Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Not so smooth Face Time

 It's been all about Jake's beard for a while and in 20 days that wooly mammoth will be gone. 

But before it goes how about some time for Austin's face fur at it's fullest.

Surface was when it was it's wooliest on screen.

 And off screen, this one of the more recent pics- during ACL 2012.

While is not as Old Testament, Crazy Coot as Jake's you can see it has the potential.

Let's hope it never goes that way.


destiny said...

Those Haylor photos really are pathetic.

Sadly Taylor Swift is considered to be one of the smartest and best marketed singers out there, and she's got the sales to back it up. The young girls don't know enough to see through it, and what older fans there are probably don't pay enough attention to gossip to care.

Methodical Muser said...
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Methodical Muser said...

Hey, everyone. Hope all is well. Like PG, I’m busy as can be, but still watching, seeing the “here we go again” merry-go-round of Austin and Jake, shaking my head, and with regard to Swifty and Harry rolling my eyes and trying to fight off the acidic bile that rises in my throat when I see another display of flagrantly homophobic managed manipulation. Someone on one of the tumblr sites made me smile when they wrote that the real reason Harry probably had such a big bag with him going into Swift’s hotel was because he needed reading material, music, snacks, and his laptop so he could skype with Louis. Adding that the change of clothes was so he could look like he wasn’t “sitting there reading, jamming, eating, and chatting with his man all night.”

All kidding aside though, Louis was so drunk at the after party of their Madison Square Garden show that he had to be held up by his own beard as he attempted to leave the “celebration” in the early hours of the morning. No doubt, some truly, heartbreaking stuff is going on right now with Louis and Harry, which makes the Taylor Swifts of the world even more disgusting. She is not just an enabler, she is an instigator and shit stirrer who uses her fame to bully and keep gay men as closeted as possible. It is not how you act when you are powerless. Compassion may be your only tool to wield, when you are not in a position to effect change. It is how you behave when you have the power to truly make a difference. I guess we see where Swifty stands on the topic of equality and mutual respect and helping teens who are gay to feel good about themselves, instead of hidden away and ashamed of who they are and who they love.

Given all that, it is actually astonishing how many people are following the Larry love story, some of them in their twenties, some in their sixties, but others as young as 13-14 years old and they all really get what’s going on, filled with compassion for the boys, but thoroughly disgusted by what they see Modest! doing to Louis and Harry, as well as the band.

My favorite quote of the day was when Swifty said she didn’t go to the MSG show because that would be a distraction from the boys’ big night. Yeah, right. Now, rumors are circulating this morning that Modest! may even try to make Harry show up in Nashville today. Does that sound familiar, everyone? Instead of coffee, maybe the two can grab a spot of tea somewhere where the paps just happen to be hanging out.

The younger supporters are the future and it is a hopeful sign that they refuse to go away, calling out Modest! Management on the social networking sites, every step of the way, which I’m sure, despite all the seemingly successful, heavy handed machinations and deceptions, continues to drive the corporate suits batty as all get out. It used to be that all the cards were in the hands of the shuffler, but the Internet has unleashed some pretty powerful forces that can’t be bought off or bullied out of existence. There still may be a stacked deck, but there is also a bunch of folks ready, willing and able to blow the house of cards down every chance they get.

I’ll leave you with a powerful statement from one of the many voices who refuse to remain silent. Someone who gets it and understands this is not just about the self image of gay youth, but the self esteem of young girls, as well:

While real love is pushed into the closet

Seaweed said...


So good to hear your thoughts on the situation in terms of gay youth and how destestable it is for people like T.S. to be aiding and abetting management like in the case of 1D and Moist!

You have a great ability to put all of this stuff in focus, and are so much better at adding a rational voice and finding the right words to outline exactly what schemes are at play here.

Thanks also for your link to the blog on "Free the Gay Boys", looks like it will make for some good reading and insight.


prairiegirl said...

Wow excellent comment, M&M. Of course this kind of bile affects the LGBT community the most.

But you better believe it has a huge impact on our young girls. The ones who buy these lies are being made fools of. It really is difficult sometimes to tell of Austin's followers which ones are legit and which ones are bought or friends of Austin's talked into helping him out. But for the ones who are legit and believe he's straight, that Sophin was real, they are being treated as though they're stupid and they're going to feel duped. It's a nasty way to treat people. People that at the same time are ATM's for these celebs.

And our children and young people continue to grow up watching their cultural influences behave as though gay love is something to hide, something punishable.

So sad to hear about Louis. Reading that reminds me of the number of times we saw Austin at weddings with ol' Sophia looking blitzed out of his mind.

And it makes me sad to have read that quote from David Ayer when he said Jake told him he was "sick of his life" and wanted change. Sometimes we keep trying to change or "fix" outside environments, people or jobs and the answer is not on the outside. It has to do with us and how we react or the choices we make.

We can sit on here and rant all we want. I can choose to not financially support activities which pay for closeted behaviors. I can support my gay and lesbian friends. But in the end it is going to take the George Clooneys, the Bradley Coopers, the Jake G's and Austin Nichols to say "I'm not going to do this anymore." They're the ones with the influence and the available platform to make a
big difference.

prairiegirl said...

And it's not to put this big "role model" burden on these people. I don't think it takes drum beating and megaphone hollering to make a statement. I guess if they don't want to say anything that is perfectly fine. But gee whiz, don't send history backwards with romantic strolls that broadcast 'fake'.

Phew this is tough to do by phone. Can't get on the desktop anymore, we all can't even listen to Pandora. Really stinks.

So my phone has become the sole link to the outside world. LOL. Ok gotta go.

prairiegirl said...

Love that last pic of Austin btw. He can be a beast sometimes, can't he? Jake is the lucky one.

Just stopping by said...

Have any of you heard the rumours about Harry Styles and Nick Grimshaw? There is a lot of speculation as to why Harry is now being seen with Taylor Swift.

You guys might have already ventured into this topic, but the Gryles ship is slowly taking off. You might find it of interest.

wrong guy said...

Grimmy is a friend of Harry's. Taylor is about Harry and Louis.

destiny said...

I'm not so sure it's about Harry and Louis. I think there's a lot pointing towards Grimmy, from what I've read.

Taylor may be an enabler, but I don't see how she is a bully who uses her power just to keep gay men in the closet.

It takes two to tango, and I'm sure that the people behind 1D are behind getting Harry a beard. Taylor is just taking advantage of all the closeted gay men who are too afraid, too in love with money and fame or in Harry's case probably bound to a contract with his management that he had no power over.

Taylor does, however, have more power, and can probably dictate the terms of how the bearding shakes down.

no way said...

You must be kidding me. Haylor is all about Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles, who have been in love since the X-Factor days. Even a casual observer is aware of that reality. Grimmy is a good friend of Harry's. That's it. Louis and Grimmy play up the jealousy bit all the time. It can be rather funny when they exchange quips and banter.

And TS is a big time bully. She calls the shots in the music industry. If people with her power, refused to push for these kind of fake relationships maybe young girls would have higher self esteem. Secondly, like the point made above, it is the gay men who are preyed upon. I don't believe for one minute that Harry wanted to do this. His management team forced him to and with a chick like Swift no one denies her what she wants. Do you actually think Harry would have done this if he had a choice? The answer is a resounding, "No!!!!"

Special K said...

Taylor is the queen of Sony, and Sony is the distributor for One Direction. I agree that Taylor has the power to dictate not only the terms but who she beards with too.

The thing with Grimmy is that management doesn't have a problem with Harry spending time with him. Because they are friends, that's why they to spend time together, just by themselves. Management has a problem with Harry and Louis spending anytime alone together because they are in a relationship, and management doesn't want anyone to see them together outside of business or the two alone.

Doesn't this remind you of Jake and Austin. Jake can be seen with other guys but not Austin.

America and Swift are the problem said...

Management has a problem with Harry and Louis spending anytime alone together because they are in a relationship, and management doesn't want anyone to see them together outside of business or the two alone.

And, sad to say, it was only when One Direction came to America that things began to sour for them. Up until then they were pretty much allowed to be very gay friendly and openly affectionate toward one another.

prairiegirl said...

This country still has a lot of hang ups that is for sure.

And even when Jake and Austin went on that sushi outing with Gene H and Co. Yes they were allowed to get into the same vehicle but they had to have a chaperone! LOL. A chaperone in The Old Man. I'm not quite sure why. You had what almost sounded like I Spy walkie talkie chatter, had the chaperone, a choreographed exit towards the car, lol. Looking back at that, have you seen anything else like that sushi outing? How come The Old Man hasn't chaperoned Jake with Kan'aaaan? How come The Old Man wasn't needed with Winston Salem or Marcus? Or the dark curly haired girl? And when Jake was seen with Austin in NYC, they couldn't be trusted to be alone together there either, you had the college gal chaperone. And in Berlin, you had the President at the Dinner Gala. No, no, no I'm just kidding on that one.

32 yrs old and chaperoned. That's kinda embarrassing. I wonder if WME was concerned about Jake and Austin becoming a little sentimental together in that vehicle and trying to recreate the SUV in the parking lot incident? LOL

I'll have to find the recent London interview where mr. Jake was asked about any brushes with the law and he said Nah, just some speeding tickets, nothing too serious. lol. Er......he seemed to have had a senior moment in that interview.