Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Leg Up

Last week Austin directed the Crazy Tree and maybe this week he has a future project with his former JFC co-star.

Are we about to work together again ?

John and the Doc back together again?
Should it be Raising Hope? Or something else.

And for Austin does that now mean in front of or behind the camera?

Directors find inspiration from all kinds of things, films they've seen, still pictures, their surroundings, they draw from everything to bring their vision to life. It's all on the director. A lot of work. But there are perks about being the director and directing yourself - you can wear whatever you want.Now where would Austin find the inspiration for this look?But let's get fancy.

Austin tuxified.While it might be for a role, it looks like he put a little reality into the part. - Check out the good luck charm Julian clutches. A touch never mentioned but bet it was something Austin has done or seen someone do before they hit the red carpet.

Austin looks so good, he could hold his own against "The Angelina" leg pop.How do we know? Well....

7 down and 6 to go ...Tonight on The Crazy Tree
The Real Housewife of Tree Hill Haley gets news of a possible tragedy and we finally find out what she is screaming about in the morgue. Bad Dad Dan’s search for Nathan leads him back to his dark (Ukranian Undeworld?)past. Feats of Clay has a breakthrough - not in the management business, but in treatment. BrookeDavis(TM) and CrazyTreegavehimhispairback Julian deal with Xavier. (Remember him? He beat up BrookeDavis and killed Quinton -- No not BikiniQuinn). BartenderChase’s concern for Chuck pushes him to his limits.

Happy Leap Day!!


OwlGirl said...

About the blind item on CDAN...
I have always figured that Peter and Jake don't get along famously. Does anyone else remember the interview Peter gave where he basically said yeah, they get along and he loves Jake, but Jake is annoying as hell? Like, irritating and intense? An example he gave was picking Jake up in the car and Jake would be really excited about some new song and he'd insist on playing the same song over and over and over again.

I can see this blind item being them, except I'd hoped that Jake had matured a bit. Keying a car is not very mature!

destiny said...

Hope it's not hiim, but Jake does seem to anger easily. Maybe it's also why he's looking for his own place.

Hope Austin gets new work, but that is a show I have zero interest in watching.

prairiegirl said...

I'd not heard of the show but I read last night that it's popular on Fox.

Maybe he would direct an episode, not necessarily act. Whichever, I hope for the best outcome. Austin & Jake are no different from the rest of us. It's no fun to be out of a job and in this economy, nobody's safe.

prairiegirl said...


Of course, I say that with Jake wandering all over NYC in and out of the gym (something he was quoted as saying he was done with), riding trains, planes and automobiles.

OwlGirl said...

I am going to get sh*t for psychoanalyzing but whatever ;)
Jake strikes me as ADHD. He angers easily, rambles in nonsense at times in interviews, seems to be a bit immature for his age at times, seems impulsive, indecisive. I mean, deciding to have a kid when in a long-term but reportedly volatile, unstable relationship, and in the closet? Impulsive. Being on the verge of coming out, then suddenly stepping back in, way back in? Wearing the same clothes all the time. Moodiness. These are all possible ADHD behavior signs. Oh, and the risk-taking! (And yes, it takes one to know one.) OH and the frequent doctor visits. ADHD meds are so regulated that they require seeing a doc about 6 times a year. The upside of ADHD though in people who have a handle on it is that they can be incredibly creative, driven and passionate :) It is highly genetic. Do either of Jake's parents share these traits? Also, does he smoke?

prairiegirl said...

I am going to get sh*t for psychoanalyzing but whatever ;)

lol. Naw, you're all right, Owlgirl. We all speculate on things. You're not stating that he is, you're just wondering.

People have brought it up before but I don't know enough about it. I do think he & Austin planned to have a family and I think they had a plan in place. I think Reese botched part of it up.

I also think the ol' Tay debaucle upset the cart some, too. It's been a variety of things that's made the guys have to adjust their gameplan, seems to me anyway.

prairiegirl said...

Sad News - reports that Davy Jones has died.

Loved the Monkees!!!!

Jersey Tom said...

What a shame. Davey Jones RIP.

OwlGirl said...

Just listened to Shades of Gray, cried like a baby :(
RIP Davy Jones

destiny said...

Nooooooo!!!!!! :-(

Loved him.

Special K said...

I was shocked when I read about Davy Jones. Wow!

Remembering watching the Monkees in reruns and when Marcia met DAVY JONES!

Special K said...

And if you're not sure who that is leaping for Leap Day -yup that is the tall Texan himself jumping over Steven Colletti.

Ted said...

Dear Ted:
I've been reading your column for awhile now, and I am terrible at guessing the Vices, but I have a guess for Toothy Tile, and I just had to ask...any chance it's Bruce Willis? Thanks!

Dear Way Off:
Think younger and hotter. And far less settled down that Bruce is these days.

prairiegirl said...

I'll agree with Ted on that. Toothy can't seem to find a home. Frankly, I think he could get by on a hobo sack, myself.

A Celebration of Paul Newman's Dream said...


By Dan Bacalzo - TheatreMania

Josh Groban, Paul Simon and Trisha Yearwood will be among the performers for A Celebration of Paul Newman’s Dream, to be held at Lincoln Center on Monday, April 2 at 7pm. Joanne Woodward will host.

The evening will benefit Paul Newman’s Association of Hole in the Wall Camps, which support children facing serious illnesses from around the world. The event is produced by Kevin Duncan and directed by Josh Rhodes.


Among the other stars who will make appearances during the evening are Jake Gyllenhaal and Jimmy Fallon, with more to be announced.

Special K said...

Thanks for passing the information along about Jake being a part of the celebration to benefit Hole in the Wall Camps.

What a wonderful way for Jake to honor his godfather.

destiny said...

Boy am I kicking myself; Roma had asked me about getting tickets to see Davy Jones at B.B. Kings earlier this month, and I took a pass because there were other things I wanted to get right now, figuring there's always next year. I never figured he'd be someone who'd die at at what seems like such a young age anymore.

twitter said...

Lauren D'Agostino ‏ @Laurennicole019

@alyssaelse and I are sitting across from jake gyllenhaal at a Japanese steak house

tweet said...

SVSlove ‏ @SVSlove

so happy julian got his manhood back this season.. THANK YOU MARK.. #oth @AUS10NICHOLS

prairiegirl said...

Rinse. Repeat. Rinse.
Rinse. Repeat. Rinse.
Rinse. Repeat. Rinse.


Rinse. Repeat. Rinse.
Rinse. Repeat. Rinse.
Rinse. Repeat. Rinse

Can Jake get any more boring? Hellllooooo!!! This is not the life of an on-the-prowl single hot guy.

You can set your watch to his daily routine; just set it on T.S.T. (Twitter Standard Time)

His daily routine could lull the most insomniac person into a hibernating slumber. Wake. Coffee. Train. Lunch. Spin Cycle. Dinner. Wake. Coffee. Train. Lunch. Spin Cycle. Dinner.

Rinse. Repeat. Rinse.

??? said...

Lauren D'Agostino ‏ @Laurennicole019
Alrighhtttttt well... Two cute boys sitting across from me that we I made eye contact with.... Kisses when they got up from the table. #blown
do you think she is talking of Jake?

Jersey Tom said...

I think Ted was being totally sarcastic on that one. He is definitely mocking Bruce willis.

Nice to see Jake get involved in good causes. I would love to see him get involved in issues where he also helped Gay kids deal with the pressures they face in life. It be awesome.

??? said...

Lauren D'Agostino ‏ @Laurennicole019
Alrighhtttttt well... Two cute boys sitting across from me that we I made eye contact with.... Kisses when they got up from the table. #blown
do you think she is talking of Jake?

hallo? could someone answer me ?

Special K said...

It may be, it may not be. It is interesting that that tweet comes after she says Jake is there.

prairiegirl said...

Tom, I really don't think you're going to see that as long as Jake is still deep in the closet.

Special K said...

I like Julian and Dan working together on OTH. They have some great scenes together.

??? said...

SK thank you for answered me, she has also added this, however I don't succeed to translate it or at least to give it a sense. Can you help me?

Petrocci ‏ @TeddyPetrocci
@Laurennicole019 well at least you know THEY aren't dating your sister


Lauren D'Agostino ‏ @Laurennicole019
@TeddyPetrocci LOL very true. No more recruiting at NOVA or anywhere associated with Dominion highschool ;)

destiny said...

I seriously doubt she was talking about Jake.

I can't believe how much better OTH is this year. Yes, some of the plot developments have me rolling my eyes big time on the believability scale, but the show is edgier and actually has me hanging on the edge of my seat tonight.

Agree that is so nice to see Austin's character move up from doormat to Ms. Brooke Davis. And I always like to see more of Dan, his character is more interesting than most.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
twitter said...

that tweet was a joke. She didn't mean Jake Gyllenhaal literally. she meant a doppelganger. Obvious from the follow-up tweets.

??? said...

twitter, excuse my ignorance. but what does it mean" from the follow-up tweets"?

Special K said...

So why was it that Julian looked so good in a tux in Season 7, (today's pictures) but when Julian got hitched to BrookeDavis(TM) they found the worst fitting tux on set. The Redneck t-shirt tux shirt was better than the wedding tux.

prairiegirl said...

Not only that, Special, but look at how much better his hair looked.

Those wedding pictures were awful - it's almost as if they were purposely uncomplimentary to Austin. Please. Don't tell me that was the best Make Up/Wardrobe could do.

Austin could have walked onto the set from the street and looked better than how they had him looking in at the altar.

Methodical Muser said...

Interesting article about how difficult it is to get a company interested in distributing a film in today's Hollywood:

End of Watch and the role of the Distributor in 21st Hollywood"

Methodical Muser said...

Looks like The Way Way Back will be filmed this summer, but Jake is out. Hmm. Maybe he couldn't fit this film into his hectic schedule. Being he's so busy and all. ;-)

No Jake in The Way Way Back

the real m said...

Damn, I forgot about OTH again. I meant to set it up to tape but did not get to it. Lets hope it shows up on video on demand.

Re the comments about jakes OCD. I think you may be on to something. The way he rambles in interviews is quite telling. He's obviously intelligent but has trouble holding onto his thoughts.

austin fan said...

callie thomson ‏ @calliealexa

@AUS10NICHOLS wanna know something? the best thing Mark ever did was add you to the cast of OTH. thanks for the laughs and the tears! xo
12:37 AM - 1 Mar 12 via web

fake sightings said...

The twitter sighting at the Japanese restaurant is fake. The girls are in Virginia. There is also another fake sighting in Houston, Texas:

Saul Berrones ‏ @SushiWild @SushiWild
Just spot jake gyllenhaal (in Donnie Darko) at Phonicia... Bahaha! #Jake Takeitall
29 Feb 12 via Twitter for Android

Ted said...

Dear Ted:
Greetings from glorious Down Under. I've got it. The gorgeous, geeky, dimpled, slightly off-center Paul Rudd is Toothy Tile. Right?

Dear Aussie Offie:
Nope. Not even that close, really. Except, perhaps, possibly a little on the physical side. And think more cerebral.

wishing said...

Now that we are back with the dull and boring routine I realise how extraordinary the Berlinale week was. I wish every week were so beautiful and full of positive events like that one. I hope we get some nice Jaustin news and pics soon.

this week in tabloids said...

Some End of Watch publicity: ‘Hollywood closest BFFs: Jake & America Ferrera’
OK! Mag

And a bit of bearding through Atti in a dog quiz: ‘Atticus has lived with Witherspoon and Dunst’
US Weekly

The 400 blows said...

“I asked Austin Nichols (One Tree Hill) what foreign film he recommended because I have to watch one for my film class. He actually sent me a DM ❤��!! Ahhh!”

The 400 blows IMDB

Parisian stopoff said...

Interesting that Austin would pick a French film as his foreign film recommendation. I wouldn't be surprised if he was in Paris with Jake during that three day stopover. That Lea Seydoux crap seemed off to me. Not one single photo, even though two different twitpics appeared, but with only Jake in them.

Tabloid Atticus said...

That Atticus article is kinda weird. We haven't seen him since Labor Day and who would want to run a story shipping Jake (albeit without mentioning his name) with Dunst and Witherspoon again? Maybe a softsell heterosexual pitch because of End of Watch being picked up. Guess this is better than outright bearding.

more tabloids said...

This is so ridiculous but funny: ‘They’re not together but they should be: Jake & Kim Kardashian!”

Life & Style

Maggie in Jamaica said...

Now, what in the heck would she be doing in Jamaica without Peter and so far along with her pregnancy?

Those rumors about problems in their marriage are making a lot of sense. If we suddenly see pictures of the "happy" couple then you know that we are on to something.

Bearding w/o a beard said...

This must be a different phase of living in the closet. Instead of putting Jake with actual beards, stories run about what women he should be with and, what women Atticus has "bedded," in the past. How ridiculous!

Ted said...

Dear Ted:
Jake Gyllenhaal is an A-list movie star, and Source Code did really well. So, why isn't he in any movies? Other guys his age, from Ryan Gosling to Leo DiCaprio, are making a couple of movies per year. I know some stars slow down when they have a young family, but Jake doesn't have that reason, right? He's not been in a relationship for years now (I don't count Taylor Swift). What gives?

Dear the Price for Privacy:
Sorry, K, but Jake's just into his personal time. Don't worry about the sexy dude—just because you haven't seen or heard much about him in public doesn't mean that he doesn't have plenty going on in his private life. Just sayin'.

Dear Ted:
I know Hollywood loves a comeback, 9 times out of 10, but I don't, which must be because I am wicked and resentful and a witch. The one exception is Kirsten Dunst, who I am rooting for in every way. I heard that she was into some pretty messed-up stuff a while back, but today she's looking and acting amazing. I also feel like she was dealt a super-unlucky hand in the love department, so will you be kind enough to give me an update? Has she redeemed her previous Vicey-ways? What the heck was up with Jake Gyllenhaal, and Tobey Maguire, anyway?
—Miss Millificent

Dear "On the Road" To Success:
Kirsten probably knows better than anyone how nice it is to have support—and the last time she had her own cheer squad was in Bring It On! (Or should we call you an "inspiration leader?") In any case, yes, K has definitely been cleaning up her act and getting her professional life together—she was just in the critically acclaimed Melancholia and later this year, she'll co-star in On the Road with Kristen Stewart. As for her personal life, we only have one piece of advice for Ms. Dunst: Be aggressive. B-E aggressive! Sorry, we had to.

interesting beard quote for later PR spin said...

Taylor Swift quote (from US Weekly): “I suffer from ‘Girl-next-door-itis’, where the guy is friends with you and that’s it”

prairiegirl said...

Now that some of the dust is settling, you realize that as of yet, there is nothing at all substantial to this Princess Lea story. They couldn't even decide if it was Lea Sedeoux or that Clemence Posey person.

Just more made up crap.

prairiegirl said...

LOL at poor Tabloid Atticus. No one escapes unscathed.

the real m said...

"Dear the Price for Privacy:
Sorry, K, but Jake's just into his personal time. Don't worry about the sexy dude—just because you haven't seen or heard much about him in public doesn't mean that he doesn't have plenty going on in his private life. Just sayin'." ..... Well that confirms our theory that he is totally busy with the kids these days. No surprises there.

prairiegirl said...

And Ted had said Toothy & Goose were going to be on the real down low, so there you go. Things were a little weird there for awhile towards the end of the Berlinale but now it appears the two guys are busy just trying to corral all the goslings.

OwlGirl said...

khakipants4eva ;)

the letter was edited a bit, though. I had referred to Tay Tay as "virginal."

Wonder why Jake is out of The Way Way Back. Do you think he was replaced in the project or withdrew? It seems like, given the buzz over The Descendants, that this project will be hotly anticipated. That's a bummer.

OwlGirl said...

That's sweet that Jake and America are buddies. She's happily, newly married, so there won't be any bearding advantage rumors in this one. She seems cool, she's very political.

Just wondering said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
US Weekly said... said...

-- Jake Gyllenhaal ordering a "Crunchy Salty Sundae" -- banana soft serve, fresh banana, pretzels, peanut butter and chocolate chips -- at The Soft Serve Fruit Co. in NYC.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Very wrong said...

I sooner throw myself in front of a bus than deny the existence of my children.

prairiegirl said...

It's their life, their decision.

And nothing that any of us is going to say is going to affect these 2 guys whatsoever. They undoubtedly have some kind of masterplan and we're just blowing smoke and whistling into space.

Doesn't matter.

prairiegirl said...

And that is a little overdramatic. Throwing yourself in front of a bus. Giminy's.

There are people killing their own children and you want to compare Jake & Austin's present situation to hurling one self in front of a bus.

We don't know what their plan is. Nobody does except them. Today is just one day out of the next forever. They could surprise all of us within the next couple of years.

Wrong said...

It is wrong and should not be glorified. So the offical policy of the powers that be here believe that bringing children into the world and lying about their existence is a wonderful thing.

Tweet said...

Caleb Delaney

Is Taylor Swift a cover-up for gay guys? first Jake Gyllenhaal, then Joe Jonas, and now Tim Tebow? whats going on? #LosingInterestNyouTaylor

11:16 AM - 1 Mar 12 via web Embed this Tweet

SalinaRose said...

Is this person certifiably delusional or just having a little fun with her game?

Methodical Muser said...

No one at OMG has glorified Jake hiding his family/children. It is what it is. Plain and simple. As PG as said, it's Jake's business. Hopefully, he will come out in the next few years, but he is the one who has to live with the blowback and consequences of his actions. Not us.

Methodical Muser said...

I believe we already talked about this "fan" back on February 4. If you go back to that post I believe that's when we discussed her FB "wall".

Methodical Muser said...

Govennor Martin O'Malley has just signed a bill legalizing gay marriage in the state of Maryland. The law is scheduled to take effect on January 2013. Opponents, however, have already filed the referendum paperwork to revoke the law. Ironically, the petition drive for signatures will be led by the Maryland Marriage Alliance, which is made up of mostly African-American church leaders. So much for equal rights, eh fellas?

Celebrities rumored to be gay said...

It may sound odd, but I think it's positive that Jake is not included on this extensive list of celebs who have faced rumors about their sexual orientation. Of course the reasons why they can't be gay are stated underneath each person's photo. Many of them are so lame, it's almost laughable. Amazing how not a single A list actor is gay. Guess they must be "immune" or something. LOL!

Just a fews years back, Jake's need to separate himself from gay rumors would probably have put him on this list.

prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
prairiegirl said...

Yea for the state of Maryland! That's wonderful.

So the offical policy of the powers that be here believe that bringing children into the world and lying about their existence is a wonderful thing.

Person, you would be flat out lying.

Where have you ever seen someone here shaking the pom poms over the hiding of the children? Please provide dates and times of the comments, I would love to see your proof.

I get so stinkin' tired of this accusation. M&M was too kind in her reply. I cannot be further bothered.

prairiegirl said...

Hey, very nice pictures on JJ of Michelle Williams, Matilda & Busy at M Cafe. Either Matilda doesn't like the paps or else Michelle's letting her pull a Suri. Matilda is a big girl - she's got to be heavy for someone as small as Michelle.

Cute, though. I haven't seen Matilda forever. She still looks so much like Heath. Heath may be gone but it's great to see Matilda and see him still living in her.

prairiegirl said...

Oh wow, now I read on the JustJared comments where some pap guy was giving them a bad time yesterday and being rude. Can't say as I blame Michelle on this one.

It's too bad a photographer would have to behave so awful to get a picture. As usual, you have a bad egg that ruins it for everyone else.