Sunday, January 25, 2009

Out Spotlight LIX

Today's Spotlight is on Tully Satre, writer and activist, who has become a national youth activist for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights at the age of 16.

Satre was born on May 17, 1989 in Dover, DE, his family setting in the Culpeper Virgina. Attending Catholic schools all his life he does not know how his entire middle school found out when he was 13 that he was attracted to guys. Satre, who was shy and still closeted, lost all his friends. He said teachers at his Catholic school told his parents he was gay and began treating him differently.

"I felt like a circus animal," "I've had people spit at my feet. I've had people give me harmful remarks."

From the day he discovered that everyone knew about his sexuality, life has not been easy for Satre, but it has been getting better. His grades fell but have since improved. Although he has heard hurtful comments from peers and strangers, he said his parents are very supportive.

But he felt alone in largely rural Culpeper County. There was no place or group that brought gay people together. When the Virginia General Assembly passed a bill in 2005 limiting the contractual rights of gay men and lesbians, Satre felt he had to do something. He went to the town board with this question.

"I first want to thank you for being here. I really appreciate when our elected officials are so willing to allow the public to speak with them. I wanted to speak with you in regards to a Hate Crimes bill that was introduced in Congress not too long ago. This bill sought to add ’sexual orientation’ to the country’s list of types of people that are victims of hate crimes. I myself have been victim to threats and assaults of hate crime based on the fact that I am gay, and I am a Virginian. Only two weeks ago my friend was in Richmond when he walked out of a restaurant with his partner another person called him a ‘faggot’, drew a knife, and attacked my friend. Luckily, my friend lived — others are not so lucky. Last year, you supported legislation which sought to add ’sexual orientation’ to the nation’s hate crime list, and for that I thank you — but later this year you said that you regret your support for this bill and would not support this bill in the future, why is that?"

"I wanted somewhere to go," he said. "I didn't really see a lot going on in our community." The following June, Satre founded Equality Fauquier and Culpeper, the first gay rights group in those counties. Fauquier and Culpeper are two of the most conservative counties in the state of Virginia. His group has been recognized by Equality Virginia, a statewide gay rights organization. Its initial goals include persuading schools and local governments to change nondiscrimination policies to include sexual orientation.

The group has received hundreds of e-mails from young gay men and lesbians telling stories of discrimination and voicing support for the group. Some of them told of being thrown out of their homes and falling victim to drugs and unsafe sex because they felt alone and unwanted, he said.

He served as the hired Executive Director of Equality Fauquier-Culpeper since its inception in June 2005, headquartered in Warrenton, Virginia. He stepped down from his position with Equality Fauquier-Culpeper in June 2007. In January 2006, Tully founded Commonwealth Education Equality Virginia (CEEVA), a statewide organization advocating for GLBT/Q youth, and is current president of the board. He is the founder of The Voice Project for LGBTQI Equality, Support & Inclusion, an internet outreach program for GLBT/Q youth which also promotes civic participation among teens for equality. (TVP formed as a national web and community-based organization which sponsors the online network project known as Equality Myspace.)

He was also nominated to serve on the Board of Directors for Equality Virginia, to become the first teenager to serve on a statewide gay rights organization in the United States but could not accept the position because he was under the age of 18.

Satre is a blogger for The Advocate, and also maintains a personal blog on activism which can be found online at Tully Satre


Jersey Tom said...

Wow! I am in awe of this young man. It is great that he has the courage to stand up. It is also great that he has the support of his family. I remember at that age not sure what the hell was wrong with me and feeling devastated that everyone hated me. My only choice was to turn inward and to not return for a very long time. It is great that kids have other choices today. Although the hate is still there the victims can continue to grow as human beings. That is very very nice.

The more and more folks come out the easier it will be for these kids. Jake gave the gay community a gift. He gave us Brokeback Mountain. Hopefully someday he can feel the courage to give us a little more of his spirit to soar. Right now he has other things which are more important to him. No I am not talking about babies:-)

prairiegirl said...

Oh, I hear what you were saying this morning, Destiny. After you see a movie like Prayers for Bobby, you really, really see the damage that bearding does. Not only for the G/L community. But for the people themselves who are doing it. Because they are telling themselves that they are not okay. Or they're not worthy of being accepted by others or loved for the person they are. Or should be, I don't know - ashamed or something. Whatever it is, it is not self-esteem building and I feel just as bad about that as I do about the message being sent out.

And I can hear the argument that "well, I need to do this in order to have what I want in life - my partner, or a family, or financial security". But at what cost? And is it so worth it? Because apparently, it doesn't look it to me when I see the physical changes in Jake. He doesn't look the same anymore most of the time. In fact, it kind of looks like he's dropped weight now. His wrists & fingers are so darn delicate looking now.

But anyways, it's all made so much more profound when you watch a movie like Prayers for Bobby. I hope it reaches alot of people. I am so glad Austin did that or was picked or however he got in it. And great for Sojourney W., including her public announcement afterwards. She did a very good job in it.

prairiegirl said...

I will always be thankful for Brokeback, tho. That movie was a real lifechanger for me. And I don't know how Jake feels about it now. He said all the right things while promoting it. But now? Would he say all those things now? Does he still feel the same? The bearding & deception seem to kind of contradict the things he said. I don't know. Fear can do things to people and I have to remember that I have experienced other fears, myself. Heck, I can't even go to a party & socialize, for crying out loud. Terrified. How stupid is that? It has cost me some good times, I'm sure. I'll continue to support him because I still think inside is that sweet guy, but man, Reece's hard chin, jawline & eyes are starting to come out in him. He may not even know it; not realize it. People rub off on other people. And she's rubbing off on him. He's starting to glare at the cameras just like her. Oh, except when they're on the runway, like in London & Rome. Then, it's all show. The transformation is amazing, isn't it? shakes head

Man, it is cold here. Hey, guys, I have my homepage set up so I can see temperatures in some other cities of friends as well as where I live. They just kind of keep scrolling through. Michigan. Las Vegas. Boston! Atlanta! D.C.! Even London!! London, I can see what your temperature is outside right now. I think that's pretty cool, lol. Nosey that way, I guess. My friend in Michigan is freezing her hiney off right now. It's 4 deg. there.

Jersey Tom said...

Sounds like PFB is S. Weaver's show. I still can't wait to see it. All I can say is more more and more. More movies, more TV, more books, Etc . The more that homosexuality is portrayed in a more positive light the more Tully Satres we will have.

Jersey Tom said...

Nice body Mr. Ledger.

Tonight the SAGS.

Go Heath Best Supporting Actor.

Go Sean Best Actor.

Go Milk Best Ensemble in a movie.

chris said...

Last night was the Producers Guild Awards. A lot of important producers and directors were there. No sign of Reeke. I thought Academy Award winning tiny actress Reese Witherspoon was a big time producer too. Yeah right. I think HW can't stand her and its sad, I think HW is starting to not respect Jake too.

PG you're right about her rubbing off on each other. 2 years ago Jake would have waved to the paps. Whats funny is in the pics they look halfway ok walking out the door then he drops her hand, getss distance, walks ahead and they both look grumpy as hell. People say oh its because they saw the paps. Bullshit. I think it was an act inside the store, when they were looking halfway ok. As soon as they were out of people range they dropped it. Celebs almost never go out to public places on the w/e becuse more people/crowds are there. I think shopping trip and in WeHo of all places! was a Reeke JIS photo op to the core. Btw a blue key tag, different car, another rental!

newsflash said...

Somebody needs to tell Ms. Pieces that no makeup, fake hair, and a beanie are not a good look for her.

Jersey Tom said...

Chris looks like SM is sweeping its way to the Oscar for Best Picture. No movie has done this well at the precursers since Brokeback. Milk, CCOBB, Wall E, have won a few but it looks like SM is in.

BBM won more presursers than any in history. Actually the count was 23 Brokeback/1 Crash going into the Oscars. Well we know how that turned out. But there is no reason for SM to lose.

I am still looking for some Milk love this year though. It actually did receive 8 Academy Award nominations. That is pretty damn good. Its best chances for an Oscar is Best Actor and Best Screenplay. Rourke is really giving Sean a run for his money. Tonight will tell us a lot. Whoever wins tonight will certainly be favorite at the Oscars. The Academy does love awarding Str8 men who play gay roles though. Wonder if the oppositte will ever happen. Well it looks right now that it wont be Jake.

Gay actors and Actresses have done well at the Oscars just not OUT actors or Actresses. The only Oscars that go to gay men are for make up and fashion.

Hit the nail on the head said...

From foreign blogsite Celebmoo. The translation is remarkably accurate! Out for a pugilism of weekend shopping, Reese pedagogue and a freshly revilement Jake Gyllenhaal

pugilism: fighting with fists

pedagogue: an educator.

revilement: a rude expression intended to offend or hurt

northeast said...

Wow, it is, isn't it. :(

Great Out Spotlight, as always. I'm happy to see this for LGBTQ kids.

I'll be hard pressed to pick a favorite movie this year, with so many good ones. I loved SM and thought nothing could surpass it, but I saw Benjamin Button last night and it is truly outstanding - a real artistic achievement. David Fincher is a wonder!

prairiegirl said...

Special, how are you doing? Is the flu still dealing you a bad hand? Little worried about you, although you still managed to put out a marvelous Out Spotlight. Boy, that kid does himself and his parents proud. What achievements he has made already and he's not even 21 yet? Holy cow. That's great.
I hope you aren't laid up in bed, Spesh. Are you feeling any better?

I agree, Chris. I really don't think he's trying to act annoyed with the paps. He's used to it. Heck, he used to have a smile alot of times for the cameras. Whatever happened to that? And I recognize that telltale rental car plastic thing, too. After several times with my car in the body shop after deer run-ins and whatnot, I know all too well that little keychain thing. Or maybe trying out a new car? But then it would have dealer tags if that was the case. Why a rental? Man, it couldn't be a stinkin' business expense, could it? LOLLLL! Giminy's just like Destiny said.

Can you see it? Business managers for both Reese and Jake turn into their tax accountants their shoeboxes of receipts. And inside, paperclipped together with a huge binder clip, a big ol' honkin' stack of restaurant/shopping/car rental/parking garage/travel/jewelry store receipts with a big ol' Post-It on it. "Reeke" written on it.

zzzzzzz said...

They rented a lot of cars in '07 when it started, now they are doing it again for some reason.

The pretending to be annoyed at the paps is getting old, in one pic he appears to be giving the paps the finger.

chris said...

zzzzzz, I don't think they're pretending or care about or even see the pap. I think its how they really feel about each other, its all an act when they are around people like when they were IN the store. Come on after smiling during all pap pics taken at Laker kiss cam and pig farms and farmers makets and state parks and French fountains and Mexican swimming pools why the fuck would a pap standing outside a store in Hollywood of all places bug them, real or not?

Wicked said...

Yay Tully!

I have to share this with you guys, if you haven't already seen it. This article complete with picture and video about an ice dance team at Euros where the woman's dress came down in the middle of their program and exposed her breast. She just pulled it back up and kept on going. I think they should have been awarded the gold medal right there! It's at around the 20 second mark in the video.

memory lane said...

Maybe the pap was calling out "hey Jakey wanna see my new car? It's parked in back of the Chinese restaurant Yung Phuks Foo Raon, sound familiar? Hey speaking of wheres Austin by the way?"

sum yung gai said...


can't see it said...

Wicked thanks for the link but the vid is worn out around the 20 second mark. the site is blaming a viewer that they are calling "w".

zzzzzz said...

Oh but Chris that makes no sense, why would they exit the store holding hands and seeming to be in a good mood and then do a 180 degree turn when they "spot" the paps? Shouldn't it be the other way around, it's not like the paps were in the store and why put the act on for the other customers? It's an act, if you look at the pics on IHJ they have done this before. The happy/gloomy hand holding no hand holding is childish and old. If they didn't care about the paps, they wouldn't have bothered. The hot and cold act with the paps is so obvious and fake it isn't even funny, i'm sure they were laughing as they drove away like they did wen the chef threw eggs at the paps.

More likely the paps were yelling: how does it feel that Heath is still getting good reviews even in death? Are you watching the SAG awards tonight?

prairiegirl said...

Either way, it's annoying. And when games like that are played and I see Jake's finger extended like that facing the eyesight of a camerataker, he really tests my patience. It's all I can do to ignore it & keep my mouth shut. If that kind of demonstration of displeasure was going to be given to a pap, I would think it would've been extended in that parking garage when there were what, a hundred photos taken of him merely walking? To me, that medical bldg photo block was more privacy invading than this one, which is just outside a simple store. It just makes absolutely no sense. His behavior makes no sense anymore.

sour faces said...

i'm sure they were laughing as they drove away like they did wen the chef threw eggs at the paps

Not this time.

Jersey Tom said...

The coffee maker I sent reeke seems to have worked wonders. Hmmm! I think me needs to send reeke a coupon for The Home Shopping Network. Stay the hell home and shop GIRLS. Have you evr heard of the damn internet:-)

destiny said...

Man, just lost a very long post--blogger wouldn't even let me save it. So here goes again.

Special, thank you for this particular spotlight, I really needed to read something like this today. It's amazing to read about someone with so much courage at such a young age. I think it probably helped that he had his parents' support. Also, sadly I sometimes think it is easier to do something like this when you're a rebellious, risk-taking teen, as opposed to an "adult" who thinks they have too much to lose.

I get fear, I think most people who are gay understand it and have probably censored themselves at one time or another. There are times, particularly when I was younger when I was not completely open with someone. LIke PG I am terrible at large social gatherings, and when I was younger I was terribly shy, and that was part of it. I had trouble even talking about what I did last weekend, or talking up the latest movie, let alone saying "hey, I'm gay".

But I never lied, never made up a boyfriend to try and cover for the fact I really had a girlfriend, never denied I was gay if someone asked, hung out at the "gay table" in the coffee shop at college for everyone to see, etc. And I did talk about my gf all the time, and used "we", etc., in conversations, so people I think could figure it out if they wanted to--or see it from the way we were with each other (my family certainly figured it out the first time they met my gf, before I got a chance to tell them). I also don't think you should have to make any big pronouncements about your relationship, straight people don't. In that regard I agree with how Lohan and Ronson have handled their relationship publicly.

zzzzzzzz said...

Why because there were no pictures of them cackling? They are both PR whores and tools and use the paps for their little games, again there are pics on IHJ where they do this including him walking backwards, and both of them holding bags in front of their faces minutes after they were grinning for the paps.

Yeah she put on his hat and scarf and they exited holding hands, what was that for? The customers in the store? It was for the paps so the annoyance was an act, not how they "really" feel about one another because they knew they were out there, what a bunch of tools.

Next time the paps shouldn't show up when called.

The sour faces are beyond lame and phony.

destiny said...

Totally agree with everything Chris and PG have said above about the latest Reeking, especially the bit about dropping the act when they are outside the shop and no one can overhear them. They figure they can drop the charade because they can blame the unhappy looks on those pesky paps. Of course any one with half a brain can see that is not the cause of the misery. I really find it insulting how they cater to those delusional fan girls who can't think for themselves, or won't dare say anything bad about reeke.

And shopping in Weho, oooh, what renegades. Isn't Jake afraid some "boy" is going to distract him from the task at hand? Call him out?

I guess they had to get some attention, what with the SAG awards tonight.

Tom, please send that coupon!

m said...

Great post. I have always envied people who find a purpose so early in life. He shows great courage.

Yes, Prairie Girl, I leered at Austin in the shorts too. And they were really short shorts. The boy has legs to die for. I hope to see stills of these shots show up in a day or two.

I predict Reeke will be dumping Just Jared soon. The recent pics there have elicited almost totally disparaging comments. The worst I've seen yet.

debutante9 HELP needed said...

I’ve planned to save all her stories and then completely forgot about it!

Did anyone save the stories? Could you please send them to me? Thanks in advance.
Send big files the easy way (without e-mail address)

Sad :)

prairiegirl said...

LOL, Tom!!!

Hey, hope everyone is having a good Sunday so far. It's only 19 here. why in the heck am I always so obssessed with weather? I don't have any idea. But I'm going to go for the ol' walk. Should be pretty deserted out there and I can sing & flap my arms around all I want. Heh. Kind of hard to sing though when you have a face mask on. It comes out all muffled and you fog up your sunglasses. lol.

Oh well. Special, are you resting, girl? Are you feeling worse? I am getting worried. Maybe you're watching figure skating too, a la Wicked. Wicked, I'll have to try that link. She sounds like she was a real pro, anyway. Gotta admire that.

orchid said...

Thanks for the great spotlight, Special. Tully Satre rocks.

I am so hoping hjulia uploads Prayers for Bobby for us Canadians who were unable to see it.

I agree it would have been better for Jake to have just kept his private life private rather than the route he has chosen, although I somehow don't think Jake would have done this unless he was pressured into it by tptb. I realize he could have said no, but perhaps he felt he needed to become more established before he could do that.

I do believe him to be bisexual, with a preference for men, but find it almost impossible to believe Reese would date a bi guy. She just strikes me as too uptight for that.

Special K said...

Hey guys. I sitting up for a few minutes so and working on this in pieces. The whatever I have is winning this round today, but hopeful the next round I make a comeback.

Prayers for Bobby - lots to say. One this was the hypocrisy of Mary. If she was living so close to the Word that she was quoting it to Bobby, I don't know how she could smoke, or allow alcohol. "Do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 20you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your body," (1 Cor. 6:19-20).

As minister's child I am asshamed of a minister who would use a sermon to condemn. And yes I have gone to funerals where someone had committed suicide. The funeral is for the those are left with the loss, and to those a child so tragically I can't believe the insensitive of Mary's first minister - I was furious during that scene.

Austin - thought he was really good as Ed. I wonder what was going through his head as he was playing the part. And excuse my shallowness but him in the football uniform - wow, and total central casting.

Good that Mary found a group for support and minister who had the compassion to help her and the family.

Newest pics -- like I said I have been on sideburn watch and it looks like Jake might have a new project coming up. I wonder about the auburn. Has the corodvan gone to his head? No. Wonder if they wanted to either have him with similar color as another cast member, or they need some distrinction been his hair and the setting. (I am think moon colony project here- they would use a more auburn tone as a contrast of the dark space) But who knows.

Ok I have finally finished this - it just took all day and three times of sitting up.

chris said...

(I am think moon colony project here- they would use a more auburn tone as a contrast of the dark space)

Good observation Special. Hope you feel better fast. Did you see the link had pics of Informer Austin on Friday page at bottom? There was a vid too it had Austins head moving down to look/lick Amber Heards croth. Got me excited. 2nd thought maybe you dizzy enough LOL.

chris said...


chris said...

I'm waiting for someone write in their blog how they saw Reeke in a store in LA-West Hollywood on Saturday and they looked really in love and smiling and holding hands wehile they shopped. PR wants to prove to the masses that straight Jake can go into a gay neighborhood and feel comfy because you know "he grew up where half the people he knows are gay". I'm wondering if thats the reason for the WeHo store visit. "Straight man and his gf are ok with gays"

Jersey Tom said...

Who gets Rufus for Valentines Day?
I will be there. Who gets to go with Jake the real love of his life or the real lie of his life. I will have my eyes open. Philly is not that far from NC.

Jersey Tom said...

I am so hoping that Rufus is available for autographs. I want to ask him something about his friend Jake.

chris said...

Remember Ted said about the TT at the GGs and the exchange of phone numbers wouldn't happen if the beard was there? Holy crap maybe thats why Rese goes everywhere with Jake. keep him and everyone who might come on to him in line.

Could be either Disney or Austin or Jake himself asked/ordered her to. FWIW I have a (gay) buddy who Jake and says Jake is very flirtatious. Austins gone off filming OTH and you KNOW Jake gets looks from male and females all the time, there probably isn't a day goes by where someone doesn't offer him a blowjob. It would be very tempting for him solid relationship with Austin/BT or not. Jake probably keeps in-hand blank confidentiality agreements in his car and wallet and home. Jake driving around LA and WeHo, no wonder Reese tags along like a friggin body guard. She is his body guard/mother.

Maybe thats part of the bearding deal between her and tptb whoever they might be. To keep people who might tempt him away from him and keep Jakes blackberry and hormones at bay.

Jersey Tom said...

I agree Chris. That used to be Chris's job.

Breaking news said...

Rumor has it Baby Tile is a girl

Clarity said...

I liked todays Spotlight. Its nice to see young people doing good to help other young people. At that age, I was so busy trying to figure out who I was I didnt have that much foresight.

I dont have Lifetime, but I hope I can find PFB somewhere on the web. Looks like a really good film.

At the movie last night I saw the previews for SM and I agree - its going to be hard to beat. It seems very diff than the norm.

Thanks for posting today Special. Im sure it took alot of effort not feeling well. Hope your feeling better too Tom.

prairiegirl said...

Hmmm, maybe you might be onto something there, Chris.
Works both ways, tho, seems to me. Methinks, to take a page out of Chrisbook, maybe Austin needs a similar type bodyguard. That guy is temptation on mile-long legs.

LOL @ 16:35. Boy, that one leapt out at me.

Got My Eye On You said...

Thats why Jake looks sad. He saw something in the store he liked and he was ready to put it in his basket but then Mama said no he can't have it, he already has one just like it in the closet at home and he argued and said but it's not the same it's different and then Mama said don't make a scene there's people in here you're embarrassing me and then he said I need this one it's not the same I just want to play with it for a little bit and see what it's like to play with something different not the same old thing all the time then he almost started to cry and then Mama grabbed his hand and said you don't need another one I told you no and that's final and we're leaving now.

chris said...

Pg me too. After I posted it I thought shit - lol all I wanted was to correct the word. Next time I won't do capitals!

Clarity, so right about Special. Spotlight was great and here she did it with the flu. I couldn't do it healthy!

Breaking News where is the BT girl rumor? Haven't seen anything. Is Teds collumn out?

chris said...

maybe Austin needs a similar type bodyguard. That guy is temptation on mile-long legs.

PG maybe Atticus has more self control. Between the 2 Jake seems to me more "moldable" and easier to succomb to suggestion, seduce, eye contact etc. My friend said there was a lot there. His gaydar blew a fuse lol.

prairiegirl said...

LOLL, I'm still laughing, Chris.
Oh, and did you mean Austin, not Atticus? lol. you are on a roll.

Man, m, you are right. I just finished reading those comments over on JustJared. Dang. They were brutal. I don't think putting your clients out for that kind of Warthog feeding is to be recommended any longer. Geez. I mean, some of the scoffers here think some of us are hard on Reese? And Jake? They ought to read alot of those comments.

Hey, I do have Prayers for Bobby on videotape if anyone overseas or Canada wants it. I taped it because I thought I'd miss it, but ends up I was able to see it. It came out pretty good, although with commercials. But if someone wants it, I'd be happy to mail it off to you. I'm sure we could work out the address thing through the girls at OMG.

Prayers For Bobby said...

Prayers For Bobby airs on Lifetime on these dates (confirm local listings for airtimes):

Sunday, Jan. 25, 2008 at 8 p.m.
Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2008 at 9 p.

out of the loop said...

Could someone over here explain the significance of the "postage stamp shirt?"

Gems from Just Jared said...

The midget norwegian troll look does look particularly ridiculous on Reese doesn’t it.

I saw a picture of Jake the other day wearing a shirt similar to one of Reese’s and now I see her wearing his beenie and his scarf, what’s next, a sex change? I think soon will see Jake wearing her dresses and shoes(maybe he does at home already) and Reese wearing his trousers,well, I think she already is wearing the trousers in the relationship, anyway. Man, grow a pair.

How long have they been married? Because that’s exactly what my parents looked like at their 35 year anniversary before they killed themselves.

puh-leez said...

Rumor has it Baby Tile is a girl

Rumor has it Baby Tile is bullshit.

awards counter said...

Heath won the Sag!


Gold bald man with no genitals, here we come!

Jersey Tom said...

Sag Awards

Congrats Sean Penn Best Actor

Congrtas Heath Ledger Best Supporting Actor

LOL! said...

"Gold bald man with no genitals, here we come!"


destiny said...

Heath wasn't a surprise, but still happy all the same, and happy about Sean Penn too, although a bit bittersweet to see HW come around and vote for Sean when they really should have voted for Heath for BBM.

old favorites said...

out of the loop said...Could someone over here explain the significance of the "postage stamp shirt?"

The Postage Stamp shirt is a gray tee shirt Jake's been wearing for years. It has a postage stamp cancelation on the front. Every new pic, it gets more faded LOL. He even wore it on a boat in Cannes when he met Paul McCartney.

The jeans "Teh Jeans", same thing. Old Jake fans saw them new, then stained with white paint drip on the knee, tiny tear on other leg, tear turning into a rip, rip got mended, etc LOL over the years.

The gray Grandpa Cardigan is a newer favorite from 3 yaers ago. Its something a grandpa would wear not a 25 year old sex symbol but he keeps wearing it LOL.

Postage Shirt, Grandpa Cardigan and Teh Jeans are 3 things to love about Jake.

m said...

My memory may be fuzzy, but didnt Jake first wear the potage stamp shirt in a photo shoot. I dont have the energy to scour IHJ but I recall a magazine shot or something with that shirt. Its a cool shirt regardless. He has worn it so much I am surprised it is not in tatters.

destiny said...

Still haven't had a chance to watch PFB yet, watched the Sags instead. But I noticed that Austin is getting some attention over on DL in the PFB thread, seems like there are some other people out there who agree he looks hot in that football uniform. Something to look forward to seeing later this week.

Rattler said...

Is he The Dying Gaul or was it his lover Martin?

Neither. It was Jeffrey.

crazy hunch said...

Joe Namath played a woman in a Broadway show long time ago. He had to shave his legs and wear womens high heel shoes. Just a hunch, most of us believe the legs wrapped around Austin's neck are Jake's, maybe MKF was taking pics that had something to do with Jake in the running for the Joe Namath role [because maybe he would have to do the Broadway scene], Austin was there [maybe getting pics from MKF too] and the leg wrap pic was spontaneous.

Short vid of Joe Namath talking about the Broadway role:

Joe Namath in Womens Shoes

Clarity said...

Sag Awards

Congrats Sean Penn Best Actor

Congrtas Heath Ledger Best Supporting Actor

Just read it. Great news : )

prairiegirl said...

Good morning! It's Mondayyyy!!!


Don't have much to say except the day/night's thread over on WFT2 was really entertaining. I tell you what, I'll put the regular posters on WFT2 up with the best of bodyguards. They withstood a scoffer's invasion yesterday that went on all day and night. One or two scoffers had their pants in such a wad it'll be a wonder if they can walk this morning.

What I really wanted to say this morning is Special, why don't you take one or 2 days off? Sounds like you really need to rest. In fact, if you aren't absolutely feeling any better today, I'd be thinking about calling Ask a Nurse or your doc or something. Don't let it get any worse, okay?

We're fine. You just take some recoop time for yourself. Don't feel like you need to put a new post up for us.

We're fine, right, guys?

Oooooh, niiiiice avatar, Clarity. ***sigh***

Cause you're hot and you're cold,
And yes and you'll know,
You're in and you're out
You're up and you're down,
It's wrong when it's right,
It's black and it's white,
We fight, we break up
We kiss, we make up

Heck, I don't even know if those lyrics are 100% right, but I just felt like singing it. I LOVE that song. It just makes you want to sing along. Those lyrics are so catchy.

Have a really good day! Special, you continue to canvalese - sp? - recuperate.