Saturday, March 27, 2010

Movie Mixology

Lego not doing it for you?

No on video games?

Ho hum on the action figures?

You don't even like sticker book?

What it going to take people?


Alrighty then.

Grab a shaker:

Now the rest.

First you need
3/4 oz Scotch whiskey

No Scotch? No problem.
Wild Turkey is always been a good fit for me.

then add 3/4 oz rosso vermouth

and 1/4 oz cherry brandy

finally 1 1/2 oz fresh squeezed orange juice

Shake over ice cubes, Get a little hip action in there if you have to

strain and pour into a chilled cocktail glass,

There you go a Prince of Persia, ok so it's a Blood & Sand

But I do know about Sex on the Beach you first have to grab Grey Goose....


Cute said...

Clever. :)

glorious Ivy said...

hi, didn't know your blog before, I like jake and even not being toothy believer ( don't care of his private life) must admit the posts are fun and clever.

good job

norwegian girl said...

poor our dear family going to a crise. though i think that isn`t negative at all. like spesial said"every couple go trhroug a crise". that is just normal. if they never had, it woud not be normal.
i feel optimistic about toothy and grey now. knowing they are normal shows they have been through this before. nothing big, just a time to clear things out.
like me and my husband and mostly all of our friends:)

charybdis said...

Special, this is a delightful post! Nicely done.

m said...

I'm kind of fuzzy now on the time-line, but I recall that people were buying tickets for The Dark Knight and more recently Avatar, way in advance. I wonder if there is any presale activity for POP yet or if is too soon for that. It's a good indicator re the interest in the movie.

I'm glad to see Ted has been forced to elaborate on his Bullock comments. Keep them coming Ted. And I love Jake's picture right alongside the Toothy headline.

Cute post today. Jake looks very relaxed in these promos.

destiny said...

Very cute post today Special. Love the way Jake looked in this video, so nice to have the screencaps. He's looking very relaxed, and boy does he ping in these pictures.

It's too soon to buy tickets, but there should be more buzz than there is, I think , for a picture like this. And I'll throw in another worry, saw an ad in the paper today for the Clash of the Titans remake, and it just makes me wonder if people are going to figure, hey, I already saw a movie of that type (even though I know they are really not alike), and that by May people will be looking for something else.

skyy said...

I have no frigging idea how you managed to put the perfect captions with the pics but you did a fabulous job! Especially the shaking ones and the last one where Jake looks like the cat who swallowed the canary or should it be caught the Grey Goose and had sex with it on the beach. Special, great great Mixology!

prairiegirl said...

Very good use of the stills, Special. And Jake looks really good in brown.

Back to life, back to reality. Well, sissy's back from Greece so after being thankful for a safe trip back, it's time to rein it in and concede that running with scissors time is over.

And K-State lost yesterday.

For a special treat this morning, it was a jaunt across town to the little, tiny hole-in-the-wall Mexican bread store. Sometimes I just have to have some of that stuff, even though it is very bad for me, lol. Thank goodness my city has a very good sized latino population now and so we have all of these little markets and Mexican bread available. I used to have to go into Kansas City to get my fix to a glorious bakery that was called La Fama. That was the best Mexican bread ever in the Hispanic part of town. It is closed now and is but a very distant, fond memory. **sigh**.

Tell you what, whoever still wants to come over Labor Day, we will have some good Mexican food. My mom makes the best enchiladas ever. I can make the sauce and fill them, but I have not mastered the homemade tortilla yet, lol. Many, many friends over the years have dined on my mom's enchiladas and they get 4 stars every time.

How did I ever get off on that subject????

lol. gee whiz. Talk about run off. LOLLLL!

Now here's the funny. My typing was momentarily interrupted by my health coach calling. LOLLLLL! Through work and insurance, all that stuff, I am committed to trying to further healthify myself and he was just calling to check on me.

I didn't tell him I was just talking online about eating mexican bread, though. oops.

Well, nothing Jake or Austin to talk about so I will exit. Just jawin' away about nothing, as usual. Just wanted to say hi.

Hi. And have a good Sunday.

Cute said...

Yum, PG! Save me some! You have a great day too -

destiny said...

I crack up every time I read this post; I think it is one of my favorites. The pictures and captions are perfect.

Enchiladas, yum, Mexican food is probably just about my favorite. Not familiar with Mexican bread, however. What kind of bread is it PG?

Jersey Tom said...

Sorry about those K St Wildcats PG. What an interesting tournament. Lets see what happens with Duke today. They are the only #1 seed left. I think I will have to root for the Big East Champs now. Go WVU!

ihj new old pics said...

January 30 - Jake Shopping At Aviator Nation In Venice Beach

OTH said...

I was on one of the OTH forums and saw something that just about made me fall out of seat: a manipulation of one of the Lakers photos with Sophia inserted in Jake's place.

I didn't know whether to be mad, or to laugh at the fact that I guess the person who made it agrees about what kind of emotion Austin is showing on his face.

I have no idea how to make manipulations, otherwise I think I'd have to make some up inserting Jake in Sophia's place.