Monday, March 15, 2010

Snow Falling on Cedars

... or Crazy Tree, take your pick.

Vespy over at ANJ and I both found an OTH group pic on Saturday that Jana (Alex) put up on her Twitter. Great minds think alike.

Is this last picture of the cast for good? Or just for the season?

And gotta say. Austin's all smack dab against Jana. Is he just trying to leave space for the Holy Ghost between him and his on screen gf just in case people get the wrong idea, that they're dating or something. ; )

We thought that the little acorn would grow into a mighty oak.
Maybe it was just the wrong kind of tree.
Pictures: kramergirl, ANJ


cover said...

Have spent day tweezing shrubbery out of Jake Gyllenhall's hair with my new supa-dupa graphics tablet.
@TheNotebook May cover's gonna rock.
32 minutes ago

destiny said...

What was Jake doing that he had shruberry in his hair. ;)

Saw this tidbit on JJ, no link or source:

Mickey Rourke, Josh Lucas, Ryan Phillippe and Sophia Bush are all on the list to attend a series of secret shows for a hand-picked crowd of 100 by signer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright at the Gramercy Park Hotel.

FYI the hotel is a trendy hotel in NY, and Rufus lives in the Grammercy Park neighborhood.

Also saw pictures of Bomer at a Make a Wish event, still flashing that wedding/commitment ring.

OK! said...

STARS: Jake Gyllenhaal, Vera Farmiga and Michelle Monaghan

MOVIE: Source Code

THE GIST: Colter, a soldier, finds himself suddenly in the body of a commuter on a morning train, when a huge bomb explodes. He then finds out he was placed on a mission to find the bomber and the story soon unravels from there…

WATCH FOR: Colter going back in time to the moment the bomb explodes in order to figure out who is responsible. As he returns to the scene time after time, he begins to notice that he has eerie visions of Christina, the girl he was sitting next to on the train from the very beginning.

EXPERT SAYS: “Source Code may be the best sci-fi script written in a long time. If you like your Jake G. running around sweaty and bothered for 90 minutes, you’re going to love this.”


Special K said...

Jake will make you quake.

D-Box released a press release about their agreement with PoP, that will let you feel the motion and action that is going on in Prince of Persia.

Wonder what it will feel like the sand falling beneath you or for that matter racing an ostrich.

D-Box signs with Disney for Prince of Persia

Kate said...

poopins: Kate Winslet & Sam Mendes are getting divorced? That kinda breaks my heart, Menslet 4 evar!! Unless he's going to date Jake Gyllenhaal, lol
10 minutes ago

BI said...

There was a well-known entertainment pair at the Academy Awards who sat together, occasionally holding and laughing together. What a nice couple! Not. They actually can’t stand each other and haven’t lived together in months.

However, as one of Hollywood’s perceived stable couples, they are not yet ready to explain to the world that their long-time (by Hollywood standards) relationship is over. Certainly not in such a public setting. And if one of them had showed up solo, or with another escort, it would have brought up too many questions.

So it was easier just to go together, pretend that everything’s great, and to go their separate ways after the big event… each to a new boyfriend.

BI said...

DL gossip - that BI isn't about Kate, this year she attended the awards ceremony alone.

ihj gallery said...

Few more photos

Photoshoots & Outtakes - Miscellaneous - Session #30

Special K said...

Atmosphere Casting of Chicago We will also be casting extras and photo doubles for the Jake Gyllenhaal/Michele Monaghan movie “Source Code” which will shoot here for 3 days, April 7, 8, and 9.

Source Code looking Jake doubles and extras

MTV said...

'Damn Yankees' Remake Will Address Steroids In Song, Director Reveals

bi bi bi said...

from datalounge reposted on female first forum today.

by: . reply 312 01/19/09 @02:13
Hi all..I'll try to comment on the other posts. GP is bi. Do you think her relationship with Madge is strictly platonic? BA has a lot of addiction issues, with sexuality being one of them. He is totally self-destructive and that is why GP left him and that will be why JG does too. SM is no stranger to same sex hookups. I have never heard the same about KW but who knows...The poster (make-up artist) pretty much nails it on LD, LH and TM. CD & Kirsten Dunst have been on/off smack for years. KD descended in hardcore drugs after she caught Jake Gyllenhall in bed with Austin NIchols at the Chateau Marmont several years ago. And no matter what you read she has never recovered. His sister fixed them up hoping he was bi like the rest of the family. Guess what? He's not. Not a well kept secret. Anyway, his Mom has had an on/off affair with JLC for years.

GP=Gwyneth Paltrow
BA=Ben Affleck
JG=Jen Garner
SM=Sam Mendes
KW=Kate Winslet
JLC=Jamie Lee Curtis

Jersey Tom said...

So why was the guy that Jake was sitting with at the table with Peter and Maggie cut out of the pic? So why was the guy at the pre Oscar party face cut out of that photo.

Too bad someone cant tweet the person who took that pic of Jake at the movie and ask her who Jake was near.

Jersey Tom said...

It is fun to speculate and try to figure out the loose ends of all the photos we see.

Spesh the baby footprint was the best catch ever.

gossip boy said...

One Life To Live is a soap opera, and I know we don't talk about them at all on this blog. But something has happened that I think should receive a lot of attention.

OLTL has made headlines by having a gay couple on the front burner. Scott Evans and Brett Claywell portrayed Kyle and Oliver, a.k.a. "KISH", a gay couple who after a dramatic storyline finally ended up together. Fans we responding well to the paring and loved the couple. Everything seemed to be going well until last week when OLTL dropped a bombshell.

OLTL released a statement that they supercouple would be written off by Mid-April.

According to executive producer Frank Valentini, "We are concluding the story that we set out to tell with Kyle and Fish. We are very proud to have broken new ground with a same-sex couple on daytime." Evans himself took to Twitter to clear up the rumors of his exit last Friday saying, "I have no plans to leave OLTL everyone. It's not even really in my hands!" It seems even Evans was caught unaware when the news broke today and followed up with another Tweet saying, "Anyone who thought my tweets were foreshadowing, that is not the case. Tweets were for something completely different. This is news to me."

Seems that they boys didn't even know that OLTL had decided to write them off the show. I find this appalling. There are hardly any gay couples portrayed on television anymore. And they finally strike gold with a couple that fans seem to love and have an out actor involved only to write them out at the peak of their success. Fans have wrote me to include this link for everyone to go and sign the petition to keep this couple on television. I just have to say that I am highly disappointed in ABC.

The network known for making Erica Kane's daughter Bianca a lesbian on All My Children, which seemed to be open to showing the real gay world, has shown to me that they are lesbian friendly. Not gay male friendly. Join the club :(

I encourage all of you to sign the petition. You all know I get petition happy, but it's the only way to try and make a change. You have to speak up. Once you sign the petition, it asks you for a donation. You DO NOT have to make a donation. You signature has been recorded and you can navigate away from that page. For people that had problems with the link, it has been repaired.

:( said...
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^^^^ said...

Fuck off trolly

prairiegirl said...

I love it. You can't get me off your mind, can you? You love me, really. You obssess about me. Can't get me off your mind. Can't stop talking about me.

It's fascinating to me, really. That you're up at those kind of hours, although on the west coast not as late, but late nonetheless, thinking about what ol' pg is doing. Do ya dream about me? Think about me at your work?

Hey, maybe you kinda like the bossy type. Maybe that's the deal, you seem to be so taken with that. Hmmmmmmm, like that, do ya?

:( said...
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Anonymous said...
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prairiegirl said...

I've been thinking about that re-post up there at 19:43, unsavory as it is, lol. (Geez. HW's a mess, isn't it?)

I wonder if this is where all the talk about Jake & Kirsten breaking up originated from because this is not the first time I've read this, by far. It's the first time I've read an actual detail like her catching Jake in bed with Austin. Nor how it really affected her.

Talk about an Alma moment.

If that story is true, it truly sounds like an Alma moment.

Which would lend me to think that Kirsten was not a beard. Because Jake truly did look like he had strong feelings for her. Was he finding himself at that time?

And it always kind of sours my mouth to read of cheating. That's always an ugly situation. Did she not have a clue? And how is it she would walk in on them like that? Was she supposed to be "out" for awhile and so Jake calls Austin up, says "Hey, Kirsten's out for awhile, come on over." And Kirsten comes back unexpectedly?

Or did she know but just tried to ignore it? Hope it would "go away"?

Why wouldn't Jake have ended it? That's always an endless question when cheating is concerned. Why does someone keep having an affair on the sly instead of being honest with their SO and saying "Hey, this isn't working for me anymore, I think we need to split." Good gosh, why do you hurt someone else like that? It's going to hurt enough as it is.

The whole thing brings all these questions up to me, as if it's any of my business, which it is not.


But truly it is alot to ponder.

Maybe someone else has thoughts on this. I can't figure out how she would stumble in on them.

Or was it again one of those "in danger of getting caught" get-offs?

LOL, who would be that unthinking?

simple said...

Which would lend me to think that Kirsten was not a beard.

Jake is gay + he had sex with men while he was "dating" Kirsten Dunst = Dunst was a beard.

prairiegirl said...

Simple, maybe she was a beard in Jake's mind then, but not in hers? I mean, why would it shock her and throw her into drug use if she wouldn't be surprised to catch hiim in bed with another man, do you see what I'm saying though? I'm not totally saying that Jake didn't already know at that point that he was gay, but maybe he used Kirsten. And she had no clue.

And so this was written in January of 09.

If we were all together in a classroom, so to speak, it would be awesome to put up a big ol' long sheet of paper and do this timeline of Jake's life. When he was with Kirsten, when he actually met Austin, when he filmed Brokeback & met Heath, when he & Austin broke up. I suppose if I had a ton of time on my hands, I could do that at work where we have big walls and a big dry erase board. Do it on my lunch time.

I could picture my big buddy walking in and asking "What's that?"

"Oh, it's a timeline of Jake Gyllenhaal's life of self-discovery. Can you help me out here during this period of years, buddy? What do you think happened here?"


prairiegirl said...

Thanks for your thoughts, I'm just trying to figure it all out on a timeline basis. And the bit about her sounding so shocked is interesting.

We need a roundtable!! lol.

Aw, everybody's asleep or getting ready for work right now. Which I should be doing, lol.

simple said...

Simple, maybe she was a beard in Jake's mind then, but not in hers?

That doesn't really matter.

Kirsten used drugs before she met Jake, I don't believe her drug and alcohol problems have anything to do with Jake.

prairiegirl said...

triple post!!

Lol, sorry. But here's the last thought on this.

So IF this story is true, if it is how it all went down, that Jake & Kirsten broke up over Austin,
I'm sorry but all the twitters about him being seen with Kirsten in Montreal?

Come on. Get real. Your GF catches you in bed with someone else and several years later, all is forgiven and you're having Sunday brunch and weekday coffees together?.......uh uh. I don't think so. What universe is that?

Kirsten used drugs before she met Jake, I don't believe her drug and alcohol problems have anything to do with Jake.

Ah, perhaps not then. Maybe that was a stretch in this commenter's post?

But that doesn't answer the pondering of did she know or didn't she know? About Jake?

Ack! I better go. Nice talking to you, simple. Have a good day today.

Saturday said...

I'm sorry but all the twitters about him being seen with Kirsten in Montreal?

There is just one twitter about Jake and Kirsten in Montreal:

#peoplemagazine just called 2 find out if #jakegyllenhall & #kirstendunst looked like a couple when I saw them @ #APDC didn't look like it!
about 8 hours ago

Saw them together at a Montreal sugar shack Saturday night RT @kirstendunst: Jake Gyllenhaal and Kirsten Dunst back on?
10 minutes ago

@kirstendunst Jake came into resto 20 mins before Kirsten. With some guy! She came with 1/2 dozen
7 minutes ago

@pamcris in the begining she was standing around on her own while every1 mingled & eventually they sat down @ the same table @ opposite ends

Bio: CLEAN YOUR Drapes, Curtains & Blinds. Hotels, Restos, Educational and Residential. Onsight cleaning! I also dabble in digital printing!

one more tweet for those who believe this restaurant story said...

@pamcris actually no, resto was very out of the way & jake seemed 2b looking for her, or them, who knows!! but kirsten seemed uncomfortable!

Indianapolis 500 said...

The annual chatter about which famous faces might show up on red carpets connected to this year's Indianapolis 500 race and festivities has already begun.

Promoters of Disney's "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" -- in which Gyllenhaal stars -- are said to be looking for a way to get the actor's face front and center at the Indy 500 or "the race of all races," as E! Online gossip columnist Ted Casablanca described it. The film opens Memorial Day weekend.

There has been some contact between Gyllenhaal's camp and the IMS, but nothing has been finalized, said Eric Powell, IMS public relations manager.

Indy Star

prairiegirl said...

Maybe it's been the same one posted several times, then. Plus, the blog mentions.

LOL - see, here I am at work obssessing, another thought came to my head as I was driving in.

And if she was a beard and knew it, then why would they break up over something she knew would be going on?

Riddle me that! lol.

Just thinking & pondering. Mulling it over in my head.

And of course it shouldn't be a surprise that someone would try to "put" that out there.

But this really isn't about that business.

I'm obssessing over that DL story up there.

Okay, now I have to go back to work. I might start eyeballing that dry erase board this morning and get ideas.

Ted said...

There's a recent campaign to out an actor in the media—using his name. Not cool. We won't dish details here, but if you read gossip, you've surely caught wind of who it is.

Look, Hollywood's a business and town full of liars—and not just the talents who like to often play coy or hugely misrepresent their true sexuality. Publicists, studio execs, producers, hell, even friggin' gardeners in this town tell fibs to try and help cover up the true dirt on their cash cows.

Lance Bass tried this (amusingly so) for some time before he was eventually outted. Barbara Walters cornered Ricky Martin on his bedtime action before she lived to regret it.

Hell, this gay witch-hunting's been going on for decades, Rock Hudson was tortured by the gossip rags for many years, just because he happened to prefer men.

And we here at the A.T. live to dig up that deceitful kind of soil, both romantic and not. But when it involves a person's sexual preference...

We usually veil that detective work in the form of a Blind Vice, as it's not our business to out folks. That's their job—and these famous celeb jokers can do a pretty good job of it, considering the damn library of Vices we have at this point. But there has to be a line somewhere, and lately, the public and some journalists seem to think it's their decision to decide where that line begins and ends—not the celebrity.

Oh, really?

Does becoming a public figure mean you give up your right to decide when—and when not—to declare what sex turns you on? Certainly if you're engaging in antigay policy or you yourself are the fruit (like a lot of lawmakers tend to be) furthering that policy, then, yes, you've given up your right to remain mum on the subject.

But if you're just trying to, say, buy a house with your partner, does that mean your sex life automatically becomes accusatory fodder for the gossips?

We say no, not by name.

Chill out, homo hunters, you're the ones turning into the freaks, not the star who wants to remain in the closet.

Morning Piss: It's Not Outing If It's Blind

Anonymous said...
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Jersey Tom said...

Kind of a harsh statement coming from Ted. I am not sure who he thinks is trying to do the outing but sounds like the person he is refering to me is Matt Boner.

prairiegirl said...

Hey, Tom, I was worried about you. I heard NJ had all kinds of bad storms and power outages.

Don't think so said...

Kind of a harsh statement coming from Ted. I am not sure who he thinks is trying to do the outing but sounds like the person he is refering to me is Matt Boner

No, he's referring to Jeremy Renner. National Enquirer had an article, Perez picked up on it.

outing said...

But if you're just trying to, say, buy a house with your partner, does that mean your sex life automatically becomes accusatory fodder for the gossips?

Not Matt, it's about Jeremy Renner.

Special K said...

There had been a different version about how Kiki and Jake broke up. Another variation was that she broke up with him over emails that she found between him and Austin and they fought about it at the Chateau Marmont.

Kiki knew he liked guys and thought he was bi or maybe even gay. I think she didn't mind that or even him fooling around with guys. What she did mind, however or whatever happened, was realizing it wasn't just fooling around but he was really in love with Austin. I wonder if she was upset that she was going to look like the fool or thought she just got played.

I do wonder the timing of Kiki and Jake dating, though, it happened after Jake and Austin met but before they started filming TDAT. They say that Jake and Austin couldn't take their eye off each other from the moment they met. That does make me wonder if she was a beard.

Hypocrisy said...

Hypocrisy thy name is Ted Casablanca.....

Unbelievable - a gossip blogger who does everything to out people accusing tabloids for doing the same. Yes, Ted you are holier than thou - you don´t tell us their names but everyone knows who you are talking about. But in your little creepy mind you obviously think you have integrity.....

"Homo hunter"? - Look in the mirror Mr Bibby and you will see one!

National Enquirer said...

Did Ted ever out anyone?

I don't think so.

Wake up said...

he's full of shit said...

The only reason Bibby doesn't out anyone is becasue he works at E. If he had his own blog like Perez, he would do it.

Bibby needs a steady paycheck , he from the old school of gossiping he prefers the corporate E where he can hide behind BI's and ape PR rags like People which he mocks but he is no better: The Jake/Oliva crap came from him and he even embellished the shit and don't forget that Twilight fangirl crap. He must know that K. Stewert is a dyke, everyone in HW does and so do a lot of the Twilight fans though they would never admit it openly.

So given different circumstances, Bibby would out anyone.

what if ... said...

The only reason Bibby doesn't out anyone is becasue he works at E.

The fact remains - Ted doesn't out anyone.

must be a bitch working for corporate E said...

Ted turned over his TT tale to his pal Ian Halperin to do his "dirty work". Ian's "research" included a link to the TT archive site. He discovered a "producer" that supposedly slept with Jake years ago, a man that slept with him, and 2 women that were involved with him and that something was going on with Jake and Heath. He claimed to look into the BT crap and didn't post about it. When someone asked him about it on one of his podcasts he said that there was no BT and Jake and Austin weren't together then he dropped the subject.

Clueless J. Jackson was fed recycled TT BI's by a fangirl pretending to be an insider and that along with the "birth" of BT blew up in his face and he deleted his blog and went back to PR and has a protected tweet account. Ted made some vague ref. to this after the fact, I bet he was hoping Jakcsons ties to the NE would help his "cause" but that fell flat as well.

Outing said...

"he fact remains - Ted doesn't out anyone."

He is just jealous that he is not able to "out one" officially.

And yes, he is outing them in his way - hypocrite!

watch out! said...

Well I don't know what national enquirer is doing. This is the second outing in 3 weeks. Jake better be careful if they are going on a spree.

TT said...

Ted turned over his TT tale to his pal Ian Halperin to do his "dirty work".
Clueless J. Jackson was fed recycled TT BI's by a fangirl pretending to be an insider...

LOL, why are you making up that bullshit?

prairiegirl said...

I will add my paddle to bid on the fact that Ted does indeed out - he just vaguely covers it with a BV.

Come on, Ted! Own up, fella. You're no saint when it comes to that, quit acting like you "protect".

And "full of" up there is right. He's the one who fed that Jake/Olivia stuff to the masses. What in the heck was that all about? And he says he doesn't outright lie on his site. Bull.

Makes me wonder now about other stuff that he writes. Theodore's credibility has lost some of its ooomph with me, I'm afraid.

prairiegirl said...

One more day of the ol' Shamrock Shake.

Really, Ted walks a fine line. No, he doesn't do a full-page National Enquirer 3-inch headline but he slips in all his innuendos, clues, neighborhood mentions to the point where alot of people can guess who he's talking about.

Of course, if Ted didn't do this, we wouldn't have some of the great Toothy stories. So I suppose I shouldn't bite too hard on the hand that feeds, huh?

LOL! It's these darn Corn Nuts that I'm eating. They're making my bite a lot crunchier than intended, lol.

US said...

"He's the one who fed that Jake/Olivia stuff to the masses"

I think Ted knew Us Weekly would run the story (the magazine has a full one page saying that Jake was ‘holding hands’ with Olivia at the pre-Oscar party) and he included it first on his site to say that nothing of it was true. E!news also mentioned Ted's info that the Us Weekly story was not true.

destiny said...

I don't think what Ted does is outing people. If it was, we wouldn't have any babblers or JIS fans.

One thing I do disagree with Ted on: I think if you're out there bearding and lying to everyone, especially your fans, reporters have a right to show what you are doing. I don't think you should get a pass on this because you're gay and not say, Tiger Woods cheating on his wife.

Personally I think everyone who beards does do damage, even if it isn't the same level of damage as an anti-gay rights voting politiian.

However, if people are just keeping their private life private, like Renner seemed to have been doing, then I think those people are entitled to their privacy and shouldn't be forced out.

prairiegirl said...

Hmm, well, he sure has a funny way of putting things. It didn't sound that way to me.

But I'm Theodore-challenged anyway. I can't even interpret Tedspeak. He still drives me nuts.
Can I pout anyway? lol.

I'm having Corn Nuts for lunch. When I opened up this large-size bag a week or so ago, my big buddy across the short wall, sniffed and said, "I smell Fritos!" lol. I said no, they're Corn Nuts! You know, you can smell and hear those things a mile away. I don't talk much about my lil' buddy anymore because she's out on the dock again full-time. :.(
I really miss her but Big Buddy is a real hoot & joy so it has helped ease the loss of my lil buddy somewhat. I get to see her when she relieves on breaks & during lunch at the dock desk, but it's not the same. And we never get to talk very long.

I don't agree with outing either, Destiny. I think I've always said that. I just don't think Ted should act all innocent like he doesn't contribute to the cause. He's not a totally innocent bystander.

ted is full of shit said...

Ted was the first one to mention Jake and Olivia, his intern Taryn was at the party and the he posted the story right after, no coincidence. Blogs like JJ picked it up and then the interns at Us did the same, simple.

How the hell would Ted know that Us would run the story? If anything they got the idea from Ted's columns just like In Touch or whatever rag it was got the Jake/Rachel stuff from the tweets and blog gushing.

Rags no longer have to rely on PR to spoon feed them crap anymore.

Look at the Jake and Kristen, it all started with a few tweets.

What makes it even worse, Munn's peopel denied it to WE! and he still posted that BS after about Jaime Foxx introducing her to Jake.

And on a unrelated note, he took a fake sighting of R. Pattison and K. Stewart sent in by one of the Twilight fangirls and made up some BS post about them but it was revealed later that he was in Londoen and she was in L.A.

He doesn't give a shit, as long as he gets hits.

ted is full of shit said...

This is Ted's orginal post and where Us got their idea from:

US weekly said...

I think Ted knew US weekly would run the story because Jake's people planted it. Olivia Munn is the host of a video game channel= PoP connection. Ted's story says nothing romantic happened. If you read the Us Weekly story they were holding hands and they are already dating after they just met.

gossip fan said...

I follow the Rob and Kstew stories, Ted did not base one of his posts on a fake story of her being in London when she was actually in LA.

ted is full of shit said...

Yes he did, and if you belong to the Twilight fadom as opposed to just following the Rob and Kristin stories, you know that they busted him on it.

He also must know that they are fake and Kristin is a dyke that ping pongs.

Ted didn't know shit about Us doing a story, it didn't appear on the front page, it was a rush job once they stepped in Ted's shit.

fyi said...

PG, Ted is full of shit is the same person that told Special to shut up yesterday.

Just thought you should know who you're agreeing with here before he turns his wrath on you...

prairiegirl said...

I need to watch it. I had Jakefan agreeing with me the other day. I thought the world had spun on its axis or something.

But Ted does drive me nuts. I think I've beaten that drum quite a few times around here.

And he was the one who put the Olivia Munn story out there like he was peddling it. I don't think there can be any denying that.

sunspot said...

I need to watch it. I had Jakefan agreeing with me the other day


crystal ball said...

IMO Ted put the Munn story out there because he knew or had a pretty good feeling that their meeting would be capitalized on by PR/straight promoters. He KNEW. He could predict it. It was a given. But now since he was the first to jump on that piece of crock, people are saying he was pushing it. WTF?! Come on, people. Being able to forecast BS doesn't mean you believe it isn't BS. Please, learn the difference between prediction and promotion.

Take on Kristen said...

I don't know Kristen's sexuality, but it seems to be she only became butch when started to work on the Runaway movie as Joan Jett who is butch by nature.

no fooling said...

Hi Jack

gaydar said...

In real life Kristen always looks like a cute but butch lesbian. Well, Pink claims to be straight.

Vanity Fair said...

I agree with Crystal Ball.

Ted is full I think you're probably full of it too, unless you want to give us some links to back up everything you've said.

prairiegirl said...

crystal ball, I cannot be bothered trying to put that much thought into a post. If it has to be that complicated or guess-what-he's-doing, I think it opens up alot to misjudgement. I'm not inside Ted's head or his keyboard.

I guess Ted isn't for me because I'm too simpleminded.

If I have to light a pipe, put the smokejacket on and sit down by the fire to study what he's writing for an entire evening, well, that's not a good writer as far as I'm concerned.

prairiegirl said...

And before my words get taken the wrong way, I'm not being snarky at you, crystal ball, I'm just speaking for myself. I'm just saying I can't be researching for a thesis in order to figure out if he's being snarky or predicting or whatever.