Monday, December 24, 2012

The night before, not creature was stirring

....but maybe Jake's shaving

Now that Jake's finished up the play there's just a little time for some shopping.

So for those ultimate last minute suggestions for that Tall Texan who has been catching up on some films while waiting for the man with Santa hat to arrive.

How about something that reminds him of Texas when he's not there?

Or a something with a wings in the color of Texas?

Maybe  a typewriter Ipad cover for writer's inspiration.
And for the photographer, forget Instagram try a Sardine can.
 For a little pickin' to go with that grinnin', a guitar pick maker that he can make picks out of anything
How eco-friendly!

 Now that we're on a roll how about,  bike chain cuff links for dressing up

or a dressed down tee for the self proclaimed Bad Ass

 After years of chasing the trucks,  maybe inspiration for him to try a little DIY
 And the same for the libations.  He's been to the White House and likes beer, why not try to make some House home brew.

Of course you can't forget the essence of Austin,

For the cinephile,  a John Cassavetes box set

and the waterskier a subtle reminder to hang up his coat

 And for the guy who loves a big ring,  how about this one to flash?
It's on Etsy

Too subtle? 

And for Christmas Eve treat, one of my favorite holiday traditions:


prairiegirl said...

Merry Christmas Eve !!!!!

And all through the house, not a single wee Gyllenichols was stirring....While Aust in a kerchief and Jake in his beanie cap, had just settled in for a long winter's jounce...

No, no, no, no!!!! This is G-rated Christmas Eve!!!! LOLLLLLL !!!!

Boy, what fun you could have rewriting The Night Before Christmas in Jaustin style, huh? Talk of springing from the bed and prancing and pawing of hooves... lol.

I should be wrapping presents. Should be picking up this trashed apartment. Should be doing a lot of things.

But oh no, a blank thread is calling. I have this hairbrained idea. It's a grand idea, too.

I think. I think we should conduct an office pool. A blog pool, if you will.

Closest one gets to be declared the winner. lol. That's your prize. You get to be called The Winner.

When will we see Jake shaven.

And I'm not so sure it will necessarily be the first time we see him either. He could still be a member of the Hair Bear Bunch next time we see him. I have to think overnight on this one. Come up with a good date because I think it's going to be a little while. Well - he starts filming in January, right? So it depends on the character in that movie. Could be a small window.

Think, think, think.

Who's going to be in? Come on, toss in a date. Doesn't have to be tomorrow since it's the holiday. But after that, it's a free for all.

Nighty Nite.

Happy Crimbo said...

So for those ultimate last minute suggestions for that Tall Texan who has been catching up on some films while waiting for the man with Santa hat to arrive.

How about something that reminds him of Texas when he's not there?

Wait.  What?  Why would Austin be waiting for Jake in Texas?  I thought we were going with the house on Long Island theory.  Why is Jake always traveling to wherever his mostly out of work partner is?  Why wasn't Austin at Jake's closing performance yesterday in NYC?  

Seaweed said...

It's been a busy time heading into Christmas, and now the celebrations and family gatherings will be peaking... so just wanted to wish everyone here a Very Merry Christmas!

Soon we'll be looking forward to a fresh new year, but in the meantime I hope you and yours can enjoy the season in your own special way.

prairiegirl said...

Ha ha ha, love the Truck Food Book. That's a good one.

Merry Christmas, Seaweed!! In four more minutes for moi. I'm still up dinking around, wrapping a few presents. We're having Christmas with my visiting aunt and cousins from Vegas and Hawaii, a first. But a very fun first. It's been great having them in town, even though it was for a sad purpose. But we've ended up having some great fun and we've grown closer in the last several years.

Next weekend, we will be celebrating with my brother and his family. So those presents can wait and they are spread out all over my room in various states of wrapping or ready to be wrapped. Tissue paper everywhere, partial rolls of wrap, scraps of wrap that you can't do anything with but you hate to throw away, and why do I wait until the last minute to wrap everything. lol

Christmas Vacation is on. LOLLLLL!! Can't wait until Clark Griswold carves the roast beast turkey and it opens up in a cloud of dust. LOLLL!! That just kills me.

OH!!! There's the strike of midnight!! Merry Christmas, everyone!!!

destiny said...

Spent the evening watching movies with my mom and sister, Shop Around the Corner and then Come to the Stable (never seen that one before ), then after they went to bed i wrapped presents while watching A Christmas Story. It's snowing out and we already have a couple of inches, so a rare white Christmas.


AUS10 said...

Your cinematic surrealist French fix. HOLY MOTORS. What a trip. @drafthouse

6:28 AM - 24 Dec 12 · Details

Special K said...

Merry Christmas!!!!

Jersey Tom said...

Merry Christmas everyone. Enjoy your holiday.