Friday, March 5, 2010

Leaps and Bounds

Jake is not the only time traveler. Austin has done some time traveling on TV, himself, finding himself in Sliders, Deadwood, and an astral plane with John, and now how many times in OTH. Or is that last one jumping the sharking?


This is Austin on set Wednesday, filming the last episodes of OTH Season 7. We have yet to know if it's the last shows for the series. Check out more of Austin meeting and greeting fans including a small vid clip over at Spooky's. I'm not showing the best picture of the bunch you have to check there to see it.

And yes we guessed it right. They have jumped ahead to the premiere of Julian's film with the entire cast celebrating it. Seriously how many times have they jumped ahead just to get through Season Six and Seven? JFC was crazy in good way, but the Tree has Milch beat. I don't think an acid flashback of his could even compete.

How quick and amazingly easy film making is in the Crazy Tree. Kind of like a fashion empire and a magazine by 24. It's like all that struggle for funding, problems on set and your girlfriend's selfish jealous outrageous behavior that cost you 100 grand just went poof.

So will it be a success at Sundance, and become a indie smash? Surprised they aren't sending the cast out to LA this weekend to walk the red carpet at the Indie Spirit awards tomorrow and turn into Julian winning one is a hop skip and time jump away somewhere in the Crazy Tree universe. So if we see Brooke Davis (TM) there, the jig is up Schwahn.

Jumping time ahead next they'll do flash backs.
But does Austin have a big dagger?
Ok ok okay.
But does he have a British accent?

Pictures: ANJ, OMG, lee_loverxox, and IHJ


Special K said...

I know for a fact that the day after Austin was arrested, that Jake flew off MV. Friends were on the island that day.

obvious said...

Eveveryone but the trolls (who are probably just playing dumb) know that that when peoople post they are stating their opinion when it comes to things we don't see or can't possibly know. No need to point it out in every single post.

^^ Total BS ^^^

If this were the case, the suttle anger and sarcasm would not follow when myself or others post there opinions that may not follow the Ted followers mindset.

Since you seem to be so disturbed by how people roll here, why don't you go post on places that claim to not allow speculation, like GB and DC Forum.

^^My point exaclty^^ Of course speculation is allowed here, just not the type that has a difference of opinion and does not agree with Ted's every written word.
Then comes the "they are threatened" comments as if what the majority says here is truth.
Not worried about how you roll here, so don't be concerned about my swagger. Just my own opinion. OK

obvious said...

Jake was in MV with his family while Austin was visting family in Michigan.

Not talking about exact dates, but talking about the time frame. Maybe same month, but weeks or days during said Michigan visit, MV visit, Toronto visit.

Vanity Fair said...

I guess it's only obvious to yourself, because that last post doesn't make any sense.

m said...

Looks like someone is in a lather. That seems to happen when Ted strikes close to home.

I have no clue who that blind vicer is. Someone currently bearding for sure and into drugs or alcohol, but I don't follow clues for anyone but Jake and Austin.

Hey, I signed up for twitter myself now. Its cool to get messages and know what the the two people I am following are up to. Fingers crossed that Austin will decide to twitter some day.

National Enquirer said...

Looks like someone is in a lather. That seems to happen when Ted strikes close to home.

LOL Another blind sheep that Ted leads to the slaughter house.
Sure, Ted knows everything there is to know about Jake and Austin's life %#@**^%$^$# Lmao
I think you'll be following Ted's TT story for at least 5 more years or until he gets tired of it

^^^ said...

Why are YOU following and posting about Ted's TT story all this years? Do tell!

Jersey Tom said...

Hi NG. It is nice to see you posting again.

Special K said...

Jake soon on his way to LA. Duncan tweeted he was going to catch a movie, and also tweeted that he's going to write up a summary of the first week of shooting in a tweet coming soon.

@rodeneronquillo Woohoo!! Im going to a MOVIE! Its been AGES! :P (sad fact about making movies.. no time to watch them.) about 7 hours ago via TweetDeck

Coming to the end of shooting week one. Will prepare a 140 character tweet report for you over the weekend. ;) about 2 hours ago via TweetDeck

Jake will have a quick rehearsal tomorrow for Sunday night. And then of course celebrating for Maggie's nom. Another busy weekend.

Can't Wait said...

Can't wait!

Jersey Tom said...

I cant wait to see who is coming out in the next Advocate issue. Hopefully it is somebody exciting and a big surprise.

twitter said...

Kristen Kurtis



^^check out the David Sous twitter/website (film editing?)

Special K said...

This looks like a conversation between Kristen Kurtis and David Sous about the Vampire Weekend video he likes and she tweet back to @David Sous the response "with Jake Gyllenhaal."

Special K said...

Maggie cleans up at the Indie Spirit Awards Blue Carpet

The Gossip Boy said...

Prince Of Persia: Good Idea Or Bad?

Jersey Tom said...

Maggie looked great at the Spirit awards. Pretty darn sexy. I think maggie is gonna win an Oscar one day. Not sure about Jake yet. I need to see how his next few movies go. PoP means nothings as far as his acting skills go. PoP was just a big pay day.