Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Prince(ss) A Crane A Hedgehog

That's Jake.

Nothing else to add when there is this kind of perfection.

Jakey with a K beats Liza with a Z in one fell swoop.

Here's Jake's interview with Jimmy.

PoP Royal Tour: Song and Dance Review

May 27th, 2010

The Early Show
Date: May 27th, 2010
Time: 7:00 AM - 9:00 AM (Eastern)
Channel: CBS

Date: May 27th, 2010
Time: 11:00 PM (Eastern)
Channel: Space

May 28th, 2010

Opening Day (US/Canada)


M and M said...

Jake is so adorable you just want to eat him up. Did you see those hips move? Oh, that boy can dance. Just shows how staged that Russian video was. Absolutely, a memorable moment that just makes you fall in love with him all over again.

social services said...

That is a whole different discussion. We were not exchanging thoughts about what Jake was doing was right or wrong. We were talking about whether there is a BT or BT2, based on his gaffe from his interview this morning. Try to stay on topic.

Short memory problems? Please read your own posts and stop playing dumb.

M and M said...

Short memory problems? Please read your own posts and stop playing dumb.

Wow! You are the obsessive type. Knock your socks off!

:) said...

M and M = biggest sycophant on OMG

M and M said...

^^non sequitur

social services said...

You are the obsessive type.

Yes, I'm obsessed with having meaningful discussions so I shouldn't bother with you.

• an extended communication (often interactive) dealing with some particular topic;
• an exchange of views on some topic;

:) said...
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?? said...

"The heart of this movie is someone coming to terms with someone who didn't want to get close to people," he explains.

"They don't want to open their heart but in the end they have no choice. These are two people fighting that, as every great love story is about that. But for me, it was about: you don't settle for anything, in life, in a love relationship."

For all the BT and Jaustin believers, how do you reconcile the lame platitudes that JG serves up in interviews, while hiding his supposed family. That is indeed "settling for something", and it seems to be money.

Special K said...

Is is me or is Jake getting tanner as the promotion gets longer.

Looks like a little help from tan in a can (or the crew that did the tans for the movie), wonder if its called Dastin Dusk.

?? said...

The tan is as fake as what comes out of his mouth in interviews.

destiny said...

I keep forgetting what day of the week it is and messing up on taping Jake's interviews. I got all the talk shows--hopefullly, I didn't stay up last night to see. But I remembered about this morning just in time to turn in and see them say "Thank you Jake", and I set it up for the wrong day for Regis. Completely forgot GMA. I know, I know, it doesn't matter because of YouTube, but I like to see him on dvd or "live" because the quality is better.

Agree with M about Jake being very well-coached to avoid a slip of the tongue. Not sure what she meant by that, but for me it means not getting things like Jake talking dance class and being the only guy--because that is just way too gay.

I think all the family and follow your heart talk has more to do with Disney's image, and, maybe, Jake believing/convincing himself that doing movies that make a lot of money and hopefully push him up the HW ladder is more important for his family than not bearding and hiding. Lots of people think money and fame buy you happiness. Not saying it isn't nice to have that, but at what cost? And what good does it do you if you're trapped with your family in the mansion closet.

destiny said...

I really enjoyed your review Meg and your assessment of whether it was worth what went on the past three years. I wouldn't expect anything less from someone who loves charts. ;)

I know I am keeping in mind the costs as well as the benefits.

Have fun Florida Tom.

OMG said...

That's was verrrrry funny - the hedgehog clip. Jake is really gifted comedically. The ending was a riot! :) This is almost as good as the SNL appearance.

question said...

definitely don't understand this blog. Is it a joke or do you really believe all the theories I am reading?

destiny said...

LOL, I had another celebrity sighting at lunch, but this time not a fun one--Paris Hilton. It was fascinating though to see all the paps waiting for her to get out of her limo, and all the shouting to get her to turn this way and that. This always happens to me, I'll see several people in one week, and then I'll go months or years before another one.

OMG said...


honesty said...

just saw POP! not a masterpiece as you guess but quite entertaining.
good action scenes,beautiful exotic landscape, humour just a litTle bit childish though ( aka Disney). jake and gemma are really great as dastan and tamina: the duet work very well, glam and sexy. Molina is fun too.

m said...

I recorded Fallon last night and I am so glad I watched it first before checking the net so I could enjoy that delightful surprise. This is the Jake fans love and that he keeps hidden from view. And yes we so knew he could let the gay out and really dance. He has said in an interview himself that he can dance so that was just one more reason that Russian tape looked staged.

I think today is the day of reckoning for POP. Jake seemed pretty subdued in the AM interview but the interviewers were pretty dull too. Fatigue, boredom with the same questions or reality setting in. RT dropped to 48% as a slew of new reviews showed up.

I guess we will be in withdrawal shortly as the press tour comes to an end.

destiny said...

Somone on WFT2 posted that THR is predicting POP will only do $35 million this weekend. If that really turns out to be the case, it will be considered a box office disaster.

Funny you should say that M about this morning, my girlfriend noted the big difference in him too, but we just literally caught the line line or two of the interview. logue we caught.

Florida Tom said...

Chely Wright was on Ellen today. What a touching interview. If anyone missed it please try and catch it on You Tube. I highly recommend it.

pos said...

Ohhhhh m. Getting his gay on? You're so joking, right? Good god you are a piece of work.

Florida Tom said...

Bad start for Florida Tom on my mini vacation. I got to the airport in Phila and couldnt find my wallet. Thank God i had my passport but I could not rent that car at Tampa International that I had reserved.. I took the Super Shuttle into Largo which wasnt too bad. Thanks to Maggies Poos Uncle Joe the wallet is being overnight by Fedx. Thank you Uncle Joe and Fedx. In Tampa you need wheels. No beach or Rays game is not good.

Have fun PG and SK.

Special K said...

Jake put in all his boy band moves in that routine. Got to see that goofy fun that he loves to have. And it was a welcome reward for weeks of promoting.
Got to do some of his Jarhead moves in there.

Was waiting for him to do the booty bounce. The way he was working the badunkadunk he'd have no problem being a boy on the box. Some of Dastan's outfit and he'd be all set. LOL

Then the exchange in the beginning of the interview - classic.

Special K said...

So sorry to hear about your rough start there Tom, it all gotta be up from there. Have fun.

Florida Tom said...

WASHINGTON – The Senate Armed Services Committee has voted to repeal the 1993 law known as "don't ask, don't tell" and allow gays to serve openly in the military.

The 16-12 vote endorses an end to the Clinton-era policy under which gays could serve in the military only if they don't disclose their sexual orientation.

The full House planned to take an identical measure later Thursday or Friday.

House Republicans were strongly against it, citing letters from armed services chiefs urging Congress to wait until the

Pentagon completes a study of the impact of the repeal on military life and readiness.


It is not over yet but the process has begun.

Cirrus said...

That's great news! :)

destiny said...

I'm too afraid to get excited about DADT yet. I feel like I've been burned too many times getting my hopes up when it comes to gay rights lately. I was just reading the McCain intends to filibuster the vote in the Senate, for starters. Then with the way it is written, there's nothing to stop the military from taking years to implement it. And in the meantime nothing stops the continued expulsions of gays in the military.

Cirrus said...

I heard that. :( I was also shocked at the number of people who were dismissed.

PrairieGirl said...

Hi everyone! I am using Special's computer and the first thing I was instructed to do, was be sure and change the account name. LOLLLLL!

I said, "Oh, come on, you don't want me to have you saying 'snicker'?" LOLLLLLL.

I can get on the internet on my phone but it just takes longer to type on there so thus I am using Special's for a moment.

It was a pretty good flight. I was up @ 2 this morning and on the road by 3:15. I slept through two chances of complimentary drinks. No pop for me.

Thoroughly enjoyed the Jimmy Fallon dancing and I am looking forward to seeing Prince of Persia.

I may have to do a quick comment LIVE from inside the theatre before the lights go down.

I hope PoP does well. I hope the kids like it. I think if the kids like it, then it has a chance of doing okay. I congratulate Jake on busting his behind these past several weeks. I see now how hard he had to have worked on this movie.

Well, I have to get off. Special's computer and her mouse are driving me kind of crazy. lol

See you guys later.

destiny said...

Up at 2! You are crazy girl. And I totally think you should do some ghost-writing for Special.