Thursday, December 27, 2012

Reel Rewind

With it all quiet on the Jake and Austin front for the last couple of days while celebrating the holidays, thought it would be a good time to  fire up the way back machine for a rewind back to Brokeback



destiny said...

I saw the Kennedy awards, great music performances. It was also touching to see how touched the members of Led Zeppelin were by the tribute.

Such beautiful photos from BBM.

Seaweed said...

Just saw the 'Heart' tribute to Led Zepplin from last night... it was an epic performance! Over the holidays I saw Heart on DVD, a scorcher of a concert from 2010... a truly amazing sound experience.

And while on the topic of amazing talent and unfogettable performances, its so very hard to imagine that it's been roughly 8 years since BBM was in production in Alberta. Thanks for the many visual cues Special.

prairiegirl said...

Seaweed, I know how dearly you hold Brokeback Mtn to your heart. I know that it remains probably my all-time favorite movie ever. No, I don't like the ending but the tragedy of the ending is what made that movie so beautiful and classic. That probably doesn't make any sense.

Everything about that movie was perfect. The actors were cast so well. The scenery was gorgeous. The music was as important to that movie as anything else. It was beautiful as well as haunting. And I love that the budget was so small. What differentiates this small budgeted film from cop film EOW is that it took so long for someone to take the risk and do this movie because of the subject matter.

And what makes that movie so classic is that it will always stand the test of time. Love will never be outdated.

I look at these pictures and what soft lines Jake had in his face. Sure, he's young but it's more than that. This movie was filmed before he was hardened by the closet.

What a huge difference now. Just huge.

And the biggest irony of all is that Jake and Austin are denying what they have together to the public just like how the character Ennis Del Mar denied what he had with Jack Twist. Their closeted family life, wherever it takes them, be it New York City, Austin TX, Paris, or Morocco has become their Brokeback Mountain.

prairiegirl said...

After the flurry of nonsense that was supposed to "cover" for the family transport to a safe place, at least things have calmed down a bit. What a bunch of rot going on from the Austin Nichols camp. And it continues to be just like the ticking of a Timex watch. You can just bank on it.

Me? I'm dogsitting. Max and Ruby!! Max is a wiener dog and Ruby is a basset hound. LOLLL. You should see Ruby. Everything flops around. I'm in the middle of a week long gig. Been totally absorbed in family what with my aunt and cousins in town for Christmas. Crazy, crazy. Running here and running there. Lots of home cooking and gab. Lots and LOTS of dishwashing too as my mom does not own a dishwasher. Oh my gosh, the penalty one pays for big meals. Tons of dishes and pots and pans.

No wonder people don't cook at home much anymore. LOLLLLL!!

Special K said...

PG I would do the dishes for your mom's enchiladas!

prairiegirl said...

Ha ha ha! I saw some homemade tamales around but did we get a sniff of them? Nooooo, I don't

This family that was in, they are a lot of fun. They crack me up because they buy everything in mass quantity. And whenever my aunt leaves, my mom inherits boxes and bottles and cans of this and that. Tons of it. And they don't buy just one. They buy BIG and they buy many. It's like maybe we were going to hunker down during a blizzard or something.

One thing about doing dishes with family is that you do a lot of talking. That's when you get a lot of gab going on. And a lot of laughing. And I always go through several tea towels. One thing I don't like is a wet tea towel so I'll go through two or three in one washing/drying.

prairiegirl said...

My mom and aunt came from a very big family. And they are still very old school. Another thing when it comes to cooking is they don't use processors or chopping machines. Everything is done by hand. Think I've said it before but I think that's part of what makes her enchiladas so excellent is she doesn't use pre shredded cheese. There's something about the cheese coming off of that grater and it's so soft. The store bought cheese is harder. It's just not quite the same. Guess it's those dreaded preservatives, lol.

prairiegirl said...

#KaeeBugg_;* ‏@KatieMills_16

I swear on everything I'm eating at the same Mexican restaurant as Jake Gyllenhaal !!!
7:02 PM - 28 Dec 12 · Details

Location: Alabama?

So at first this would seem unlikely. But two things struck out at me almost immediately. The proximity of Alabama to Texas as well as that to Atlanta, one of the shooting locations of Jake's next movie.

Oh! And then there's the little matter of "Mexican restaurant".


Oh yes, indeedy.