Thursday, March 25, 2010

Behind Blue Eyes

Source Code is speeding along Duncan tweeted yesterday that they are about half way through shooting and it already week 4. Really can't wait to see it. First read of the version of the script that is available online, it was the first 60 pages in one stop, it is just that good.

Seeing this teaser:reminded me of another movie of Jake's

Both are about seeings thing that others don't and peoples as vessels, of parallel realities and one who is destined to save many by changing one .

Right now it's all about not being seen at the moment, and there is one place in Montreal that might be perfect to do so.

O Noir

The restaurant is in complete pitch black darkness, where you use your other senses to experience dining in a new way. Many of the servers are blind or visually impaired and they help by sharing their experience with the diners to help them acclimate. "You choose your menu in the dimly lit lounge area, and then you are led to your table by your server. No one can see you kiss your husband or spill food down your chin. And the anonymity allows people to just break out into off-pitched singing whenever they feel like it." Now if Jake brought his favorite dining companion its not too hard to imagine what might happen sight unseen.

No need for slouching down in the booth. ; )

Pictures: Malusman, Kilroyishere


matchmaker said...

complete bitch black darkness

A perfect place for Ted and Atticus!

Eesh said...

Who the heck would want to do this if they didn't have to? What a horrible concept for a restaurant.

destiny said...

Maybe I would do it once on a lark, but it wouldn't be pretty. I'd probably stab myself or my girlfriend with my fork. :-D
It's bad enough in some places with their dark lighting.; I prefer places where I can see my food and the people I'm with.

I also like places where I can carry on a conversation without screaming and leaning over to hear the person right across the table from me.

eveready said...

Just bring a flashlight!

BJ said...

I wonder how many people accidentally drop their fork and have to get down on their knees and look for it under the table

Jake said...


Eesh said...

In a proper restaurant the waitstaff will do that FOR you ;-)

Special K said...

First thanks for pointing out the typo or Freudian slip matchmaker. : ) It's now fixed.

Actually there are restaurants that give this experience all over the world.

I would love to try to do it. Because it would be such a radically different approach to dining. It would make you focus all your other senses to figure out how to eat and what you are eating and how to interact with those around you and those who are serving you.

And it would be just an interesting experiment about what happens when no one can see you and you can't see them.

video said...

Posted on WDW

Jake Gyllenhaal Discusses Filming PRINCE OF PERSIA

Jake provides fans with insight into what it was like filming his first action movie.

Jake Gyllenhaal Discusses Filming PRINCE OF PERSIA - fan question no. 2

Ted said...

More scoop for you on what really went down with Jake Gyllenhaal at a Montreal bar scuffle. And how is Kate Gosselin's behavior getting her into more trouble on the set of Dancing With the Stars?

Plus, Jesse James gets called out on his slutty behavior. All this and more in the trashiest Truth, Lies & Ted yet!

Truth, Lies & Ted: Trashy Lingerie Edition!

Special K said...

The great Comcast battle continues. Comcast back out today. Was losing channels on my tv. I have given up on the all the internet issues. After two phone calls where somehow I was at fault for not making the cable work.(did you touch your box? did you change anything? no and no)and two days of waiting finally got a tech out here. We go through the whole thing again. They check the box , check the connections, check the line, check the box again. Not good he says. Back out fiddle with the line, back in check the box. Still not good. Told him they were supposed to fix stuff outside last year. He decides to switch the box out. Still not making a difference. It's up the pole. The one thing they were supposed to fix last year. It was never fixed. Now seriously - that one is all theirs, I have nothing to do with that one, they're going up the damn pole not me.

destiny said...

That is so crazy Special. I always hard Comcast was the worst.

Jake is sure looking good in that video, and sounding like his old self. And he's wearing both a chain and a pinky ring. Does anyone remember when he did that Q&A, I remember the call for questions.

Special K said...

Those video questions were done in Jan/Feb before he headed to Canada.

destiny said...

Thanks. I knew it was before heading to Canada, but beyond that had no idea.

Communistcast said...

Special just put on your boots and gloves and climb up there. We're busy.

Communistcast said...

We're busy billing this month's rate hike.

twitter said...

coffeeandcakes: Went to l'express tonight and arrived just as Jake Gyllenhaal was leaving. We make eye contact..
37 minutes ago

(loc not given but looks like Montreal)

prairiegirl said...

I don' have anything to say at this hour but the only time I'm up at this time is if I have a flight (which I don't) and so I just wanted a comment at a goshawful hour.


I have to go into work really early this morning for some training. And talk about bleary eyed. I'll be dead tonight. I may have to have a cup of coffee and some regular Coke Classic later this morning. LOL.

prairiegirl said...

BTW, this L'Express gets fair to pretty good to "you need to go if you visit Montreal" reviews. Sounds like the decor and bustling, usually busy atmosphere ranks over the food.

Brought to you by Montreal Restaurant reviewers. lol.

twitter said...

Driss_Skali: Velvet was crazy, i had so much fun !!! it was nice to see Jake Gyllenhaal in the club ! Thanks to everybody who braved the cold and came
about 3 hours ago

DeathbyAnalog: Velvet was crazy, i had so much fun !!! it was nice to see Jake Gyllenhaal in the club ! Thanks to everybody who braved the cold and came
about 3 hours ago

Kamil_A: Partied with Jake Gyllenhaal 2nite haha @ Velvet in Montreal !
about 2 hours ago

KortneyShap: hahahaha pretty sure Jake Gyllenhal waltzed in [Garde Mange?] about an hour and a half ago - suck it reese whiterspoon why'd you let THAT one get away!?
about 1 hour ago

Bullock? Bollocks! said...

Doesn't look like Toothy is exactly staying home and disappearing.

fyi said...

Velvet was crazy, i had so much fun !!! it was nice to see Jake Gyllenhaal in the club ! Thanks to everybody who braved the cold and came
about 3 hours ago

Why the duplicate tweets: Death by Analog is a band, Driss Skali is one of the members.

Jersey Tom said...

Ted sure must have got a ton of letters and ckecked out the sites because he did a little panic repair on the Bullock cpomment. He still really didnt say what he meant but said only that he didnt necessary mean that J and A had split. I sure like to get more info on that one. Not sure how much Ted knows though.

Ted said...

Dear Ted:
Alas, I have no dogs nor cats that I've been saving lately and I also don't want to lie and say that I saved any. Too honest, that's me. But maybe I can collect some points with my everlasting love for my soon-to-be 15-year-old cat, Mira? So, this is my question about Baby Tile: Has there ever been a kid growing up in the same circumstances as his before in H'wood? (I guess the answer is 'duh' for the rest of the world, as anything goes, but I was asking specifically about H'wood.) Or is he being raised somewhere else? (Would be saner, too.) Lots o' love from Germany.

Dear H'wood Happenings:
If you say anything goes for the rest of the normal world, then anything and everything goes for Hollywood. H'wood is like the regular world amped up on sex and weirdness. Answer's yes.

Dear Ted:
Ted, sorry but your gingerbread manner of speaking drives this reader nuts. Riddle me this after that last ambiguous Toothy spill: Are Toothy and Grey Goose headed for divorce court?
—Concerned in Kansas

Dear Call Off The Lawyers:
No. Just have a lot of tensions to sort through right now. Both dudes don't exactly have the best career outlooks at the moment.

Bitch Back!

Special K said...

Both dudes don't exactly have the best career outlooks at the moment.

Sounds like OTH is pretty much DOA. Austin has a couple smaller things hopefully will come out soon. Think Ted is talking about what he thinks about PoP, because Jake is getting good reviews for Love & Other Drugs. Damn Yankees just got a mention about what is happen for it. Don't know about the Moon project or Namath pic though.

prairiegirl said...

That's my letter!!!!!!!!!!!

prairiegirl said...

Go K State!!!!!!

How 'bout those Wildcats, Tom?????


2 teams from the Big 12!!

Meg said...

Congrats on getting your letter answered pg, good letter as well, but a rather sad answer, I don't like to think of a stressed Austin (or Jake for that matter).

Special K said...

Every couple goes through tensions. We can all check ourselves, whether its money, career, and no too mention the stresses of parenting too. I can see Jake stressing about how PoP will do. Talk about putting yourself out there for your biggest success or you biggest failure worldwide. And Austin trying to figure out what he's going to do next. And how they are going to make this all work and fit in with what they want in terms of balance between life,family and career.

Special K said...

Congrats PG. Look out Tom. PG will be out for your Ted C letters answered title soon.

destiny said...

Congratulations PG! I wondered when I saw it was from Kansas. And thank you for asking a question that finally got Ted to give us a straight answer.

Seems like Jake is doing okay. Even if Pop is a disaster, he'll have two other films done by the time it comes out that will hopefully get him good word. Maybe he just means that if PoP does poorly that Jake won't be on the A-list.

Austin on the other hand, I'm a bit worried about. I don't think doing another year of OTH would have helped any, so I think it is better he gets out before he becomes too entrenched.

destiny said...

PG, I'm assuming you didn't stay up to watch the game, given what horrible hour you were up this morning. It was a wild and exciting one. I had turned on the games to watch Cornell, and got caught up in the Kansas game when the other one turned into a dud of a game.

Seaweed said...

Hey PG !

Congrats on getting a great letter to Ted printed and answered, but you really need to learn to "embrace the gingerbread"! LOL

Jersey Tom said...

Alright PG! Congrats on the letter. It is a hoot when he answers one of your letters isnt it.

I Heard that Kansas St game was a great one. Now that my Villanova Wildcats are out I will root for the K St Wildcats.

Spesh I agree that Ted is talking about OTH and PoP. I think Austin is well liked and will get his shot. For me Jakes career starts again after PoP. Hopefully Jake can get through PoP without any embarrassment. I do think he will gets good reviews for Love and Other Drugs(maybe an Oscar nom) and Source Code. My dream is for him to win his first Oscar for Damn Yankees. I just know this movie will make him a big star. America will love it. Could be the next Chicago.

m said...

PG, I'm so happy for you. I did not even notice the Kansas part until you said it was your letter. I am just relieved they are not breaking up. The pressure on Jake must be enormous right now, with POP about to break out. All eyes will be on him. That's a big load to carry on your shoulders. Austin may be at loose ends right now but agree another year of OTH would be of no use to him. That show jumped the shark and needs to be buried.

destiny said...

What Ted is saying today really has nothing to do with Bullock. Why in the heck did he answer that first letter that way? Especially when you think about the fact he mentioned the whole family, not just TT and GG. Unless he was trying to say they're being shoved deep into the closet because of career fears. Still an odd way of saying it.

just saying said...

I think the "bullock" mention was clear = serious issues in the couple.
Now he talks about "tensions" and the "bad career outlook" for jake isn't really apropriate,even for the pop corn movie POP which could be at the end a success and the occasion for jake to be a wildword name.
Ted is drowning the fish.

prairiegirl said...

I didn't stay up for the game, Destiny. I knew there was no way. My alarm went off @ 03:15. Man. And I knew I was awake when I left the house but after our first break, I started to go out into the warehouse without my hairnet on. Had to step back in and put it on. Then I stepped out again and tried to go out w/o my safety glasses. That's when I knew I was back to 1/2 asleep, lol.

Everyone around here is pretty excited about K-State especially after KU lost.

Well, it's a short comment because I only have a 40 min. lunch. We celebrated 1st quarter birthdays today and we had breakfast!! Scrambled eggs and bacon that was done really crispy - the best. So I need to be quick as I used about 20 for that. I'm on a roll now with my story so I must seize the opportunity.

I'm so glad the lawyers don't need to be called.

prairiegirl said...

I don' have anything to say at this hour

^^^ LOL! No, that was not Ennis speaking. You can tell I've been actively writing. I dropped my consonant!

Of course, you know...why does Ted have to use the word tension at all? Now that makes me worry again.

destiny said...

LOL PG. And something about your post triggered a thought. The tension may be in their careers being so different, and maybe alluding to Bullock in the Oscar curse of actresses having problems with spouses. Although Ted does say TT is having problems too (not that I tend to buy that).

prairiegirl said...

That is a frequent cause for couple break ups, Destiny. When one's career is going better than the other's. That has doomed alot of relationships.

career said...

I am also relieved they are still together. I think the tensions are work related stress. I think it must be a period of a lot of stress for them with PoP about to be released and the expectations of how it’ll perform, and Austin figuring out his next project. I am sure they’ll sort it out. As Special k said, every couple deals with this kind of issues. I believe that Ted meant to say remaining deep in the closet with the Bullock reference. I don't think the different level in their careers will affect them because it's been like this for a long time. It's nothing new. If they survived the Hollywood pressure and made it this far with everything against them, I am sure they'll find a way to remain together.

prairiegirl said...

That's true, career. exhale.

Okay, this is bad.

It just dawned on me that I had bacon this morning and I try not to eat meat on Fridays during Lent even though I'm not Catholic anymore. I totally forgot!!!!