Monday, March 29, 2010

Writer's Block

Why Austin's fall plans are still a bit up in the air, we do know one thing for sure that he'll be seen in Beautiful Boy. Austin stars along with Maria Bello and Michael Sheen, along with Moon Bloodgood, Alan Tudyk, Kyle Gallner and Meat Loaf.

The story is a new perspective on sadly a story that has been in the news too many times but this time with a different focus. Bello and Sheen are an unhappily married couple on the verge of a divorce. Then they find out that their 18-year-old son committed a mass shooting at his college, just before taking his own life. The story is about what happens to those left behind to deal with his decisions. They struggle to find refuge from both the media and their mutual grief.

Austin plays Cooper Stearns who's writing the story about the killings.

Talking about the movie Maria Bello said, "It made me fall in love with acting again! It’s a beautiful script and such an emotional story about these parents whose son goes through a Columbine-type shooting. It’s about their relationship really, how it falls apart and coming together and what that means."

Beautiful Boy (Official Site) - just a peek now


Special K said...

Happy Birthday Stubborn.

hummm said...

From previous post:

I always thought Reeke would last through Pop, and that it was tied to that movie, so maybe you're right end of fauxmance.

Your comments over the years about Jake's sexuality and the (fauxmance) were very strong, if not being presented as FACT from you!

My point is, that everything you think and say as "fact" when it comes to Jake or anyone in or around Jake's inner circle may NOT be (True Fact). Something totally different may be going on.

Not being mean, just an observation and My Opinion.

Jersey Tom said...

We heard that before hummmm and why do you feel the need to post it.

Sounds like a good movie for Austin. Hopefully he will get noticed without the beard.

Happy Birthday Stubborn.
Many more.

Seaweed said...

All the best on your Birthday Stubborn.

May your pleasures be many and your troubles few.

destiny said...

Happy Birthday Stubborn.

I hate it when internet sites are just basically skeletons. I don't understand why they don't have more up at Beautiful Boy. Why go live if you don't even have information about the cast? I don't think it sends a very positive message to be so incomplete.

prairiegirl said...
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sounds desperate said...

doesn't look good

RT @kristinalert: Save One Show Is On: Get In Here and Vote, People!
33 minutes ago via web

Save One Show Is iOn! Get in Here and Vote, People!: 34 minutes ago via web

Special K said...

Jake is on the of Preliminary 2010 MTV Movie Awards nominations for best actor

Online voting from now until April 9 when the fields are whittled down to 5, then final round of online voting from 5/11 until 6/5

Brad Pitt, Inglorious Basterds
Bradley Cooper, The Hangover
Channing Tatum, Dear John and GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra
Christian Bale, Terminator: Salvation
Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter/Half-Blood Prince
Denzel Washington, The Book of Eli
Eric Bana, The Time Traveler’s Wife
George Clooney, Up in the Air
Gerard Butler, The Bounty Hunter
Hugh Jackman, X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Jake Gyllenhaal, Brothers
Jamie Foxx, Valentine’s Day
Jeff Bridges, Crazy Heart
Jesse Eisenberg, Zombieland
Johnny Depp, Alice in Wonderland
Leonardo DiCaprio, Shutter Island
Matt Damon, Green Zone
Michael Cera, Youth in Revolt
Robert Downey Jr., Sherlock Holmes
Robert Pattinson, Twilight: New Moon and Remember Me
Ryan Reynolds, The Proposal
Sam Worthington, Avatar
Shia LeBeouf, Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen
Taylor Lautner, Twilight: New Moon
Tobey Maguire, Brothers
Zac Efron, 17 Again

Vote here on all the categories MTV Movie Awards

Special K said...

Before I forget.

I want to wish a Happy Passover for the who are celebrating, starting today at sundown.

May your Passover be bright with promise, filled with hope and blessed with peace.

Jersey Tom said...

Pattison or Zac is probably gonna win that one Spesh. Most likely Pattison.

destiny said...

There was an article in the paper over the weekend about CW putting more ads in their shows when they run on the internet--so that they will now have as many as on tv. I guess they're doing it because that's the only way they will count in the ratings. CW's overall viewership among it's core audience, women 18 to 14, has dropped 10% this year, to around 500,000 viewers a night in that category.

Seems to me the CW formula is not working. There is just a bubble-like quality to their shows, I think. Also doesn't look like their habit of pushing their stars to couple up, beard, etc. has helped them any either.

It just seems like another example of HW clinging to a formula that increasingly doesn't work, or one that hasn't really worked at all when it comes to television, and increasingly not for movies.

What matters is giving people shows and movies they want to see. People will flock to no-name shows and movies if the story appeals, and avoid the ones that they're not interested in, regardless of the star or how many issues of People they can sell.

destiny said...

Happy Passover to all those celebrating it.

destiny said...

Oops, that's women 18 to 34, not 14, lol!

Just having fun said...

OH, excuse me and let me insert this disclaimer for the benefit of those who feel they've been misled in the past - Just My Opinion.

^^ Maybe your disclaimer should be used with every post you make since you often have to retract them. Then get upset, coupled with hurt feelings, then seem to want someone to come to your rescue when most disagree with your comments.
Yes, A Disclaimer May be needed!

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...
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Vanity Fair said...

I think you need a disclaimer on your posts that say "Just the opinion of the resident troll playing dumb".

Vanity Fair said...

That was meant for Just Having Fun a/k/a just playing dumb.

prairiegirl said...

Actually, on second thought, I should not speak so harshly to my resident fan, Just Havin Fun. Because apparently, they hang on to my every word and are quite educated on moi from having obsessively studied and monitored my entire blogging history. Wow, I’m really flattered. Not everyone can claim to have such a devoted follower.


Jersey Tom said...

Happy Passover everyone.

RM said...

Ricky Martin comes out

Ricky Martin: I’m A ‘Fortunate Homosexual Man’

Granny Grammar said...

Vanity Fair, could you please stop misusing the phrase "playing dumb"? Just having fun responded sarcastically to a post by prairiegirl by listing the reasons why a disclaimer may be needed. Just having fun is adopting a tone of superiority and posting in a style to match. That isn't playing dumb; quite the opposite in fact. The correct response would be to criticise Just having fun for being condescending and (if you were interested in being even handed) to criticise prairiegirl for her passive-aggressive post.

And it's good to see that Ricky Martin has decided to live his life openly. I was particularly touched by this part of his statement:

To keep living as I did up until today would be to indirectly diminish the glow that my kids where born with. Enough is enough. This has to change.

I wonder if Toothy and Goose look at Baby Tile and think the same thing?

jay said...

>>We heard that before hummmm and why >>do you feel the need to post it.

Why not? Aren't you hammering the same thing over and over for the last xx years after all, why do YOU feel the need to post it?

silly trolls said...

5:53 PM,

troll posts are NOT welcome.

Simple enough for you?

Jay said...

silly trolls, nice name you picked for yourself. I do as I please, clear enough for you?

Anonymous said...
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Special K said...

Again no anons. You get deleted. It has been that way since we started OMG.

Jersey Tom said...

Wow that was a beautiful letter Ricky wrote. I am so glad he is free and happy.

I for one would love to see Jake make the same decision that Ricky just did.

Jersey Tom said...

jay said...
>>We heard that before hummmm and why >>do you feel the need to post it.

Why not? Aren't you hammering the same thing over and over for the last xx years after all, why do YOU feel the need to post it?

Becuase I post it on a blog that is dedicated to something that I believe is true. Jake is Gay.

m said...

Wow, what's got the troll so agitated. Usually that means something significant is in the air. Like a juicy Toothy blind vice update soon to be revealed.

Re Ted's latest - I do think Jake expected the contract to run through POP, and that he would be the one to say kiss my you know what on the ex date. Something happened to piss her off. Maybe that is what will slowly leak from Ted and has the troll upset. Ted must be on to something and you know he won't keep it secret forever.

I cant view the austin video since I am at work, but glad to see he has something in the pipeline besides OTH.

Special K said...

Ricky has done what many men and women have, come to a point in their life where they ready to come out. For some it happens earlier for others later. It is a different path for every person its just reaching that destination that's the goal.

Stubborn TB said...

Just came home and wanted to thank everybody that wished me a happy birthday.

prairiegirl said...

I think it's wonderful that Ricky Martin felt ready to come out. How great for his kids.

prairiegirl said...

Cool. Now I'm passive aggressive. Let me add that one to the list of all my horrible qualities. It's a wonder I'm even allowed out into society to interact with people.

I don't know, VF, should we just be so flattered that someone cares about us so much that they desire to nurture us in our ways? Makes me just feel so warm and fuzzy inside.


Happy Birthday to You said...

Happy Birthday Stubborn TB!

So nice of Ricky to come out today :)

Jersey Tom said...

Got to celebrate Ricky coming out.

US Weekly said...

Wow, what's got the troll so agitated. Usually that means something significant is in the air. Like a juicy Toothy blind vice update soon to be revealed.

the interesting thing about your comment M, is that you really believe your quack comments as if someones trying to prevent Jake, or Ted, or Austin, Babytile and his sister, Atticus, and even Boo from your plan of a J/A wedding or something. Hang in there, ok, or come up with another conspiricy theory that suites you.

WoW said...

Great news about Ricky! Much happiness to him and his family.

Happy Birthday to StubbornTB!

Happy Passover to those who celebrate!

Beautiful Boy looks interesting, great for Austin! :)

next! said...

hb83: Okay peeps. We all knew about Ricky Martin. Why all the facebook posts about it? Jake Gyllenhal is next...
37 minutes ago

destiny said...
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destiny said...

That is so great about Ricky. Clearly he knows how important it is to be out if you're going to have children, that by lying you teach your children to be ashamed of their parents, and of who they are--the children of a gay parent.

Clay knew that too. And I think it's one of the reasons why Bomer has one foot out of the closet--he has decided to settle down (from the looks of the ring) with someone who has children.

Don't see any signs of Jake and Austin doing the right thing, especially with Ted saying it was Reese who broke it off.

Yes, people have to come out in their own time. But it is wrong, wrong wrong to closet and beard when you have a child with your gay partner. Jake and Austin clearly value money and career more than the well-being of their child. :-(

Special K said...

Jake and Austin didn't have a baby by accident. There was no Oops in it. There are too many legal and medical steps that have to taken to have a child for two gay men. This is not a rash decision.

It is an assumption you are making about them putting money and career first, because you place the entire reason for their bearding on career and money. But as Ted said regarding the conception of Baby T that they had planned prior to having him that he would be raised far from the eyes of media.

m said...

Happy Birthday Stubborn. Hope you are having a super day.

I read Ricky's statement tonight. It seems to be everywhere. Beautiful. It just goes to show that even if you have been in the closet for years, you can come out with grace, and people do understand why you kept the secret.

Vida Loca? said...

Ricky Martin is pretty much done with Vida Loca career, no? Perfect time to come out! Not sure what makes you so proud, I remember pretty well his 'girlfriend' during his heydays. Went on and on projecting the Latino conquistador image as long as it lasted, even while many people had doubts about his sexuality. Know someone doing the same right now, possibly, pissing you so much for some unknown reason that you are ready to jump at his throat at any occasion. Relax. It 's not like you'll ever come across the home video of Jake and Austin, anyway.

ewhhhh said...
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Rattler said...

Happy Birthday, Stubborn!

yes said...
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jet said...

LOL, prairiegirl finds herself important.


Trolly needs to go back to humour school

prairiegirl said...

Special, I would say that we don't know the percentages of why J & A agreed to the bearding. It probably isn't so cut and dried.

But Reese being the one to pull the plug on Reeke according to Ted? Jake being the one to want it to continue longer, according to Ted? Makes me want to give the girl claps. Maybe she had been seeing Toth for awhile and was wanting to come out with that relationship, which would explain why it's so fast, so soon.

I know that some people may not like the drudging up of Reeke and/or Reese, but I think it all still has ties to where Jake is at the moment.

I honestly don't know what to make of J&A and their closet issues. I cannot sort it out at the moment due to too many conflictions.

I do know that my campaign support funds are being put on hold at the bank for now.

Special K said...

I didn't say that the only reason Jake and Austin bearded was because of the baby. I was not the person who said they put the money and career first.

What I said was that when they were planning for Baby Tile the plan was that the child would raised far from the media's eye. And that's what they've done.

No I do not think that all of their bearding had to do with PoP or OTH. Especially for Jake the timing of BT and the Reekefest that happened in Rome was too close to be coincidence.

Again about the latest from Ted. I think that Jake thought she changed her ways after some of the stunts she had pulled previously. Think the yogurt thing was proof she hadn't. The more I think about it the break in Dec really didn't happen in December but much earlier.

I think how she screwed him over was that she put the break up out the in the media the same time Brothers was doing its PR. I wonder if Jake thought she wouldn't do anything until that was over. He expected her to do not that he expected through PoP.

Ted has been playing alot of CYA lately and wonder his reasons. And not just with Jake, Toothy, Goose but with Nichole and Tom and Jared and Jensen.

Now you don't see Jake bearding, going into the biggest movie risk of his career. If Disney was so hell bent on it he would have been already seen with a new date and a new storyline.

He even walked the red carpet on the biggest night in the industry alone. He didn't bring a female friend, a co-star, his agent or his mother. That was a statement in itself.

Jersey Tom said...

The obvious reason for Jake being single now is that he presumed str8 by the general public and available to the ladies at this point in his career. Jake at 29 is still a heartthrob to young woman. I think Disney believes they are the ones who will pay to see this movie.

Ted said...

Dear Ted:
Reese really was the dumper, and Jake the dumpee? He never looked that happy with her. Did you see the photos of the family yogurt run last fall? Jake looked like he'd rather play in traffic. Also puzzled as to how Jake could think Reese helped his career. Many of his fans disliked Reese—thought the staged coffee runs for the paps turned him into just another H'wood phony and thought the relaysh killed his hotness. Fans didn't turn out for Jake's last two movies, and don't see much buzz for Prince of Persia. In contrast, look at Zachary Quinto. He just needs to be seen with his dog, Noah, to get fan love and sighs of how hot he is. And his career is taking off despite the lack of a tabloid relationship. Star Trek was not only one of the biggest films last year, it was actually good. Now Z.Q. has the lead in a new Spielberg film, and is producing a pilot for a TV series. Who really has the best strategy for a good career?

Dear Comparing Cuties:
Please, Jake dating Reese kept his name in the headlines and his picture on all the goss sites. His fans may have been less than thrilled to put up with the blond babe, but she got him attention. And it's unfair to compare him to Z.Q. Jake carries movies, while Zach is still part of an ensemble cast. For now.

Bitch-Back! Tiger, Jesse and All That Sex for Sale

which is it said...

Wait bearding was for PoP now single is for PoP?

PoP said...

PoP release date was postponed for a year.

Fauxmance contract wasn't extended.

Jersey Tom said...

Sure is obvious that Ted is showing empathy for Jake. He wont say anything wrong about him now. Kissy Kissy.

If reese did end the relationship before it was supposed to end was because she had found herself a str8 boyfriend.

I do think the reason that Jkae is keeping BT a secret is for Fame and money. Very selfish.

Jersey Tom said...

Bearding was for str8 and break up was for availibility.

destiny said...

There is a world of difference between raising your kids far away from the limelight, and bearding. It is wrong for an almost 30 year old men (actually, I think children is probably more appropriate) to be pretending to be in relationships with women when they have a child with each other.

People really can't see what damage that does? You really think kids, who in my experience are pretty intuitive, won't notice they're being treated differently? For starters, being that deep in the closet means Austin is not, say, hanging out with Jake in Montreal. That means BT is spending time with only one of them, when he or she could be with the whole family since Austin is not working right now. It's one thing to have to be apart because of work, but it really is a whole different ball of wax when you do it because of the closet, and it means a lot more time spent in less than ideal conditions, when it doesn't have to be that way.

And I agree, Ted seems to be constantly back-pedaling and handling Jake with kid gloves right now.

WoW said...

Spesh, how are you Northeasterners doing with flooding? I'm gonna need a rowboat or a canoe to get around! The water's coming up to my doorstep, flooded my basement - but no major damage so far. Fingers crossed! :)

m said...

Ted has always had a soft spot for Jake. For whatever reason, he is feeling sorry for him right now. Like I said the last few days, Ted's learned some details about the reasons for the breakup and is doling out the information slowly.It's been a long time since he mentioned the book he plans to write. I wonder when his contract comes up. Does he already have his eye on the door. I think Ted is being too generous in saying Jake has carried a movie. The plan is to carry POP, but that has not happened yet.

Special K said...


My basement is dry but lots of streets flooding around here. One more day of rain. So sorry to hear about your basement. Glad no major damage but just a pain in the butt to dry out and move to stuff.

What do you think? Is the ark going to show up or will the rain stop that first?

And one more day of battle with Comcast.

WoW said...

Oh Spesh I'm sorry to hear you're still battling with cable.

I think the ark is gonna show up first, because we've got one more full day of heavy rains predicted. I've never seen it like this, and I've lived in my area over 20 years. We did ok in the first round, but not so good in the second round. I know what I'll be doing the rest of the week - cleaning! We were able to move some of our stuff. :(

So nice to hear about Ricky Martin.

destiny said...

Hope everyone up Special's way is okay. We've had a lot of rain, but no flooding where I am.

I agree M about Ted, and I'd hardly say Jake carries movies. You could say that he was a leading man in Jarhead (although I can't think of that movie without thinking of Peter S.) and DD, but don't think of those as leading-man driven movies. PoP I do think falls into that category.

But again, looking at what else Jake has done, are movies like BBM, Rendition, Zodiac and Brothers any different than Star Trek in terms of being ensemble films? And Quinto does have the lead in the Gershwin biopic.

Ted almost seems like an apologist for Jake lately. I don't get it, why now after years of giving him a hard time?

destiny said...

Hope you're okay too WoW.