letter to Jake Gyllenhaal

by Dan Koday on February 10th, 2012

jake-gyllenhaal-teen-love-letter-valentines-dayAll week long until Valentine’s Day, each editor will be writing a very special love letter to his or her celebrity crush. Check back at 12pm ET every day to read ‘em!

Dear Jake Gyllenhaal:

I know this might sound weird coming from another guy, but I am truly, madly, deeply in love with you. And I have been for quite some time. Like, forever. Well, since I saw Donnie Darko the first time.

My infatuation probably began with your sea blue eyes and naturally progressed along the years thanks to your always amazingly coiffed hair, THOSE EYEBROWS, your pouty thin lips and the perfectly positioned mole right above them.

I won’t lie, I track your every move via paparazzi photo sites. Like for instance, I know right now you are currently in Berlin. And prior to that, you were in Madrid. I basically know where you are at all times and you probably should get a restraining order against me. Just in case.

Your sister Maggie lives in New York, and I won’t deny I’ve secretly walked past her house just to catch a glimpse of you (It never happened.). I’ve called your publicist to request a formal meeting (denied), and I even saw Prince of Persia in theaters for you. Jake, if that isn’t love, I don’t know what is…

I just need you to meet me and see the error in your ways. After all, I have a secret inclination that your relationships with Reese Witherspoon and Taylor Swift were just a front. Jake, I could be the Kurt to your Blaine. Just give me a chance?

Love always and forever and I hope my boyfriend doesn’t see this,


Was that creepy? Or cute? Are you obsessed with Jake too (back off, he’s MINE)? Tell me below

humm Questions? said...

Pictures Please.

Sorry, I need pictures. OK

Not buying it. Most of you always want pictures when there is a tweet that Austin is with Sophia, Jake is with a girl-(whatever girl), Austin kissing Sophia, etc., etc., You name it.
Because you don't and won't believe it. Now YOU DO?

Now there's tweet of Austin Nichols in London airport from some person and you jump for joy, then, talk about heads exploding. Tit or Tat huh?

Let's see a picture of Austin in London airport and I'll believe it.

And by the way, let's not be one sided. You ask for pictures when there's negative Jake / Austin info, why not NOW?

Methodical Muser said...

Not just some person saw Austin. Dana Delany saw Austin...the actress. She has worked with him and knows exactly what he looks like. Try again.

By the way, did anyone notice that the love letter from Dan, the guy who says he knows where Jake is at all times indicated that before London, he knew Jake was in Madrid. We were made to believe that Jake was in NY before he left for London. That's interesting, don't you think?

I won’t lie, I track your every move via paparazzi photo sites. Like for instance, I know right now you are currently in Berlin. And prior to that, you were in Madrid. I basically know where you are at all times and you probably should get a restraining order against me. Just in case.

hmmm answer said...

Why would Austin's former co-star tweet she saw him if she didn't? It doesn't help Austin or Jake. In fact it makes it harder.

destiny said...

Madrid? Now that's interesting. And how would he know?

Yes, Dana Delaney would lie about seeing Austin. Was she trying to impress her friends and co-stars? Joking? Was mistaken about someone she worked with? LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!

prairiegirl said...

The cheese stands alone.

Jersey Tom said...

I am favoring the pic of Austin without the shirt:-)

Maybe the stalker guy meant London and not Madrid. We had pics of Jake in London.

Geez I hope we see more J and A pics soon. Im hoping.

Okay said...

Ok, Sorry, I don't know this Dana Delaney. Have no interest in OTH.

Well, I don't know why she would lie. Ok, let's say Austin was in London staying with Jake and probably sleeping with Jake at nights. Why on earth would they leave the supposed kids(children) all alone? Afterall, Jake was on the east coast for some time before going to London then Germany. So Austin and Jake were there together and they have a brood of kids? Who's watching them? Even Brangelina take their children with them or one stays with them. These two are all over the place and pick up and leave at the drop of a hat. hummm.

tv guide said...

Dana Delaney is on the tv show Body of Proof right now. Special said this afternoon Dana and Austin worked on a show called Pasadena.

Questions answered said...

1) It's a good thing you have no interest in OTH because Dana Delany has nothing to do with that program. She knows Austin through a TV show they did together, called Pasedena. That'a why she recognized Austin right away.

2) Yes, let's agree Austin was in London, but I'm sure he was doing more than sleeping with Jake at night. We shall leave that to your imagination, since this is not an "X" rated blog.

3) The children are never alone. That would be child abuse or reckless child endangerment. They are with nannies or with their Dads or extended family members. Who all take care of them and the nannies often travel with Jake and Austin perhaps on another flight. Or, if they are on the same flight in another section of the plane. If you saw the Paris video from June 2008, it's strongly believed that Baby Tile was in the stroller in the courtyard, but Jake and Reese walked away from the baby completely. Ava, however, touched the baby while the woman with the stroller didn't even react.

Hollywood celebs have nannies watching their children all the time. But, because Jake and Austin are in the closet, you are not going to see them walking side by side with their children. At least, not yet.

4) What may look to you as traveling at the drop of a hat actually is planned well in advance. You surely don't think Jake just hops on a plane on a whim do you? There are little things called schedules and advanced ticket purchasing. Jake knew he was going to London long before he appeared there. He and Austin just don't share their travel plans with us.

AnswereD said...

To Questions and Answers: No 11:45

Not any. No interest in OTH at all. Thanks though for the info on Delaney. That takes care of statement 1.

2. You can't be sure of anything since you don't know Jake or Austin.
Why are you judging my imagination as somehting inappropriate such as x rated? These are two adult men, who I assume you think are married, I don't. I think they are more than just friends and people who are more than friends tend to sleep with each other (at times) just as married people do. What's wrong with my sleeping with comment? I'm under know illusion of some fantasy romance that reads like a well scripted fairytale. You can be if you so choose. But I have to ask, if it was, why would they being hiding there love and the children you believe in?

3. Again, you don't know anything about the supposed children. Another thing, you have not seen any children, so how can you be so sure about people you have not seen, have not been confirmed, and may not exist? All of the nanny and plane travel is irrelevent really. It fits the script more so for Brangelina, wouldn't you say? Since we "know" thier children exist because we have seen them, and, they don't deny them... Everything else is in the air, literally.
Sorry, Paris pictures did nothing for me. Now Jake looking in direction of blonde guy, well.

I don't think you or me will see Jake or Austin walking with their children because I don't think they don't have any. They have stated it, so that confirms it with me.
Why should they share thier plans with us?

4. "At the drop of a hat" means they will do it often, wheather planned or not. You assume I don't know about scheduling. Yes, I do think he just hops on a plane. Especially from coast to coast. And staying days, even weeks at a time. Carefree! You can do these things when you don't have time on your hands. It's obvious he does. Does he plan for that? Yes, and with no one in tow. He does it often.

mistake said...

^^"when you have time on you hands"

prairiegirl said...

I don't think you or me will see Jake or Austin walking with their children because I don't think they don't have any.

And that's fine. You've made your point. I think it's gone as far as it can go and there is no more to discuss.


end of story said...

2. You can't be sure of anything since you don't know Jake or Austin.

Neither do you. But, I betcha I know more about them than you do.

Why are you judging my imagination as somehting inappropriate such as x rated? These are two adult men, who I assume you think are married, I don't.

Are you really that vapid? It was a joke.

Again, you don't know anything about the supposed children.

And, again, I'm sure I know more than you.

At the drop of a hat" means they will do it often, wheather planned or not. You assume I don't know about scheduling. Yes, I do think he just hops on a plane.

Then you are clueless. Nobody, gets on a plane at the drop of a hat. And, believe it or not, you can be carefree and be a parent too.

So now that you've written that you don't believe in any of this, then move along. For someone who is so unwilling to accept these guys as being together and being fathers, you sure waste a lot of time here. If you have followed this story for six years like many of us have, you would know there are a bunch of clues about Baby Tile. Buh bye.

the real m said...

Had to laugh at the stalker saying he even saw Prince of Persia for him. A real sacrifice.

Now that Austin is not employed, he is free to travel and be in Jakes vicinity as much as possible. I think we will see this happen more often now. Like Leo and Lukas.

Troll argument very weak and filled with misspellings too.

Thanks PG for texting me the hot off the press news. It made my day.

No Need for it said...

Hey end of story, I'm a Jake and Austin fan. Is this not a Jake and Austin fan site?

Hey, difference of opinions, nothing to get upset about. No, I don't believe they are married nor do I believe either of the two have children.

Did I once think they were about to have a child at once? Yes! Not now. Do I think they are not straight? Yes

Who says I have to follow the leader and the mindset when I post here from time to time?

I have my views just as you have yours.

For someone to tell me Enough and to Move ON is kind of like giving orders.
None of you have that right.

I would expectg the troll name calling to come from children, well, maybe Jake's children huh.

prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
prairiegirl said...

I'm under know illusion of some fantasy romance that reads like a well scripted fairytale. You can be if you so choose

^^^There was a phrase right there that lead to being
told to move along. Not exactly friendly, was it? Telling some here that they're, in other words delusional? You just disguised the word "delusional", that's all.

"We can be, if we so choose"? Another friendly?

I don't care if people don't believe in Jake and Austin having children but when someone can't resist sneaking in a dig that we're illusional and/or delusional, that paints a different picture, oh kind of like a snake in the grass kind of picture.

Jason said...

Well said, PG. I would think that all fans of Jake and Austin are most welcomed on this blog. First and foremost this is a site that celebrates their careers and their lives. But, because many of us believe those two lives are shared together, it's only natural that the conversation will consistently drift in that direction.

And, why would two men falling in love be considered a scripted fantasy? Actors meet on movie sets all the time and fall in love. To then date that individual for several years and gradually realize how compatible you are, maybe even how you don't want to live without that person in your life, and eventually…understandably decide you want a family together, is also extremely normal. Once again, wanting to push that kind of intimacy into a true commitment is hardly a pipe dream or a somewhere over the rainbow existence. To want to have children and a family with that person is, again, as common as the sun rising in the morning. Marriage was a little trickier given the laws in California, but when that window opened up, I agree with M&M, the boys went for that kind of traditional legal commitment instantly. This story is not a fantasy. It happens every single day around the world.

I guess what some people see as extraordinary, I consider a quite ordinary story about two people finding each other. Unfortunately, being in the closet is all too commonplace as well, particularly in Hollywood. This actually is the one aspect in Jake and Austin's life that I hope changes in the future. Everything else they have worked so hard for deserves that kind of light of day recognition. For me, that would be the only uncommon aspect of this tale. But, I do believe both men are trying to find a way to achieve that happily ever after ending.

I hear you, but said...

You really speak as if you know these two, well let me tell you, you don't. Most of your analysis of how you see their lives is, the way "YOU" see it and maybe want it to be. It doesn't make your view real. Are you aware of this?

Our views differ! I am a fan of Austin and Jake, even Austin and Jake together, but, I repeat I don't see these two marrying and having a crew of children then hiding and denying the whole thing. One would have to question the mindset of such people and (I) do. You can make all the excuses you can muster for such behavior, I will not.

My fondness and interest in these guys will not be distorted with mere assumtions and projections to fit in place.
I also want Jake and Austin to be happy and live a pretty decent life. I wish the same for many others who are not stars, including myself and others here.

Working with your above assumtions, Why on earth do you think they have to be married (together) and with children to achieve this?

I would bet that over have the people posting on this site is (not) married and don't have children.

? ? said...

^^ half the people

sniff said...

What Jason said.

Anatole France said...

"All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another.”

Anatole France, 1844-1924

I think you're right said...

I would bet that over have the people posting on this site is (not) married and don't have children.

and some older than Jake / Austin

Austin in Berlin! said...

Berlin Film Festival. The Golden Bear. Excited to see some great films.
11 minutes ago!/AUS10NICHOLS

Methodical Muser said...

That was such a beautiful articulation, Jason. Thank you for providing not only perspective, but heartfelt emotion.

Methodical Muser said...

No, buts. Differing views are fine, but once again you are couching your disgust with the idea of two men falling in love and raising a family together, by attacking OMG posters. Hence, the personalized snark about half the people at the site not having children or being married. How is that relevant to your bias? And, talk about someone who accuses OMGers of not knowing the guys.

You know none of us although you personally make generalizations that show your ignorance. Moreover, your conclusions have a distinct note of hostility and disdain. The truth is that you loath the idea of Austin and Jake being together as lovers, friends, housemates, co-daddies, and responsible parents. Yet, you hang out here. This is curious from a psychological point of view. There are blogs and sites that meet your preferences. Or, is it your agenda? Still you suddenly appear here on this blog, right when Soapy and Austin are “breaking up”, which by the way posters on this blog predicted would happen. Austin is gay. Soapy is a beard. They were both using each other. One to hide in the closet. The other to have a hot male co-star on her arm to make her seem desirable.

You have obviously not followed this story. But, several of us have. There are a thousand clues that Jake and Austin are married and have children together. We are basing this are circumstantial and direct evidence. Timelines and interviews, interesting coincidences and any number of other factors. Just last year trolls happily cheered and taunted us about how Sophin were going to get engaged and then married, live happily ever after in their eco-friendly home. Even though there was flimsy evidence that these two were ever really dating. It’s called a fauxmance. Also, no one had trouble with the idea of Jake and Reese being engaged…what was it ten times…in the course of there oh so fake “relationship.”

The point Jason just made is both elegant and effective. When the story is heterosexual, no matter how poorly scripted and acting out, there is little problem with the tale. But, when there is ample, consistent and powerful evidence to show these two guys have been together as a couple for nearly ten years, it’s discounted in an instance. When push comes to shove, the real problem trolls have is that this story involves two men. Plain and simple.

prairiegirl said...

Jason, that could never have been said any more eloquently.

Special K said...

Berlin Film Festival. The Golden Bear. Excited to see some great films.
11 minutes ago

Way to go Austin!!

Atta boy!

prairiegirl said...

OH MY DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

prairiegirl said...

Good for you, Austin!!! So, SO proud of you.

Methodical Muser said...

Good for you, Austin. Have a great time. Hope you see a lot of great films and enjoy your stay.

Jason said...

I'm proud of you, Austin. I know you will have a wonderful time. Berlin is one of my favorite cities. I love both you and Jake.

Special K said...

Beautiful put Jason. It is the natural progression of any relationship, difference be it straight or gay, it's love pure and simple.

destiny said...

That's great about Austin in Berlin!!!!!!!!

Great posts Jason and M and M.

Everyone is free to speak their minds, but they are not welcome to personally attack people here for having views they don't agree with.

destiny said...

Austin in Berlin with Valentine's right around the corner, can there be any clearer sign that Sophin is over? Can't wait to see how all those OTH fans that have been attacking us here, on WFT2 and the OTH forums explain this one away.

TWEET! said...

fixyou96 fixyou96
Austin e' a Berlino con Jake Gyllenhaal,senza sophia...non so cosa pensare :/
1 minute ago


Austin 'with Jake Gyllenhaal in Berlin, without sophia ... I do not know what to think :/
1 minute ago

Disagree said...

I totally disagree with everthing you've said M&M, everything.

I'm not being biased at all!

Jason's comments seem to be (all) about Emotions. His!
Apparently you don't see this.

Emotions at times need to be put on the back burning, especially when dealing with rational issues, with business and fact finding situations.

They tend to get in the way and cloud the situation. Not all the time, but most of the time.

Disagree again said...

Jake and Austin in Berlin together. Wonderful! Just as the pics of the two in LA with Adam and Co. Good for them. Hope they enjoy.

See, I can be a J/A fan without believing everything about Ted's TT chronicles.

Methodical Muser said...

I'm not being biased at all!


prairiegirl said...

See, I can be a J/A fan without believing everything about Ted's TT chronicles.

And that is fine. Good for you.

But you need to leave the rest of us alone. You have made your point and it's totally accepted as your thoughts.

Any more badgering and I will consider you a troll.

Wrong said...

M&M, I've followed this stroy longer than you, Prairie Girl, Jason and some others.

I've seen it all, and made my assessment.

Unbelievable said...

The troll who hates emotion so much should try to rationally calculate the odds of Austin being in London then Berlin at the same time as Jake. Over the Valentine's Day holiday. Just last year everyone said they never were in the same city together. That they are not even friends any longer. What happened to those fallacies?

Methodical Muser said...

M&M, I've followed this stroy longer than you, Prairie Girl, Jason and some others.

I can only speak for myself, but you've been following Jake's career longer than 1999? I admit I wasn't much interested in City Slickers, Jake. Too young for me.

Jason said...

M&M, I've followed this stroy longer than you, Prairie Girl, Jason and some others.

I've loved Jake since Bubble Boy. Been closely following his life and career since then. So I am well informed about Jake and Austin. Very well informed.

Back to what's important said...

Austin's in Berlin. Austin's in Berlin. Austin's in Berlin. Austin's in Berlin.

With Jake. With Jake. With Jake. With Jake.

Believe said...

I love that Austin is sharing time with Jake in Europe. I know it's hard for you to believe that "Unbelievable", but who cares. Love them spending time together.
It don't say they are married and have children.

Last thing, I've also been following Jake/Austin before Special K starting posting on the original WFT. I was there. So again, I was there from the start and I've made my assessment from what I've seen M&M.

Have a nice Saturday

Lastly said...

Bubbleboy and Waiting For ToothyTile (original) are two different things.

prairiegirl said...

This is great. I hope that Austin tweets some information and sights from Berlin.

I notice too, Jason, that you indicated you have been in Germany. I don't know hardly anything about Germany and so I would love to hear what are people's favorite things about the country. Is it mountainous?

I hope that Austin tweets some pictures of the city or other sights. That would be cool.

Jersey Tom said...

I wonder if Austin brought a Supermodel with him to Berlin also:-)

Damn I wanna see J and A pics over there so bad.

destiny said...

Interesting that Austin told us himself that he's there. Maybe it's a bit safer to say he's in Berlin than London as he has a "reason" to be there. But it's still a big step after all these years of hiding.

prairiegirl said...

It is huge of Austin to say this. It's huge.

And after the darkness of earlier in the week, I'm just really happy to see him do this.

These 2 guys are on their own journey together and the road is long and tough.

Today is a big moment for Mr. Austy.

prairiegirl said...

Of course, I say that with my Mr. Brats Sausage guy off to the right.


Aw sorry about that. But my plump, nekkid little brats guy will be my avatar through the duration of the Film Festival, so get used to him!

twitter said...

Sarah Bothwell
@AUS10NICHOLS was on the same flight as you to Berlin! Enjoy the film festival!
24 minutes ago

Twitter said...

YosemiteFilms Robert Allen
@AUS10NICHOLS My movie "Blood Predator" is over there in Berlin. Hope we are making some sales.
32 minutes ago

Robert Allen
@YosemiteFilms Yosemite
Filmmaker, ragtime pianist

Rand McNally said...

NalesemSirine Sirine N.
@AUS10NICHOLS Austin ! You are in Berlin ! Not far from Belgium. please come visit our sweet country ! :) xx
1 hour ago

AlexandraPngll Alexandra P.
@AUS10NICHOLS Oh You're in Berlin?! Come on in France. It's not so far! What film did you see?
1 hour ago

annnnaa96 Anna Andersson
@AUS10NICHOLS are you in berlin? germany is so close to sweden, maybe you could come here too!?
1 hour ago

bex_boop Becky Wiltshire
@AUS10NICHOLS please please come back to London after the Berlin Film Festival Austin!!!?? We would love to see you here love u!! <3 Xoxo
1 hour ago

prairiegirl said...

Awwww, Austin has developed quite a following of fans. Look at all those people tweeting at him - what an honor. It truly is when people take the time to tweet at him, inviting him to their country.

So many people tweeting at him right now, just happy to see a tweet from someone they have grown very fond of and have missed. No mention of Sophia, it's just about him.

That is awesome to see.

Jason said...

Why do I like Berlin? Where to I start? There are so many beautiful historical and scenic sites, gardens and ancient palaces like Potsdam's Gardens, Charlottenburg Palace, Gemäldegalerie, Tiergarten, etc.

The city has an incredible nightlife, art galleries and museums. Also, Berlin is a very open and experimental city. Vibrant and full of energy. Their public transportation system is amazing too. Love the people there. Great cafes and restaurants like Cafe im Literaturhaus. If you haven’t been there, I highly recommend it to anyone.

destiny said...

I love your Brat PG.

destiny said...

I would love to see Berlin some day.

Twitter said...

OverpopulatedxL Little Voice.†
I wonder sometimes if @AUS10NICHOLS knows how inspiration he is for so many people, me include.
9 minutes ago

prairiegirl said...

Great cafes and restaurants like Cafe im Literaturhaus

Just Google'd this cafe, Jason. It looks wonderful!!

You speak as though you know it quite well. That's awesome. I need to get out of the United States and see some stuff, lol. Bahamas - that's been it for me. Isn't that pathetic? lol

I'm happy that Austin is getting to see one of his favorites cities again - Berlin. And Jake must be just ecstatic to have him there.