Thursday, December 20, 2012

Mayans Ruin everything

With half the world already well into 12-21-12 and no world wide destruction, the odds of the world ending are getting slimmer to none.

But if it did, how would it go for the gentleman:

With Jake rocking the prophetic looking beard,   just add a cozy bathrobe and some fuzzy clogs and he's good to go.

Austin would be waiting for it to world destruction to happen in his big rubba boots with beer and grin.

Jake would renounce kale and hipster folk music.

Austin would reveal that his favorite movie is not  The Searcher's  or  Being There but actually is Cannonball Run.

Jake's done it before, 

 so don't worry ....  there's  still time guys

And a songs for such an auspicious  occasion

Not sure if the sign of the end times is the song, or Jerry Lewis introducing it.


prairiegirl said...

What has got you so nervous and paranoid, 02:55? Wow. Let's think about this, shall we?

Something has a few people spewing the venom and dislike, because that's exactly what is going on right now. It's been going on for several days now, this really mean spirited harassment.

Is it that the cover up around Jake's birthday was so predictable, so lamely carried out and routine? Timex never ran so smoothly and precise, has it? Yeah, a few of us saw it all. I even synchronized my Hello Kitty watch to the boys' hamster wheel ministrations, they were so predictable and timely. It was like punching in and punching out. Time served.

Is it that Jake's play is about to end it's run? Hmm. Is it that Austin has been so quiet since his weekend trip to Wisconsin? Hmm. Is it that we've not seen hide nor hair of Atticus since when? When was the last time we saw Atticus? Hmm. Is it Norelco Anxiety over the looming possibility of Jake shaving? Hmm, I could understand that. Talk about curtains splitting and seas parting, huh.

There could be a kazillion reasons, I suppose. But it certainly is puzzling. I mean, Jake's got his college girlfriend, right? Austin is nowhere to be seen in the metropolis vicinity of your boy, so no cause for concern on that front, right? The play has gone well. End of Watch accolades and some award noms, that's all cool and exciting. There's been some spinning and "I'm eating at the next table with's", so blood pressures and pulses should be steady and at ease.

All systems are go in other words.

Or they should be.

But no rest for some. There's still something evidently gnawing at a few because they'd rather focus on OMG blogposts, its administrator, and some of its regular posters, of which there is only the bare minimum of us. lol.

I'm so sorry. All I can think of is to suggest a heating pad and maybe some hot chamomile tea.

the real m said...

PG, so sorry to hear about your aunt. My thoughts are with you.

It was awfully quiet around the web for Jakes birthday. Did not garner much attention at all. His popularity sure suffered these past few years. At least he is doing what he likes now and not cow towing to the Disneys of the world.