Saturday, December 29, 2012

Oh zut! Il Neige!

Is that what I think it is?

No it can't be .....

Noooooo...... it's snow.

Why are we out here?

Plot device. We have to create a drama to progress the story

Did they have to increase the snow? 
Walking with chairs on our feet like snowshoes should fill the MacGvyer requirement shouldn't it.

More snow!
 Wait my contacts!

We're going to have to crawl from here on out.

Go on leave me behind.

I can't.  We are attached by a rope.

Don't worry I'll be alright, I'll just lay down here with the rest of these people trapped in the snow. 

Nooooo.  I'm coming for you.  
I have my special Squatchi power ring on, nothing can stop me. 

Wait a minute. Wait a minute. 
Why am I carrying you, if  you rescued me?

I dropped my ring in the snow. 
 My power is against Winter is gone.
Gahd! Have you always been this big.
No wonder I call you Sasquatch.


prairiegirl said...

Looks like we have a winner

Zane Alexander ‏@MrZuperZaiyan

Jake Gyllenhaal just came through the drive thru.

Tweeter Location: Gadsden Alabama

9:06 AM - 30 Dec 12 · Details

Special K said...

Another tweet of him in Alabama does lend to theory of setting up temporary roots there for during Prisoners' shoot.

What really caught my attention was -- Jake in a Drive Thru?!?! Of course it could be Starbucks, but don't you wonder if he hit Hardee's(Carl Jr.) for biscuits?