Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What No to Wear Oscar Edition

Jake is going to present the Oscars and that means one thing. What will he wear?

Go classic.
Go a little more casual evening.
or go for broke

Nothing says classy than no pants just a merkin.
With the Fashion Police it might be a split decision, but the guy to right would be probably agree.


suggestion said...

ramblingfilm: If Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal presented topless I think the Oscars would get higher ratings. (expand)
about 13 hours ago

Special K said...

Well he could with nothing but Oscar shaped merkin

lol said...

Great idea!

ear said...

Is that Austin in the last picture? When is it from?

Special K said...

Have to take a minute and say Congratulations to all those in DC. Today is the first day that all same sex couples can legally marry in the District.


date said...

"Is that Austin in the last picture? When is it from?"

Yes, it's Austin. It's from February 2005, a post-Oscar party.

destiny said...

I agree that men look good in tuxes, but I find them so boring, and it's hard for someone to show some individuality. But going casual looks wrong at the Oscars, and sometimes even a suit can look too casual if everyone else is in black tie.

Date, I think you probably meant 2006.

Drunkst said...

No 2005, he has his Jarhead buzz, he didn't in 2006.

This was one of the after parties, forget which one where Jake hooked up with Kiki after they were apart for months. Reportedly Maggie was furious because she hates Kiki.

Special K said...

Nope Date is correct it was 2005. Look at Jake's hair he had it shaved for Jarhead, and he had it that way when the first mention Ted did just days before Ted gave the first Toothy mention. That was all back in 2005.

dates? said...

Is that Claire?

date said...

I could never figure out if that is Claire or Kirsten's friend (and Jake's assistant in BBM) Liat.
I think that the "hooking up with Kiki" at that Oscar party in 2005 was staged for PR. He was there with Austin, even if the beards were present for cover.

Friends said...

Jake has always been generous with his +1 or +2 as the case may be. Austin at the post-Oscars part; David at the Baftas; and Chris at the Oscars.

destiny said...

Oops, my bad, you're of course all right about the haircut.

Stubborn TB said...

Jake has always been generous with his +1 or +2 as the case may be. Austin at the post-Oscars part; David at the Baftas; and Chris at the Oscars.

One of these things is not like the other, one of these things is not quite the same...

Chris took pics with Jakes parents on the red carpet, very official.
David walked the red carpet with Jake, very official.
Jake takes Austin and all we get to even identify him is his ear and his then-gf.

If you can't see that that Jake wasn't simply taking a friend along, then frankly you just don't want to see it.

observer said...

Chris sat two chairs away from Jake at the Oscars, and if they didn't have female pretend date/beards with them that night, they probably would have sat together, as they should. Austin was irrelevant then, and I doubt that he'll make an appearance Sunday night as well (at least until the after-party).

Stubborn TB said...

So basically when Jake takes Chris or David he doesn't mind people knowing he took them.
But when he takes Austin with him they try to stay undetected?
Hmm, let's see who would a closeted celebrity avoid being photographed with more, his friends or his boyfriend...?

Hate to break it to you, but since Austin is the most well-known of the three who has to gain the most from being seen at parties, that makes his flying under the radar all the more telling.

And unless you missed it, this picturewas the after-party, the Vanity Fair party to be specific, so I'm not sure what you're even trying to say here.

Talk sense said...

I don't understand what either of you are trying to say frankly. Why do either of you think that Austin was incapable of attending an after party without being "taken" their by Jake? Since they were both their with their girlfriends/"girlfriends" I'm sure they both had their own invites.

^^^ said...

Hai trolly

Obvious said...

Chris could hide in blind site, since nobody expects anything from Chris / Jake. All things could be past off as just a childhood friend and Chris and Jake did have girlfriends, hmmmm. Besides Chris can pass as kind of rural and manly, so nobody expects anything when he and Jake were out all over the place. Those Chris and Jake oscar pictures were awesome. Even the Toronto pictures were.

Austin being seen with Jake could rile suspision. It always showed in Austin's face. Have you ever seen the look Austin gives when photographed with Jake. He was never a happy camper. Says alot! For the most part Jake seem to take it all in stride.

I also agree and do feel that Austin was insignificant at the time Jake and Chris went to the Oscars together.

I'm with everyones mindset here though that Jake and Austin were or are stilll an item, but I'm sticking with Chris being somewhere in Jake's heart as a special friend with a real buddy type understanding, if you know what I mean.
I Just see it..
They were too close and did too many things together. I also think Chris is supportive of whatever Jake does, and Jake the same.

Obvious said...

^^ hide in blind site

shoud be (hide in plain site)

Special K said...

Here's a question for you. Why is it that Jake and Austin never had their pictures taken together during TDAT premiere. They took pictures with everyone else but not with each other. Yet they kept their eye on each other, talked about the other, and had a snowball fight. That was May 28 2004. Seems like they knew too much would be seen between them.

Then we see Jake here with the grin and the person across from him that looks like Austin. That was November 17, 2004.

Then we see Austin in this picture at an Oscar party in Jan 2005.

Then the mention of them at March 2005.

Then the first mention of Toothy a couple weeks after that.

And it was almost a year of Toothy mentions, including getting caught making out in the green room of GMA. Funny how Austin did the Tony Danza show in NY just about that same time too. And then the U2 concert in Dec. All these times and we never saw Austin until the Lakers game in Feb 2006. When Jake was edging his way closer to coming out.

Think most of the times you think Austin looks unhappy looks more like he is protecting Jake and protecting them. You can see him almost challenge the camera in some of those pictures. He is clearly sending a message. Long time ago someone said the another reason that Austin seemed tense was because he knew what they pictures were going to end up costing Jake. And not always in money, which I'm sure there were deals made many times and many pictures bought up, but also what Jake was going to have to end up doing because of the pictures.

Clearly Austin and Jake have been in each others lives a long time, a lot longer than we've seen.

Observer said...

6:43 - I do not vote with the majority. I think that there is much more evidence that Jake and Chris are lovers in hiding than there has ever been evidence that Jake and Austin are lovers in hiding.

destiny said...

Ted has repeatedly said, that it is the people you do not see together you vave to "worry" about--closeted couples, couples in which one or both are cheating on the public partner, ala Brangelina while filming (he Smith movie, and couples avoiding publicity like Robsten. In those cases the ones you actually see the with are not the real deal on some level.

That is clearly the case with Jake and Austin. Who knows, maybe Jake and Chris messed around as kids, but I see them as more like Brothers than lovers.

destiny said...

I think the lack of pictures from the TDAT premiere is one of the most telling signs there is of their relationship.

destiny said...

One other comment, I think the lack of photos of them is due in large part to paps not caring about Jake unless with Kiki, until BBM and the rumors started getting louder. I do not think they expected to get photographed at Lakers I--they were not courtside.

Jersey Tom said...

I want new pics. Need them bad.

Cmon guys give us something to get excited about. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

m said...

Ted has said that Goose has his own, but less important, acting career. Chris is not in the business, though I do believe he and Jake were lovers or experimented in their youth. Probably teen years. Watch Chris's MV videos. Gaydar pings all over the place.

In the pictures of Austin at the TDAT premiere, he almost always has his eyes somewhere on Jake, even if Jake is off in the distance. An early insider on WFT said they took one look at each other at the TDAT auditions and could not take their eyes off each other. Their chemistry together is off the charts. Nothing can hide it.

I watched the clip with Anne. I don't know why Kimmel was pushing the idea that Jake was horny so much. I saw that interview too and there was no heat evident at all. Ann was gracious. Of course she knows what Jake really felt, or more importantly did not feel.

toothy files said...

How they met said...

It was during casting of TDAT, Austin walked in and the rest was history. They couldn't take their eyes off each other.

February 9 2007

On the floor said...

Destiny, which Lakers pics are you talking about? Jake and Austin were most certainly sitting courtside each time they went together.

destiny said...

I thought there was discussion about the pictures not being courtside, but I could be wrong I know the last set they were, I didn't think that was the case with the first or second set.

On the floor said...

I think you should look again. Every game they went to together. . . seats on the floor.

Smurf said...

NPH has been cast in the lead of a Smurf movie!

NPH Will be a Smurf

No idea what kind of movie it will be, but presumably for children?

Stubborn TB said...

What I just don't get is why Austin always has to be "insignificant" in Jakes life.
I don't have a problem with Jake going to events with Chris or David or hanging out with his friends in pap pics. I don't think Jake stopped being friends with Chris just because there were no pics for a while.

But the moment there's just the suggestion of Jake hanging out with Austin or attending events with him, it always either isn't Austin or if it is, he's not there with Jake. Or if he's clearly there with Jake it means nothing, they don't even like each other.

Special listed some of the times we have found out he hung out with Jake after doing TDAT and before Lakers. One thing I wanted to add to that is that they also went furniture shopping together in late 2005.
Clearly they hung out together even though the paps didn't get a clear shot of it, so Austin was a part of Jakes life with or without pictures. Just like he is now.

The reason I said Jake took Austin to the Vanity Fair party is because Austin generally isn't (or at least wasn't back then) big on those kind of Hollywood parties. And he didn't take any pics so he certainly didn't go there to get exposure.

ag said...

Exactly stubborn. Austin is always insignificant in non TBers eyes because even after all these years, they are still scared of exactly what Austin is to Jake.

I'm not going down the path of the Chris thing again but I don't think they've ever been lovers (not even experimentally). I think Chris is exactly what he's always been portrayed as - Jake's best friend.

sun said...

I agree with ag. I think Chris is Jake's best friend from childhood and they are like brothers. I believe they were never sexually involved.

I think Jake and Austin have been together since they first met at the TDAT casting in 2002.

There is a new Jake photo shoot on IHJ.

Obvious said...

Stubborn please hold your horses!

I spoke my mind about what (I) think. And apparently some others think the same way about Chris and Jake relationship, whatever it is. Nobody's trying to change minds here, at least I'm not.

But the moment there's just the suggestion of Jake hanging out with Austin or attending events with him, it always either isn't Austin or if it is, he's not there with Jake. Or if he's clearly there with Jake it means nothing, they don't even like each other.

^^ This is no one's doing but either Jake or Austin. Either they don't want to be seen together or there is (always) some speculation if they were, or who is it with Jake or that person looks like Austin talk. With Chris, you did not have to speculate if they were together. That's my rationale for "hide in plain site". With Austin, there was always a smirk or a look by either both, but especially Austin, as if they could not stand the paps or they were hiding something and did not want to be caught. Austin's look always said "get me the fu*k out of here", when Jake seem have a forgetaboutit attitude in most of the pictures.
That's how I saw all of those pictures. If you saw something different, so be it.

You seem to be saying that some are threatened by Jake and Austin's relationship. Well I say to you, I am not and I don't get upset about it as some do, when anything other than Jake and Austin coupleing is talked about.. What I will tell you is that I don't know for sure what is going on with them and I feel that it's 50/50 that their relationship is still going on. I don't believe Ted religeously like some here.

What *I do believe* is that Jake and Chris were more than friends in the past and maybe now.

Forgot about the pictures of Chris and Jake at that Tennis match.


Obvious said...

to AG

Austin is always insignificant in non TBers eyes because even after all these years, they are still scared of exactly what Austin is to Jake.

This is utter bullshit and you can believe what you want if it makes you happy. I spoke about Austin being insignificant during the time Jake took Chris to the Oscars because (if) Jake and Austin had something going on, it probably was still (new) for them and Chris had been in his life for years at that time.
I'm one who do believe that Austin and Jake mean something to each other and were or maybe still together, but that does not take away the strong feeling that I have that Jake and Chris were more than friends at some point in their lives. Sorry that this notion upsets your reality.

Special K said...

I think the reason you did not see Jake with Chris for so long was because there were so many people speculating on the nature of their relationship.

Chris is not a public person, unlike Jake and Austin, and there really isn't place for people to speculate what his orientation or what kind of relationship with Jake they have other than what Jake has said that he is his oldest friend.

And think that is exactly why you didn't see Chris hang out with Jake for all this time . Jake couldn't spend time with his oldest friend without his friend being dragged into a list of past lovers. I don't think he ever wanted to do this to Chris, to put him out there for public opinion when he is private citizen. He has his own reputation, life and career that can be affected.

Jake took steps to see Chris out of the camera's eye. He has tried again to see if he can resume to have his friendships in front of the camera, but sadly don't think it will last long, because he will be forced to go back to what he was doing, taking the extra steps to keep it private, because people continue to speculate.

And before there is an argument the same could be said about Austin, Austin made the decision to be an actor, knowing that he may become a public entity, Chris never signed up for that.

Obvious said...

I agree with all you've said Special, but it still does not take away the fact that he and Chris could have been more than friends, just as that fact remains that he and Austin could be more than friends.
Celebrity or no celebrity.
We can speculate about them both since their has been no concrete evidence up to now to support any of our speculations.

and maybe his oldest friend did not want the attention that (could) have stayed under the radar for the most part.
I have to say this since it's on my mind. When I first became interested in Jake and his goings on, there was always pictures of he and Chris. Always!
My thoughts were, "why is he and this guy always together"?
Something pinged for me right away, even though all the talk was about Chris is his long time best friend forever. Everyone new this. Their just the best of friends.
Works for anyone who don't want to be considered to be DL or GAY.

Obvious said...

and hiding in plain site!

but, who knows

Ted said...

Dear Ted:
If Toothy Tile decides to come out, how do you see him doing it, in a magazine, in a talk show, releasing a picture that says it all or just living his life without saying a word?

Dear Choices:
All that, only in reverse order. Ellen, I'm sure, will be the lucky interviewer.

The Awful Truth

london tb said...

ITA with ag, also it's lovely to see ag!

Special K said...

I agree London its great to see AG, and NG and you too!

destiny said...

Great to see you London and AG, as it was to see NG the other day.

Don't think Jake is protecting Chris. After all, we got tons of pictures of them in 2006, the height of paps chasing Jake and the height of all the rumors.

Difference id back then Chris worked in NY, and Jake had the time to spend in NY, and was there a lot for Maggie while pregnant. During that time Chris also had a boss who probably was fine giving him time off to travel with Jake.

Then Chris seemed to be in LA for awhile.

Now he is in MV--pap free place--and he has his own business and farm. Not surprised he showed up in LA in the dead of winter--probably not much work, and no farming to be done. Chris will be but once spring comes, so wwill not be surprised if we do not see him soon.

Then throw in the Reeke years, when hanging with any guy was off limits.