Friday, December 28, 2012

Hit the Shower

Looking good.

Just maybe not so dressed
upnext time.

Happy Austin Friday.


the real m said...

Pretty quiet on the Jake front these days. I suppose he's earned some time off after doing all that stage work. He did not miss a performance I think, which is quite a feat.

Where are those Austin photos from? I have not seen those before.

prairiegirl said...

I've not seen them before either. Boy, I really like all of them but particularly that first one.

Cool find, Special !

Special K said...

Some pics from the OMG picture archive. Part of the "rainy day fund" file. :D

These were taken around JFC and were part of the series of Austin in the retro hotel room.

Seaweed said...

It's not every day that I get to see Jake looking up at me from the pages of my newspaper, but today, happily, was one of them.

It's just an article out of Ontario about Jake working with Canadian director Denis Villeneuve on two films of his. I recall the discussions on "An Enemy" but was not sure of the mention of "Prisoners". In any case here is the link to the article, which may only be available for a day or so... Halifax Herald Article Enjoy.

Seaweed said...

The picture of Jake is worth the look alone!


Special K said...

Thanks for sharing Seaweed!

Are you on the path for snow today? I am all set for the first snow of the season, errands done and snuggled in the house waiting for the first flakes.

Jersey Tom said...

We got mush in S NJ. So happy no snow. Another day closer to moving to sunny Florida:-)

I would love to see Austin in the shower:-)

Jersey Tom said...

I cant believe I am getting ads on blogger now. What is the world coming to.

Seaweed said...

TOM... behave yourself ! !

Must admit, the thought of Austin in the shower or parading around in his skivies or less would get me going as well. LOL.

Special, we had storm warnings a few days ago, yet here it just amounted to a lot of rain along the coast with some raging winds. Hope you don't get snowed in too badly.

Checked the Weather Channel and can see there's a big one heading this way, although along the coast it continues to indicate rain and snow for inland areas. We've been lucky so far as the temps have been moderate for this time of year. That should soon come to an abrubt end as the water surrounding us is getting colder by the day. I'm just sitting tight here anyhow, good tunes, my laptop and a propane range to cook if my power goes out.