Monday, December 10, 2012


Jake looks like he is getting ready for his next project Prisoners, with script in l>hand
l> pocket last Friday.

They are pulling quite the cast together for this one with the latest addition of Terrence Howard.  Terrence joins Hugh Jackman, Melissa Leo, Viola Davis, Maria Bello and Paul Dano for this story of father to takes the law into his own hands after his daughter and her friend are abducted. 

 Jake's character has been described as a big city detective,  hot-shot cop with confidence to burn.   Hmmm is that what you call a cocky cop?

Principal photography starts in February in Georgia, with a fall 2013 release date. Two years in a row of Jake movies?  And two Jake movies in 2013? Get out! Is this 2005?

Oh and Jakey, if they find baby wipes on the set, they'll just think they're Terrence's.

Happy Hanukkah!!!


AUS10 said...

This goes out to all the ladies who broke my heart that I'm still madly in love with. LISTEN NOW------> ♫

Special K said...

Austin's tweet crack me up. Nice song there bud. Amusing yourself.

prairiegirl said...

Austin has a new song links ap or link and he's giving it a good test drive. I think someone is missing all the noise and pant leg tugs, that's what I think.

That's quite the interesting collar on Jake's coat, pretty fuzzy looking. I liken it to those ruff collars from the Renaissance era. That's what it makes me think of. Either that or a fuzzy steering wheel cover or airplane pillow. I prefer to think of a distinguished ruff collar. It's so dense looking, that's what you need to block that wind from your throat.

I'm reminded of that great episode of Seinfeld when George Costanza bought that big Gortex coat and insisted on wearing it everywhere and he ended up having to sell it to get him and Kramer out of a jam. LOLLLL! That's a great episode. The gortex coat. "You like saying gore tex, don't you?" "You can't even turn around in that thing." And Jerry starts patting his big puffy coat. lol

Jersey Tom said...

Austins tweet has once and for all convinced me he is straight. Thank God i finally have that right. Back to reality for me tomorrow. Not much sun in Florida but it has been warm.

prairiegirl said...

Hey Austin, so how often are you in NYC, anyway, hmmm????? lol

Bryan Moss ‏@BryanTwatted

@AUS10NICHOLS I never meant to hurt you. :) Miss you!!! You wouldn't happen to be in NY this week for any reason, would ya??

9:16 AM - 11 Dec 12 · Details

the real m said...

I'm on the road again and can't hear the song. Very poor Internet connection but will listen to it when I am back home. Seriously doubt any woman ever broke Austin's heart but I know he's had his ups and downs with a certain guy. Poor jake looked miserable when they broke up and he wandered the streets of NYC looking about the same as he looks now for his stage role.