Friday, December 7, 2012

Free Wheelin'

This is Tommy Wheeler

He's an A-lister

He makes big budget movies

But he has a little problem

or its it a big one?

As in a "chick" with an adam's apple as big as a fist
And a little something something extra too

This is Ray. Ray Donavan

He fixes things when Tommy messes up.

Let's hope Tommy messes up a lot.


Ray Donovan on Showtime in 2013

Check out the trailer: (second half of the clip)

Happy Austin Friday!


the real m said...

How exciting. You know what Showtime means? Sex, nudity, more sex and even more nudity. The best place for a show with Austin to be.

Good point that Austin showed up in NYC with nary a comment as to why. He has not been seen in LA for a long time. I bet he is quietly living in NYC with Jake and the kids. And of course other websites just ignore the fact that Austin is next to Jake in photos now. Like he is invisible or something.

Exhausted from my travel schedule but only one more trip east and I can resume working from home for a couple of weeks. The house is a mess, my husband is cranky, mail, newspapers and catalogs are piled up but it will be over soon.

AUS10 said...

I need your help. I have to see Trampled By Turtles tonight in Steven's Point, Wisconsin. Someone please!!!

8:47 AM - 8 Dec 12 ·

AUS10 said...

Just passed Kenosha, Wisconsin. Headed to Milwaukee. Road trip!!

12:33 PM - 8 Dec 12 ·

Seaweed said...

Keep laughing... some day, in some way, you may have to swallow your condesention!

Many of us believe the signs, hints and 'tells' and will take our chances with a bit of patience; and we'll just see how it all works out when the dust settles.

Till then, go hoarse with your laughing and scoffing.

Seaweed said...

Hi M.

Love your comments re: Showtime/Showcase, and you're right, they are so good at depicting drama and comedy with life-like accuracy. And if accurate doesn't exactly suit everyone's sense of it, then their use of more common english vernacular can be refreshing. Just my opinion, as I loved the Shakespereian infused with coarse epithets of Deadwood, and also enjoyed the sharp and saucy wordplay in David Milch's John from Cincinnati.

Jersey Tom said...

That is all we can do Seaeeed. Wait and see. It has tested us all. Frayed some nerves. Pushed our patience. Divided friends. We are still here though. Time will tell.