Wednesday, December 12, 2012


To celebrate the all the 12's a different kind of Baker's dozen.

This time Baker and his boy in The 12 ways we know .....

1. Beginnings


2.  Out at the movie (premiere)

 3. Bedhead

 4. Biking

5. Borders
 6. Working out 1.0

7. Working Out 2.0
 8. Leadville

9. Sushi
10. New York (without crutches)

11. Berlinale

 and of course

12. Court side at the Lakers

And if it's a true Baker's dozen then you need one more:

Happy Hanukkah!!!


Special K said...

Nice surprise to see Michael Stipe with Chris Martin.

Martin's looks like he's going out to dinner, and Stipe is looking a little old.

Special K said...

Jake is working the phone bank with all girls answering the phone.

Jake told Brian Williams if he put on the Fireman's Helmet tonight on air Jake would give 10,000 dollars to Sandy Relief.

Jake get out the checkbook.

prairiegirl said...

Great thing for Jake to do. It's way past midnite there.
He can sleep in tho. Good job he did.

I know, I'm still up, dinking around.

prairiegirl said...

That picture and the video of Austin at Berlinale with Jake spoke huge volumes of the two men still being together and you know it, Jack. You can LOL all you want, buddy, but you know that one was a clincher.

That was a 'couple' situation, a "company holiday" dinner. And when it's a distinguished company function, you bring your spouse or a date. You don't bring a buddy you once went to a bball game with.

Cloud 9 said...

Awww, very nice. :)

Love the menorah too.

Jersey Tom said...

Some great pics throughout the years of Jaustin.

Just Wondering said...

Missed Jake's comments last night. Does anybody know if there is a site to try and find Jake's comment from the 12/12/12 concert?

Special K said...

Hey Just Wondering

Here the two clips of Jake last night courtesy of IHJ

Jake 12-12-12 Concert for Sandy Relief

Call Center Clip

Just Wondering said...

THANKS Special K.

prairiegirl said...

Thanks, Special, I tried Googling it but was coming up empty. I'll have to watch it again and see if I can spot when the beer bottle is thrown. I sure missed it but several people were tweeting about the projectile.

the real m said...

I just love this collection of photos. So obvious that this is a couple. They are always dressed in harmony - they dressed in the same home. We just need some new ones to add to the portfolio for 2012 and 2013.

One more day on the road tomorrow then I get to go home for 2 weeks! Can't wait.

I missed Jakes appearance - fell asleep- but hopefully it will show up on IHJ.

Seaweed said...

As M stated above, I also love this collection of Jake and Austin pictures. Thankfully, there are many more, and there are video portions showing how well these two guys interact, and also how they echo each other at times with comments, wardrobe, and topics.

Thanks for the links to the Sandy Relief videos Special!

Jersey Tom said...

I agree. A picture can say a 1000 words. So obvious a couple:-)

destiny said...

I couldn't get back on here last night, my internet was freezing up. I wonder if it was due to people streaming the concert.

The Who were amazing, Daltry still has a great voice. I'm not even the biggest Who fan, but wow. Best performance of the night I thought. Also enjoyed Kanye's set, and Michael Stipe singing.