Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A little old, a little new

You could see the old Jake shine as
introduced Meryl Streep as only Jake could with his own humorous take about the acting legend Streep "as the terrifying 'Hank's mom,' who disapproved of him [Jake]Link as a 13-year-old bad influence on her son, Henry" (LA Times).

Does Jake know everyone in Hollywood since childhood? It seems like it.

"Look at this scruff"

"No hug for me?"

"Meryl, watch out for Dieter's hands"

"See what I'm talking about?"

And we've got to see the new Jake who is pretty open about sharing the Berlinale events with Austin.
Check out what Jake is subconsciously doing.

It looks like the luncheon at the U.S. embassy was one of the first things Austin joined Jake at, with the official embassy webpage dating the event Saturday the 11th.

Then he's continued to be seen official events with Jake.
And Austin isn't too shy about dropping anvils either.

I met Meryl Streep tonight. What a pleasure to meet one of my heroes. Congrats to Meryl for taking home the Golden Bear. - Aus10

Speaking of dropping, Julian is dropping his Director Guild card tonight on the Crazy Tree. Tonight on The Tree:
“Catastrophe and the Cure”
aka "All about Nathan" — Nathan is kidnapped by Eastern European thugs for signing basketball players. Bad Dad Dan enlists Julian (with his handy dandy Director's Guild card) to help in his search for Nathan. Fat Mouth fills in Crazy Clay about - who else? Nathan. While the Real Housewife of Tree Hill Haley is left to explain No show Nathan to Jamie. Mogul BrookeDavis gets an idea of how to bring patrons to an empty Karen’s CafĂ©, and Chris Keller confronts Bartender Chase about them both sleeping with Tara. (Flip a coin maybe?)

But don't mess with Julian - he's a man with a badge - A Director's Guild of America badge.


pics said...

Some more screencaps at US Embassy and both pics side by side at The China Club

Special K said...

Thanks pics

Jersey Tom said...

Wow I wasnt covinced that was Austin at the China Club. I sure am now.

Jersey Tom said...

SK a friend and snow bird neighbor of mine in Florida went over to check out the new Red Sox Spring Training facilities. He said it is beautiful.

clueless said...

I'm looking at the pictures, but I must be sort of dense because I'm not "getting" what
"Jake is subconciously doing" in the Embassy pictures.

answer said...

He's fiddling with his wedding ring finger in the video.

Jason said...

Thank you to everyone for the up to the minute reports regarding the whereabouts of Jake and Austin at the Berlinale Film Festival. How wonderful to see them spending time together and attending various events. Looks like Austin has been hanging with his guy since he arrived on the 11th, which is why Jake is literally beaming. And, that video sure does show how comfortable, happy and relaxed Jake is as he introduces Austin to others. He’s stretching then leaning against that table while Austin shakes the other man’s hand, Jake looking on like he’s just enjoying the sight as much as we are.

As to Ted’s latest post, he is obviously being coy. That, and perhaps liking what he has been seeing from the guys (Jake dumping Evelyn, leaving CAA, Austin pulling away from Sophin and being seen publicly with Jake for the first time since May 2010, etc.), is just stepping back (turning down the heat) and letting the guys be in control of how they work this whole thing out.

But unlike last V-Day it's G.G. that's all caught up in the beard biz this year.

Just like everyone else who is interested in the topic, Ted has most certainly seen that Bromance photo op with Jake and Austin where they were not only photographed innumerable times, but even videotaped for the first time, back in January. Yet, a week later Ted writes like he has no idea that they had been papped, mentioning that Toothy and Goose are laying way, way low - “Off the Chart.” Ted also knows darn well that Jake was not bearding last year during Valentine’s Day. In addition, to being well aware that Sophia and Austin have been unaccounted for (i.e., MIA), on the bearding front, for months. If we know about all these happenings/changes, Ted certainly does too. Mr. Casablanca, however, is not going to be the one to announce that the fauxmance is kaput. That is not his place and he knows it. I believe someone here determined that Sophin has not done a “dating” photo op since the Lakers game back in May of last year. Naturally, Ted knows that too. Just 14 days ago he wrote: “…but I'm still holding out hope that Toothy will come out himself before he kicks the bucket.” I’m thinking that maybe, he’s just trying to give the guys the reins and some much needed space and time to handle this delicate career/personal life shift all on their own.

makes you wonder... said...

So why answer letters at all then? What's the point in lying? And if he's willfully knowingly lying about his recent responses, what else has he bent and lied about.

Know your trolls said...

hi trolly!

sass said...

I missed yesterday's post though I didn't want to, but you post way too fast for this baby boomer++:)

Happy belated Valentines day to everyone here and thanks for putting a big smile on my face.:)

Jake has never looked happier nor has Meryl. Austin is happy and adorable as usual.

I am a happy happy person cause they are together and Jake eyes are filled with happiness.
I wanted to comment on the last post that this had to be well planned...and Jake came through for him. He has to extremely happy as I am for them both.

Back later to save the expanded picture of Austin with Jake.

I agree said...

Very good point, Jason. Ted not wanting to step on whatever is happening with Toothy and Goose right now could be why he is obviously ignoring what everybody knows, including him. Ted's one wish has always been to have Jake live an open and free life and not be hidden away in the dusty confines of some preppy closet.

I also noticed that there may have been a subtle hint about BTs in Ted's last Daily Mail. Ted writes: Toothy is as conscious as ever about keeping his relayshes on the DL

First of all "relayshes" is in the present tense. And, the term is plural. Jake has no multiple relationship we know of in the present tense that is on the down low, other than the possibility of perhaps multiple children. In addition to that "obsession with the number five" discussion that Jake had last week with that Mistress of Ceremony the first night of the festival, he also made sure last night to make a big point about Meryl being a mother. And, how being a parent and raising children the right way is the most important thing of all. Once again, here is Jake's value system, when it comes to kids, on full display.

crystal ball... said...

IF Jake and Austin are planning a public come-out, as they apparently were back in 2005 / 2006 then got pushed into the closet by Jake's people's advice, then perhaps Ted knows about it this time, too. And he's playing along, hence the misleading answers in the bitchbacks and the story about Jake with the model over lunch in NYC. Why would he be playing along by diverting attention? For fun, perhaps. Other ideas?

good point said...

I agree with Jason. I think that Ted is giving the boys space to be free to follow their plan on their own terms and pace. I also think it’s good that no other mainstream gossip site is aware of what is going on, so there is no extra pressure either.

US Weekly: Sophin PR planted official bearding 'break up' said...

From the new US Weekly (Feb 27 2012 print edition)

(play dramatic music):

"Sophia's Big Split"

US Weekly scan

Methodical Muser said...

Soapy broke up with Austin because "she didn't think he was The One," so "she's going to move on." The bearding playbook doesn't have that many chapters does it? LOL!

Notice that they selected the last fauxmance pic from May, 2011.

prairiegirl said...


As if we didn't know already but who wants to pass up the chance for an official party?!!!!!

prairiegirl said...

I'll have to make up tonight for my quietness so far. My whole right side of my mouth is still numb!! From my first root canal!!!!

;) said...

I wanna see your sausage in a conga line!

Methodical Muser said...

I think you're right, Jason. I was just thinking along the same lines yesterday when I read Ted's latest post. Even if Ted only knows as much as we do, his Dear Ted responses in January and February should reflect, at the bare minimum, common knowledge. As you say, we all know that far from being on the down low, Jake and Austin have actually been quite observable and definitely beardless.

1) Austin was seen with Jake on January 18, 2012. The whole Sushi Lunch was planned and the paps tipped off. The guys even lingered about so there would be as many pictures as possible. Then the two of them left in Jake's car. In other words, Jake and Austin wanted to be publicly seen together having lunch and then leaving the restaurant together.
2) Austin had not been photographed with Soapy since that phony Lakers pic on May 4, 2011. So there has not been any "'s G.G. that's all caught up in the beard biz this year." Austin hasn't even been seen with Soapy this year and skipped out on two OTH events.
3) Austin was seen grabbing a plane at Heathrow Airoport (a few days after Jake left London) and landed in Berlin, popping up at the Berlinale (where Jake is).
4) Almost immediately, he is seen with Jake at several formal events.

Ted may very well be giving the guys the room they need to figure things out without pressure or controversy.

Methodical Muser said...

Oh, nooooo a root canal? You are probably numb from the procedure. Yes, I'm in the Conga Line with you, PG. Makes sense that it would be announced while Austin is overseas...with Jake. Just in case anyone was wondering why Austin wasn't The One.

prairiegirl said...

And following the conga line, who wants to join in a little toast of virtual bubbly?????

Jersey Tom said...

I am so shocked.

Jersey Tom said...

I recently told PG the same thing. She is not the one:-)

Methodical Muser said...

I've already popped the cork!

prairiegirl said...


There she blows!!!! Whoop, there it is, another cork is popping out here in Kansas!

I have the confetti! said...

Looks like Sophia got her new TV show for Valentine’s Day, instead of a fake husband. Austin, on the other hand, still has Jake. #Winning.

destiny said...

Let me get my dancin' shoes on PG!!!!!!!

destiny said...

LOL Tom.

prairiegirl said...

Yeah, confetti!!! Now all we need is Austin to get up on a table and moon!!

Dance Party said...

I think by Austin showing up to be with Jake at the Berlinale Film Fest, that he is mooning a whole bunch of people. Shake your bootie, Austin.

The Lunatics have taken over the asylum said...

Meltdowns at WFT2 and OTH Forum. They know they can't fight what's staring them right in the face, so they attack OMG instead.

It's so sweet to be on the side of right.

;-) said...

That is all the loons have to do over there anymore. Rough times.

lol said...

Loons calling other people loons lmao

Sophin is no more said...

Loons calling other people loons lmao

Go back to looneyland, Troll.

:-( said...

Very sad and lonely place over there

destiny said...

I love this song, one of my favorites from Rufus.

It is a sad and lonely place next door. I used to enjoy getting into discussions about other gay actors and gay issues over there that weren't always discussed here. There was a time when someone like Matt coming out would have generated a lively discussion, but now things like that barely get a mention. Even Jake barely rates any posts anymore.

prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
prairiegirl said...

I'm going to say this only once so some people had better get this the first time around.

It's actually rather hilarious. You would think I wasn't at work today and that I had all kinds of time to be commenting everywhere.

Sorry to disappoint the young girls at the Forum - you've not been graced by my presence, all right? That would be Jack who most likely registered as Prairie Girl. You've been had and you've been officially Jack'd.

And sorry to disappoint Awful Truth Readers. I've not commented there either.

And oh yeah, sorry WFT2 - I've not commented there AT ALL today.

Do you see my comments up there earlier this afternoon? Look how short they are. Does someone actually think I had time to be on 4 sites this afternoon? And on top of that, registering no less on the Forum?


Thank you to those who alerted me on where I've supposedly been this afternoon. If I hadn't been told, I might've gotten dizzy from running site to site. lol

Boy, some people are melting down, aren't they? They are proving it this afternoon.

Special K said...

I thought the same thing Jason, I think Ted may be giving them the space they need as they chart these new waters.

Timing is everything in HW and that is with the Sophia Austin break up. Funny how it happens the day after she gets a new show, and one week before the show Austin directed. So it will be all about Sophia and take any real interest in Austin away from him. But I don't think he minds actually. I think he and Jake are so happy at the moment of being together.

You can see in that video how proud Jake is of Austin. And yes someone caught it Jake was playing with his ring finger.

hmm said...

Why don't you ever talk about how Austin is proud of Jake, Special? And then cite some examples.

Special K said...

I think Austin is tremendously proud of Jake. And how is? Have you ever looked at the pictures of the way Austin looks at Jake - like this is the most amazing guy ever. Do you see how he gets so protective of Jake when they are together.

Austin was proud enough that he made sure to be there for Jake at PoP in LA. And bet money that he's found a way to make all of Jake's premieres.

AT follower said...

Just wanted to let you guys know that there's an interesting discussion over at Ted's site that I've been checking out today. Rarely, do we get a discussion about Toothy and Goose because Twihards dominate the conversation. But, today there's lots about Toothy. What is odd is that someone knew about the Berlinale sightings and posted the link to OMG as a great source of info. Whoever administrates the site, however, has deleted the post when I checked it out just now. What do you think that's about?

prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
prairiegirl said...

Austin is making the rounds on the internet and how.

Just Jared just posted and US Weekly has Sophin at the very top of their Homepage.

prairiegirl said...

Look Mom I Made It!

Just Jared Post

Look Mom I Made It Again!!

Us Stinkly

destiny said...

A lot of sites have a policy of deleting links regardless of what the link is to. I think it's done in part to stop spam.

AT Follower said...

Oh, okay. Nothing sinister then. Thanks!

tv guide said...

One Tree Hill Sweethearts Sophia Bush, Austin Nichols Split

One Tree Hill is coming to an end, and so is another romance from the set.

Sophia Bush and her on-again-off-again boyfriend and co-star Austin Nichols are finished, Us Weekly reports.

One Tree Hill's last stand

A source tells the magazine that Bush gave Nichols the boot because she "didn't think he was the one." The real-life couple played husband and wife, Julian and Brooke Baker, on One Tree Hill.

Bush, 29, has a history of romancing her co-stars. She was first married to former series star Chad Michael Murray before they divorced in December 2006. A couple years later, she began dating James Lafferty. Finally, in May 2010, Bush confirmed that she and Nichols have been an item for at least four years.

The actress will have be able to widen her dating pool now that the series is coming to an end after nine seasons. The final episode will air on April 4 on The CW.

Jersey Tom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jersey Tom said...

At least this crap will get the OTH girls off of Austin's back. They have been hating on him big time. I am sure Austin doesn't care what Sophia does and may even have known about this.

prairiegirl said...

gave Nichols the boot ???


Watch Sophia continue to morph into another Reese. She's well on her way.

comment on Just Jared said...


Just in time for the announcement of her new gig with Partners.
No that wasnt timed perfectly at all…. Insert sarcasm here.

prairiegirl said...

In fact, she may not only be taking pointers from Ice Maiden, but she may possibly be taking cues from ol' Tay.

Sophia Bush
New anthem. Hell yes @katyperry. Here's to personal growth. Courage. And having the balls to live your best life. The …
2 hours ago via WhoSay

And so if she says this is her new anthem after all of the events of this week, it makes you curious as to the lyrics of this song. So let's see what the lyrics are to this new anthem of Soapy's.

prairiegirl said...

PART OF ME by Katy Perry

Days like this I want to drive away
Pack my bags and watch your shadow fade away
‘Cause you chewed me up and spit me out
Like I was poison in your mouth
You took my light, you drained me down
But that was then and this is now
Now look at me

This is the part of me
That you’re never gonna ever take away from me, no
This is the part of me
That you’re never gonna ever take away from me, no
Throw your sticks and your stones, throw your bombs and your blows
But you’re not gonna break my soul
This is the part of me
That you’re never gonna ever take away from me, no

I just wanna throw my phone away
Find out who is really there for me
You ripped me off your love was cheap
Was always tearing at the seams
I fell deep and you let me down
But that was then and this is now
Now look at me


Now look at me I’m sparkling
A firework, a dancing flame
You’ll never put me out again
I’m glowin’ oh whoa
So you can keep the diamond ring
It don't mean nothing anyway
In fact you can keep everything yeah yeah
Except for me


prairiegirl said...

Oops, forgot to reference atoz lyrics on the above song, Part of Me!! ^^^

Methodical Muser said...

How come we didn't get a story of Austin sending Jake into Sophin's eco-friendly home to pick up Austie's bags?

These beards love to play the victim, don't they? A Soapy version of, "Why did you have to be so mean...." Of course, Austin was the one who broke Soapy's heart and her soul. Sniff. One last pathetic attempt to make the relationship seem real. I have some swamp land to sell you, if you buy this melodramatic dribble.

P.S.: Hey, Mr. Carefree Brat, I've got a little friend I want you to meet. His name is Mr. Mustard!

prairiegirl said...

Heyyyy!!! Are you trying to pull a Scarface? Come and meet my little friend!!!

See those two little swift feet? That's me running as fast as I can and you can't catch me!!!!

We We Weeeeeeeeeee!!!

Oh. Wait. That's Maxwell. LOLLLL!

prairiegirl said...

I need a bun first before I need the mustard.


Methodical Muser said...

Oh, I see. You're not that kind of Brat. LOL!

Trojan said...

Did someone say they needed some protection?

destiny said...


Well, that reference to that song sure puts a spin on things.

As far as the official reason, I actually think that's pretty tame, and if anything casts a bad light on Sophia, not Austin, especially when it gets thrown out there with her dating all her co-stars.

I guess she's free now to hook up with one of her new co-stars--assuming the pilot gets picked up. Lets not forget she did a pilot last year that went nowhere.

prairiegirl said...

you chewed me up and spit me out????

wth? What is she talking about? She is a piece of work, that's all I have to say.

Well, time for me to go troll a few more sites. lol. **shakes head**.

Time to hit the hay. My mouth is finally all un-numb. This guy was a great endodontist. Awesome. He had just an excellent, excellent bedside manner. And the root canal itself was a piece of cake and he saved my tooth. Yea!

Special K said...

Watched OTH tonight, liked the Julian and Dan Scott storyline. In a way it made perfect sense, Dan getting a chance to save Julian from beating himself up about being a bad dad. Dan Scott is the ultimate bad dad.

You could see Austin and Paul liked working together in their scene. And Austin had some great lines tonight.

For those paying attention to OTH they wouldn't be surprised about the breakup. There haven't been that may scenes or even that long of a scene with them together this season.

Next week's episode of OTH is the episode that Austin directed and Chad Michael Murray comes back for, it is also starting the back half of the last season of OTH.

post from WFT2 said...

It has always been the motive of OMGers to try their best to get the Jake and Austin gay lovefest story broarder attention.

Every time Jake or Ausin face is on a site on the net, the same posters post the gay babytile agenda. I'm sure one of the OMG regulars bombarded the Awful Truth site to stir and wreck havoc of the confetti party of "look, Jake's lover Austin is with him in Berlin". Anyone with a brain know this came from one of them. Hell, we know Jersey Tom post letters begging for info on TT all the time. Hey OmGers, fess up, we know one of you infiltrated the AT site. They live for the Jake and Austin wedding.

Go Away said...

This troll is more than exasperating. I wouldn't be surpirsed if you are the instigator of trouble. Regularly, posting on these other sites, then trying to point fingers somewhere else. Hoping no one will notice that what you're really attempting to do is not only try to change the subject of Jake and Austin having a good time in Berlin, but make it seem that the very idea of them being together is outrageous. Obviously, this past week scares you to distraction. Too bad. Who knows what Jake and Austin will do now. We just have to watch and see how this all plays out. This past week has been promising though.

crystal ball... said...

A lot of people have these intense loathing of the beards. Hey, let's hear it for the beards! Just kidding. But I don't HATE them. I think a beard like Sophia has to set up the breakup so that if Austin ever comes out or gets outed, she has cover. Just like Reese, he "wasn't the one." So that later the line will be, "there was just something off about him... he just wasn't interested in sex with me." Sophia's tweet about the Katy Perry song almost makes me think Austin IS planning to come out soon, though, like she is setting it up that she was deceived and betrayed by him.

Not like the movies said...

you chewed me up and spit me out????

wth? What is she talking about? She is a piece of work, that's all I have to say.

She's not saying anything with those lyrics. She probably thinks it's a strong woman song. Katy Perry on the other hand had a lot to say about Travie McCoy.

the real m said...

Any one with eyes could see that Sophia and Austin were over months ago, not that the relationship was ever more than friends. But even that went by the wayside. Cant mix business and pleasure and have it work out over the long haul.

One thing I notice about the pics of Jake and Austin is Austins body language. I've been to many business events. When you are there for yourself, you are involved, acting in your own interests. When you are there as the spouse, your body language is different. Austin stood that way behind Jake at his birthday during TDAT. He stood that way at the recent lunch with the Maroon 5 guy. And again at the Berlin event. In the background, waiting for his spouse . Giving his spouse center stage.

Poor trolls. Another domino just dropped into place. Truth is looming. I agree that Ted is being careful. He does not want to spook Jake at such a close moment. Ted has said many times he really cares for Toothy and right now patience is the best move.

twitter said...

Vee @evitarose

yeah, he belongs with Jake Gyllenhaal anyway! >> Sophia Bush & Austin Nichols Split?… via @JustJared
12:24 AM - 16 Feb 12 via Tweet Button

People said...

Jake Gyllenhaal presents the Golden Bear award for lifetime achievement to Best Actress Oscar nominee Meryl Streep at the Berlin Film Festival on Tuesday.

cfkef said...

About Ted - TT is his blind item and he wants to keep it blind. He can't say that TT and GG are seen together, it would be too obvious.

kcsf said...

I wonder if Jaustin will spend a bit more time in Europe after the film festival. Now that the beards are all in the rear view mirror, they must feel so free. Hope they enjoy it while they can.