Monday, May 17, 2010

Double Feature

Not only it is the premiere of PoP today but it's also the night that Julian Baker's Seven Dreams til Tuesday is premieres in the land of the Crazy Tree. Talk about the synchronicity! (And no not The Police album)

And it's not only the premiere of Julian's film but the season (or series) finale of OTH.

Tonight on the Crazy Tree from the land of The Osmonds and Jello. The Real Housewife of Tree Hill tries to overcome her depression by joining hubby Nathan and Jamie and the rest of the Tree Hill gang on a trip to Utah for the premiere of Julian’s film and forces her son to wear one ugly ass hat. Skills convinces Mouth to defy PeTA and go full on fur. And there's snow. Crazy Katie "I look like your dead wife Sarah" is not down for the count. And it's cold. And there snow. And Brulian plus 1 in a hot tub? Call Joel over The Soup for that one. Check out the premiere of Austin' big gold ring as well. And oh yeah there are two endings to this one. One if the show gets renewed and the other, to cut the Tree down for good.

Now do you think Austin is watching OTH? Think he has other things on his agenda.

Where do you think you're going?
To see my mister!

Tonight is the US Hollywood Premiere of PoP, at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Hollywood and it will be big time old school Hollywood premiere from the location to all the stars coming out to celebrate. Also part of the event is the great Bruckheimerpalooza (A tribute (and fundraiser for AFI) to Bruck, king of the box office with over $15 billion in receipts, will be showing at theaters around Grauman's each hosted with one of the stars of the movie. “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl” will be across the street at the El Capitan Theatre, with Orlando Bloom. And over at the neighboring Mann Chinese 6 to screen “Armageddon,” “National Treasure,” “Top Gun” and “Beverly Hills Cop,” bringing in stars such as Bruce Willis, Nicolas Cage and Eddie Murphy, among others respectively.)

The premiere is at 6:00 PM Pacific Time, so for all you Eastcoasters that's 9:00pm for you. Completely confident converting the time to EDT, I'm leaving the higher math conversions for you time travelers around the world. Don't want to be blamed if you miss another of Jake's suits because my math is wrong. So you want to know what time the premiere is for you check out The World Time Clock

Why all of this fuss. Well because you can catch it all LIVE ONLINE

This is the biggest movie of Jake's career so far, and can imagine all that is wrapped up in today for him. It is one big big night. Something to share and celebrate. The last big summer blockbuster Jake premiered (TDAT) someone tall (and co-star) kept a watchful eye over him just outside of the camera lens during the event that day. Seems like it was such a short time ago, but so much has happened. So much to celebrate that night, and even more so tonight. So much more than just a movie. Whether seen or not, he will be watching over, a presence for his prince.

Think Jake will be doing a totally difference dance after this premiere. And wouldn't get kicked out of bed for getting sand in it ; )

The Royal Tour PoP Premiere Day

May 17th, 2010

'Prince of Persia' - Los Angeles Premiere
Date: May 17th, 2010
Where: Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Hollywood
6:00PM PACIFIC / 9:00 Eastern


May 24, 2010
Late Night with David Letterman
Date: May 24, 2010
Time: 11:35

Channel: CBS

May 25th, 2010
Jimmy Kimmel Live

Date: May 25th, 2010

Time: 12:05 AM

Channel: ABC

May 26th, 2010

Live With Regis & Kelly
Date: May 26th, 2010
Time: Check Your Local Listings

Channel: Check Your Local Listings

May 26th, 2010**
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
Date: May 26th, 2010
Time: 12:35

Channel: NBC

**Please check listings. Late Night is one of those shows you're not sure if its early morning on the 26th (Wed) or if it is considered late night Wed night and actually the 27th (Thurs).

There will be a whole lot more Jake over the next 2 weeks and more chances to catch him. (We haven't even heard from Morning TV yet) Check back for updates.

Jake and Disney head mouse of everything, Rich Ross (r)


M and M said...

I know there are several folks here who have understandable reservations about this movie and its association with less than pleasant images and let's just say, less than authenic actions/behaviors. Still, this a big night for our man so I want to wish him luck. Hope he has a great time. My best thoughts will be with him and with those he holds dear. Go get 'em, Jake.

m said...

Well, here is the strongest confirmation that Austin is Goose that Ted has ever posted.
"Dear Ted:
Has Sophia Bush ever been the subject of Blind Vice? I'm pretty sure her boyfriend has.

Dear On-Target:
No, she hasn't, and yes, you are correct."

Interesting that Ted picked today to do it. I do wish Jake all the best tonight. I read a few reviews on RT and more than one used the phrase He's no Johnny Depp.

Special K said...

Big Big Night.

After a long long journey and months and months of hard work Enjoy it! And yes Go get 'em!

Special K said...

Had to play Enter Sandman today. But wanted a twist to it. This is down on strings. Yes that is strings. Who'da thunk.

M and M said...

I still can't hear the audio for your great music selections, Special. :-(

Can't figure it out because I use to have no problems. Any ideas?

Special K said...

All the memory issues are updated, player is a flash player, it could be that.

NME said...

the actor admitted that he wasn't sure if he'd be the right choice to play the Nirvana frontman in a much-mooted biopic.

He said: "I don't know if I'd be the right choice – but the hair from Prince of Persia could translate somehow. We could just bleach it!"

Gyllenhaal clearly has British musical tastes.

"At the moment I'm really into Mumford and Sons," he said. "I really love them, and Laura Marling. I think I may go see Florence And The Machine, which I'm really looking forward too."


prairiegirl said...

Wishing all the best for Jake tonight, you bet. And I hope that somehow Austin would get to be there but I don't hold out much hope.

Nevertheless, knock, em dead, Jake!

Special K said...

Jake also says in the video on NME he likes She & Him too. Hey he's known Zooey Deschanel since they were little and went to school together at Crossroads school. And then they were both in Good Girl together.

Ricky said...

Homosexuality is not the problem, Prejudice is the problem. -International Day Against Homophobia. #Homofobia
about 4 hours ago

Special K said...

Heat Vision at the Hollywood Reporter will be also live streaming tonight's premiere.

Another place to catch the PoP premiere live online

Jersey Tom said...

Maybe Sophin will show up

prairiegirl said...

Oh, Tom! bop!


Right now on TBS is that Classic Seinfeld episode about Keith Hernandez.

LOLLLLL! I never get tired of watching that thing.

"Our day was ruined."

"There had to be a second spitter."

lollll. Keith Hernandez. One of the greatest guest stints on a sitcom by an athlete.

Just one of the best episodes ever.

prairiegirl said...

I was just noticing the new added legs on the PoP tour. No telling what Jake's going to do on each one. So David Letterman, huh? Jimmy Fallon?

Thanks for putting up the links for the live feed, Special. I'll have to check it out. See what stars come.

Hey, I think ol' Ice Maiden needs to show up with her Black Socks Man, Toth. Oooh. Wouldn't that be awkward. lol. And then Austin could come along, looking awesome in Jake's powder blue suit and we could have a real awkward moment.

Nah, Austin couldn't wear Jake's clothes, not right now, lol.

e said...

E at the premiere, highlights tomorrow.

On Daily Ten - video of Jake.

Jersey Tom said...

I think I knew why reeke split before PoP. reese wasnt playing second fiddle to anyone. She is not the type who wants to be know as Jake Gyllenhaals gf. She is the center of attention. Come to think of it oit realy makes sense. She would have been expected to be there if it was still being shoved down throats that she was Jakes gf.

e said...

On Daily Ten - video of Jake. dancing

Jersey Tom said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jersey Tom said...

In that bottom picture Jake is showing his oh my God a man is making a fuzz over me look. The guy is handsome and Jake is enjoying the attention. look how he is looking at him. Jake enjoys mens attention. It is so obvious. That is a natural happy totaly into it look

PoP red carpet said...

teenscene: Here's a shot of the Prince of Persia red carpet! Jake Gyllenhaal will be coming soon!
11 minutes ago

prairiegirl said...

Looks like it's really not starting for another 30 minutes. There are several sites live streaming it. I am on the search for the one with the biggest screen, lol.

I had to flip to OTH during DWTS commercials, lol.

Everytime I flipped to the CW, it seems like it was always Nathan & his wife on there. What the heck?

prairiegirl said...

And it's raininggggg!!!

Special K said...

That one long press line they've got to go down. Talk about running the gauntlet.

Special K said...

Not saying peep about OTH until after the West Coast sees it.

prairiegirl said...

OTRC has a bit bigger screen, I think.

Think there's enough posters of Jake all over the place? lol

I hope he has the 3 piece suit on again.

Would that be a fashion faux pas?

link please said...


prairiegirl said...

And yet once again, no writing is getting done nor going to get done tonight, I'm sure of that.

I don't know when I'm going to get to writing again. **sigh**

Special K said...

Jake will mostly like have another new made to measure suit for tonight. But money on it that he's wearing a knit tie and his pinky ring.

So Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis, Nic Gage, Eddie Murphy, Orlando and Johnny Depp (maybe) are there are apart of the tribute to Bruck too.

prairiegirl said...


But they need to wipe their lens sometimes.

chip & co. is smaller screen with better commentator but their picture freezes sometimes.


prairiegirl said...

Silly girl on OTRC didn't even know that was Jake signing autographs. I told her if they would wipe the raindrops off their screen, she'd be able to see!

Even I could tell with a blurry screen!

prairiegirl said...

Why is there not HD in livestreaming, LOL?

Special K said...

My bad - no knit tie. But he does have his ring on.

Special K said...

I am watching on Heat Vision Blog at The Hollywood Reporter.

Not a giant picture, but commentating is pretty good, and the stream is good.

WDW is also streaming it as well.

M and M said...

Live on the Red Carpet Link

prairiegirl said...

I'll google Heat Vision blog.

OTRC keeps jerking their camera picture, zooming in & out, etc.
They're driving me crazy.

Everytime I hear "Jon Voight", I think of Seinfeld and George Castanza driving his car.

Special K said... Prince of Persia Premiere

prairiegirl said...

Jake has a way of putting his interviewers at ease, I think. There's nothing "stuffy" about Jake - he does seem very natural and easy to talk to.

PoP tweets said...

Jake in the palm of my hand

prairiegirl said...

lol. Lookit that keychain.

I'm a little disappointed, though. I think London's red carpet premiere was much more glamorous. This kind of looks like a Saturday or Sunday afternoon casual event.

sweet said...

Michelle Moynahan from Source Code came.

Special K said...

Jake's having a blast talking to everybody. Like he says he's "a fun loving kinda guy". LOL

Did notice his bodyguard with him on the red carpet.

prairiegirl said...

I was looking for the bodyguard but I missed.

I thought his co-star from Source Code seemed very charming. And she looks pretty tall.

Interesting watching Bruckhaaa-...heimer get his hands on the what's it called? Walk of Fame?

I didn't know they did their feet, too.

He gives a very gracious speech and at least his hair was tamed down. He seems like a pretty nice guy. What a dream to have been at that Chinese Theatre as a child and then to come back and be honored as an all-time great producer.

prairiegirl said...

Well, that was interesting; a little disappointing maybe because it was on such a little screen, lol. And blurry at times. And raindrop-ped. And frozen at times.

Jake looked pretty good, although not near as good as he looked at the London premiere. His hair is slowly growing out; glad of that!

Well, time to turn in. I got absolutely no writing done tonight. Maybe 3 words and two whole sentences even deleted. lol.

I'm getting nowhere.

M and M said...

Yeah that bodyguard wasn't going to let Jake out of his sight for a moment. Can't really blame him for that, of course. Imagine being paid to watch Jake Gyllenhaal? Then again, the guy's got to be extra vigilant just in case he needs to spring into action. After all, you never know when someone might dare to ask, "Hey, where's Austin tonight?." *wink*

Special K said...

It is fun to go to Grauman's and go around and see all the stars who's hands and feet are in the concrete. I remember running around seeing whose shoes prints my feet fit into.

PoP tweets said...

AMIannuzzi: @peterframpton JIMMY KIMMEL Tuesday 5/25: Jake Gyllenhaal, the winner of "Dancing With The Stars", Peter Frampton
13 minutes ago

destiny said...

Well, I actually broke down and watched OTH tonight. Don't think it's the last one, but could be wrong.

No Jon Stewart this week, so I was surfing DL, and someone actually started a OTH thread, with this, which really cracked me up:

I don't know what kind of crack you're smoking Mark Schwan, but keep on smoking it.

I thought I wouldn't care if you didn't get picked up next year, but the first thing I did after watching the season finale was check the show status, and it looks like you're getting a half-season, which seems like plenty of time to introduce six new characters, one of which has a tie-in recording contract, plug 345340 products (you know the kids are grown-up when you start shilling alcohol!), and have at least two female characters go completely off the rocker.

Oh, and don't forget putting at *least* one character in mortal danger every other week.

I know you try to add some comedy in with all the melodrama, but I don't think I'm laughing at the parts you mean for me to be laughing at.

Anyway, I'm sure you're getting loads of complaints from fans, but I just want to say, I love you just the way you are.

PoP tweets said...

Jake Red Carpet LA

PoP tweets said...

Orlando bloom. Jake gyllenhaal, eddie murphy, bruce willis and so many more with bruckheimer at front the house...
24 minutes ago

Prince of persia premiere is part of AFI tribute to jerry bruckheimer. I want just a smidgen of his bank account.
37 minutes ago

Just jumped over a barricade trying to get jake...too friggin' crazy...but I'll get him later this week....but he sure looks hot. about 1 hour ago

Marc Malkin@E!

PoP tweets said...

One more

Sorry I don't have pic, but jake was wearing tom ford again. Hawt all around.
2 minutes ago via UberTwitter

Mark Malkin@E!

Special K said...

PoP tweet thanks for the link for the pictures on the red carpet.

Jake looks great. Only thing the width of his collar just bugs me, it looks just too big for him. Loved the polk dot tie. Still think I prefer him in the Ferragamo suit.

m said...

I did not watch any of the POP premiere. I'll catch the abridged version over the next day or so via youtube and my favorite websites. I did watch OTH. It seemed like a final episode for 98% of it. All those group shots and people jumping in snow. But the end implies more to come. Like I said once before, they jumped the shark a long time ago. Several positives tonight. The least amount of crying of any episode, nice scenery. It amazes me how they interweave stories that overlap Austin and his real life. A premiere the same night as Jake, an actor on the verge of coming out. Enough OTH.

As for Jake, I look forward to the reviews that will follow. I'm anxious to see how the movie is received. I know Johnny Depp is filming a movie, but I am surprised he did not show up for the Bruckheimer event.

Special K said...



Austin had some good scenes. Again think he seems to thrive when acting against others more than the Brooke and Julian scenes. Loved him with fretting over the movie and not being able to watch it. And I loved the scene with Jamie (Jackson) having a drink at the bar and hearing all the stuff his movie didn't have from a kids point of view.

Great with his dad and the movie.

Interesting about Alex and her leading man, when he almost said on the red carpet he was gay, and then didn't. (does make you wonder a bit if that is what is going on in someone's mind when he walks the red carpet with his co-star)

Back to Julian and Brooke....

Seriously - --- you knew after he did well at the festival and sold the movie, what he was going to do when they went for the walk in the snow ---

Oh come on just guess it. You know exactly what the writers had Julian do on the season finale --- UGH!!!!

They kind of wrapped everything up for everyone and made it seem like they were done with the show

And then WHAM! They throw the Crazy Tree at you.


Crazy Katie comes back with a gun and shoots two.

Fade out

Will they survive? Does it mean there is a show next season?

jj said...

Jake at Just Jared

PoP tweets said...

Jaime_King: Just came from AFI screening of Price of Persia to support my friends Jake Gyllenhaal and Jerry B. Jake was awesome!
7 minutes ago
Jaime King

prairiegirl said...

Not a fan of the JustJared pictures at all, really. I think they need to put Gemma in brighter, darker clothes or something. Although I love the style & folds of her dress as well as the color, kind of a champagne beige or something. But the color doesn't seem right for her skintone or something.

I don't know if he's still coping with the time difference, up late with little ones or what, but he just doesn't look near as bright & sharp as he did in London. Amazing the crinkle lines around his eyes for someone 29 yrs old. I think he has more than I do.

I would imagine it's been a whirlwind since he got back in the States, though. Not only professionally but at home.

I remember when my niece & nephew were younger and we'd all play, play, play. Or be out at the mall with them for a long time or whatever. Well, sooner or later, the aunts and/or grandparents would poop out and man, you just want to sit in a chair for a bit. LOL. And the kids would come up and lean on the arm of the chair and plead, "Do you want to come downstairs and play keep-the-balloon-up?" or whatever it is they wanted to play.

lol. Man, the ol' aunty is tired.

Little kids think everyone should feel like go-go-go'ing 14 hrs a day just like them.

ted said...

Dear Ted:
Love that Austin Nichols has been the subject of a Blind Vice! I've liked him since The Day After Tomorrow, but I don't know much about him. Can you give us a hint about his B.V.?
—B. Davis

Dear Not Over the Hill:
It's a juicy one!

Dear Ted:
Is Toothy Tile Jim Carrey? I have two cats that we rescued, and we love them like mad. Hope that counts toward an answer!

Dear Nice Try:
But no! Kisses to your furry ones for me.

Bitch Back

duncan jones said...

Paul Hirsch, Source Code editor, telling me stories about editing his previous films... Like STAR WARS & FERRIS BUELLER!! How cool is that?!
about 18 hours ago via TweetDeck

@hollydollymix not yet.. soon i hope! Right now I am in the middle of editing Source Code!
about 18 hours ago via TweetDeck in reply to hollydollymix


m said...

Catching up on the premiere. I'm not a fan of Jake's tie. I think it detracted from his face. And yes, he did look tired. Probably jet lag. It lingers a good week or two, especially as you get older. I did not like Gemma's dress either. It flattened her breasts and washed her out. Could be the lighting as it was overcast and raining.

I guess the hoopla is over, except for the TV interviews. I hope Jake gets some new material for them. I've heard the same stories too many times now.

video said...

An interviewer claiming to be the son of Gyllenhaal and Gemma Arterton's characters arrived "from the future" to finally meet his mom and dad.

Man Dressed As Time-Traveling Prince of Persia Interviews Jake Gyllenhaal5

happy premiere said...

Gemma and jake are awsome on these pics! She is a really a beautiful girl and they seem having good chemistry wich is good. I am looking foward these two on screen now.

Sands of Time said...

I was able to see Jake, Gemma, Mike Newell, and Ben Kingsley on the red carpet. They seemed very confident and proud of their work, Jake I thought seemed as relaxed as I've ever seen him.