Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Good Humor Man

You might think of the Good Humor man like this, I mean they are snappy dressers. But think again.

The one neat thing about Source Code is that this first movie that Jake's done that we have the director so involved in talking about what they are doing.

Telling us where they are in the process.

"Into our third week of shooting... Can you believe it?! Crazy... I'm getting to the "wish I was editing" phase of the shoot."

And what the plans are too.

"Believe we are in principle till the end of April/start of May. Then I'm in LA for the edit! Very excited!"

Another thing he does is answer questions and comments.

Like this morning Duncan got this tweet.

"@ManMadeMoon what's it like to work with Jake?"

And what did the tweeting director say?

"@andreascliment Jake is fantastic. Really get on well with him. Very good sense of humour and a snappy dresser"

Well we all know Jake's great sense of humor. And we've got more pictures of the snappy dresser.

About that. Think most of us are under the impression that these new pictures of the photo shoot were connected to the recent GQ shoot. But thinking about it more, it is the less likely. They really wouldn't release pictures they weren't using before they release the photos they were. And look at the background in the outdoor shots, it doesn't feel very New York.

And have we seen Jake with a bruise on his arm? At least it looks like a some kind of mark.

But the one thing that really made me think it was a from an earlier photo shoot Jake did early this year, was this:

See the black sweater under this trench?

And see the black sweater here?

Now we have seen pants from previous photo shoots go courtside. Why can't a sweater from one go South?


Jersey Tom said...

Now that Austin has finished filming OTH it will be interesting to see if Jake spends his weekends in Montreal. It also will be interesting to see if we see Austin in LA or NY or Austin or out of sight.

Special K said...

^Maybe they will be cooking up something again. ; )

BT said...

Please, don't let Daddy Austin cook. I don't want to have to get shots again.

gazette said...

Fine American actor Jake Gyllenhaal has been spotted around town and if you're wondering what brings the star of Brokeback Mountain to our fair city, here's da scoop. He is here to star in Source Code, the real cool-sounding new movie from Duncan Jones.

Jake in town

ted said...

Dear Ted:
I was watching the Jimmy Kimmel Live special after the Oscars, which he had Robert Downey Jr. on, and I noticed something about RDJ. I suspect he is a B.V. superstar, perhaps he may even be Nevis Divine, or Toothy Tile. Am I close?

Dear Sherlock Holmes:
RDJ is a Vicer, but you're off on his moniker. Was a while ago, though.

Bitch Back

Special K said...

The collar of the sweater that Jake has on under that blue trench coat looks an awful like the sweater Austin has on, and that sweater being that little bit short adds to the reasons I think that it was one more piece of clothing that went home and ended up in someone's suitcase.

Don't know if that is a bruise on Jake's arm, if he was leaning on something in a previous shot, a rug/mat burn (yoga people yoga, we're going with yoga ; ) ) or small stature renegade vampires latched on what they could reach, but it's some kind of mark we haven't seen before.

prairiegirl said...

Thanks for your take earlier today on the Kirsten/Jake deal, Special. It's still a head puzzler to me but I guess it'll be one of those always a mystery type things.

I crack up when I see those pants on Austin in that Laker pic. What in the heck. Lookit that hem. And he wore them like that. They must have just been so comfortable that he didn't care about ripping the hem out. Did he use his teeth to rip that hem out, I wanna know! lol.

I always gaze at that set because Jake is so darn serious & scowling in those. They're so unlike the other Laker set, like night and day. Austin looks like he's in a glassy-eyed daze over there.

Have to wonder if Austin has gone north already? I can see the guys wanting to relive the TDAT days, LOL!! Perhaps re-visit a few of the ol' haunts - Canadian parking lots? Canadian parking garages?

Re-ignite the ol' original fire, so to speak? Stir up the embers of a young hot love of yesteryear for a few romantic evenings while setting aside the current state of tiny clothes, Blues Clues, organic Gerbers, no privacy, no sleep, no sex life anymore Jaustin Household?

Sorry for the chattiness lately, people. It's reaching that annoying level, isn't it? lol. I'm off back to my writing, just had to pop in for the evening.

prairiegirl said...

promises, promises!

One more thing, lol.

I went to spooky's, Special, trying to find that picture of Austin in that sweater so I could get a bigger blow up but darned if I could find that thing.

At first, I thought Jake's looked more "fuzzy" or fleece-ish, but when I looked at Austin's, it's possible that his is the same way. I just couldn't tell. And the smallish button looks the same, the collar definitely looks the same.

And why else would Austin wear a sweater that hits above his jeans top snap? That's not a good fit, LOL. I think it could very well be the same sweater. Think you're onto something there. Austin cracks me up in that picture. He looks like an ornery 4th grader or something. Like he just did something bad.

And the acorn side by side. Oops, that was yesterday's! I scrolled too far down. LOLLL!

destiny said...

An ice cream truck and Jake, you know what the first thing that popped into my head is--Bubble Boy.

I have no clue about the photos, although I will say that one does look like it could be NY Special.

destiny said...

PG, Kiki has always puzzled me, and one of these days I hope we get the whole story. For what it's worth, my thoughts.

Jake supposedly was introduced to Kiki in Sept. 2002; we know for a fact TDAT started filming in November 2002. I know some people believe that story about J&A meeting in August, but that came from a post on the original wft way back in the day, and always had the ring of fanfic to me. They could have met before filming began, but again, maybe not.

I think Maggie introduced Kiki to Jake because she genuinely thought they would get along, and I think they did. I do think Jake cared for her, and maybe thought he could have a real relationship with her, with maybe the occasional guy on the side, but that with Austin it got serious. There were rumors of Jake being gay from DD and his Columbia days, so I think he'd always fooled around with boys.

I do remember Jake saying in one of his interviews many years ago, maybe even while still with Kiki, that implied they had an understanding as to what it was like to be away from each other filming, i.e, hookups with co-stars, etc.

destiny said...

Oh, about the breakup, I always heard it was over emails, not finding them in bed together. But if she was so traumatized by that breakup, why would she have gotten back together with him in 2005? I do think that second time around, on Jake's part that was purely bearding, and that when Kiki realized that that is what caused the big rift between them.

There have been rumors about Kiki being bisexual (or maybe even gay) too; in particular she has a female friend she's been seen kissing, and there are rumors of an affair with Sophia Coppola.

One other thing I've always wondered. Roland Emerich is known for throwing wild gay parties, often together with Bryan Singer, the latter having a reputation for being into young twinks (maybe Emerich too). I've often wondered if Austin wasn't at one of those parties, and that is how he ended up in TDAT, because back them he certainly fit that twink bill. I've also wondered if Jake ever went to any of those parties, and if maybe that is how he really met Austin. But this is all PURE SPECULATION on my part.

Special K said...

I think casting wasn't in August but earlier in the year, in the spring,but I could be wrong. I can't see Roland casting that close to shooting, not with all the other logistics of that movie.

There is something about April for Jake and Austin, we know that that month because they consistently make a point over the years to be seen in April. I don't know if it is when they first met, or it is related to something happening when together filming TDAT.

More about casting. Remember "How they met" over at the original WFT

February 9,2007
It was during casting of TDAT, Austin walked in and the rest was history. They couldn't take their eyes off each other.

That's why I don't see it as them meeting at a party.

I still find it a rather fuzzy and murky timeline when it comes to Jake Kiki and Austin starting in 2002 all the way through 2005. And Jake going to the 2005 Oscars with Maggie, during a break from Kiki and then the picture of him what is clearly Austin, by his ear, at the Vanity Fair party, and the story goes that Jake met up with Kiki and took her home, and Maggie was upset.

With all the recent shenanigans they've done, it makes you go back and look at the past with a different perspective.

Computer trysts said...

Oh, about the breakup, I always heard it was over emails, not finding them in bed together. But if she was so traumatized by that breakup, why would she have gotten back together with him in 2005?"

I heard the same thing about the e-mails--that Kiki found e-mails on Jake's computer from him and Austin that indicated to her they were more than just friends. But then, the source of this tidbit was very dubious. (She claimed Heath and Jake had been hooking up summer of 2007--I think that would be hard for her to prove).

i found the pic and blew it up said...

The buttons look different and you are right PG, Jake's sweater looks fuzzy/fleece, Austin looks wool.

Special K said...

I'm sure Jake made a really good deal to get a piece of the merchandising when he negotiated his whole contract.

Do Jake and Jon Get Paid to be Action Figures?

Good catch on the sweaters. It just amuses me how the similar their clothes are becoming and not off set or photoshoot. But even more so in front of the camera. (ex. Jake's tux, the photoshoots, Austin's grey suit and grey scarf for the finale of OTH)

prairiegirl said...
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Ted said...

Dear Ted:
Does Toothy Tile read your column? If so, how does he feel about being such a popular Blind Vice? It always makes me sad to think that he has to live a double life. I couldn't imagine how awful it would be if I had to pretend I wasn't with my husband when we were out in public.

Dear Popularity Contest:
Yes. Loves it. He's sad, too. Don't even start.

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