Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tag You're Not It.

What if you take a Nicholas Sparks movie make it written by actress/model who overcame her addiction and suicide attempt while in love with a indie movie producer who has issues with his father and wants to save all the women he meets because he couldn't save his own mother and you get :

Seven Dreams til Tuesday.
But what the hell kind of tag line is "Sometimes you need to sleep to be truly awake"?

So on that note the gauntlet has been thrown down.

Anything is a better tagline. Anything!

So taking some of the best and worst taglines in movie history and a little tweeking, Seven Dreams Til Tuesday will get a new tag.

"Laugh. Cry. Share the Shame"
The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants - "Laugh. Cry. Share The Pants"

"She was Asleep...But She Woke Up"
Crank - "He Was Dead... But He Got Better"

"Her dream was in his hands. Now her check is in the mail."
The Big Lebowski - “Her life was in their hands. Now her toe is in the mail.”

"Schwahn Created It. Now Chuck Norris Must Destroy It."
Silent Rage - "Science Created Him. Now Chuck Norris Must Destroy Him"

"This might hurt a little. No it will hurt a lot."
Sicko - “This might hurt a little.”

"A lot can happen in the middle of the night"
Fargo - “A lot can happen in the middle of nowhere.”

“Reality is a thing of the past. Dreams are her future.”
The Matrix - “Reality is a thing of the past.”

“If you don’t wake up screaming, she won’t wake up at all.”
A Nightmare on Elm Street - “If Nancy doesn’t wake up screaming, she won’t wake up at all.”

And then there were some that are perfect just the way they are.

“One dream. Four Jamaicans. Twenty below zero.”
Cool Runnings

“A romantic comedy. With zombies.”
Shaun of the Dead

“You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll hurl.”
Wayne’s World

"The Only Thing More Terrifying Than The Last 12 Minutes Of This Film Are The First 92"

and last but not least

“Welcome to the suck.”
Wait is that for the movie or what happens with the producer and someone toothy.



destiny said...

Man, you're early today Special, I lost my post. :-D

GG would need an attorney because I think it is likely that with Jake being a bigger star and making a lot of money that there are contracts regarding property and child custody. And even if there are not, you still have property, child custody and child support issues.

idea said...

Could “the whole fam's getting close to pulling a Bullock” mean the three of them (TT, GG and BT) disappearing after an accusation like Sandra is doing now? Could it mean remaining even more closeted than before after the drunkenstepfather incident?

Special K said...

That's an interesting thought idea, and could see how that would be sad to Ted. After all the hints from him that things might have been in the works for being more open all these weeks before. Remember the living openly more, photographed, magazine interview and talk show that he was saying about toothy just a week or so ago?

moviefone said...

Funny post.

hmm said...

GG would need an attorney because I think it is likely that with Jake being a bigger star and making a lot of money that there are contracts regarding property and child custody.

I don't believe TT and GG are married so there wouldn't be any property issues. And if there is BT I hope that child custody and child support issues were solved long time ago (at least I would do it like that).

best ever said...

“One dream. Four Jamaicans. Twenty below zero.” with that picture LOL

prairiegirl said...

I can believe this sad tale if Ted is right.

I have to think about this and do a little consultation before I speak.

duncan jones said...

Both informative AND a transparent pander to Alienware in one tweet. Not bad going, eh?
about 1 hours ago via TweetDeck

So bout to shoot Jake having a scuffle with a train official in a room about the size of an ALIENWARE DESKTOP COMPUTER...
about 1 hours ago via TweetDeck


Special K said...

I don't get why people immediately go to them splitting up. Did Ted say that no. Several people have brought up different interpretations of what Ted said and they are valid too. After all this time with Ted, we should know that that you have to give it time and wait and see what happens.

Waiting said...

But that's the thing, Special. Who are taking a wait-and-see attitude with? Ted because he seems to know their every move before they do? Or TT/GG? Because if it's the latter I fear we'll be waiting a lifetime for even a little glimpse into their domestic life. Hell, to the naked eye it doesn't even look like they're together now.

Special K said...

But we went how long without any pictures of them together before and yet they were together the whole time. We have seen both of them beard, and yet Ted said still together. How can you not say wait and see?

destiny said...

But I can see why people immediately jump to thinking it may mean they are breaking up, I think it is logical to think that is what the reference to Bullock means.

The idea that it is referring to the DSF mess and them going further in the closet is a plausible theory too.

But ultimately everyone has to come to their own conclusions as to what they think Ted is trying to say, and personally I think Ted is referring to trouble with their relationship.

There are a lot more reasons why I wouldn't be surprised if that is what Ted is referring to, but until we really know for sure what is going on that would really be speculating, so on that I am going to wait and see before I say more.

destiny said...

Love all the movie taglines, very funny. said...

Blogger's cruel remark about Heath Ledger angers Jake Gyllenhaal

hmm said...

There are a lot more reasons why I wouldn't be surprised if that is what Ted is referring to, but until we really know for sure what is going on that would really be speculating, so on that I am going to wait and see before I say more.

You're not going to make us beg, are you?

NY Post said...

Celebrate National Puppy Day with Jake Gyllenhaal and a puggle!

to be fair said...

"But we went how long without any pictures of them together before and yet they were together the whole time."

yes... according Ted.

Stubborn TB said...

"But we went how long without any pictures of them together before and yet they were together the whole time."

yes... according Ted.

We know they hung out on set of TDAT (being more than just a little flirty with sticking out tongues and cooking together) from pics/video footage and from Austin directly.

We know they hung out in London after TDAT wrapped despite there not being a single picture - again this is from Austin.

We know they were interacting with each other during the TDAT premiere despite not taking a single pic together - this from Jake and from pictures of Austin watching Jake intently in every picture he's in the background.

We know they hung out together way after TDAT from several pics of Austin just being caught in the picture.

We know that Jake went to Texas to celebrate Austins birthday despite them being pictured together and everybody saying they weren't close anymore.

We know that Austin and Jake were talking to each other when they were rumored to hate each other - directly from Austin again, giving a quote that Jake was just relaxing right now because he had just made three movies.
By the way, there was no interview accompanying this quote, clearly US Weekly knew to call Austin if they want to know what Jake's up to. Meaning they knew/know that Austin is a big part of Jakes life.

You know, just to really be fair...

Jersey Tom said...

I am totally confused. This whole thing is getting crazy. Why doesnt Ted just say what he means. I think J and A breaking up makes this all a lot easier for Ted. I think he has created a monster and really wants to get out of this not looking like a fool. Thats is just how I feel right now. Jake is never gonna come out and we are never gonna know the truth. I for one need to start facing reality.

prairiegirl said...

Well, reading that thing again and of course, my first reaction was to leap off the dock. As usual! lol.

You know,sounds to me now like Ted is referring to the family as retreating deeper back into the closet. Because he names the whole family, as "idea" said up there earlier today. I think Idea is on it.

And this comes way out of left field, too. Ted has not said anything about there being trouble in paradise. In fact, Ted has indicated everything has been hunky dory as ever. So it doesn't make sense that all of a sudden there's trouble.

So I have reversed my gut reaction because rarely does Ted just say right out what he means anyway.

prairiegirl said...

Of course, this would be unfortunate. I would hate to see that idiot DSF as having that kind of power to influence such a decision. He's so not worth it.

Jersey Tom said...

Maybe how Ted puts the term whole family does say it is doing something as a group. Like dissappearing as a group for a while. I dont know how jake could pull that off though. I would think Prince of Bearding promo would start soon after Jake is done filming. Who the hell knows. Again I am sick of Ted playing games.

prairiegirl said...

Prince of Bearding. Lol, Tom.

You know, the thing is too that this ugly incident just happened on what, Saturday? Something like this can cause quick decisions. Let some time go by and things settle down. Emotions settle down. I don't know. Sometimes some time passage helps.

Modern Family just kills me. I hope they show a new episode at 8, the one @ 7 was a rerun, but it was a classic. Ed O'Neill is so perfect in his role.

I Spy said...

RIP Robert Culp

destiny said...

Hmmm, do you really want me to speculate wildly, when no one is sure what in the heck Ted means? :-D

Okay, just remember, these are just my random thoughts of why there would be a breakup:

Pressures of the closet and being apart so much

One wanting to come out and one not, to give BT a normal life

Austin seeing what is going on with Bomer and wondering why can't they be more like that

one getting lonely with all the time they are forced to spend apart and finding a hookup turning into something more

Jake made promises about living more openly after PoP has come and gone and/or when Reeke was over, and he changes his mind (and with Austin possibly bearding to take the pressure off of Jake, as some have speculated), and Austin has had enough of it

Jake in breaking with Reese and going back to his old self feels he no longer has to be so cautious, and decides he wants to be single and see lots of men

Sophin is real (yeah, right, where's that sarcasm button PG mentioned people needing) an/or he's going to pull a Jared

Of course, again, all wild thoughts with nothing to base them on, especially since we don't know what in the heck Ted means.

Another thought I had after reading Tom's post--they want us to think they're not together in the run-up to PoP, hoping to find another way to get rid of the pesky Toothy believers, since Jake won't beard.

Special K said...

New Video

Austin on the slopes

He loves that big gold shiny ring. ; ) And he loves exec producer Joe Davola.

over and done said...

I disagree that "Bullock" in relation to TT GG and BT means disappearing. First of all Sandra Bullock hasn't disappeared. When was she ever tabloid fodder and chased by paps on a regular basis? If this Jesse James/gf thing hadn't happened no one would notice that SB hasn't been papped in the last week or two because she was rarely ever followed or put in the gossip headlines before it happened. She's just doing what she usually does which is staying out of the public eye. But LOL the public perception right now is that she's disappeared and hiding.

Also the comparison seems off because TT GG and BT are a family, 2 parents 1 child whereas James and Bullocks did not have children. Dissolving the James/Bullock union should be easy because of that.

Maybe Ted meant "disappearing" but IMO he didn't. I think he meant a semi-quiet but permanent breakup because just too much has happened to ever go back to being what it was.

Special K said...

To Bullock

Bullock went completely quiet. Not one word and not seen. Since the incident.

Bullock also went to her home in Austin.

Ted had been saying before that Toothy and Goose were planning on making a big mess. Then he answered a question about suggestions what Toothy might do about been seen, photos, magazines, interviews.

Ted has said several times how Goose would stay until he's gray and how he would stay until he's stuffed.

He has also not said one word about any issues popping up about them.

He also used the word family (en masse) not one or the other when he said Bullock.

It seems to me that they are going go completely quiet and close ranks at the moment because of the DSF thing.

BTW reports are that Bullock is back LA. But not one sight or sound of her at all.

12 inch roll said...

or he's going to pull a Jared

Start going to Subway?

Special K said...

Bullock wrote a letter the courts about her step daughter and the huge custody battle between Jesse and the mom. Bullock and Jessie have been essentially the parents and have raised her. It was said by some that Bullock might reconsider and reconcile and it might be partly because of her step daughter.

prairiegirl said...

12 inch roll. lol.

I agree, Special. Destiny, I see all the possibilities you list and some ring possible but some don't.

Of course, we don't know for sure, as usual, with Ted. Can't stand his way of writing. Just spit it out. His way of writing leaves too much to misinterpretation.

Granted, we've had somewhat limited chances, but from what I have seen since Reeke breakup, I don't see signs of Jake on the make. He's been papped with his family alot, with Peter, with Chris & some unknown guy. There was that one strange guy in the car, and who knows who that guy was. And he's in Montreal away from everyone he knows and he's seen with his publicist? That's pretty safe, too.

Not only that, but we see signs of Austin very likely at that pre-Oscar party with him? And I think Big Gold does have some connection with Jake. If that's the case, and Austin's still wearing it, that would seem to mean something.

And Ted has not said anything about there being trouble in paradise. So why would this just come out of the blue?

I guess I'll just have to wait and see. If the Jaustin household did decide to take 3 steps back, then I would be sad, too. I'm sorry that that guy seemed to plot his way into making a big splash for himself and in the process hurt Jake. It's not fair. It was a cowardly, callous act.

It probably wasn't the first time, probably not the last. Why do people do stuff like this? We'll never understand. Why do some people microwave little animals? Why do they picket funerals like Rev. Phelps and hurt family members at the most grievous moment of their lives? Why have people taunted and persecuted the Jewish and the Christians, the mentally underdeveloped, the unpopular kids in school, the overweight, the little short kid who just hasn't gotten his growth spurt yet? Why do people name call and hate? And this doesn't even touch racial bigotry and namecalling. It's a million dollar question.

We had an incident at work a little less than a month ago. It involves a guy that I have worked with at my job for over 20 years. I used to have a big crush on him and still have liked him through all these years. But he was suspended weeks ago for calling a fellow employee by a racial slur. I couldn't have been more shocked. You wouldn't believe the tension & unrest it caused throughout our plant. I couldn't believe he was capable of that and he darn near lost his job over it. I look at him so differently now, unable to block that out.

Why on earth would you ever call someone by a name. But the guy he did that to is so sweet and how do you let someone know that not everyone is like that? I don't know. Just think how this stuff goes on all over our world, everyday to someone. It's too bad these incidents can't be like on a dry erase board and just swiped away.

destiny said...

I was just reading on FCC what you just said about Bullock Special. Didn't realize she was from Austin, and wondered if her running off to Austin indeed had something to do with what Ted was saying.

On the other hand, don't see why DSF would change anything--or it shouldn't. When you're in the closet you're always worried about being exposed, it's no way to live, especially if you have a child.

I think a lot of the bad things people do are driven by fear, anger and insecurity. Sure doesn't make it right, and sure seems like there is a lot of that going on right now. That's sure tough about your co-worker PG.

Of course there are some that are just driven by pure hate. Look at those tea party types throwing around racial and homophobic slurs. And you just know some of that is driven by the fact they can't stand seeing a black president.

prairiegirl said...

Destiny, it was like going back to 1960 or something. It was one of the most ugly incidents I'd heard of and at our plant by someone I knew and have been friends with for most of my employment there.

On a lighter note, Modern Family was excellent tonight. Cameron and his sweating face and shirt, all because he ordered the super hot enchiladas. LOLLL! They had some really cute moments tonight. The scenes with Mitchell, his dad and stepbrother. The last scenes with Cameron and Gloria.

Really good stuff. I love that show.

destiny said...

Haven't watched Modern Family yet; taped it because my girlfriend was out and it's her favorite show, so I have to wait for her. It's just about my favorite too I think.

m said...

Holy crap, Ted drops a bombshell in just a few words and leaves us all hanging to speculate every possible permutation of what it might mean. Not very nice of him. Did he not realize what he was doing by saying that. Many of the comments called for more info so I think he will have to elaborate on what he said.

So many possibilities. I don't even want to add any more, my head is spinning as it is. If there is a break up in the offing, baby tile is a big problem. They may have mixed a sperm cocktail for inception, but there is only one biological daddy. Moles or ears will decide who gets custody. Let's hope Ted threw that comment out without thinking it through and we hear more about it in the next few days. Today was the first day I read the comments to Ted in a long time. I have not had the patience to wade through Twilight crap but they stayed on topic today.

twitter said...

eliotmarie: H&K movie screening adventures, volume #7,048: if you enjoy jake gyllenhaal's nekkid butt, go watch "love & other drugs" when it comes out.
25 minutes ago

ag said...

To be fair though, where exactly would TT, GG and family be disappearing to?

TT is a blind item that has never been actually named, Jake and Austin have never stated they are a couple and no one in fansville has every seen babytile or babytiles.

How can you disappear from someplace you've never been seen?

prairiegirl said...

AG, you make a good point in that how can a family who has never been seen out & about in public "go into hiding"?

Ted messed up with his BB if by pulling a Bullock he meant the family is going into hiding.

The more I stare at "the fam" and "pulling a Bullock", I think it is that they're going underground. That could only be if there were plans to slowly come out.

If it were that Ted meant the family is splitting up, why would you not say TT is pulling a Bullock or GG is pulling a Bullock. How does an entire "fam" pull a Bullock? Sandra went into seclusion in Austin, TX and is now in LA but still has not been photo'd. Sandra is the one who left Jesse James and the family home. Sandra is the one rumored to be seeking a divorce. So again, why do you say an entire fam is pulling a Bullock?

There's the hole in the splitting up theory.

But then again, LOL, then again, why is the answer addressed to Family Matters? Indicating some kind of untidiness as in child custody? Or is it a reference to the TV show? There was a show called Family Matters with Steve Urkel. I have no idea if that means anything.

It was interesting reading all the comments. There was a decent amount of interest in the TT/GG situation, alot of comments saying that Ted left too much up for speculation. I also noticed quite a few comments telling Ted it was nice to read albeit a shorter column but at least it wasn't filled with alot of Twilight stuff and what must be alot of usual silly comments.

posted ion wft2 said...

I think Ted refers to a scandal in the news: the drunkenstepfather incident

Sorry but I have no idea how you connected a marriage breaking down because one partner is cheating (with a tattooed stripper Nazi) and Jake having a bad tempered encounter in a bar with a stranger. Jake's incident in no way even came close to being a large general news item like Bullock's; he might get a mention or two in People or Us Weekly and it's doubtful that Grandmas in the neighborhood would be aware and discuss it unlike SB's predicament.

Right now in the media and general consensus "Bullock" means breakup. While it's good to throw possibilities and ideas into the ring, frankly I think the people who agree with 8:48 AM that TT is going to pull a Bullock, are fooling themselves into thinking that it doesn't mean an affair or a breakup; how dare Jake and Austin breakup - it's unthinkable! Well guess what, welcome to the real world.

hiding-matter said...

I interpret "pulling a bullock" as going into hiding from the public eye and not facing the press. I was reading an article about Kate Winslet and they used “she pulled a Bullock” in the sense that she cancelled her public appearances in order to not face the press. Sandra cancelled all her premieres and talk shows in Europe to avoid talking to the press. In family tile’s case it could mean that the plans to be more open (as Ted was hinting lately) was changed into remaining in hiding from the public eye.

Ted plays with word and “Family matters” could be “matter” as a verb meaning “to be of importance”. ‘Family is important’. That could support the theory that they are going back to being protected in hiding from the public eye.

Let’s see what Ted says on today’s bitch back. I am sure he’ll include more hints.

This cryptic reply from Ted reminded me when he said Goose ‘wised up’ and many of us interpreted that they broke up and it wasn’t the case. Ted likes to tease and his wording is confusing on purpose. Also this came out of the blue as he was saying just days ago that everything is ok in his Toothy/Goose replies.

The only thing I could think that happened days ago was the drunkenstepfather accusation so this is why I think it could be related to that. Maybe Jake wants to avoid talking to the press about it.

hmm said...

In family tile’s case it could mean that the plans to be more open (as Ted was hinting lately) was changed into remaining in hiding from the public eye.
Tile family is hiding from the very start and with PoP there is no way that could change in the near future.

Maybe Jake wants to avoid talking to the press about it.
That is understandable but has nothing to do with his family.

hiding from the press said...

"I was reading an article about Kate Winslet and they used “she pulled a Bullock” in the sense that she cancelled her public appearances in order to not face the press."

Article: Kate Winslet Pulls a Bullock - Eonline

Ted said...

Dear Ted:
Do you think Jake Gyllenhaal can pass off as a bad boy? Do you see him being more of the romantic kind of guy? The little incident that just happened and made me so curious. Hugs.

Dear Bad Ass:
We thought Jake was awesome in the war drama Jarhead which proves he has great range. The little incident you refer to may give him a little more street cred, though, you're right. We like a man who can hold his own!

Dear Ted:
How can you drop a bomb about our dear family Tile saying they are close to pulling a Bullock? but not actually saying why. It's not fair. If you break our hearts, please tell us what is going on! I hope whatever it is, that Toothy and Grey Goose stay together.

Dear Bumshell:
A "Bullock" could be any number of things, including thinking about busting up, but, not actually doing it, thought about that?


WoW said...

"The Only Thing More Terrifying Than The Last 12 Minutes Of This Film Are The First 92"

Funny post today - this was my favorite tagline. :)

As far as Ted's latest - I'm stumped. Avoiding the press seems to be the best answer. I also did't know Sandra was from Austin either - so if Jake goes back to Austin, it might not be as far away as we think. ;) Just throwing ideas out there - the only other thing I heard was that Sandra's husband is smarting from always being "Mr. Bullock", but I don't think that applies in J&A's case.

I can't hear today's music, but the title reminds me of a song I know, so I'm going to download. :)

Special K said...

Mr. Paparazzi used pictures that were taken on March 12th, 8 days before the incident and paired them up with a story the incident and said that they theses were after incident titled Jake Gyllenhaal is All Smiles Following a Public Brawl in Canada.

Mr. Paparazzi

This says to me, he's closed ranks and agencies and press want anything they can to run.

Also the story about the incident is now on The Advocate

Special K said...

I think the answer from Ted is about The Bullock is a CYA for him. JMO

fight-bust up said...

Ted said: (about Jake) "The little incident you refer to may give him a little more street cred, though, you're right. We like a man who can hold his own!
(about Family Tile)... "thinking about busting up, but, not actually doing it"

Bust up is a violent quarrel. So these two questions that Ted put together, makes me think it’s definitely related to the drunkenstepfather incident. I think Ted is not talking about Toothy and Goose thinking about busting up, but about Jake’s incident (he thought about fighting back and almost did, but he didn’t "a man who can hold his own" in Ted's words).

Family Tile “pulling a Bullock” then in this context means that this incident made Jake decide to stay out of the public eye.

Also notice that Ted links the two questions with a word that means the same in both replies: Bad ASS / BUM shell. Meaning Jake's fight incident and the Tile "bust up" are the same.

words said...

"Bad ASS / BUM shell"

Bad: the fight incident (Jake)

Shell: hiding in a shell, protection. (family Tile)

dictionary said...

"A "Bullock" could be any number of things"

Bullock also means: castrated bull / young bull.

posted on WFT2 said...

Bad ass / bum shell

Another link between the questions is that the first one about Jake's incident is signed by "Sandy", so the Bullock/ 'busting up' reference in the Toothy question is related to the same fight incident.

posted on WFT2 said...

Another reference to "dissapearing" in the Toothy letter is that it's signed by MIA: "missing in action".

MIA: n. A member of the armed services who is reported missing following a combat mission and whose status as to injury, capture, or death is unknown.

other words said...

words said...
"Bad ASS / BUM shell"
Bad: the fight incident (Jake)
Shell: hiding in a shell, protection. (family Tile)

The person who asked the question used the words "drop a bomb" - bumshell could be a play on the word "bombshell" - meaning there probably won't be any big bombshell. Just throwing it out there ... and it sounds like that's what Ted is doing - just throwing stuff out there.

signatures said...

People who sign the letters: Sandy and MIA (Pulling a Bullock: "Missing in action" - disappearing from public eye). The Jake question has a war reference (MIA).

go where? said...

LOL like ag said, where in the world would Jake, Austin and BT disappear to?! They are already "underground." Are Jake or Austin going to quit being actors? The three of them are never seen together anyway! And IF they were going to come out....yeah right....and now they aren't? Because some guy saw Jake in a bar ("making out with a girl") and they may or may not have had an altercation, Jake, Austin and BT are going to do what? "Disappear"?? Neither has any big public appearance schedule right now, what's to cancel and disappear from? Sorry, good theory as per the hints, but practically speaking it simply does not make sense.

Urban Dictionary Word of the Day said...


1. a male companion; a term used to categorize a male friend with an ambiguous characterization of sexual orientation.
2. a term used to describe a homosexual companion, while remaining free of commitment.

destiny said...

Very good point AG.

I don't think the names signed to letters mean a thing, it's just what the writers have used. Ted didn't change the name I used on the couple of questions he's answered, and Tom's are always signed Tom.

The thought I'd had before I saw Ted's latest is that they have gone missing in the sense that none of them are in LA. I'd also had the thought that Ted is saying because of that he hasn't heard anything to report on, but now I'm not so sure, as it wouldn't make sense after today's bit.

Also, again, maybe there were plans to be more open, and Jake is balking at doing that, causing problems in the relationship, hence the thinking about breaking up.

Maybe they're spending time apart and trying to figure out what they want to do--which would also tie back to Bullock, who is apparently trying to decide whether to stay or get divorced.

Special K said...

Think that it could be that all the plans that were in place for slowly changing things, which we have seen Jake doing, was abruptly stopped just like Bullock abruptly stopped everything.

Apart? Honestly? Don't think so. Think actually Austin might have gone there. Just like Jake left the Vineyard when Austin was arrested. And didn't see either of them after a bit either. Think that when they are faced with the big moments the one thing they isn't pull apart but turn to each other.

m said...

I think Ted threw yesterday's statement out there without much thought and is back pedaling a bit. Hey, we all get overworked or lazy sometimes. He has a daily deadline to meet. That said, Jake has said more than once that someday he may do something different, like be a chef instead of an actor. And Austin has hinted that he is at a crossroads and not sure what he will be doing in the future. They could easily decide to retire to private lives and non show business jobs. Ted's readers are not going to let this one lie, and he will continue to get e-mails asking for more info about his statement so I expect to hear more about this over the coming days.

I forgot to mention how much I loved "I can hear music". It brought back wonderful memories of those moments when you are first falling in love.

prairiegirl said...

I agree on that, m, Ted put this one out there without alot of careful consideration.

prairiegirl said...

Dest, I have to ask about the idea of it being Austin who could be the one wanting to be out. I don't get that hint from Ted.

I don't see any signs from Austin that he is the one who has no qualms about being out. If Jake is the one who pulled the early plug on Reeke, maybe he was the one who was fed up and of the two guys, is the one now who would like to be out.

After all, according to Ted, in the early days, it was Toothy who desired to be out.

opinion said...

I think that “the whole fam’s getting close to pulling a Bullock” means the whole family as a unit staying away from the public eye and ditching the idea of being more open in the near future. Even more when we consider that coming out or at least being more open in the near future was the central topic every time Ted talked about Toothy lately. But whatever it means, Ted started the sentence with “I think” meaning he is stating his opinion and perception about a possibility. It’s not a certain fact. I also think Ted didn't think too much when he wrote that and it sounds more dramatic than it is.

destiny said...

As AG said, when the whole family has been pretty much unseen, don't think it means that, especially BT, who we may or may not have seen in one photo.

PG, you're right, it could be Jake wanting out too, I was just throwing out my own very speculative ideas. My ideas are colored by the fact that the past breakup years back was due to Austin, plus Ted describing GG as long-suffering and psuedo-normal/putting up with TT's HW star ways.

Special K said...

But Ted has also said that Goose would stay with Toothy until he grey or stuffed.

prairiegirl said...

Opinion, you make good points, especially noting how Ted started out with "I think". Some of this stuff just goes right by my nose.

Nobody knows.

You know, whatever they feel they need to do, it's their family, their decisions. Only for them to decide what is best for them.

All I can say is I hope to pete if they pull a retreat (rhyme, lol!!), that there isn't alot more bearding in the near future.

prairiegirl said...

Gosh, things have just been way too serious lately, you know that, you guys?

It's starting to kind of get me. We need some laughs. Some lightheartedness. Some levity. Some mirth. Some high spiritedness. Some jauntiness. Merriment. Frivolity. Orneriness. Guffaws. Laughs. Sprightliness.

Okay, well Roget's helped me with that last word, LOLLLL!!

I am writing, I must admit, and even in my ch. 41 at the moment, I am at a bit of a serious part. No fun there either!!

Oh well.

destiny said...

You're right about that too Special. I swear, Ted drives me crazy too. He talks out of both sides of his mouth.

Ted said...

New Ted video, mentions Jake, Heath and Montreal

Truth, Lies & Ted

Oh Teddy said...

Now how would Ted know how long GG plans to stay? Life is ever-changing. Ted must've made that comment in one of his more wistfully romantic moods. Ted can be so silly.

opinion said...

I think we shouldn’t take this latest Ted too seriously or being too dramatic about it. It was just one vague and cryptic sentence that expressed an opinion and can be interpreted in many ways. If there was real trouble or actual facts, I am sure Ted would have made a full post or a blind vice about it and not a casual mention out of the blue. When they broke up in the past, Ted said it plain and simple, without confusing hints or cryptic words. They are together and that is what is important. Ted also has mood swings and that is reflected in his writing depending on the day. If he starts saying certain things consistently then we have to pay attention, but one casual mention like this with an ambiguous meaning and out of the blue (when he’s been saying that everything was fine lately), then I think we shouldn't make it a big deal.