Saturday, December 8, 2012

Helping during the Holidays

 During the holidays there are so many opportunities to give back and help those in need. Jake's helping out a couple ways this holiday season.

This past Wednesday, Jake took part in ICAP New York’s Charity Day 2012 representing of New Eyes.

 ICAP "is the world’s leading voice and electronic interdealer broker and provider of post trade risk and information services." (They are part of trading in a variety of markets all over the work) They operate a global network covering more than 32 countries.

On ICAP Charity Day all the revenues and commissions on that one day  are given to charities all around the world.  On Wednesday they gave $ 17.7 million US dollars to charities worldwide.

On the trading floor Jake was working the phones or were the phones working him?

Jake will be giving back to help others again, next Wednesday, by joining in to help out the victims of Hurricane Sandy.   Jake is join musicians, and celebrities  for 12-12-12 Benefit Concert. 

The concert will be broadcasted to over 2 billion people via television, radio,  online and in theaters.  The musical line up includes:  Bon Jovi, Eric Clapton, Dave Grohl, Billy Joel, Alicia Keys, Chris Martin, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band, Eddie Vedder, Roger Waters, Kayne West, The Who and Paul McCartney

During the live concert,  musical artists and celebrities will take donations via phone for the Robin Hood Relief Fund and assist those throughout the tri-state area who have been impacted by Sandy.

Jake joins others that include Steve Buscemi, Jessica Chastain, Chelsea Clinton, Sean Combs, Billy Crystal, Leo DiCaprio, Jimmy Fallon, Karlie Kloss, Seth Meyers, Bobby Moynihan, Chris Rock, Adam Sandler, Susan Sarandon, Jon Stewart, Kristen Stewart, Quentin Tarantino, and Brian Williams to help out during the evening.

Share the Spirit  of the Season 

Watch, enjoy and give on 12-12-12  to help others impacted by Hurricane Sandy. 

And Hanukkah is here!

Tonight was the first night of Hanukkah, the Festival of  Lights

Happy Hanukkah!


prairiegirl said...

Ah but the nuggets of little minds, eh?

I have enjoyed Austin's last several tweets. When I was staying in the Chicago area for 3 months during a strike, I really enjoyed the area I was in. And Wisconsin was just a hop, skip and a jump over the state line. I spent a Sunday driving over there and what a beautiful land that I saw. It was cool to see fans from Wisconsin tweeting back at him, recommending to him places to see or stop at. That should be one of the fruits of Twitter - exchanging greetings and chatter with people over the cyber airwaves.

I was also thoroughly excited to see that Donovan trailer, despite the source who provided it on Twitter. Exciting, exciting stuff to see Austin in this role, I cannot wait to see it!!! And I get Showtime so I will be sure and catch it the first time it airs. Austin looks pretty darned hot from what I saw.

Yssterday was a marathon day of shopping, my kind of day. Stores that I just love to hit up at holiday time - Barnes and Noble, Williams Sonoma. We were forever in Barnes and Noble; it had been a drought since Borders is no more. You know, they had an HR Pufnstuf DVD set? LOLLL!!

Texts going back and forth on Christmas lists with family and a self-created Christmas station on Pandora. Love going to nurseries and picking out the greenery and seeing all the trees getting loaded up, excited little kids. It's just a great time of year. If only work would let up, geez.

prairiegirl said...

It's important at this time of year to be conscious of hand washing. Last week was National Hand Washing Awareness Week and some of us visited a school to speak of the benefits and importance of hand washing. I don't think it can be stressed enough. It can help prevent so many illnesses.

But right now that we're all in a lot of stores and touching all of those keypads, gas pump handles, doorknobs, ink pens at checkout counters and restaurant tables, people are coughing and sneezing everywhere, it's important to remember not to touch your mouth, your nose and your eyes with your hands.

That's the T-zone, the portals where those cold and flu germs easily will find a way to you. Cough and sneeze into your sleeve and wash before eating, after using the facilities, after handling the garbage are a few of the times.

We used this lotion that you rub into your hands before washing at the sink. Then you take a blacklight to your hands afterwards and all the little spots that you missed will glow. It's pretty cool.

It seems like a minor task and something you would think everyone does but they don't. Just an opportunity for us to be proactive in trying to stay healthy this winter!

The Fear said...

I'm reaching back a couple of days but I just had to because the post is so fanciful that it demanded a dose or reality.

Those of us who believe there are children don't look silly at all, I'm sorry.

You really do. You've been beating the drum for over five years and look at what you have to show for it: yoghurt and juice and a mark on Jake's shorts and a big empty car. Stunning. A written report of a foreign press conference where Jake apparently just comes out and says he's married because that makes sense, but also says he doesn't have any children but lets just ignore that part. And you have one tweet from one person who claimed that Jake dropped his daughter off at a daycare center while filming in the city. The same Jake who you claim is orchestrating a massive cross continental PR campaign to hid his family. And this tweeter never met Jake and only heard about this occurrence a year after it happened. Lets ignore that she probably got her wires crossed and it was Maggie who dropped her daughter off.

We had Ted spill the story first back when they were first planning their family and look what eventually happened to him.

Hmm, what did happen to Ted after he spilled the story? Oh yes, absolutely nothing. He continued to write about TT and GG and BT for years.

He was gotten 'rid of' and he took the Toothy, GG and BT story right along with him because Jake wanted it gone.

Oh, sorry, yes, when you ignore the years in between Ted writing about TT and GG and BT and Ted getting fired it sure does look suspicious.

BTW, Jonathan Jaxson tried to talk about it too and look what happened to him as well.

What happened to him? People read his posts and said "Hang on, this man is a nobody who is just copying Ted's blind items and pretending someone told him these stories, except he gets the year wrong" and then laughed at Jaxson for it. They he tried to get more daily hits to his website by saying he totally had proof that he'd post in a week, and then when it came time to deliver said he couldn't because lawyers were stopping him and people laughed at him some more. Then he had a meltdown, leaked his own nude pictures while claiming Perez Hilton was trying to blackmail him, deleted everything, had another meltdown and "attempted" suicide while claiming Kim Kardashian was trying to destroy him, deleted everything again, got his ass sued and admitted he was liar.

No, I don't feel silly at all. We have nothing to feel silly about. I'm proud of what some of us have done here. OMG is the only remaining blog around which is open enough and gutsy enough to call them out on this big secret.

"This blog is strictly for entertainment purposes. Its writers make no serious claims about the sexuality of either Jake Gyllenhaal or Austin Nichols."

Such bravery!

Can any of you Baby Tile believers please tell me how this fantasy is going to play out? Because you obviously believe that Jake can hide his multiple children for the better part of five years, but you can't possibly believe he can hide them for much longer, right? I mean, there has to come a point where you admit that you're wrong. If you get another year of press silence and no pictures of these mythical children will you start to acknowledge that you might have screwed up? Two years? Three?

prairiegirl said...

I mean, there has to come a point where you admit that you're wrong.

Uh. No.

prairiegirl said...

If you get another year of press silence and no pictures of these mythical children will you start to acknowledge that you might have screwed up? Two years? Three?


prairiegirl said...

PR, we're going to be here as long as it takes. Better get used to it.

Smoke and mirrors works on those who don't use their minds as well as their eyes.

You know you're dealing with a different deck here. And you can't stand that. But all I can say is....tough. Too bad so sad.

Two re-discovered artists during this holiday music season: Elvis and Frank Sinatra. Wow, did Elvis have a great voice or what? And Frank Sinatra? Love a lot of his Christmas stuff.

We should have a Christmas music sharing session. People post what holiday songs they really love.
We could probably pick up some good tunes that way. And holiday recipes.

prairiegirl said...

Happy Hanukkah to all who observe.


The Fear said...

So there is no point at which you will believe you were wrong? If another DECADE passes and Jake still isn't out with his 5 (6?) children, and the press still isn't mentioning them, you'll still believe they exist? Do you understand that this just means you've abandoned any pretense of this being a logical belief and it's now just a quasi-religious article of faith for you?

And why would PR care whether you believe in the BTs or not since apparently Jake's PR can silence every single newspaper, magazine and website on the planet for over half a decade and even this blog says that it's only for entertainment and doesn't make any claims about Jake or Austin's sexuality?

prairiegirl said...

You're a waste of my time. I know how to choose to spend my time and energy, and you are not a worthwhile choice.


Seaweed said...


Lord Liftin !

We seem to be getting a lot of hot air in great supply from "the fear". Why so SERIOUSSSssssss?

We'll continue to enjoy our beliefs and suspicions, backed up by whatever morsels of truth or hope there is out there. Not sure why its such a big deal to you?

Pack up your grandiose bafflegabbing and come up north to expel that hot air where it could be put to some good use.

Seaweed said...

If you don't understand the sentiment then just move on... once again... Why so SERIOUSssssss?

If PG or anyone else else here is quite happy to maintain those beliefs, hopes, or whatever, then leave us/them to our pleasant enjoyment, and stop all probing, poking, and prodding.

Ah so

prairiegirl said...

You know that Jake's people just cannot stand that some people just won't give it up. They want all the talk to go away. They want a different world for their client, a different fanbase. They want Toothy to go away. They want Brokeback to go away. They want Ted's history to go away. They want Austin to go away. They wish those Laker photos would disappear. They want Oh My Godot to go away.

This is one big reason why all the Reese, the Tay, the Michael Pena, the Marcus Mumford, the Carey Mulligan, the big beard on Jake's face. Whatever it takes to get Austin Nichols' name to disappear on a Google Search alongside Jake's.

Yes, they have accomplished that. I remember 3 or 4 years ago, when you Googled Jake's name, Austin's popped up right after that and was even listed down below as a legit Search.

PR has eliminated that now. Austin has been buried on Google alongside of his own husband's name. Wonderful, isn't it?

The Truth. It's become such a dinosaur in HW, hasn't it.

destiny said...

Ray Donovan looks really good, and I love Paula Malcomson, who is playing Donovan's wife (she was on Deadwood). Looking at the preview though I would be surprised if Austin is in it the whole season; looks more like the kind of thing where a different problem will be "fixed" every week. Hope I'm wrong. I'll be waiting for the DVD, I don't have Showtime and don't feel like paying for another premium channel.

What a great thing ICAP is doing with their charity day.

destiny said...

I agree that Jaxson was a joke and not too bright, and that he imploded on his own. The only thing I'm not sure of is whether Perez used him to leak information about J&A.

I do wonder what happened to Ted.

prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
prairiegirl said...

I agree, Destiny, I bet Austin's was just a one stint shot on Ray Donovan but that's okay. I'm still really looking foward to seeing it.

I agree that Jaxson was a joke and not too bright, and that he imploded on his own.

I don't know about that. He gave some information that others hadn't, i.e. Austin leaving the hospital with the baby.

I think it's a total revelation that he goes from talking about Jake, Austin and the baby to being done in HW and endorsing Jake with Tay.

You don't just do a 180 like that without there being something going on in the background. I mean, can anybody explain Perez Hilton's total backslide? How about Ted endorsing Twilight's nonsense couple Patz and KStew? What about Lamey? I think there is so much palm greasing and stuff going on under the table, it's not funny.

Special K said...


I guess ICAP has been doing this for a number of years and has given over $100 million to charities around the world.

I do hope they have Tommy as a recurring character. I don't think Tommy's activity is a one time thing.

Ray is from Boston, and they did some shooting up here for the show. Paula Malcomson definitely doing the Southie Boston accent.

I think I read that Ted is heading to TV Guide.

Seaweed said...

Well, let's just try one final time... to The Fear.

I don't comment a great deal but I do get a sense of enjoyment from the beliefs many of us share here, and of the light that's been focused on the hypocracy of Hollywood. There are any number of other things, but one thing I don't take all that seriously is your ramblings and constant barrage of questions. However, your veiled or obvious insults towards some of the regualars here are a bit too much to endure.

Today I'm just sitting back and enjoying watching you spin, and spin, and spin... I'm laughing my arse off to be honest. Why don't you take your own advice and "move on". If, in fact, you are only here "less than a dozen times a year, then I'm guessing you're just about gassed out for at least another month or so. Chances are we'll see you again mid January, so in the meantime I hope you have a nice Christmas and Holiday Season.

The Fear said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Thin Mints said...

You're a troll, 2:16. You do know this, don't you?

ew said...

Terrence Howard has joined the A-list stuffed ensemble Prisoners alongside Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Melissa Leo, Viola Davis, Paul Dano, and Maria Bello, about a carpenter (Jackman) whose daughter and her best friend are kidnapped, and then goes rogue trying to find them, going head-to-head with a detective (Gyllenhaal). French-Canadian Denis Villeneuve, known for 2010′s Oscar-nominated Incendies, is directing from a screenplay by Aaron Guzikowski (Contraband)

The Fear said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Seaweed said...

What is nice about OMG is the way so many get re-engaged when there is a bigger revelation. In any case the stalwarts remain and there are plenty of TB's just lurking and chiming in from time to time.

Kudo's to Special for watching over this blog, and for her patience and hard work doing someting she obviously cares about. Things here are far from dead.

Trust... it's still very much alive.

destiny said...

I think Jaxson was trying to be another Perez, and I don't think he was committed one way or another as to how he did it, i.e., being outrageous or going along with the party line.

Most gossip columnists are not in the business of outing people, and Ted wanted to attract new, younger readers because he probably didn't get the audience people like JJ and others get. I think that's why he was playing up his coverage of the Twilight stars. A lot of people seem to think he was fired for accidently outing Jeremy Renner because E! is owned by the same company that owns the studio that put out either Mission Impossible or the new Bourne movie, can't remember which.

I hear that even Perez stopped outing people. I don't know if it's true because I hate him and would never give his site a hit.

destiny said...

Happy Hannukah!

Jersey Tom said...

Happy Hannukah. U are correct Seaweed still very much alive.