Sunday, January 4, 2009

Out Spotlight LVI

Today's Out Spotlight is American make-up artist and photographer Kevyn Aucoin.

Born in 1962 in Louisanna, he was adopted as an infant by Thelma and Isidore Aucoin along with his three siblings.

Growing up in Louisanna, at age 11, he'd made up and pose his 6-year-old sister Carla, with near-professional results, always want to make people feel special. his mother let him explore his creativity and led him to getting a job doing make over in a department store.

When he first arrived in New York,started out by doing pro bono makeup on models for test shoots (one of his early canvasses was Paulina Porizkova), hoping to get noticed and was lucky enough to be discovered by Vogue. He struggled his way to the top of the professional make-up industry by emphasizing the beauty within. His motto was that it was far more important to help a woman feel beautiful no matter what, and that makeup was simply his tool for helping her discover herself. A proponent of the philosophy that every woman is beautiful within. He became one of the best-paid celebrity make-up artists in history.

In September 2001, Aucoin was diagnosed with a rare pituitary tumor. He had been suffering from acromegaly resulting from the tumor for much of his life, but it had gone undiagnosed. He died on May 7, 2002 of kidney and liver failure due to Tylenol toxicity, caused by an addiction to prescription painkillers used to treat the extreme pain from his condition.

Thelma and Isidore Aucoin started the Lafayette chapter of Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, and have been working with the organization for fifteen years. "I never missed a meeting," Isidore says proudly. "Marriage is between a man and a woman, according to Webster's dictionary, but I feel that there should be a law so that same-sex people could make a commitment recognized by the government." But they didn't think that of his Jeremy Antunes. And after his death they felt that Antunes had abandoned their son at the end of his life. While former partner Eric Sakas still remained loyal. Antunes has said on record that he need to show that Aucoin had to choose between his addiction to pain killers because of his rare condition and him. He left for Paris and days later Aucoin hospitalized and died shortly after when his liver and then his kidneys failed because of Tylenol toxicity.

Aucoin lived with his partner, Jeremy Antunes, whom he married in an unofficial ceremony in Hawaii in 2000 and thereafter referred to as his husband. He had also previously been romantically involved with Eric Sakas, who after their breakup remained close friends with him and became president and creative director of Kevyn Aucoin Beauty. After Aucoin's death his family locked the doors and closed Antunes out of anything in their home without being legally married he had no rights.

He worked with hundreds of A-list celebrities like Cher, Janet Jackson, Tina Turner, Gwyneth Paltrow, Courtney Love and Vanessa L. Williams. He became a highly in-demand makeup artist, often acquiring $10,000 per session for photo shoots or award shows.

He wrote three books about make up The Art of Makeup, Making Faces, and Face Forward. He was fond of taking celebrities and various other men & women, including his mother) and using makeup and costume and sometimes prosthetics to make them look like other celebrities, or like other people entirely.

Calista Flockhart as Audrey Hepburn - Gwyneth Paltrow as James Dean

Isabella Rosillini as Barbra Streisand

Lisa Marie Presley as Marilyn Monroe

Martha Stewart as Veronica Lake

Drew Barrymore as Joan Crawford

Demi Moore as Clara Bow

Courtney Love as Jean Harlow

Christina Ricci as Edith Piaf

Winona Ryder - Elizabeth Taylor Gina Gershon - Sophia Loren

Tomi Amos as Pocahontas

"My favorite Kevyn memory is of him giving makeup tips to these 16-year-old drag queens," says Bari Mattes, the board chair at the Hetrick-Martin Institute, which aids homeless gay youth, "telling them how beautiful they were."

Official Website

Make Up Break Up

Beauty Inside

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Jersey Tom said...

Great Spotlight Spesh. Kevyn was very talented. Those are some amazing photos.

I love Bend It Like Bekham. My favorite scene was when the older Indian women were trying to convince Jesse to cohere to the old and traditional Indian ways. When a cell phone rings all the women go reaching for their owns phones. I thought that was so great.

destiny said...

Amazing photos. And what a complicated story regarding his parents. Even if his partner didn't exactly do the right thing, it was wrong for his parents to treat the partner like that after he died.

Regarding movie and music discussions this month, I'm not going to be around the MLK holiday weekend, so I'm hoping you won't schedule one of the discussions then. It would just be my luck that people finally vote for a movie I've wanted to discuss and then not be around for it. :-D

prairiegirl said...

It was, Tom. I love that movie and have watched it numerous times. The music was fantastic. And I loved the wedding scene when Jesse's sister is getting married. The entrance of the bride and the dancing; it was so colorful & joyful. I just really enjoyed learning more about Indian customs and beliefs, even though the movie was taking place in England. A friend of mine had to point out to me that the dad was a pilot. It wasn't dawning on me about them constantly showing the planes taking off. Duh.

Dangit, guys, I wish I lived over there east at times like this. I think us 4 could have a great time holed up in a living room, watching Bend It, Brothers Grimm, Lords of Dogtown, and I am going to give Casanova another try. Someone pop the popcorn, get us some fleece throws & pillows, me a recliner (lol!) and I'll also bring the Cheez Its. Man, we'd have a great time.

:) I can see it now. I can also smell the popcorn. lol.

Special K said...

The Make up Breakup story is a fascinating read if you get a chance to read it. It give more background about Kevyn's marriage and his previous relationship with Eric and how they continued to work together, and the toil his addiction took on him and those around him.

I will keep the long weekend in mind when we set the dates for discussion Destiny.

prairiegirl said...

It would just be my luck that people finally vote for a movie I've wanted to discuss and then not be around for it. :-D

lol. chuckling

Destiny, you're killing me. That would be the luck, wouldn't it? Dying Gaul wins and the discussion happens over MLK weekend.

Hey Orchid! m!!! Chapt 33 is up!!!!!

prairiegirl said...

That is a fascinating story today on Kevyn Aucoin. How interesting to have had an interest at the early age of 11. Isn't it something how some people know from a very early age what they want to do professionally? And others not until much later. He had a beautiful thought inside and he found his niche in life. That is tragic about his death, though. That's the thing about painkillers. They can mess up your kidneys or liver. I've had to take them for several athletic injuries and I'll take a storebrand version of naproxin for my painful arch. So a couple of times, my doctor has done a blood test on me to make sure those organs are handling it okay since she knows I've taken Oxyproxin in the past. That is tragic about him.

Wherever do you find these stories, Special? You have got the eye out, that's for sure, taking care of us & educating.

m said...

The comment Jake made about making out with Darth Vader is quite interesting. Revealed when he was less guarded. You can see the chemistry in pics of the two of them.

Not suggesting this movie for the club, but have to bring up Monsoon Wedding as a window to Indian culture and a really good movie to boot. I recommend it for those who have not seen it.

There a quite a few Heath movies I have not watched yet. My resolution for 2009 is to see them, finally.

Wicked said...

Mrs. and I just watched Lars and the Real Girl. It was fantastic. Ryan Gosling was absolutely great. I can't think of another actor who could have played the role of Lars so convincingly.

prairiegirl said...

Wicked, that's one I wanted to see, too, but I haven't yet. Thanks for the memory jog. I will add that one to my Netflix que. (sp?) Also, Monsoon Wedding. A friend of mine loves that soundtrack; says the music was great in it.

Boy, we all could just about rent a theatre out and just have a big movie night, couldn't we? Must be the cold weather outside. Makes people want to hole up and stay in. That's what I've done so far today. Emailing like crazy and printing out stories from an LJ writer of BBM slash who just gave 7 days notice that they're purging their journal.

Another casualty I think of Jake's bearding. That's 2 authors I know since the beginning of the year who say their writing is being inspired elsewhere. One of them is purging totally and opening a new journal that's going to be all different stories. And another who says just not going to be writing BBM stuff as much anymore. I reckon it can be hard to stay inspired. And of course, this is just the kind of thing that must please Jake's handlers. But there are still some really good ones writing, thank goodness. Thus, for the next few days, I'm printing like crazy. Dangit.

lee said...

hey prairiegirl, what does your church priest think about your addiction to slash stories or you have not told him yet?

father o'reilly said...

hey prairiegirl, what does your church priest think about your addiction to slash stories or you have not told him yet?

I wish she'd share them with me!

sister flanaghan said...

"But Spock," said Kirk, huskily, realizing, finally, irrevocably, what his true self had been trying to tell him ever since the beginning of season one, "it's so huge. And it's green." "And it would be logical for you to... touch it, Captain," said Spock.

;) said...


Flowergirl said...

Hey PG, what LJ author is deleting their stories? I found out to late about maidenofthesea deliting her fantastic stories & didn't get to save them. If these are stories I like, I want to save them asap.

Northeast said...

Wow, what a great post - I love Kevin Aucoin and Paulina Porizkova. These pictures of current stars as film icons are great! Kevin was lucky to have such a supportive family. :)

I saw Milk today - where do I begin? What a great movie - a very, very important film that everyone must see - so much relevance for today; we've come far in some ways, but in others not as much. Sean Penn played him beautifully - just the right amount of hopefulness and maybe naivete to see the world not as it is but could be, but enough steely fight and tenacity and realism to tackle the issues head on and to get things done. We need that. James Franco was wonderful as a great boyfriend (dare I say supportive?)and it looked like they were going to get back together too. So much warmth in this movie, the cozy older San Francisco homes and buildings with the great big windows, adding even more warmth to Harvey and Scott's warm relationship. Very true to the period, I had forgotten how much I remembered - Anita Bryant, etc. There was even a nod to Sylvester James in there, I do believe, and Somewhere Over The Rainbow. Just a wonderful movie. So sad to think of young people having to leave home in order to find acceptance too.

brulian said...

In anticipation of the return of One Tree Hill, it looks like Brulian, Austin and Sophia bush, are getting quite a lot of interest. They certainly have alot of 'on-screen' chemistry and its cute that they are real life friends.
I've just been meandering around You tube and there are loads of clips people have made of Austin, mainly with Sophia, but also with the other woman (Peyton?).
hopefully in the next few weeks he'll start getting the attention he deserved, and abit of on screnn romance between him and Brooke / Sophia would be rather fun as well.

Special K said...

Wicked - have you caught Ryan in Half Nelson? Highly recommended.

Northeast said...

Dangit, guys, I wish I lived over there east at times like this. I think us 4 could have a great time holed up in a living room, watching Bend It, Brothers Grimm, Lords of Dogtown, and I am going to give Casanova another try. Someone pop the popcorn, get us some fleece throws & pillows, me a recliner (lol!) and I'll also bring the Cheez Its. Man, we'd have a great time.

Sounds really good, PG.

I forgot to mention how good Emile Hirsch and Josh Brolin were too, in Milk. :)

prairiegirl said...

hey prairiegirl, what does your church priest think about your addiction to slash stories or you have not told him yet?

lol, I was just waiting for somebody to call me out on this part of my life, lee. Are you saying there is something wrong with gay love and gay sex? I suppose my minister (I am no longer Catholic, so I have a minister, not a priest) would be none too thrilled with my present preoccupation. On the other hand, I find it interesting that a constant misconception about people who have a spiritual life don't engage in sex, don't get aroused, don't even self-pleasure (sorry-NC17 warning). That for some reason, that part of their life dies an instant death. Au Contraire. I admit it is something I'm not going to proclaim on a banner at work or to casual acquaintances. And here is where you get into all kinds of controversy and moral issues & disagreements. Let's see, how can I put this without opening up all kinds of wormcans.

All I'm going to say is I don't have a problem with erotica & film sex. Now some people call it porn or say it's disrespectful to male or females. Maybe erotica is a glorified term. I enjoy the stories immensely and I enjoy other aspects of it as well, lol. I don't mean to set a bad example but I'm not going to hide it either. Would you rather I do it in private and not say anything at all? Isn't that what people get hacked off at Christians for anyway, when they say one thing out of one side of the mouth and do something else out of the other side?

I apologize if it disappoints anyone or doesn't set well. I don't have a problem with it so there you go.

I'm not sure who you are, lee, but you're probably the same person who's been targeting me lately. Not sure what the problem is but how about just speaking out and saying what's really on your mind. Get it out in the open and maybe we can resolve the real issue.

destiny said...

I hope Austin gets an on-screen romance with Sophia too.

I still have not seen Ryan G. in anything (I know, my bad). Half Nelson is on the Netflix que, which I seem to be working through at a glacial pace.

destiny said...

Great post PG!

prairiegirl said...

flowergirl, it's lovehurts4ever.

Shoot, now that got me all distracted. Oh, now I remember what I was going to say.

Well, just had a splendid walk this afternoon. It is pretty darn cold out there and the thing I like about that is it means there won't hardly be anybody out at the park. That means I can sing & gesture all I want and not have to worry about people being around, lol. I wish I had had my camera because the ice that has formed along the rocks in the lake where the current pushes the water against them was just gorgeous.

Anyway, while walking something hit me and I wanted to correct myself on something thanks to m. I guess India isn't a religion, it's a country/culture. Then I thought what religion exactly was Bend It on? Buddhism? So I googled it and they called it Sikh, which I'm not sure if that's a branch of another major religion or is one by itself. I'm not real informed in that regard. But anyway, I had to correct my misstatement there.

Thanks, Destiny. I knew I was opening myself up to all kinds of stuff. And I would like to correct one thing before something else is misinterpreted. I'm not saying I want to just sit there either & watch 2 people bang each other endlessly when it comes to film. There has to be a story leading up to the event and there needs to be chemistry between the actors to make it believable. Does that make sense. Okay, I'm done with it. lee's probably taken off, anyway. I like how someone makes an attacking remark but then runs off & leaves it. Like a crop dusting.

lee2 said...

I admit it is something I'm not going to proclaim on a banner at work or to casual acquaintances. And here is where you get into all kinds of controversy and moral issues & disagreements.

PG, seems you lead two lives, just like Jake.

they spread it and run said...

Like a crop dusting.

More like crap dusting! LOL

Special K said...

PG - like Destiny said - great post - in your response.

There are many aspects of life and living in faith that each person has to find the answer for themselves. For some people they feel that they can not drink or smoke or gamble, or swear or others it is watching movies, or music, or reading certain literature. It is your own feelings about those things that is your personal conviction. It is something that each person has to resolve for themselves. What is living in faith might just be a little different than someone else's version.

prairiegirl said...

PG, seems you lead two lives, just like Jake.

I do discuss sexual & intimate things with those close to me and also girls at work. I don't discuss some things with the guys because I'd turn all shades of red, lol. But I can banter & innuendo with some of them as well. I just don't have a real in depth or serious discussion because for one thing, most of the guys at my work are married. And since I am straight & single and they would be married, I have no business talking about this stuff with them. I do have a friend who is a preacher's daughter with whom we can discuss sexual matters/stories quite frankly. We can have a real hootfest, actually. I'm talking everyone else. For gosh sakes, do you discuss everything with every tom, dick & harry you come across? And is this enough private, personal information for you? I think I'm laying quite a bit out for you, lee. More than alot of people would.

Did I answer your question or am I misunderstanding your "two lives" statement?

And I don't want to spend all night on this thing. I've got stuff to do. But I'm also not going to run & evade the issue. Get to your main problem and let's cut to the chase.

destiny said...

Congratulations Eagles fans. Enjoy the last victory of the season, because the Giants are going to roll over them next week. :-D

Cover Girl said...

Instead of fighting trolls maybe in honor of todays Spotlight we should discuss Jake's best eyeshadow colors and if Austin needs his brows shaped.

Special K said...

Don't do it Austin - keep your brows they way they are. Jake will tell you tales of the over tweezed!

prairiegirl said...

Yeah, definitely need a change in subject.

Sorry, guys! I know you don't need this. Sorry, Special & Wicked. Don't mean to drag this out at all.

I am sure this kind of activity is what leads to friends locked LJ journals. I'm done. Not because I'm backing off/hiding but because I need to eat some dinner (lol!), read the paper, finish a little decorating, and take care of some more emails. And there's only a couple more hours left to get it done.

NFL football? When one's team is the Chiefs, one forgets there is an NFL season, lolll! They are not a good example of a good NFL team right now, I'm afraid.

Austins New Show said...

One Tweeze Hill

Austins new Movie said...

The Ingrowners

:) said...


Special K said...

MAC's newest line of eye shadow kits inspired by Jake

Moonlight Mile
(cool blues)

Good Girl
(soft blush to bright pinks)

October Sky
(peach to deep russet)

Lovely & Amazing
(a sparkle for those special nights out)

Jake's Lipstick said...

Peach of Persia

prairiegirl said...

LOLLLLLL! you guys killed me.

destiny said...

I agree about keeping those tweezers away, I love distinctive eyebrows on both men and women.

Donnie Darko--the new line of black eyeliners for getting that emo look.

Nail Me! Eyeliner by Jake said...

Available in Silverbullet Slut, Hammer Head Blue and Beat Me Black. Drip proof and resistant to most bodily fluids. Quick and easy to apply with applicator gun.

m said...

Prairie Girl, don't take any slams personally. Just a troll tactic to try to drive people away from OMG and WFT2. Besides, porn and erotica are two entirely different things. Slash is not porn. Would not get so many women followers if it was. I credit slash for getting me to read again after many years. At one time I read at least one book a week, then lost my concentration. Since BBM slash, I am reading all the time.

m said...

Northeast, just want to second your comments re Milk. Fabulous performance by Sean Penn, James Franco, Hirsch and Brolin. I was a bit put off by Diego Luna but then his character was off putting so I give him the benefit of the doubt. I loved the archival nature of the whole film. Great photography and great direction. I will buy it once it comes out on blu ray. I cried at the end - the long shot of the mourners holding candles. So sad.

Jersey Tom said...

PG you are amazing. I love your honesty. You can live your life anyway you want. Special is really lucky to have met you. I can't wait to meet you. You seem like such a fun loving good soul.

Its funny when you first started posting I didnt read the whole thing. I normally only glance at the long posts. Then Wicked told me how much she loves to read your posts. Now I read every single word and enjoy it. I enjoy everyone posts here and respect everyones opinion. There are some very bright people that are attracted to this sight. I can't wait till we all get together again.

Jersey Tom said...

Northeast I am glad you enjoyed Milk. It was so good and the acting was terriffic. It has already picked up some prestigious awards as has Sean Penn. It looks like Slumdog Millionaire is a heavy favorite to win the Oscar but I do think that Milk will be nominated for several categories and may win a few.

Jersey Tom said...

How awesome is it that these wonderful gay themed movies are actually now being produced and acheiving high praise. I cant wait to see Ang Lee's new flick "Taking Woodstock"

By Gregg Goldstein

NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - "Brokeback Mountain" director Ang Lee is returning to the gay genre with a movie revolving around the Woodstock music festival.

"Taking Woodstock" centers on the colorful life of a Greenwich Village-based interior designer and part-time Catskills hotel manager who headed the Bethel, N.Y., Chamber of Commerce. He issued the permit for the legendary 1969 concert on his neighbor Max Yasgur's farm.

It is based on Elliot Tiber's 2007 memoir "Taking Woodstock: A True Story of a Riot, a Concert, and a Life," which he wrote with Tom Monte.

The project is set up at Focus Features, and will be adapted by the studio's CEO, James Schamus. Lee and Schamus' most recent collaboration was Focus' Chinese-language drama "Lust, Caution," which earned $66 million worldwide.

The writing-directing pair had their breakthrough indie hit with the gay-themed comedy "The Wedding Banquet" in 1993, and Lee directed Focus' biggest hit, the gay Western "Brokeback Mountain," in 2005.

There have been several Woodstock documentaries, but few narrative films touching on the festival, one of the few being Tony Goldwyn's "A Walk on the Moon."

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

prairiegirl said...

Its funny when you first started posting I didnt read the whole thing. I normally only glance at the long posts.

lol. Call it Laffy Taffy commenting, Tom! I know; I can't control it sometimes.

You all are going to have me going to see Milk before it comes out on video. It sounds sooo good. I just can't handle knowing that he dies at the end. At least if I rented it, I could stop it just before that point. But I may not be able to wait. I'd really like to see it before Oscar time so I can be fully aware of the candidates, uh, I mean nominees. lol.

prairiegirl said...

thanks, m! (((m)))

Brothers Beauty World said...

This creamy 5 o'clock shadow duo set comes in 2 color choices, Afghan Olive & Blacksheep Blue or Seabiscuit Sage & Twisted Taupe. Each set comes with a free complimentary self sharpening pencil for easy rimming in Bigamy Black, at extra cost. This special 2nd edition set in a "Where The Heart Is" case is available only at Walmart, the day after tomorrow.

destiny said...


PG, while you're busy printing, I'm busy copying and pasting. One week is not much time, we've got our work cut out for us.

Wicked said...

Wicked - have you caught Ryan in Half Nelson? Highly recommended.

Agreed. I think Gosling is one of the best actors out there right now.

prairiegirl said...

I'm sure a trip to Staples is going to be on my agenda this week, Destiny. ;)

And still trying to fix the blue winter lights in my windows. One strand was a silly blue green. Had brilliant blue LED lights in one window, bluegreen in another, and white in my bedroom window, left over from Christmas. It's a disastrous look. Tom Felicia or Martha Stewart would be appalled, I'm sure, at my color scheme. Made an emergency trip to Wal Mart this morning to scour the shelves of disjointed, mismatching stuff and oh! came up with one precious strand of blue lights for 60 cents, marked down 75%. Don't ask me why I'm going on about my lights. lol. Just trying to explain my pain, I guess. In between printing pages.

Rattler said...

Properly trimmed and shaped facial hair will go a long way to enhance your masculine charm for those special occasions.

For buying organic vegetables: Keep the sides of the beard tiny, really tiny.

On the red carpet: Requires a beard which is fuller at the sides and longer at the chin. Avoid dyeing it yellow.

At a fancy restaurant: Goatee. May coordinate well with the entrée.

During post dinner hanky-panky: Clean-shaven.

Rattler said...

PG: Wikipedia is a great resource if you want to grab quick information about anything that fancies you - from Sikhism to chicken curry.
Just type in the word and read away.

prairiegirl said...

Rattler, on your grooming tips:


That one sent me overboard.

And thanks for the wikipedia tip. Believe me, I need all the help I can get. College seems so long ago at times.....

Hey, everybody have a great night's sleep! Tomorrow's Monday and it's a full work week. Ugh.

But hey! At least snow isn't in the forecoast and maybe you easterners will be getting the 60 degrees that we had yesterday in a day or 2. I hope so - it's a nice break.

Sweet dreams and a big hug to each & every one, including lee & lee2.

Stresstabs said...

To guarantee good health and mental fitness while maintaining your beard it is recommended that a high dose of vitamin G be taken at least twice daily.

Rattler said...

Special: At first, I didn't really believe that was Martha Stewart. And then after much googling, I found this - Martha Stewart was superhot!

austi spumanti said...

Baby put some Boudreaux's Butt Paste on it....Ohhhhh it's the other kind of beard burn, never mind.

dead? said...

I guess you must all have died suddenly, how comes no comment on Jake and reese at a Laker's game?

slam sick said...

Jake has hit a new low. Reeke at Lakers on IHJ.

associates said...

JustJared: Sitting next to Reese was a big-time Hollywood studio executive, Dreamworks cofounder Jeffrey Katzenberg.

It was a Sunday night business meeting not a date.

nah said...

yeah, you wish, associates...

Jakey Goobermann said...

Yeah, babe, it burns. Let's play.
Stung by a jellyfish.
You know what to do.

Miss Manners said...

Its funny, no matter how hard she tries Reese will always be small town country bumpkin..didn't anyone ever tell her its bad manners to point?

austi spumanti said...

Don't cross the streams? No that's Ghostbusters.

Jakes 2nd employer said...

All the Laker game stories are REESE and Jake and the pics are all focussed on REESE. Makes me wonder if Reese hired Jake not the other way around.

Jakey Goobermann said...

Over your shoulders.
I cross my legs.

Run Austin Run said...


nacho breath said...

Like Staples Center wasn't gonna do it. They're a couple! To People, US, OK or (insert tabloid here).

Meg said...

Jake has rather sunken to a new low in this latest set of pics, rather like pissing on the Toothy Holy Grail isn't it. Then again, both him and Reese do now work for the Disney Corp so they probably have to do what they told at times. And remeber, Monsters and Aliens is coming out within the next few months, so its full speed ahead on the promotion front for Reese (hence the more photogenic hair extensions).

Its possible that the Monsters and Aliens gig was Reese's pay-off for the bearding, who knows eh!

Meg said...

I hadn't clicked on the 'Gag me' link and really wish i hadn't. Tacky or what.