Saturday, March 20, 2010

Boy's Life

One thing about PoP is that is that it will appeal to boys and big boys too. Gemma was the girl in the all boys club on set.

The running, jumping and battles, this is what little boys play. The adventures. And you can see how the movie appealed to that little boy in Jake.
All those hours of watching the Disney Channel with the nieces and nephews were good for something. Remembering that Disney does their own cross promotion for the movies on their kids channel with Movie Surfers. And pictures from the set and crew from a visit from Movie Surfers have popped up which means interviews with the cast will soon follow.

Can't wait to see kids interviewing Jake. Can only imagine how much fun he had and how much more relaxing it was. Bet he will say it's one of his favorite interviews for PoP.

Lego has release the new PoP playsets, and what every opinions are about the movie, it looks like it is a winner. No one is leg-go their Legos, in fact Toy R Us online have sold out of some of their sets already, and one response said it is one of the best Lego play sets ever.

Could it be the Lego scorpions?

The cool skeleton?

The spinning blades?

Lego Fire?

Bad guys with snakes?

This is a boy's dream (both big and little)

But poor Tamina, no girl wants to be a block.
It's definitely a man's world. : D


Nerd Society said...

The film does a great job of capturing the look and feel of the video game series. There are a lot of little homages to actual game play that I think will have many fans smiling in the movie theaters. The script expands on the original story of the first game and adds new characters, but it doesn’t veer far from the source. Some parts run long and feel dragged out, but I was told this is not the finished version of the film.

Jake Gyllenhaal does a great job as The Prince, I was so glad he never broke his accent like Taylor Kitsch as Gambit in X-MEN ORIGINS Wolverine. Gemma Arterton is smokin hot as Princess Tamina, but it is Alfred Molina who really steals the show as the slave turned Ostrich race mogul. I felt Ben Kingsley was drastically underused, being that he’s such an incredible actor and an important character.

I think the film’s weakest point, other than being too long, are the obvious dumb character choices that drags the film further. I doubt there are any last minute changes that can make this film better, other than shortening some scenes. The film wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t great either. I enjoyed it and was happy how the property was treated, it could have been worse, and it is no doubt in my mind that there will be sequels.

Nerd Society

nice abs said...

it is no doubt in my mind that there will be sequels

I was told this is not the finished version of the film.
WTF?!? How many years Disney needs to finish a movie?

idnt said...

>>it is no doubt in my mind that there will be sequels

And why do you care? Nobody is forcing to go and see it, so STFU.

ftsb said...

5:51 PM, what's wrong with you?

Special K said...

I can see a lot of boys really liking PoP. There are so many Disney movies that are geared toward little girls. Yes little boys like Toy Store, but after a certain age they are going to say that's too baby. I can see them loving the parkour part and wonder how many little kids will be trying to jump from the couch to the chair to the coffee table or jumping off the porch, and the roof for some I bet, and how many end up banged up.

Gorgeous day in the Northeast. Absolutely gorgeous.

wink said...


"For The Sake of the Band"

Love it.

once is enough said...

If I was Jake I wouldn't want POP sequels. How many times will he want to go on a lettuce, water and air diet, have mangy hair extensions glued to his head, live in Morocco and work out 10 hours a day?

I bloody well hope not! said...

Is Jake Gyllenhaal the new Brendan Fraser I bloody well hope not!
about 9 hours ago

twitter said...

kchambrot: I'm 90 percent sure I just crossed paths with Jake Gyllenhaal. We made eye contact and smiled at each other!
22 minutes ago

Loc: Brooklyn NY

Cute said...

The boy who plays young Dastan is fantastic. Fun post today. :)

FlipFlps and Shorts said...

Happy 1st Day of "SPRING" PrairieGirl.

prairiegirl said...

Hey!! Don't rub it in, flip flops, lol.

We've got snow all over the place here.

Thanks for the well wishes. Maybe they'll warm the ground enough to melt that snow. What a deal.

Hey, I'm watching Glee, Season 1. A friend loaned it and I've only watched 1 1/2 episodes but I think I'm really liking it. LOLLLL! That female coach cracks me up. Love the singing - I love the way those kids did "Don't Stop Believin'."

And I love Emma. Poor Emma!! Poor Will!!

I was on JustJared and they had a clip from Ugly Betty, which I don't watch anymore but I used to. I used to love that show. But they had a beautiful kiss between Justin (Betty's brother) and a male classmate of his. It was the sweetest scene. Kudos to Ugly Betty for including Justin's sexuality in their storyline. I remember in the first season, Justin was really into musicals and he did a little impromptu number in the living room for his family and it was really cute.

Which kind of reminds me of that video clip a couple days ago of Jake doing the Lord of the Dance. LOLLL - although Jake is much older than Justin Suarez there, lol. What a ham.

We had a local radio deejay who used to call it Lord of the Pants.


m said...

Must say, those legos are cute as can be. I can see little boys having a great time with them.

fyi said...

LA Marathon today! (Sunday) "Stadium to the Sea, A Landmark Every Mile"

drunk said...

Jake the woman beater:

He also thinks Jake was drugged up. I assume the 2 "chubby" girls were his PA's or crew from SC, who knows.

No way said...

Hopefully this is not true. I thought Jake was in New York.

made up said...

I bet I can make myself famous. I got a plan and it doesn't involve any serious crimes but it does involve a lot of humiliation...
about 10 hours ago

Hopefully a lie said...

I am thinking this is some homophobe who still hates Jake because he was in Brokeback Mountain.

Wake up Jake said...

I wonder if Jake knows this is the type of person he was desperately reaching out to while bearding. That is the type of person he needs as a fan.

prairiegirl said...

Good analyzations & comments on this twitter going on at WFT2 that bring up good observations & research on this guy.

Just the mere fact that he uses the word "pansy" makes me suspicious already. Who knows what parts are true or what really happened.

But you know...this just brings to mind an opinion of mine that when one travels alot on their job, whether you're an ad min, a business exec, an actor, a rock 'n roll singer, heck, even an opera singer, there presents this opportunity to be out on the town a little too much. Away from family. Away from your usual environment and friends who help to keep you grounded.

When you're on location or working out of town alot, those hotel walls have to get a little stifling and if you don't find constructive things to do with your time, then that's when people get into trouble.

I'm not going to be tempted to jump on this bandwagon. This one sounds a little like a witchhunt.

prairiegirl said...

All is right with the world - I've had my breakfast pizza and Virgil's orange cream soda. Man, is there anything better than that for Sunday breakfast, I ask???? Hmmmm?

Quite the mess out there. It was pretty treacherous this morning as I had to go into Kansas City but by the time I came back, this stuff is melting pretty quickly. The complex here is a slushy/icy/chunky mess.

I like these Legos, too. The little fire in that one is a crack up. My niece is really into Legos right now, in fact they're on her birthday list. So I hope she'll be into Prince of Persia.

lol said...

lol, the resident 'phobe commenting on drunkstepfather 'phobe

prairiegirl said...

I will say the one disturbing thing about the twitter is that it came out of nowhere.

It names a specific place.

It gives a specific incident.

And the "bulging eyes" is rather spot on descriptive.

The only thing I don't trust about it is all of his sexual slurs. Those make me suspicous.

But the fact that it comes out of the blue and there are a few of the comments that don't sound so made up.

It could be that something did happen but this guy is dramatizing it up.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
prairiegirl said...

Whew, okaaaaay, I didn't need to read alot of that guy's following.

Poor little robins outside are searching for food. I bet they're all saying "What in the heck?" lol.

Jersey Tom said...

I doubt this happened at all. If it did this girl would be filing a police report big time. If some celeb does something like this to you can you imagine how quickly someone would file a law suit. I agree this is probably just some closet queen who BBM scared the hell out of.

prairiegirl said...

True, Tom. Knowing Jake was a celebrity, that would be a likely thing to do, to cash in on it with cellphone handy.

He's big on namecalling and using alot of nasty ones, too.

Twitter can be very dangerous.

Well, I'm off to go see the parental unit. I've been asked if I can stop at the store and pick up skim milk. So I better get scooting and leave this trashed apartment. It's looking pretty trashed already at this point, lol.

Jersey Tom said...

No sightings of Austin post Utah so far. I am sure we will see him in LA eventually. I wonder if we will continue to see him with Sophia? Hopefully he will get to have some quality family time. I can see Austin doing a stay home Dad gig for a while.