Friday, December 14, 2012

Chi-town Top Ten

With Austin still in Chicago,  we need to talk about the must-do he's has to do before he wraps up filming.  So for that there's a top ten list.

Top Ten Chicago Must-do's... Austin Style

10. Check out the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio

9. Black Suit black tie black hat, 2 fried chickens and a Coke

8. Go to the home Sensitive Julian motherland-- Harpo Studios and ask for Oprah

7. Jump on a float in a leopard vest and sign Danke Schoen

6. Get a SuperDawg and picture on the roof

5. Tell someone you're Moley Russell's wart.

4. Cheeseburger Cheeseburger Pepsi chips  at  Billy Goat Tavern

3. Run the stairs to the top of the  Sears Tower Skydeck

2. Stop by a ladies shoe store.  Tell him Al sent ya.


#1.  Be Abe Froman, Sausage King of Chicago

Happy Austin Friday

Happy Hanukkah!!!


s.c said...

Austin is back in LA.

Know your trolls said...

Hi troll! The truth is staring you in the face.

prairiegirl said...

Huh. Boy, very interesting to watch a few reactions to Special's last couple of posts. Some people obviously don't like them, to the point of ramping up an attempt to perhaps throw it into moderation.

There have been tweet sightings of Jake on Long Island.

What I think is that Jake, Austin & the fam live on Long Island. I think Jake has an apartment in NYC because I think he stays in the city on weekends.

He has a show on Friday nights, 2 on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. It would be insane to make that commute and so I think he stays in the city on weekends. I think that's why it sounds like he's more willing to stay and sign, take photos on the weekends more so than during the week because he's not in a hurry, doesn't have a family to get back to.

And someone can come on here all they want and try to place Austin in L.A. It doesn't matter if he is right now or not. Doesn't matter if he's in Texas right now. Actually, I don't think Austin is in Chicago. He's been way too quiet all week.

And after the tragedy in Connecticut, the first place those guys are going to want to be is near their kids.

I can't spend anymore time on this right now, my day is planned. Just wanted to voice my beliefs on the subject.

Haha said...

he's not in a hurry, doesn't have a family to get back to.

Well you got that much right!

prairiegirl said...

Oh you can tell when some don't like the subject matter.

Methodical Muser said...

I agree, PG. I have seen several tweets dating back to last year of Jake in Long Island, East Hampton, Mattituk, etc. Which would also explain his seemingly miraculous friendship with Jerry Seinfeld which recently came out of nowhere. Remember the big Seinfeld sleepover story back in August? A typical PR ploy to try to plant the idea that Jake lives nowhere near the area and therefore had to spend the night. Then there was that Rockaway Beach Facebook sighting where in July where Jake was seen on the beach with a child on his shoulders.

Jersey Tom said...

I dont put a lot of stock into tweets M and M. Gimme some juicy pics:-)

Methodical Muser said...

Pictures can be photoshopped and manipulated, Tom. A public relations technique that we have observed with Jake on many occasions. In fact, the ease at which digital photographs can be altered to create an entirely different reality is breathtaking these days. Regarding tweets and other social networking data, I look for patterns, verifications, context, and relevancy. And I never, never, ever take a tweet in isolation. I also look at postings overtime. When one begins to see not one or two but well over twenty posts from entirely different tweeters in different parts of the United States, stating that they have run into Jake in various parts of Long Island since 2011, when he's supposed to be living in an "official" Manhattan bachelor pad, one needs to stop believing the established party line. That's the difference between you and me I suppose, but that's how you get to the truth. I'm not waiting for a smoking gun. I'm doing my homework and thinking for myself.

Jersey Tom said...

Lots of people live on Long Island M. Lots of cell phones. PR cant stop it forever. I dont doubt anything but something has got to give soon.

not the same guy said...

Jake is hiding something. Doesn't make sense it's just the gay. Lots of celebrity closeted cases yet I have never seen someone change like JG. Hate to say it, but this guy is downright weird nowadays and very reclusive. And, it has nothing to do with growing older. People don't change on a dime when they're 31 like he has.

Two cents said...

Rockaway Beach is the hipster's Hamptons. I can see Jake hanging there.

Just Saying said...

I agree Tom. In this day and time, everyone has a cell phone and a picture of Jake can be taken anytime anywhere. And, a picture of those six children((?)) would have been taken by now. Whoever keeps them(lol), Jake or Austin. Just saying.

M, PR has no control over my cell/camera phone, nor do they have control over yours.
Let alone the millions of people who see Jake /Austin out and about and post every waking thing all the time whenever they want to.
Nope, PR can't control tweets or pics. Accept this will you

prairiegirl said...

Let's make sure we are addressing the correct commenters. M hasn't been on here all day. It's M & M who has been on the blog today.

Jersey Tom said...

M and M not trying to make you or anybody who thinks J and A have multiple kids feel or look bad for believing that. Not sure what I believe anymore. I do think Jake and Austin are living very unusal lives to not have been photographed out and about with their kids though. Not many people know who Austin is but a lot of people know who Jake is. Especially in LA and NYC. Just hard to belive they could live a life without taking their kids out doing normal stuff. Very small odds that people havent been able to get some cell phone pics if they have been living normal lives. I totally respect your opinion though and consider you a friend.

Methodical Muser said...

Ever hear of a photo ban? Right now, there is a photo ban on private pictures of Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles together. Doesn't mean they still don't go out, but the photos are not allowed to be published. Jake and Austin aren't going to be walking down the streets of Manhattan with their kids. Would be lovely if they were so accommodating. But, it just ain't gonna happen.

Jake is hiding something. Doesn't make sense it's just the gay.

Exactly. Ever since Jake has given up on the high profile bearding, he has looked and acted like a recluse. Just Jared and his ilk provide planted photo ops to make it seem like everything is normal, when really nothing is. That's all you get of Jake any more. Media outlets play the game with their Lea Seydoux, Minka Kelly and Mere Mortal Girlfriend from the train stories. Then everyone goes poof, never to be seen again, until another fabricated hook up appears. As always believe what you want. But, Jake is secretive for a reason and it is not because he likes guys.