Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tasty Tease

With The Crazy Tree coming back tomorrow, the local Wilmy paper has been doing some pieces on their past OTH Wilmy residents.

While it's always the joke that Austin looks like he was more the junk food eater, it might not be the whole story.

Austin's always been a fan of Mexican food so one of his favorite places in Wilmington, Tower Seven is not a stretch.
And "he also frequents Flaming Amy's, Brasserie du Soleil, Lovey's and Tidal Creek."

This man can not live on Mexican alone and Brasserie du Soleil satisfies his French food cravings.
But it does seem some of Jake's healthy ways seems to have spilled over to him because other favs like Lovey's a natural food store and cafe, with 100% organic produce and the only organic salad bar in Wilmy and a vegan menu and shopping at Tidal Creek a natural foods cooperative.

And Flaming Amy's? He's gotta have more than one burrito place, right? It's hot fast cheap and easy. Wait is that the food or one of Austin's porn por favor tweets?

And turn about is fair play. The ever healthy Jake was spotted a few weeks ago in NYC at Bowery Coffee enjoying a peanut butter and jelly donut. Who'da thunk?How to it burn off ?

A little two wheelingfor Two Wheel Tuesday perhaps?


twitter said...

timscott411 Tim Scott
Spotted Jake Gyllenhaal @ San Diego Airport. Looked pleased he wasn't being pestered. Immediately looked away tho #celebsPassingThruSecurity
16 minutes ago

prairiegirl said...

Flaming Amy's. The Burrito Barn?! That's awesome. LOLLLL!

Boy, Austin does love his Mexican food, doesn't he. Well, he has great taste. You can never go wrong with Mexican. Tostadas, tacos, enchiladas, tamales...fideo...chicharones (sp?)...Mmmm mmmm mmm.

I bet he's never had a chicharone, how much you want to make a bet?

Special K said...

The Burrito Barn reminds me of Akbar 'n' Jeff's TOFU HUT, not to be confused with Akbar 'n' Jeff's VIDEO HUT, Akbar 'n' Jeff's LAUNDRO-HUT, Akbar & Jeff's REINCARNATION HUT, or Akbar & Jeff's AIRPORT SNACKBAR

Wonder if Austin and Jake should open "Austin 'n' Jake's Kale Cabin"?

Akbar & Jeff on OMG

tablehopper said...

Jake Gyllenhaal: Ramen Eater

A bunch of tweets flowed in on Saturday, spotting a bearded and sunglassed ~Jake Gyllenhaal~ at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. @foodiehunter shares that he ended up stopping at Hapa Ramen; further digging reveals he ordered a miso market bowl with an egg. (I’m trying to work a fertilization joke in there somewhere, but I’m just going to let it be.)

tweet said...

Scotty Northridge IV
Aunt: "Who the hell is Jake Gyllenhaal." Little Cousin: "He was the bottom in Brokeback Mountain" Me: "Aight, I'm done."
2 hours ago

the real m said...

What got into Ted today. His video has a question, when will Jake have a new girlfriend. Ted's reply - when he has another movie to promo. Pretty straighforward Toothy hint, I'd say.

I saw on Deadline Hollywood that papa g has been nominated for a directors guild award. Good for him. He is a good director, I'll give him that.

Not sure I can bring myself to watch OTH. I guess I'll take it one episode at a time and see if I can stomach it past 1.

prairiegirl said...

We have a winner, folks.

Today's weather? Cloudy with a chance of LEADVILLE!!!!

jeanyah jean
Today my car got searched by the police, got a pkg tix, sat next to Jake Gyllenhall & Austin Nichols at dinner & had great sushi. Yay 2012?
3 hours ago

Hot link for two hot guys said...


Today my car got searched by the police, got a pkg tix, sat next to Jake Gyllenhall & Austin Nichols at dinner & had great sushi. Yay 2012?

3 hours ago

Methodical Muser said...

I guess he wasn't with a tall blond. LOLLLLLL!

Could have told you, Jake likes a certain tall brunet!

prairiegirl said...

I keep staring at that tweet and it is as good as a bike picture. It's as good as Leadville.

That's our bike picture, people!! I'll take it.

Wake up, Tom! Wake up, Dest! Seaweed!!! m!!! Jason!!!!!

Wake up, People!!!!

Special K said...

Woo hoo. Gotta love the guys out together for dinner in the same city.

Wonder if Jakey kept his feet to himself this time.

Another BT? said...

Family Tile

@Kendal_MoKendal Ellese Moore
@cbarrow91 and I just sat with Maggie Gyllenhaal on the plane! How did it feel to date batman and what is the name of your baby? #starstruck
15 hours ago via Echofon

So when did Maggie have another baby?

Jersey Tom said...


Jersey Tom said...

So admit it you cockaroach that was Austin in Leadville:-)

Livejournal said...

Hey PG, That girl has tweeted about Jake before, what a coincidence that she saw him while on vacay in L.A.!! I would love more tweets about this like the name if the restauraunt, etc.

I guess Jake trip to SD was only a day trip.

Funny how Jake fans that tweet seem to eventually touch base with each other.

Special K said...

Really interesting tweet about Maggie. She obviously hasn't had her second baby yet, and Ramona is 5, she's no baby. So who's the baby with Maggie? And interesting that is on a flight from SF.

Seaweed said...

Oh Tom... you are so saucy!


While I instinctively know that not all tweets are on the level, I'm happy to bathe in the afterglow of this revelation and enjoy it for what it is, a small glimpse into an unguarded moment.

I'm a bit slow at getting moving today but thanks anyhow PG for giving us a shake, and now it's back to my tea and toast.

prairiegirl said...

The exception and exclusivity of Jake AND Austin being tweeted together at a restaurant is huge.

Seaweed said...

Sorry folks...

I'm feeling a bit 'cheeky' today!

I'll be sitting in the corner...

tweet said...

chiricoxbfyg0 Chirico Inge
Jake Gyllenhaal dresses like a teen dad from our time.. Not like the 70s.hTMX
41 minutes ago

prairiegirl said...

Funny how Jake fans that tweet seem to eventually touch base with each other.

First of all, I'm going to ignore the fact that you snark and yet feel "friendly" enough with me to call me PG in the same breath.

Second of all, you are way off base with this comment - so far off, it's laughable and yeah, I'm going to laugh at this.

I love it. It's awesome.

Jersey Tom said...

We will see if we start getting more.

destiny said...


Well that tweet is certainly interesting. I'm hoping it's the real deal.

And very interesting about Maggie, and she was flying out of San Francisco?? You certainly don't refer to a five-year old as a baby.

destiny said...

That's really funny Live Journal, because I'd bet good money you were the person who shot down the same argument made when someone tweeted once about seeing Austin and Sophia together in LA.

reading is fundamental said...

And very interesting about Maggie, and she was flying out of San Francisco?? You certainly don't refer to a five-year old as a baby.

She wasn't. She was flying out of LAX. A quick scan of her timeline would reveal this. Also I think she was referring to Maggie's baby in utero.

So Jake and Austin aren't in the closet any longer?

prairiegirl said...

So Jake and Austin aren't in the closet any longer?

Don't even start with that.

Let's Repeat This Once Again, folks.

Jake and Austin were tweeted together last night later in the evening having dinner.

As George Costanza (Can't Stand Ya) once conveyed to Jerry, I think that qualifies as A DATE.

prairiegirl said...

You know, people can doubt. Can discount. Can make up the flat-out lie that I somehow conspired to make someone in Live Journal make up this tweet and post it, I don't care.

Of course we don't know 100% without fail that the tweet is true. We don't know this about a lot of tweets.

But how many tweets do you ever get of Jake & Austin together?

You know how many? None. Zilch. Zero. Nada.

Why now? Why last night? Why out of the blue?

Ask yourself that question. If you don't believe it, that's fine. But no need to come over here and point fingers, make up a flat-out lie and snark about it. There's another blog where plenty of that is going on today so take it over there.

I swear to pete. I am waiting for that day. I am waiting for the day when these two guys' story comes to public eye. It will be a glorious day indeed.