Saturday, March 13, 2010

No Ifs Ands or Butts

Your earned a post about your posterior

All the hills on the bike, all the yoga, the workouts, the thrust and parry, the parkour.

That's one way to PoP it everyone can agree on.

And you know the best way to show it off


Think its those soldier roles that make you go commando?
; )


destiny said...

Matthew Bomer at the premiere of a Broadway play, Next Fall, about a gay couple. And as someone in the comments pointed out, he appears to be wearing a wedding ring.

Bomer at Next Fall

By the way, I saw the play when it was off-Broadway. There were things I liked, including the acting, but overall I didn't love it.

Special K said...

PG The picture Tom is talking about is not new but a old one from Oct 30, 2004

Atti and Daddy by the pool

Special K said...

Austin doing a scene in Park City as part of the finale for OTH.

Read about it here.
OTH creates a Sundance-esque scene

That scarf looks really familiar in the picture. ; )

Austin OTH finale Egyptian Theater Parky City

oh well said...

I saw the Matt Boner pic. It'd be nice if it was a wedding ring but I think it's the stem from his eyeglasses, the way he's holding them in his hand.

destiny said...

LOL, Ted's video this week on Jake is fun. For those who haven't listened, you really should. He says Jake (unlike Meyer and Butler) "doesn't need one of those booby thing dangled next to him to feel like a man" and goes on to talk about how Jake actually has talent and therefore doesn't need anything else. the bit on Jake starts around the 2:50 mark.

Atticus said...

Hope Noah Quinto sees this pic of my fine-looking hot ass. Maybe I'll send him a copy.

destiny said...

LOL Atticus.

I can't tell for sure whether it is a ring, but it seems to me that would be very strange way to hold your glasses. I wear glasses, and just tried holding them in a way that would cause just one of the earpieces to come across the ring finger. Very very awkward, and I have never ever in all my years of holding glasses held them that way.

lol said...

redsandman99: My sister told m e the other day that Jake Gyllenhaal looked like Will Smith when he was in Pirates of the Carribean *facepalm* #fail
22 minutes ago

ring said...

It'd be nice if it was a wedding ring but I think it's the stem from his eyeglasses, the way he's holding them in his hand.

Eyeglasses stems are folded so there is nothing to peek out:

Matt's ring 400%

cute shout out to his bf said...

Julian's scarf looks just like Jake's.

Matt said...

Matt Bomer - just ring

Austin, Texas said...

I just saw Maggie Gyllenhaal in the Austin convention center @ SXSW !!!!!!
10 minutes ago

Montreal said...

At chez Mado in Montreal. It's a lady gaga themed night. Hence the disco mirrors, vinyl and bat wings.
10:56 PM Mar 11th

My cappuccino looks like Mickey mouse!
about 2 hours ago

I'm 20 ft from Jake gyllenhal (sp?)
about 2 hours ago

rumpshaker said...

Damn dat ass is fine.
ONTD says "please be bending more often"

Special K said...

Looks like Source Code has the weekend off

Ro & I decided to "get away from it all" for the weekend. Driving our way to Boston! Big, amusing adventure so far!
about 4 hours ago via TweetDeck

Anyone have a good suggestion for a top seafood dinner place in Boston tonight. Nothing fancy! We do low-key only!
about 4 hours ago via TweetDeck

Thanks everyone! Will have some chowda with the lady, then may catch a showing of Green Zone! about 3 hours ago via TweetDeck

Yay! At the hotel in Boston.. going to wander the streets now and look at stuff.
about 2 hours ago via TweetDeck


Love that Duncan isn't all about the work and that they're more that just that. And that he talks about the movies he's goes to see. Rainy weekend to visit Boston, but plenty to do. And it's restaurant week too.

Maybe if the parade's still on they'll catch the St. Patrick's Day parade in Southie before heading back.

you are a bit nutty said...

Source code always has the weekend off like most productions. Jake was in L.A. last weekend and NY the previous weekend and from the tweets he is in Montreal this weekend.

This is not news, it would be if SC was filming this weekend.

I find some of your comments, specilation really odd SK. Mosy=t of the time they make no sense whatso ever or there is an underlinging of nastiness, dissapointment and all around anger over a variety of things thast you try and fsil to cover up.

oh well said...

I admit I was wrong about the ring. And I am very happy!

caboose said...

Source code always has the weekend off like most productions.

Movie making isn't 9-5 Monday thru Friday. It's unpredictable. Source Code will IMO probably spend many nights and weekends working, in order to take advantage of the empty depot/train station.

Special K said...

Well for Source Code to have such a short shooting schedule and with Jake having to take time of last weekend for the Oscar and this week,during the week to go to Show West it seems like they would want to use this weekend to shoot.

I know they are shooting on the soundstage for now aren't going to Ottawa to shoot the scenes at the train schedule until the end of the month. There aren't too many sets, basically inside the train, the command center area were Vera will be, and the train station.

coo-coo for cocoa puffs said...

Yes, but so far it hasn't. According to Duncan everything so far is running smoothly. Sure there is a chance it mat need to film on the weekends but so fsr, no.

SK acts like it's unheard of that a movie isn't filming on the weekend with her "it sounds like" comment. No shit.

Newsflash: A bear shits in the woods and the Pope is Catholic.

LOL said...

And trolls and babblers are still here!

Stubborn TB said...

Where exactly did you get from that Special was saying that "it's unheard of that a movie isn't filming on the weekend", Jack?

Just because you're pissed of about something - as usual - and decided to over-interpret things doesn't mean that it was the intended meaning.

Newsflash for you: "it sounds like" is a common way to preface posting the link to something that hasn't been posted yet.

don't you have some saurkraut and apple struddle to shove down your throat? said...
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wiki said...
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Mom said...

Somebody needs to take their meds and wash out their mouth with soap.

90210 said...

Thanks for deleting 7:57. Delete 7:48 too, please. Nothing of value to read there either.

Special K said...

Remember for some us at OMG, who are springing forward, remember to set you clocks ahead one hour tonight.
And its great time to remember to check your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors too.

Atticus said...

He better bring me a doggy bag

LoL said...

The twitterer now says that Kirsten Dunst just showed up. What I wouldn't give to be a fly on that wall.

foodie said...

APDC Cabane a Sucre

foodie again said...

The Sugar Shack

destiny said...

Thank you "Matt" for that photo!!!! What a wonderful picture.

destiny said...

I can't tell you how happy that picture makes me. It's so thrilling to see him at a gay-themed play, flashing what appears to be a wedding ring. This is big. A heartthrob starting in a brand new series who is not afraid to show the world who he is. No, his boyfriend is not in the pictures (presumably he is in LA with the kids), but I think it's just a matter of time before we get one of those, and one with the kids.

fyi said...

Sunday 3/21 is the LA Marathon. Pete Carroll and Kobe are running, Idk about some others.

destiny said...

I'm a bit surprised that a movie with such a short shooting time isn't requiring work on the weekends. It's not unusual with a smaller budget film.

Special K said...

Remember Source Code is about Colbert having to relive the same 17 minutes over and over again with till he figures out and prevents the attack. So there are few sets and it is the same set up with just minor changes each time he relives the sttack. The other set is control center.

lol said...
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Pilot said...
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Jack said...
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Donnie said...

No you turn the clock back 1 day.

Sam said...

After tomorrow.

Jack said...
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ted said...

Dear Ted:
Don't you think it's too PR convenient that Jake Gyllenhaal's people created a media hookup with Olivia Munn just when Prince of Persia is soon to be released? She is a host of a video game channel with a geek fanbase. Could you tell they are trying to attract the gamers to see Jake's video game-based movie? The people who design showmances are too transparent.

Dear G4 True Love:
You, my friend, may have a future in PR.

Dear Ted:
Has Peter Sarsgaard ever been the subject of one of your B.V.s? And is there some feud between Samuel L. Jackson and Mo'Nique? His reaction after her Oscar speech was interesting.

Dear Sideways Glances:
No beef, at least nothing serious. Mo'Nique can be a pretty powerful woman, though, and she got pretty emotional during the speech—SLJ was probably just trying to cut the tension (or maybe he'd had too much liquid courage like George Clooney?).

Dear Ted:
What's going on with Jeremy Renner's PR team? First they're talking up him flirting with Jessica Simpson, now with Carey Mulligan?

Dear Limelight:
He's trying to play the "ladies' man" role in real life, too. So what do you think: Does he seem like an eligible bachelor or just a desperate dud?

Dear Ted:
You've mentioned in the past that Rachel McAdams is as real as they get in Hollywood. In your B.B., you said that she would only date Jake Gyllenhaal if "one of them had a movie coming out." Is Rachel really the type of girl to fake date someone just to promote a movie? Say it ain't so! She's one of the few normal ones left!

Dear Better Than That:
A good costar romance (or at least the rumor of one) can help create buzz for any movie, but don't give up on Rach just yet. We were focusing more on Jakey-poo with that jab. Because we love him so.

Awful Truth

time change said...

I will never figure out how some fun innocuous comments get deleted here while others that insult and attack posters and their opinions get left up.

lol said...

^^ if you smell like a trolly you get banished.

pathetic said...

every sunday it's the same thing bash the blog and bash posters make a mess

halitosis said...

is having a different opinion considered "bashing"

Jersey Tom said...

Great to see Jake out playing with Atticus. If indeed Jake does have a son will we ever get to see him outplaying with him.

babblers said...

the babblers and trollys come here to stir up trouble...they pretend to fit in then they start bashing the blog and the regulars

Miss Manners said...

A different opinion is certainly not bashing. But, as with bad news, $25 steak and political messages, it's all about presentation.

Cut the nasty, belittling, patronizing, hubristic comments towards others when stating your piece.

In other words - learn to play nice.

Remember your opinion neither bestows upon you the Oracle at Delphi title, nor does it place the crown of Absolute Truth on your head. Just the same with all the other internet anonymouses here.

prairiegirl said...

Boy, someone was having a bad day yesterday, weren't they? Maybe more people than just Ted could use some Metamucil. Also helps as we get older to get those naps in.

Maybe it's because of a scene I was writing last night but when I look at that one squatting picture of Jake up there with Atticus, it does remind me that it is no small feat to squat like that. He's doing pretty darn good there because since he's petting Atticus etc, it's not like he squatted for a minisec and then probably got right back up. And you have to have good quadriceps not only to be at that level but to get back up. LOL. I'm not kidding when I say that. And there's several pictures of Jake doing that little stance.

I'm pretty darn impressed.

And at my age? Pretty darn envious.

prairiegirl said...

Gotta run. Just stopped by the apt to get my walk in after services but I need to get back. That darn little Jingles pooped two times on her new carpet. After he had been outside, too. So maddening!! Can't leave him alone for long, that's for sure.

here we go again! said...