Saturday, December 22, 2012

Packages tied up with string....

...these might be a few of Jake's favorite (new) things

With two days left to do shopping, Austin some suggestions for you if your stuck for those last minute additions:

For the foodie, a cheese board and knives to make those artisanal handmade cheeses he gets trying you to taste even better or keep him occupied why you sneak the funky goat gouda into a napkin.

 A camo Ipad cover to match Jake's favorite green pants.

Can you ever go wrong with Grandpa sweaters?  Well maybe this style but you know Grandpa sweaters are a go to.
 The germ-a-phobe and neat nick that Jake is will appreciate  utensils that come with built in rests so they don't touch any surfaces and don't leave a mess.

Speaking of cooking.  How about a subscription to the trendy hipster cooking quarterly, Lucky Peach, edited by David Chang of Momofuku fame. 

Then there are those gifts your give can be a gift for yourself.   
....sensing a theme?
And can't forget a little fun and games.  Have table will travel. 
Or might not need a table for some alternative game plans.

What  about something that is reminder of things from the  beginning of the year.

 Despite all his coffee drinking,  you know Jake to a "tea".

And for all pictures of Jake during EoW, have fun with the Fuzzy Face Frame.
And then say it's the only Jake's getting a beard once he shaves.


Cloud 9 said...

It's that time of year, Special's fantastic Christmas gift lists! :)

prairiegirl said...

BWAHAAWAHHHH!!! LOLLL!! Ha ha, that was a really good, really cheeky post, Special. Good for you! Love that table tennis game. LOLLLL! Does Hasbro have one that comes with a Peter Sarsgaard. opponent, I wonder? lol

At first I thought you were suggesting a big soap on the rope but it was a shaving bowl. lol. And the grandpop sweater. LOLLL! Why doesn't he wear those anymore? Maybe if one came in fatigue camo he would. And the camo IPad cover. LOLLL!

Everything is just striking me as really funny tonight. Maybe it's the late hour and I just got home a few minutes ago. My feet are killin me.

prairiegirl said...

And My Favorite Things is not a holiday song!!! This drives me nuts and is probably my only but biggest holiday peeve. Just because the lyrics say "brown packages tied up with string" does not make it a holiday tune. I mean, raindrops? Whiskers on kittens? What is Christmas'y about that? Doorbells? Again, not holiday fare. Snowflakes that stay on the nose and eye lashes? Could happen in January or February. Same for the woolen mittens. When the dog barks? Bee stings? Wild geese? The argument for inclusion of that song in holiday airplay is just shot full of holes.

prairiegirl said...

Grrrrrrr. It gets a thumbs down on my Pandora holiday station no matter who sings it.

Time for a laugh. This is too good. It's so good, I'm going to go out on this note. (Remember that episode of Seinfeld where George Costanza wanted to leave a room on a high note? LOL). I think this article was actually being serious.

@ologize: @OTHpicquotes Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols make our top 10 list for the most shocking celebrity breakups in 2012!

the real m said...

A spoon with a built in rest. Now that is genius. I have to track down one of those for myself.

Yes I am up at an ungodly hour but heading back to sleep. Body time clock is still confused by all the east coast/ west coast flip flops.

Jersey Tom said...

Hey I just ordered a really nice grandpa sweater from Eddie Bauer.
Thanks Wicked.

Yeh I was really shocked Austy and Sophia broke up also. Never saw it coming:-)

Jersey Tom said...

Oops meant Geoffrey Beene not Eddie Bauer. Isn't Eddie pocketbooks. Don't do pocketbooks.

Special K said...

Eddie Bauer does do casual wear for men, women and kids Tom, and so it might be Eddie or Geoffrey.

Finally getting a little spring back to my step after being sick last week, I've told a lot family and friends they might not get their gifts from when Santa stops by but definitely by the time the Wise Men dropped theirs off. (Jan 6)

Jersey Tom said...

Feel better SK. Lots of germs going around. I do my best to stay at of malls at Christmas time. I love gift certificates and money. Never need to return them:-)

destiny said...

Love the Christmas gift list Special always one of my favorite posts of the year. I would love a set of those utensils too.

AUS10 said...

PROMISED LAND - Gus Van Sant - That's all I'm gonna say.

7:57 AM - 23 Dec 12 ·

Jersey Tom said...

Love that Austin is putting out the love for Gus Van Sant. Love to see Gus be the first gay director to win the Oscar some day. He has done some very good work.