Thursday, March 11, 2010

Little Addiction and Subtraction

This is the first PoP poster.And this the final PoP poster.
Notice what's different.

Now look really close.

Not only did they add Gemma and Ben, brighten up that punum, and work some Sparkle Motion on Jakey's dagger arm, shine those swords, but there is a little bit of a cover up.

You think that tiny peek of tummy was just too hot to handle? Abs almighty I guess it was. Guess Bruck wants the pay per view to seem shirtless glory.

No Photoshop. No Problem. Just go with the Dastan Tee, for absolute coverage. And for those with more of a keg than a 6-pack. And available in mini dagger wielder too.


Cute said...

Cute - I haven't heard this song in ages. ;)

shift up said...

It's a game to find all of the tweeks to the poster. BTW nice way to cover his crotch.

duncan said...

Funny thing about shooting a film in one set for an extended period of time. About a week in, you begin to suffer from déjà vu & the sillys.

4:32 AM Mar 10th via TweetDeck

destiny said...

What a strange thing to do. Not crazy about the poster, it's too busy-looking.

IHJ new pics said...

Atticus thinks he's a director.

Special K said...

Maggie was on Ellen today talking about going to Madonna's after party. She said she was freaking out a little when she ended up dancing in her bare feet with Madonna for a couple minutes. Because as she said, it's Madonna, I used to dress up like her! She did confess having been to a couple parties and few drinks did make it easier. Then Madonna moved on, and Maggie looked up a few minutes later to see Madonna dancing with Peter on the stairs, his tie all undone and just getting into it.

destiny said...

Aww, I like those stories.

Cute said...

^^I love it. :)

prairiegirl said...

That would be pretty cool to meet Madonna. Sounds like several celebrities have their own little Oscar parties.

I'll share this one. The guy I dogsit for has a band, think I've said that before. Anyway, when I first started watching Nikki & Jake (then Jake passed away and he got the ol' Pudster, I mean Puddy), I would always come watch them in February because he would go to Elton John's party. I don't know how on earth he was able to get into that but he has a ton of pictures downstairs on his basement walls of him & his bandmates with all kinds of celebs. But he quit going a couple of years ago because he said it was getting too expensive to get in. He really enjoyed going, though. I forget how much it was the last time he went but good grief.

Hey, check out the new avatar. What is that? Guess. lol.

And I was too busy at work to even get on and brag on my day of big V tomorrow. We're finally to a point at work where we can begin to take some time off finally.

prairiegirl said...

Now everyone needs to behave and there needs to not be anything controversial happening tonight and tomorrow because I am on a real roll with my writing and I want to get alot done.

Hear that, tall Texan and shorter Californian? Behave.


Cute said...

I like your avatar, PG - fun about your friend too. :)

Special K said...

You think the peek of abs was crossing the PG-13 line? It also looks like they tried to deemphasize the prince's other dagger. Oh the wonder of fonts. ; )

downward dog said...

OMFG you gotta see the latest TMZ TV episode! There's a really short segment on some woman, I can't remember her name but she's known as the Millionaire Matchmaker. She's on the street and the camera guy asks her how he can find a rich older man. She said that rich gay guys are still going to the gym but the latest thing is they go to yoga classes.

What actor do we know who's like the only one papped and twittered at yoga classes?! And he does it shirtless?!

Special K said...

Ha Ha Ha

The Millionaire Matchmaker is Patti Stanger. She was on Wendy Williams a few weeks ago and Wendy asked what celebrity she'd like to fix up with Jen Aniston. She said Jake Gyllenhaal is throwing out all kinds of energy that he's ready to nest and have kids. I cracked up. Who says that a guy's ready to nest? I guess the one that's with his Goose.

downlow dog said...

Do you think she knows, Special? And just making a pun or doing it to freak Jake out or maybe saying that JA is a beard? I wonder why she would match Jake with Jen, why she said that. You're right, who says a guy's ready to nest. But why would she bring up Jake with Jen?

Ted said...

Dear Ted:
Supposedly Rachel McAdams and Jake Gyllenhaal really hit it off at the Oscars. Now there seems to be relationship rumors, of course. Do you think they will get into a relationship?

Dear Awards:
Doubt that these two will make it past this weekend. Unless, of course, one of them has a movie coming out. Oh wait...

Bitch Back!

Special K said...

She said she really wanted to play matchmaker for Jen because she just needs to find a good guy and then she mentioned Jake as a nice guy.

But when she said nest, was like WHAAAA?

twitter said...

jessicafarinaro: Just your average Thursday night sipping martinis in Old Montreal sitting a few feet away from JAKE GYLLENHALL!!!!!!!
1 minute ago

destiny said...

You changed your avatar already PG? I was so enjoying the other one. Hmmm, this looks like a shake, mint perhaps?

Who else is always photographed coming from yoga? Zachary Quinto.

CNN said...

Mississippi school sued for canceling prom over lesbian student

A Mississippi high school faces a lawsuit over its decision to cancel its prom rather than allow a lesbian high school student to attend with her girlfriend.

The lawsuit, filed by the American Civil Liberties Union, alleges that officials at Itawamba Agricultural High School in Fulton, Mississippi, are violating the student's First Amendment right to freedom of expression.

The ACLU asked the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Mississippi to reinstate the prom.

"All I wanted was the same chance to enjoy my prom night like any other student. But my school would rather hurt all the students than treat everyone fairly," said the student, 18-year-old Constance McMillen, in an ACLU news release. "This isn't just about me and my rights anymore -- now I'm fighting for the right of all the students at my school to have our prom."

At the center of the lawsuit is a memorandum from the school to students, dated February 5, which states that prom dates must be of the opposite sex.

Also, when McMillen expressed a desire to wear a tuxedo to the prom, the superintendent told her only male students were allowed to wear tuxes, according to court documents.

Superintendent Teresa McNeece also told McMillen that she and her girlfriend could be ejected from the prom if any of the other students complained about their presence there, according to the documents.

The prom was canceled after McMillen and the ACLU tried informally to get the school to change its stance.

Officials at the Itawamba County School District were not immediately available for comment Thursday.

In a statement released Wednesday, the county's board of education said that, "Due to the distractions to the educational process caused by recent events, the Itawamba County School District has decided to not host a prom at Itawamba Agricultural High School this year."

The school hoped that private citizens in the community would organize an event to replace the prom, the statement said.

The decision was made, the board of education said, "taking into consideration the education, safety and well-being of our students."

"Itawamba school officials are trying to turn [McMillen] into the villain who called the whole thing off, and that just isn't what happened," said Kristy Bennett, Legal Director of the ACLU of Mississippi. She's fighting for everyone to be able to enjoy the prom.

"The government, and that includes public schools, can't censor someone's free expression just because some other person might not like it."


bigger said...

The recent IHJ pics were changed to have HQs.

mystery said...

Does anyone know what Jake is carrying?! Is it a dog toy or a ball case?

Sam said...

The girl in the set pics is the same girl carrying the jacket in the airport.

atticus said...

This could get dangerous

adorable said...


These pics do more for Jake than any pics from the last 3 years. Seriously.

sir mixalot said...

Is it the yoga or the biking? Jakey Got Back

adorable said...

Jake has a nice ass!

buns said...

Oh man.

bonz said...

Atticus has a beautiful coat.

Special K said...

Where did that come from? Jake is giving Austin a run for his money. Ted may be rethinking who he thinks fills out the jeans better. LOL.

All the pictures are great. Jake is looking better than ever. Love that Atti has been on set for last two movies.

good dog said...

I like how Atticus brings the ball back and waits for Jake to take it. My dog throws it past me and takes off so he can get a head start.

busted said...

“Jake Gyllenhaal Gets Close to a New Gal,” reads the headline of a piece in Us Weekly.

According to the magazine, “Loads of ladies were on the town the night before the Oscars in L.A., but Jake Gyllenhaal only had eyes for one: Olivia Munn!”


While the mag acknowledges the two only met that night, a source who saw the pair at a party that evening said, “Jake was really into her.”

Wait, that’s not all.

The same source even claims, “Jake’s keen to see what happens!”

Relax, everyone. This is NOT Camelot.

In fact, it’s more like camel NOT.

Yes, it’s true the two hung out that one night, but a source close to Gyllenhaal tells Gossip Cop that he’s not “keen to see what happens” nor is he “really into her,” as reported.

So please, ladies, form an orderly line.

Gossip Cop

lol said...

poor frumps...still waiting for the annual pic of J&A together. Maybe next

sid said...

Lol, in the meantime they rehash for the nth time the same 5 pics!Sad stuff.

lol said...

:) suppose at least the frumps are reducing their carbon footprint by recycling so much

nth trolly post said...

LOL the trollys and babblers are still here.

2 fine pieces of tail said...

LOL Jake's "bending over Atti and showing his fine ass" pic has twice as many views as the others

Awwwwww said...

Look at these two pics: Atti was holding on tight to his ball and wagging his tail! From left to right

lol said...

L-O-L should be called "Waiting for Photo"

sadder stuff said...

poor trollys and babblers still waiting for Jake to be straight

prairiegirl said...

Got a day off and can't even sleep in. But what a reward - great pictures.

It's the yoga. See, Special, I always said all the guy had to do was start doing squats or lunges and that thing would perk up.

Jake got something tiny going on there but it ain't a who, it's a what. Tiny but now tight. He had it, just didn't work it. Awesome.

LOL, now Jake looks like the spindley one and Austin is the meatier one. That's funny.

Okay, and when I say I'm wrong, I say I'm wrong. I thought it was significant when Atticus went East but now like someone on WFT2 told me, he's taken Atticus with him on alot of sets and so now here he is in Montreal. Doesn't necessarily mean the whole family moved to the east coast - not a big deal, though. Families are moveable - have van, will travel, lol.

Aw, a boy and his dog.

Not a boy anymore. Is it the buzz cut combined with what he went through for the last 2 1/2 years or just the mere fact that he's pushing 30 now. But Jake looks in the maturity range of Hugh Jackman now.

Maybe it's BT. Kids'll do that, too. LOL.

prairiegirl said...

Destiny & Cute - it's the Shamrock Shake!!! I love the McD Shamrock shake. Just a little St Paddy's avatar. Don't worry, Mr. Bad Banana will be back from time to time. lol. That banana guy - he kills me.

I cannot express how great it is to see Jake with Atticus. Atticus must love to play fetch - there's been a good handful of pictures in the past of that.

And the hug picture. Awwww - it's too much for this hour of the morning.

uh, Austin better take care with Jake now. He's liable to break him.

Ted said...

From today's blind vice:

Last time we checked in on Parrish Maguire, the good-lookin' babe was getting set up on fake dates with available female celebs, and the dude didn't mind in the least!

Parish, as we've said before, is quite unlike the most famous closeted Hollywood man of them all, Toothy Tile, who hates that he has to trot women around in order to sell tickets.

That's no problem for adorable Parrish, who'd probably sell his soul to the Hollywood devil for even a bit more fame—only problem being, not sure the designing star has a soul. Hard to tell.

The Awful Truth

Ted said...

Girls Can Go Gay

Did we say how much we love Joan Jett, already? Oh, well too bad 'cause we're going to say it again. She's awesome.

We all know by now The Runaways film features a sultry splash of some girl-on-girl action between Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning and we couldn't help but note while watching the fantastic flick how same-sex sexuality is much different when it comes guys than girls.

Why is that? Is it not way more acceptable, hot, and trendy in society today for girls to fool around with each other—but is so not OK for guys to do the same?

Hear Joan and Kristen weigh in on this touchy taboo:

"It's because [guys] want to watch girls," Joan said super chill at The Luxe hotel, dressed in a black halter and black pants. "Because men still rule the world. They want their girlfriends to f—k a girl for them. But if the girls are just into each other, then they get bored and they're like no, no, no. I got to be involved in this."

Too funny. Too true!

We were dying to see if Kristen agreed with Joan, but had a little misstep—literally—when approaching our favorite gal.

Taryn Ryder completely tripped and fell when walking up to Stewart to get her thoughts on Jett's comment. After Kristen, laughing and sweet as can be, gave an "OMG" and helped her up (adding that the clumsiness happens to her too, mind you), we went in for the kill before her publicist could try and stop us.

"Man, I can't talk right now but I wish you asked that question [during the roundtable]," Kristen said concerning society's approval of bisexuality when it comes to women, not men.

How about you give us a thumbs up or nod your head if you agree that there's this big double standard of sexuality when it comes to guys and girls?

"I'm nodding. I'm definitely nodding," Kristen shouted as she left the room.

Fascinating, both Joan and Kristen totally the sexist state of things. Knew we liked them for a reason.

So, look, America, maybe it's time you answered, as well:

Sure, no big deal for the gals to do it same-sex, right?

Just look at Lindsay Lohan, Angelina Jolie, and Megan Fox (who may just talk the sexy talk). They've had their dalliances with women, but heavens forbid a man should come clean about doing the same thing!

If Toothy Tile stepped out with Grey Goose, the media and fans alike would have a fit. Hypothetically speaking, if Kristen and Dakota did the same? It would just be hot, hot, hot in everyone's minds.

That's just twisted.

The Awful Truth

Ted said...

Dear Ted:
I am so loving Jakey G. right now but why can't people leave his love life alone. I think he has learned his lesson about PR romances, so I wished his so called fan and followers would give the guy a break and stay out of his personal life and stop stalking his bedroom.
—Reformed Gyllenholic

Dear Lesson Learned:
Psh, you can wish it all you want but J.G.'s personal life will never be completely personal. He's already too big a tabloid staple.

Bitch Back!

destiny said...

Ha, that question was probably written by a babbler or one of our trolls. And of course it is Jake that made his personal life a tabloid staple by Reeking, so he has no one to blame but himself.

Surprised Jake's people denied the bit about Munn. Change we can believe in? Not the right girl because he's in negotiations with someone else? Munn kicked up a fuss about Jake's people trying to turn it into something?

And I swear, lately Ted seems like he's defending the bearding and not coming out. WTF????

ted is full of shit said...

Munn is D-list, not blonde and petite and barely an actress.

She didn't kick up a fuss BTW, just said that they talked a bit at a party. She was really there with J. Foxx and were seen together at other parties that night.

Anonymous said...

So in other words she's Jamie's beard?

destiny said...

Oops, that was me.

ted is full of shit said...

Jake's people allegedy denied it to Gossip cop AFTER Munn's people denied it on that crapfest E!

Do you really believe Jake's reps would contact some obscure blogger to deny it? Most likely Gossip cop was watching E! And spun it the opposite direction .

If Munn didn't deny it then Gossip cop wouldn't have posted it.

Jake's rep was blind-sided with the jake/Rachel reaction, he would much prefer I think.

Don't know much about Jaime and Mann but except they were reported parting that night and they didn't just meet.

Wrong girl for Bubble boy.