Thursday, February 2, 2012

London Calling and Redialing Groundhog Day

Is Jake doing a Lonely Planet Tour of London? He was seen out yesterday in the city for a solo lunch and a wander down the walk.
Last night Jake joined Bear Grylls and his wife and TV Presenter DeLinkrmot O'Leary and his fiancee for dinner at The Wolseley.
No lonely lunch today: Jake was spotted out having lunch with UK celebrities, TV presenters Ant & Dec. Perhaps they invited Jake to lunch last night after being snapped at The Wolseley last night too.

And while it seems like Jake celebrates Groundhog Day more than just once a year.Could it be that seeing this shadow, is the sign of no more snow faux?


gwyneth again? said...

Arjunkaicker Arjun Kaicker
Best business dinner celeb spot. Wife just called from River Cafe - Gwyneth Paltrow + hubby, Jake Gyllenhaal, Thandie Newton at next table
15 minutes ago

More twitter nonsense said...

Just remember that Paltrow was the final go-to person that Jake's PR settled on in December 2010 as the real person who set up Jake and Swift. Let's see, prior to that I believe there must have been 4-5 other stories of how the two "lovebirds" met. Anytime I see Jake's name associated with Paltrow I roll my eyes. Talk about a tool for PR.

dragon said...

Mr Omega 3
Why is Jake Gyllenhall in drag calling himself 'Emma Boon'? #bbcqt
2 hours ago

twitter said...

DrMonikVasant Monik Vasant
With @kiranhussvasant In the Connaught hotel bar while she stares at jake gyllenhall. She is actually not talking!
1 hour ago

the real m said...

Cute post. Love the smile that jake is throwing the shadow. Reserved only for Austin.

Ted said...

Dear Ted:
In the past week, Gwyneth Paltrow enjoyed a night on the town with Reese Witherspoon as well as dinner with Taylor Swift. Given that both Reese and Taylor have famously dated Jake Gyllenhaal—one of your Blind Vice Superstars—and rumor has it Gwyneth played matchmaker in at least one of those pairings. So I have to G.P. in the know about Jake's Vice?

Dear GOOP for Two:
It's not like Jake's Vice makes him undateable…actually, quite the opposite for someone like Reese. That said, I'd probably trust Gwyney more with tips on making the tastiest free-range organic chicken pot pie or on some Waspy cleanse than with her dating tips. But then again, maybe it's time she find Jakey-poo a new love? What do you think?

Tom at work said...

^^Hope not:-(

Special K said...

I don't think Ted is saying Gwyneth is, I think in a way Ted is saying Jake will not.

prairiegirl said...

Rain, rain, rain. Great day to be off!

Methodical Muser said...

Sounds to me too like Ted is saying don't believe that ridiculous story which surfaced at the backend of the Swyll fauxmance about Goopy "introducing" them. Never happened.

destiny said...

I don't think the Paltrow stuff was coming from PR. I think a lot of stuff like that gets made up by people trying to impress their friends, or by the tabloids manufacturing stories.

I'd also be really surprised if Austin would accompany him on a trip like this.

prairiegirl said...

I'd also be really surprised if Austin would accompany him on a trip like this.

Yeah, must be why he looks like such a Sad Sack over there, huh? Boy, it's hard to be Jake Gyllenhaal, isn't it?

It's just so hard. **sniff**

prairiegirl said...

So hard.

prairiegirl said...

Interesting article that was sent to me.

1/28/12 at 10:28 AM

How Celebrities Get Almost Everything for Free

By Jo Piazza

At Sundance last week, Emma Roberts and William H. Macy walked out of the Gateway Center with leather jackets retailing between $595 and $695. Others got gift certificates for Apple TVs and iPads. Mary J. Blige picked up a $250 puffy jacket from Sean John while Andie MacDowell grabbed herself $200 Matt Bernson booties.

This is, actually, normal: On average, a regular red-carpet walker will receive about $100,000 in free goods and services annually, some in all-gratis pop-up shops and some unasked-for in the mail. The No. 1 freebie is apparel, from brands like Calvin Klein, Burberry, and John Varvatos. (Louis Vuitton is an exception: They won’t ever gift or even discount.) Then, consumer electronics: laptops and flat-screens. Celebs can afford to buy a new car every season but are often given free long-term leases from manufacturers like General Motors and Audi.

The minute any celebrity has a baby, she is targeted by diaper companies and stroller manufacturers. And it doesn’t stop when the kids start walking: When Tom Cruise threw a 17th-birthday party for his son Connor at the Staples Center, the event was sponsored, and Connor was showered with gifts, including cars. Even vacations get paid for. Resorts like the One & Only chain and Atlantis in the Bahamas will foot the bill for a celeb and entourage. At the Golden Globes, Air Pacific handed presenters like Johnny Depp and Jake Gyllenhaal two round-trip tickets to Fiji, as well as accommodations at a five-star resort. Total value: around $15,000.

This post comes from this week's special issue of New York Magazine, which breaks down all the windfalls, paydays and freebies of the celebrity economy.

So when will they be going to Fiji?

OwlGirl said...

As I recall, The Swiftenhaal matchmaker concept was born out of the "leak" that Gwyneth hosted both Jake and Taylor at a dinner party when they were in London at the same time (remember the story about how Jake chartered a jet to get Taylor there a day early-- haha that whole thing was so poorly played out). This was at the height of their 6-week fauxmance contract, right? So that story was probably leaked by PR. As I recall it was the media's interpretation that this dinner was the great setup, but this was actually AFTER the Swiftenhaal apple picking and ice cream dates.

OwlGirl said...

PG, that's kinda sick. Aren't you supposed to pay gift tax on that free stuff? I wonder how many of them actually pay the required taxes...

Special K said...

They are required to pay taxes on gifts exceeding a certain amount.

Special K said...

And let's see Fiji, an island paradise with gorgeous beaches - sun sand surfing.

Hmmm who will like that? ; )